Who didn’t grow up playing Monopoly? We all learned about money (some of us about greed), property management, taxes, jail through a simple game of cards and dice. Hasbro is known to create different versions of the classic game for board game enthusiasts alike and they’ve created a brand new Monopoly world where women are “the man”. 

I received a surprise package the other day from my friends at Hasbro. Ms Monopoly: The first game where women make more than men. 

The game itself is pretty much like the classic game except it has a new mascot, Ms Monopoly who is the niece of Mr. Monopoly. Instead of buying property, players invest in inventions created by women. When male players pass go, they collect $200. When female players pass go, they collect $240. Original chance cards, taxes, and jail are still included in this game. 

While the concept of celebrating female empowerment using a well-loved board game is fantastic; using women found inventions can teach kids a thing or two but I don’t think my son will want to play this with his sisters knowing he will get less money passing go. 

I think the original concept of everyone EQUALLY getting $200 as they pass go was perfectly fine. We don’t want special treatment in the real world and we shouldn’t in a board game either. 

If you are a huge fan of Monopoly games, this is a fun game to add to your collection! You can find it at most retail stores where toys and games are sold like Toys R Us or Walmart!

Happy gaming! 

*Product provided by Hasbro for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of the author*

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