We received complimentary dolls to facilitate this post. All opinions and comments are those of the author. 
New #SNAPSTAR fashion dolls from YULU are unlike other fashion dolls we’ve seen lately; here’s why: 

Lola, Aspen, Dawn, Yuki, Echo and Izzy each have a distinct personality and style. But here’s what makes this squad completely unique: #SNAPSTAR dolls are fully articulated and posable beyond almost any other fashion doll on the market. I love how the boxes look like smartphone boxes!

Each doll comes fully dressed to impress with her own outfit, cellphone, purse, and other accessories. The dolls clothes AND removable wigs are interchangeable so the fashion fun never stops! Oh! You can also get extra fashion outfits to complete the collection. 

Once you have your dolls set up and dressed up, use the unique #SNAPSTAR stand and green screen (included) for literally countless poses and pics, without seeing the stand! Customize the dolls with dozens of customizable styling options for hair, makeup, accessories, scenes and more with the free #SNAPSTAR Studio app (available on iOS and Android).

You can turn your doll into a social media star as you pose, snap and share photos using hashtag #SNAPSTAR on Instagram.

#SNAPSTAR dolls are beautiful and fun to play with. They are created for tweens and I can see why; not only because of the social media aspect but they are delicate and not made for rough play. These dolls would make a great addition to anyone's doll collection. 

#SNAPSTAR dolls and fashion packs are sold exclusively at Walmart


*We received complimentary product in exchange for this feature. Opinions and comments are those of the author.*

Spring is in full swing with melted snow, sunnier days and warmer weather; some of us are already thinking up our next patio get together despite the odd rainy day. After all, it IS a great season to celebrate, no matter what the weather. 

Whether your celebrating upcoming Mother's Day, Father's Day or "just because", Hamilton Beach has you covered with a great selection of tools to help make your job a whole lot simpler. 

You don't have to go far to get that outdoor grill taste at home with the new Hamilton Beach Family Size Indoor Grill! 

Rain or shine, let the good times roll with this handy electric grill geared to feed a family of 8 on a non-stick grill! Cooking BBQ meal has never been easier; the handy preheat light lets you know when it's hot enough to grill and food is cooked in 10 minutes or less. It also has a grease tray so the fat drips away from the food making it both a cleaner and healthier way to cook! The tray is removable and dishwasher safe, too! 

Sleek and compact Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill

Perfect size for a small kitchen!

Handy Grease Tray

I cannot wait to break this baby in on our next family BBQ dinner! You can find this where Hamilton Beach small appliances are sold and on the official Hamilton Beach website! 


We love our fur babies but sometimes one of them can get a little out of hand when it comes to “singing the song of her people” (aka barking)! 

We’ve introduced a harmless and simple way to remind her when she’s barking too much with the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar! 

The collar fits most dog sizes and is adjustable. It looks a little like a shock collar but it’s not at all; I would never use one of THOSE on my furbabies, that’s just cruelty! 

This one simply spritz’ a little unscented mist when the dog barks too loud or beyond one or two ruffs! It’s rechargeable and the mist cartridges are refillable! Oh, and it doesn’t go off with background noise if one of the other dogs is the barking culprit! 

It seems to be something that can work very quickly; within a couple of days, we noticed a change in Sofis bark patterns without her even having to wear the collar. She's beginning to understand when to bark and when it’s unnecessary.

Excellent device for bark training your furry friend so you can all live in peace and quiet...sometimes! Check out the PetSafe Spray Bark Training Collar on the official PetSafe Canada website

Note: this device is NOT harmful to animals; our dog didn't mind it and it actually worked to help her know when and when not to bark! 

❤️🐾  Posted on behalf of PetSafe Canada. We received a complimentary product for review purposes! Opinions, comments, and dogs in this post are those of the author! No dogs were harmed in the making of this review and all dogs were compensated with treats! ❤️🐾 
Posted in participation with Hasbro Canada. Complimentary product received for feature purposes. Opinions and comments are those of the author. 

They may not have come from a galaxy far, far away (although I like to pretend they do); Hasbro sent me the latest (and in my opinion) most awesome set of Star Wars action figures just in time for May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day)!

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is a new series of action figures geared toward introducing a younger crowd to the old favourites. I personally love these as a collector myself. They are pretty tiny in size so I wouldn’t recommend them for really small kids. 

I love that they look almost like the original characters from the original Star Wars Movies (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). Hello, nostalgia! Each character is 3.75" in size and comes with a little accessory ("weapon"), mini comic book and QR code on the box which you can scan to get even more character content! 

Wave 1 includes of Luke Skywalker (in his Return of the Jedi outfit including gloved hand!), Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and R2D2. Wave 2 includes Princess Leia (in her Hoth outfit), Han Solo (in his Return of the Jedi outfit), Imperial Storm Trooper and Yoda. 

