Halloween is coming! My kiddos have already been planning out their costumes for the past few months (I'm not kidding). It’s always a tradition for us to go around as a family, enjoy the night and the kids get to collect some yummy candy from neighboring houses. As the kids get older each holiday celebration changes but we still enjoy them, we’ve made them part of our family history.

In the past, we have used store-bought costumes and have made our own when the kids were small. Now only two out of my three go out "trick or treating". For the teen, it’s a night in guarding the family home and handing out snacks to ghouls and goblins that come to the door while watching a scary movie she otherwise couldn’t watch on our big screen tv because of younger siblings and all. I’m happy to report she’s 15 and would rather settle down with a bowl of popcorn and a scary movie than a Halloween party filled with her peers (and most likely substances she shouldn’t be exposed to). 

Anyway, back to costumes. My son is resourceful (he must get it from his mama!). He chose to be one of my ultimate favourite Star Wars characters; the all-knowing master Yoda! We have a mask and can put together a Yoda-esque style fashion with little to no effort using a bathrobe. Costume #1, complete! 

Little Miss M has had an obsession with PowerPuff Girls after finding them on YouTube. You can imagine what she wants to be for Halloween this year. She’s got blonde hair, you guessed it! She wants to be PowerPuff Girls Bubbles. Bubbles is the blonde one with the blue dress! 

Hello, Google? I need your help! How can I pull this costume creation off? That show is kind of dated and I cannot for the life of me find any kind of memorabilia for a decent price. Enter Pinterest and the amazing DIY PowerPuff Girls costumes I came across! Hallelujah! A long blue t-shirt, black belt or ribbon etc, white leggings and some cute blue hair ties. Voila! We have our Bubbles covered! 

Have your little ones decided what they'd like to be for Halloween? Do you buy a costume every year or are you a money-saving DIYer like me? Let's chat in the comments! :)

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