As I watch my kids grow up, it amazes me how much things have changed since I was a kid. I sound really old saying that but it’s true! It seems everything from technology to ways of thinking and even the way we as parents now do things is from a totally different world and it kind of is! 

What’s changed?

Playing with friends:

Back in the day, it was simple: Younger kids parents visited each other and all the kids played. Older kids told mom and/or dad they were going to so and so’s house, parents said ok and the child rode off on their bikes until curfew time. 

Today: Younger kids have play dates, playgroups and more scheduled for them. There are groups and websites dedicated to these things for the real die-hard play daters! Older kids are chauffeured to and from friends houses at arranged times by both parental parties due to other scheduled or organized events; life is just so much busier nowadays! 

Birthday parties:

Back in the day a couple of close school friends and family gathered for a simple backyard party or indoors depending on the weather. Mom would decorate with some simple balloons, streamers and pin the tail on the donkey. Simple candy bags or even just the cake and ice cream were good enough for the guests and the birthday kid wasn’t expecting $100 gifts. 

Today: everything from decorations, guest list to cake and loot bags is organized in a pretty theme. Don’t believe me you have been under a rock for 30 years. Pinterest anyone? Every kid in the class gets an invitation to rsvp for this lavish party. If not a lavish party, an expensive venue like cosmic adventures or laser quest. Very nice but don’t expect extravagant birthdays in our house; we kick it old school, baby! 

Entertaining oneself:

Back in the day the great outdoors is all we needed. We knew the rules, we made our mistakes and we lived through them. A simple tv with two hours of cartoons all weekend on one channel was exciting! We also used to read these things we called "books"; not only entertaining but also educational. If we couldn't find a book we found some paper and crayons and let our imaginations take over. There was so much to do with so little back then. 

Today: "I’m bored" is a phrase most parents dread. Despite the seemingly never-ending technology, toys and more we have to entertain us, it’s never enough. Using one's imagination I guess isn’t a thing anymore with kids these days!


Back in the day if you said something was "sick" it meant "disgusting". Flossing was part of your dental routine and dabbing meant to lightly blot or poke something! 

Today "sick" means "awesome". Flossing is a dance move and please do not ask me what dabbing is, it’s just weird. There’s more but I just can’t. 


Back in the day we had limited selections at limited stores. Our music was on cassette tapes and our movies on VHS. When computers first came out data was stored on floppy disks. 

Today: You can shop online and have it delivered the next day including groceries. You can order dinner online, you can even order a vacation rental online. Movies and music are now downloaded and streamed. Don’t ask me what the cloud does, I still don’t know! 


Back in the day children were scolded or punished for misbehaving when they knew better. Privileges like video games, bike riding or ice cream after dinner were taken away and a lesson was taught. Parents helped each other if one saw another's child misbehaving they alerted the parent or if no parent was around they would scold on behalf and let the parent know. People didn't get offended if you stepped in to help. It was all about communities helping raise the kids. I know I got scolded by more than just my mother growing up. 

Today too many (not all but many) kids get away with way too much from throwing tantrums to talking back/swearing at adults and worse. Now, I know in some cases there are valid reasons however I'm talking about the average kid here. Not ALL parents raise their kid the same way and that's OKAY but for those parents who protect their kids when their kid is in the wrong you aren't doing anyone any favours. Today people get so offended, parents will fight while children get away with bad behaviour and no lessons are learned. Other parents will stand by if someone else's kid is misbehaving and not say a word in fear they'll step over some boundary. So much has changed since I was a kid. 

Maybe I sound REALLY old fashioned (or old in general HA!) but wow have times surely changed. Honestly, I wouldn’t raise my kids in today’s age the way my parents raised us back in the day. The world is a more populated place, times have changed and we all evolve with those times including parenting. I’m sure our parents said the same thing about their parents' generation. 

It’s amazing how time works sometimes.

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