“Hair can transform a costume when it comes to completing your Halloween look. Using hair extensions like the 3-in-1 Hair Wrap or ponytail can provide limitless options in shape, texture, and color,” says Nadine Mullings, Brand & Product Development Director at Barely Xtensions, “The only limit, is your imagination.”

 Whether it’s a princess, witch or fairy, here are some Halloween Hair Ideas:

Game of Thrones Princess.  Picture yourself as the Queen of Dragons conquering the North?  Or a princess high in the castle tower looking over her kingdom – whoever you choose to be -- the game of thrones is all about the hair, volumes, braids, and curls of hair.  If your hair isn’t quite long or thick enough – blend your natural hair with Barely Xtensions to kick it up a notch. 

Witchy Woman.  When thinking about Halloween, a witch is one of the first icons that come to mind.  The witch costume still trends as a favorite –but why not put a new spin on it?  Be a good witch, bad witch or witchy woman with a special theme.  Use your favorite movie, cartoon, photo or story to be your guide or get really creative and think about just portraying the split personality of a witchy woman. Split your hair colors and styles right down the middle, along with your makeup and wardrobe.  Or go all-out zombie style with “Walking Dead” zombie zone; half-human, half-zombie. Use color hair inserts like those from Barely Xtensions to add fun color sporadically, wherever you want it to appear. 

Superhero (or Villan!).  Avengers seems to be all the rage this season, but you can always channel and create your own Superhero.  For a last-minute costume, cat woman is easy.   Combine basic black, wardrobe staples that are already in your closet: Black long sleeve shirt, black tight pants, black boots, fitted belt, etc.  Put on a pair of cat ears and there you go, purr-fect.

Unicorn, Fairy or Mermaid.  Want the look of something magical, mystical or imagined but need the hairdo to go along with it?  For these costumes try the colored nymph braid.  Start by clipping the Instant Color Clips into your hair in a few different colors depending on what look you want. Create a half up half down ponytail to start, topsy tailing it to create a soft twist. Take the remainder of the hair and create a second ponytail underneath the first topsy tailing it as well. Finish with three-strand braiding the remaining hair for a woven, loose dreamy style.

Guest post on behalf of Barely Xtensions: 

Barely Xtensions is the Ultra-Seamless difference in hair extensions, offering affordable luxury and easy application. A revolutionary SlimClip Technology provides a smooth and sleek undetectable finish in dimensional colors. From natural highlights, lowlights and balayage to blends of pink or grey.  Find the latest styles and products like the 3-in-1 Hair Wrap and ponytail exclusively at Sally Beauty throughout the United States and Canada. 

For fashion, inspiration visit the website at barelyxtensions.com or connect with Barely Xtensions on social media! 

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