Hasbro sent me 6 of the 8 characters (pictured above) from both waves to start the collection so naturally, we bought the missing characters to complete the set (pictured below). That is until wave 3 comes out! 

We had to buy them! 
You can find Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures action figures at Toys R Us Canada and Walmart Canada for around $9.99 each! 

May the force be with you! 

Win it! 

Bring home Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures action figures and start your collection! 

One lucky #AMEblog reader has the chance to win 6 Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures characters from Hasbro! 

Prize includes a mix of wave 1 and wave 2 characters: Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Imperial Storm Trooper and Yoda! ($60 value)

Open to Canadian residents 18+ with a valid email address. Ends May 17th, 2019 12:00AM EST. See our giveaway guidelines page for full rules and disclosure. 

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Posted in participation with Oral-B and Crest. Complimentary products received to facilitate post. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

What can you give mom for Mother’s Day that she will actually use? Something to take care of the most important person, herself! 

Why not something practical, something she can use several times a day like the new Oral-B Genius Pro 9600!

This is a technologically advanced electric toothbrush she will be proud to unbox! The Oral-B Genius Pro 9600 is so smart, it’s genius! It removes 500x more plaque than a manual toothbrush and you can monitor your brushing habits (knowing when you're putting too much pressure on those gums) using the Oral-B App 4.1

Other cool features include Gum Guard, Professional Timer, Oscillating rotating pulsating technology, new pro-clean mode, and more! Plus, the toothbrush charger is pretty awesome; it can charge both toothbrush or your phone! It also comes with a holster for your phone which makes it easier to use the app and face recognition using your phone's camera for features like the Position detection technology which tells you if you’re brushing the right way! 

The Oral-B Genius Pro 9600 comes in different colours including this gorgeous Orchid Purple! You can find the Oral-B Genius Pro 9600 for SRP: $289.99 CAD at Walmart.ca!

You can’t have a good oral care routine without good toothpaste and we are trying something new with all-natural products by Burts Bees! 

Burt’s Bees Toothpaste is made with ingredients you can trust and works just like the leading toothpaste to fight cavities (which is what we all want for our pearly whites). Burt’s Bees offers different kinds of toothpaste for different needs like freshness, whitening and stronger teeth; available in three formulas for adults and two for kids! You can find Burt’s Bees Toothpaste for SRP: $6.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart in May! 

With these two in her bathroom, mom will love her "me time" even more!


Posted in partnership with Hallmark Canada. Complimentary product was received for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of the author. 

The snow is finally melted and spring has finally sprung!! We may still have rainy days but that just means the sun is coming soon! I can't wait for the sunny days of springtime to really hit; when things start to bloom and life just comes back after a cold and bitter winter. 

We just celebrated Easter and that’s just the beginning of things! There are so many things to be thankful for come springtime like the chance to start anew with a new season, freshening up the house with new spring accents and looks plus heart filled holidays like Mothers Day coming in May! 

Hallmark is here to help make sure your spring celebrations are as special as ever. It's all about the memories we make together. 

For that springtime walk, Patina Vie Umbrellas ($24.99) and wrap scarves ($19.99) will keep her stylish and dry even when it rains. 

Patina Vie Umbrellas ($24.99)

wrap scarves ($19.99)
Mom can create her own relaxing atmosphere with beautiful 7oz Scented Candles in Linen Fields/Morning Grove/Garden Terrace/Vintage Bouquet scents ($19.99), beside her favorite photo framed in an elegant Mother is Born Frame ($16.95).
Scented Candle in Vintage Bouquet ($19.99)

(A Mother is born Frame $16.95)
She can put her feet up and relax with her favorite hot beverage in her new Mom Mug ($12.95). 
Mom Mug $12.95
Who says plushies are just for kids? Whether it's for tiny hands or someone with a big heart, Snug-a-Loves assorted Plush friends are sure to make them smile! ($9.99)

Snug-a-Love Plush Bear ($9.99)
Once you have chosen the perfect gift for mom this year, show her how much she cares by delicately wrapping it lovingly in special Hallmark tissue papers, gift bags of all sizes and of course top it off with a sentimental or funny card; she will remember it like all the great Mother's Days you have given her! 

For more great products to celebrate springtime and mother's day, make sure to visit your local Hallmark Canada store! 

Follow @Hallmark_Canada on social media for the latest updates! 


Enter below for your chance to win a Hallmark Canada Scented Candle ($19.99 value)!



Do you have a tween who is creative and likes to make their own movies? You may have heard of Stikbots by ZING, THE toy when it comes to creative movie making. My son has been talking about them FOREVER; he will be so excited now that he will have his very own set! 

How cool are these?

Stikbots are easy-to-pose figures that are ready for your next stop-motion movie! Stikbot figures are plastic stick figures with suction cup hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface. 

