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I always like to come prepared wherever I go; even now that my kids are older and don’t need baby bags lugged around with us when we are out we still need to bring stuff. 

Rather than lugging a bunch of stuff around, my purse is the home to whatever travels with us. Aside from my wallet, my makeup bag and other odds and ends one may find in my purse; I also keep a bag I call my "medicine bag" or first aid kit. 

When our, my kids will often ask for something and I don’t like being ill-prepared for anything when going anywhere with three kids! 
In my bag I keep essentials for fixing bobos:

Antiperspirant, Tide pen, tissues, tums, eye drops, ear drops, personal sanitary products, hand sanitizer, bandaids, earplugs, lip balm, and my new favorite products from eScential wellness, Headache Help, Quick Calm, and Skin Rescue ointment

eScential wellness products are vegan, cruelty and toxin free made with blends of essential oils. They are topical products that work to do exactly what they’re supposed to. 

I always wanted to try some essential oil products and I am super impressed by these from eScential wellness

You can see my full in-detail review on Her Real View!

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