From the makers of Little Live Pets come two new fun and furry friends for kids (and kids at heart) who love plushies and little fuzzy critters! 

Scruff a Luvs are unloved pets that come to you in a sad ball of colourful fur. After you wash, dry, pamper and love them, you will find out what kind of pet they really are; a kitten, a bunny or (what we got) a puppy! Each pet comes with accessories (brush, collar, bow and adoption certificate) and the box doubles as a holding case for your new pet!

Miss M was fascinated by the process. I thought for sure after putting the stuffy underwater that it would be sopping wet for hours but it seems I was wrong. It dried in no time with the hairdryer and Miss M was pleased with the result of her new pink puppy she named "Missy"; welcome to the family! 

Wrapples are the cutest "Furry Best Friend" you'll ever connect with! Wrap them on your wrist and take them anywhere. They love a pat and interact as you chat, play and get carried away! Slap their "slap-band" tail on your wrist and take them with you! These adorable little friends have over 50 sounds and reactions! Watch as they come to life on your arms. Their big eyes light up to match their mood. Wrapples love to talk to you and to each other! They love to be pet and tickled. Hear them giggle and purr! Bring them close to each other and they will sing together! Hang them upside-down and they will go to sleep!

Miss Ms new Wrapple pet is named Shylo due to her shyness but with a little love, her eyes were glowing green in no time! Really cool interactive furry friend to get! 

You can find these and other great Little Live toys at your local retailer for under $30! 

Follow Little Live on social @RedPlanetGroup (Instagram) and https://m.facebook.com/littlelive.canada (Facebook). 

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