You can get single or packs of Stikbots in a variety of styles (including animals) and colours with new Multi-Colour Stikbots! You can also get Stikbot Animation (or Zanimation) studios which include a reversible green/blue screen to help make your movies! 

With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options. You can share your amazing creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world! 

Want more? Visit the Stikbots Toys official website to see how others made their creations come to life! You can also follow the Stickbot world on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

You can get your own Stikbots and studios for under $20 available at stores such as Walmart. 

*We received complimentary product to facilitate our review. Opinions and comments on this blog are my own*
The Easter bunny coming soon! We have some goodies that don’t include sugar to add to our Easter baskets this year! We’re celebrating this fun-filled holiday with some great toys including the best from Jakks Pacific Toys!

When my teen (yes, teen) saw the Squish-Dee-Lish she HAD to have it. We got a Panda on a...donut, I think? Either way, it’s cute! Each one is a surprise bag, squishy animal/food combo. Something to add to the older kids Easter Goodies.

Squish Dee-lish!

Who’s Your Llama are Blind boxes that contain a quirky, cute little Llama and accessories. The box also doubles as a camper for your new pet Llama! There are 24 Llamas to collect. We got the Trauma Llama who comes with a little leg cast, neck cone, and wheels for his back legs; I guess he wasn’t very lucky! Weird little toy but hey, that’s what kids love these days! 

Who's Your Llama?

JigglyDoos are cute, rubbery little animals that wiggle and jiggle! They come in sets of two and you can collect all 32 in Series 1 available now! 

Know a die-hard Harry Potter fan? These Harry Potter Wands aren’t so much Toys as collector's items. They are detailed die-cast replicas. These are also “blind bag” type goodies, not knowing which wand you will get. The box says “The wand chooses YOU”. There are 12 wands to collect. We got Minerva McGonagall's wand, neat! 

Harry Potter Wand
These are definitely not your typical bunny and chick style Easter gifts which makes them even more fun to add to this year's Easter baskets and hey, maybe start a toy collecting hobby with the kids! Just saying!

You can find these and many more toys on the official Jakk's Pacific website!  

*We received complimentary products to facilitate our post. Comments and opinions are those of the author. Images also posted @AMotherhoodblog on Twitter and Instagram*


Easter time is more than just bunnies and chocolate eggs (wait, did I just say that?). Seriously, it's about family, love, and kindness toward one another. Showing gratitude for the moments we share together that we may take for granted each and every regular day. 

That's why I always love the gorgeous and sentimental greetings and gifts available from Carlton Cards each and every important holiday; to show those I love just how much they mean to me. 

This year I am excited to decorate these Treat Bags and Easter basket with colorful shred paper for the kids! They will be so excited to find what the Easter Bunny is going to leave them!  

Easter cards for everyone! From sentimental to cute and funny, Carlton cards has a card for everybody! I love the one that looks like real chocolate, I wouldn't try to eat it though! :-)

Not only do they make Easter cards but this time of year is also a great time to say Thanks and show someone you care with a sentimental greeting.

These are just a small handful of what Carlton Cards has in store for Easter and springtime greetings! Find your local store and be inspired! 

*We received complimentary product to facilitate our post*


Wow! Our friends at Hasbro sent us a SURPRISE that totally made our Monday afternoon this week

We had no idea what was in this unexpected mystery box that arrived and couldn't wait to see what was inside! We know Hasbro always has something amazing up their sleeves! 

Our unboxing revealed NEW My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Confetti balloon blind packs! These are the cutest "blind packs" we've seen! Perfect for that birthday party in place of candy-filled loot bags! 

Little paper balloons filled with confetti and a special surprise! Pull the tab to get a confetti surprise and then pull the string inside to reveal which collectible My Little Pony figure, mini stand, and accessory you will get! 

There are 24 figures to collect including wedding bash, SeaPony, and Equestria girls figures! We couldn’t be more thrilled!! 

Thanks, Hasbro for our super cute and super fun surprise!!! 

#FreeProduct #unboxing #MyLittlePony


CYBERTRON has fallen. When OPTIMUS PRIME sends BUMBLEBEE to defend Earth, his journey to become a hero begins. Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld), a teenager trying to find her place in the world, discovers and repairs the battle-scarred robot, who’s disguised as a Volkswagen Beetle. As the DECEPTICONS hunt down the surviving AUTOBOTS with the help of a secret agency led by Agent Burns (John Cena), BUMBLEBEE and Charlie team up to protect the world.
We are excited to add Bumblebee Movie to our Transformers collection! It's an awesome movie filled with excitement, action, and fun for the family; especially for Bumblebee fans *he happens to be my favourite next to Optimus Prime!*. Of course with all action movies you might not want to have little ones under 8 watch it but for older kids and adults, a great family movie night!  

