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Summertime has its moments where the kids just feel bored despite the activities and ideas we give them. It happens, they’re kids. Instead of sitting in front of a device or tv like zombies, I’ve been encouraging my kids (like it or not) to get outside for most if not all day. Not only does it keep them from annoying each other (and us) inside but it’s also a chance to get some fresh air, exercise and spend some quality time together!

Since they are getting a bit old for playing at the park or wading pool, we have been collecting a variety of outdoor toys for the whole family to enjoy like bubbles, the trampoline and water blasters!

ZING brings us new outdoor toys for older kids (and even grownups) with the HyperStrike Bow and Arrow set and the ZAX Throwing Axe!

Now, before anyone gets up in arms these toys are made of plastic and foam, they are in NO way dangerous so any age (5+) can play with them!

HyperStrike gives kids a chance to try their hand at archery. It comes with the bow and four foam ended launch arrows. The arrows whistle when you shoot them into the air from the bow. Super easy to use even if you’ve never shot a bow and arrow set in your life! My teen and I were having fun in our back yard shooting the arrows into our trampoline, using the back netting as our “bullseye” for points! With a little imagination, you can have a ton of fun with the simplest things! 

ZAX Ax is made of foam with suction cups at the end. Set up a flat (preferably glossy) surface (like an old board or tabletop or any flat surface), toss the ZAX with a little muscle and see if you can hit your target! 

Both of these can be found at the ZING toys online shop. HyperStrike is under $40 while ZAX is under $20. 

Have fun! 

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