Christmas time is that special time of year when extended family gets together (in some cases may be the only time of year) to catch up, spread joy and celebrate the love that holidays can bring.

Unfortunately not everybody has that picture-perfect family any day of the year let alone during the holidays and thus may find themselves celebrating it alone for whatever reason. Sometimes work schedules, finances, distance, unfortunate death, or even a family rift could cause everyone to celebrate solo but that’s OKAY.

Over the years our Christmas get togetherness has faded and the holiday is celebrated by just the five of us with zero extended family and guess what? THATS OKAY! The five of us celebrating another amazing year as a family is good enough for me! 

Everybody is an adult.

Well maybe not everyone but the ones who make any major holiday decisions are. You shouldn’t have to beg or twist anybody’s arm to celebrate a holiday with you. They probably have a good, understandable reason and even if they don’t, there’s no use ruining a perfectly good celebration being angry. They are as much as grown adult as you and make their priorities. If you’re not one of them, that’s okay! It shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the holidays on your own accord. 

We have family who choose not to take an invite to special events when given whether it be birthdays or Christmases which with kids in the mix is really sad but I don’t let it stop us from making it our kind of special and making sure we damn well do celebrate; extended family or not; these are our memories to make.  I push the temporary disappointment aside and remind myself not to expect much next time. 

Think on the bright side.

As fun as having a houseful of guests over the Christmas holidays sounds, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy each other. We live busy lives on a regular basis in a fast paced world; I enjoy taking Christmas to bask in the moments that make me smile, the joys of Christmas that makes my kids smile, too. They’re only young once!

Start your own traditions!

The memories of holidays past are beautiful but we need to focus on the now. Starting our own traditions has always been fun from sending out Christmas cards to family we don’t get to see to frozen McCain Cake for our youngest "close to Christmas" birthday to playing a Christmas playlist while we parents sip coffee and enjoy Christmas morning with our kids unwrapping gifts in their new PJs that "Santa brought them". These are all of the memories and more we make sure they remember; not who doesn’t show up. They’re missing out, not us. 

Having absent extended family gives an excuse to hug your kids even longer and love them even more every day. We always make sure to let them know that we love them. Christmas time is special because we are here and we make it special for them. Having a small, quiet holiday celebration is nothing to be ashamed of in fact I am proud of OUR family traditions. 

God bless and have a merry Christmas! 


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