*Thanks StickerKid for sending us complimentary labels for review! Opinions are those of #AMEblog.*

Summertime is the season for fun! Family outings to the beach, sleep-away camp for the older kids and sleepovers at grandmas house; things will go missing. It's inevitable when you have kids. 

How many things have gone missing over the years? I’ve since lost count. Even us adults will misplace our items more times than I care to admit.

One thing I find does help is personalized labels. The kids like decorating their items with them which gives them a sense of uniqueness and can make the item feel more special with their name on a fancy sticker. Not to mention if they DO lose them in a setting like camp or grandmas house, they’ll know who the item belongs to. 

StickerKid sent us some personalized samplers to check out and we just love them. They’re no more expensive than other personalized sticker brands and they have more options when it comes to colors, fonts and emoji/graphics you can use on them. 

It’s easy to get started to order by visiting the site, choosing the labels or bundle you want, customizing it to your liking and checking out to pay! The shipping came from Europe and took only about two weeks; plenty of time to order for the remainder of the summer or back to school time! I know I’m starting to get organized early! 

I chose black/white with funny emojis for my teen, pink/purple with piggies for my youngest and red/angry birds for my tween son. 

StickerKid labels are durable, washing machine and dishwasher safe. 
Check out StickerYou for your kids next adventure! You won’t be disappointed! 
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