It’s hard to believe when I look at her that this tall, intelligently beautiful young woman is my Teenaged daughter. Teenhood isn’t an easy part of growing up; so many changes, so many hormones and emotions. One thing teens want is to feel unique in their own. 

When it comes to personal hygiene, New Canadian brand Thirsty Naturals (available at Loblaws stores this September) know what teens want when it comes to keeping fresh and fabulous. Thirsty Naturals is proud to create a healthy,100% naturally-sourced, plant-based face and body care products with young people in mind. Something that is grown-up but not too grown-up, just for teens. 

We were sent over two Thirsty Naturals products to try out; Thirsty Naturals foaming facewash and Thirsty Naturals moisturizer. Oh, and they also included a fun towel headband for face washing! 

Thirsty Naturals foaming facewash is 100% natural for your teen's skin. It smells like sweet spearmint and is loaded with natural botanicals like witch hazel, willowherb, pepperberry, Riberry, and Muntries. Thirsty Naturals foaming face wash keeps skin nourished with super berries and deep cleans pores by removing excess oil with natural witch hazel. 

Thirsty Naturals daily moisturizer smells like sweet citrus berry with a hint of cardamom and chamomile. This balancing moisturizer absorbs oils and balances skin tone thanks to black bamboo cumin, magnolia, and manuka. Other ingredients include willowherb, chaulmoogra, pepperberry, riberry, and muntries.

Thirsty Naturals also has other products such as dry shampoo, body wash, and natural deodorant. You can find all of Thirsty Naturals wonderful products for your teen through their official website

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