Ever since we have had cellphones, selfies and home photography have become more and more popular while age-old film camera/running to the drugstore to have the film developed has become something of the past.

I’ve always loved instant cameras and now I can turn my phone into one, kind of. TOMY brings instant photos and digital photography together with the KiiPix photo printer. It’s an easy-to-use instant film printer that doesn’t require any special plugs, apps or even batteries to work.

Get printed photos in a “snap”

- Simply open KiiPix
- Place your phone on top
- Push the button and turn the knob to watch KiiPix turn memories into physical, shareable photos to give to friends and family or display them on the fridge like I did!

The KiiPix requires Fujifilm Instax film to work and there are 10 photos per film; be sure your phone screen lock is on so your screen doesn’t go dark mid print and make sure the photo alignment (using the reflective mirror) and lighting are exactly how you want them or you could waste your film. For best results use KiiPix in a well-lit area, natural light works best. It takes a little while for the film to totally develop, the blotches in this image actually went away after about an hour. 

You can purchase the KiiPix by TOMY ($49.99 film not included) at Toys R Us!

Check out KiiPix on Instagram

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  1. Thanks for your comment Kathy! The picture did come out clear, a little dark but hey it's not a bad little printer for the price! Thanks for stopping by #AMEblog! :)


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