Thanks, Hasbro and Paramount Home Entertainment for sending us a copy of the Bumblebee Movie AND DJ Bumblebee toy! He's dancing in excitement and I think I would too if I was the star of my own movie! 

Available now via digital download!

Available April 2nd, 2019 on Blu Ray combo with special features and collectors comic! Bumblebee will also be available on DVD! 

Bumblebee Movie Official Website

*We received complimentary product to facilitate our post*


Easter is just around the corner and we found a fun new idea to add to the baskets this year. These brightly-coloured, scented Bananas are the latest craze that kids are going “bananas” for! Any small toy collector would love to have them in their collection! 

What's so special about these bananas? 

Peel your Banana to reveal hidden cute collectable Crushie characters along with 2 cute mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers for decorating and a hanging vine for displaying your new friends!

Collect all 24 characters in the First Bunch of Season 1 with rare and ultra-rare characters like Princess Pi and Gail Giraffe. With more Bunches to come, there are over 96 characters to collect and trade in the first season in 6 coloured Bananas

Check out the official commercial! 

You will be able to find these at Toys R Us, Walmart and Indigo for around $5.99 each or $14.99 for Bunchies (3-pack)! Ages 4+

Follow @RedPlanetGroup on Instagram and like the Red Planet Group Facebook page for updates on these and other great new toys coming in 2019! 


New shopaholic friends are coming to toy store shelves near you just in time for spring! I'm thinking of Easter basket gifts, my friends! 

Ready, set, unbox with the Boxy Girls! 

Boxy Girls are dolls that love shopping and unboxing their online orders. Super cool and super collectable! 

Each Boxy Girl comes with her very own boxed fashion surprises: shoes, bags, makeup, jewellery and clothes! You can even get extra surprise packages with extra items your little one can stage their own unboxings with Boxy Girls! 

Boxy Girl Series 1 is available now with 4 fashionistas to collect: Riley, Nomi, Brooklyn and Willa.

Check out the official commercial!

Everyone loves a surprise, especially when you get to open it with a friend. These dolls (and accessories) will make a cute addition to any doll collectors showcase shelf! 

You will be able to find Boxy Girls and Fashion packs at Walmart and Toys R Us for $24.99 a set! 

Follow @RedPlanetGroup on Instagram and like the Red Planet Group Facebook page for more information about these and other fun toys! 

We received complimentary dolls in exchange for this feature. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


Posted in partnership with Hasbro Canada in celebration of the upcoming Transformers Bumblebee Movie. We received complimentary product to fascilitate our celebrating. Opinions and comments are those of the author. 

March is an exciting month at our house. We celebrate two birthdays during the March break and the two birthday guys happen to both be huge transformers fans. With the release of the new Transformers Bumblebee movie next month, what better way to celebrate than in Transformers Bumblebee style! 
We teamed up with Hasbro to bring our celebration to life with all-new toys from the Transformers Bumblebee movie! 

Need something to send the guests home with? Forget loot bags filled with items that will end up in the trash or sugary candy that honestly the kids don't need after cake. Here's a better idea, gift them with collectible Transformers Bot Bots (series 1) blind bag 2-in-1 mystery toys! 

Each mystery surprise comes with a 2-in-1 Transformers Bot Bots toy that transforms into a robot or everyday item! There are different ones like a refrigerator, a pair of scissors, a plant, a tree and a few other fun ones your party guests will love to start their own Bot Bots collection!  

Transformers fans alike will be thrilled with Transformers Movie 6 Energon Igniters Speed Series (we got Decepticon Megatron) and Energon Igniters Power Series (we got Autobot Optimus Prime) each Energon Igniters power and core (sold separately) work together igniting driving action! Really cool!

The big kicker, the star of the show is Transformers Movie DJ Bumblebee. He's an interactive transformer that turns your voice into music with three prerecorded tracks to choose from. 

It's easy and super fun to get Bumblebee moving and grooving at any party! Press and hold his left leg to record your voice. Move his right arm to change the pitch of the recorded voice and move his left arm to change the song! Bumblebee may not transform into a car but he makes up for it as he moves and grooves to the music with his own cool Transformers dance moves. 

If you’re looking for gifts for the transformers fans in your life, I recommend checking out the new line from Hasbro at Walmart.ca!

Win it!

You didn’t think we’d celebrate without a gift for our awesome #AMEblog readers, did you? 

Enter using the ballot below for your chance to win a Hasbro Transformers Bumblebee prize bundle that includes everything featured in this post! Wow!!! (Over $100 value) 

One (1) winner. Canadian residents only, all others will be disqualified. Please note if you win please reply to the winning email as soon as you can because #AMEblog giveaways work with great sponsors who are excited to ship you your prize! This giveaway ends March 31st, 2019!

Please see the giveaway guidelines section for the legal stuff. Good luck! 

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