We love doing kids toy reviews here on #AMEblog but did you know we have a hobby we enjoy almost as much as being parents? 

My partner and I are big kids at heart. We get nostalgic seeing old toy commercials and videos online. We even collect our favourites; mine being Star Wars and his being Transformers. We have quite the collection of things the kids aren’t allowed to touch (they honestly are so used to our collecting they aren’t even interested unless it’s for them). 

For the past while, hub's has been working on his special G1 Transformers Collection; he’s got all the popular bots like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron to name just a simple few. He has over 50 different transformers both Autobots and Decepticons. 

You’d think to be his wife I would be annoyed with his collecting hobby but I’m just as bad. I love the collector's Transformers especially when he’s got them out on display! 

We are excited to team up with Hasbro Pulse and The Toybox Collection to bring you a review of the latest Transformers collectors want and probably can’t get unless they preordered him back in September; Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Titan WFC-S29 Omega Supreme

This Transformer is HUGE standing tall at 2 feet! This Transformer has a G1 inspired design and transforms into Autobot Command Center mode. He comes with 6 Fire Blasts accessories to simulate battle effects on figure and Command Center mode plus also comes with Micromaster, Autobot Countdown, who fits inside the rocket, tank and control tower. He can ride around the defender perimeter how cool is that! 

This is NOT your typical toy and certainly NOT one I would recommend for a young child. He isn’t cheap to buy because he is a collector's item at (USD) $159.99. 

You might be lucky to find him online but so far it seems he’s sold out! 

Click here to see his full specs on the Hasbro website!

Check out our video showcase below! 

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