Christmas is coming and each year it’s getting harder and harder to figure out the perfect gift for my tween and teen! Most kids today are into technology or fashion - or both. It can get expensive "keeping up with the Joneses" (which frankly I was never a fan of doing) and honestly my kids are pretty easy when it comes to gift-giving. They were raised to be thankful for what they get, not spoiled and wanting more or better. 

As much as I'd love to be able to gift them with the latest and greatest toys you see here on AME, my older two kids are now too mature for such things. Unlike their childish mother who collects action figures. Anyway, this post isn't about that. It's about what you can get for the picky tween or teen that ISN't technology-related and won't break your holiday shopping budget. 

For the musician, some ideas may be a simple instrument like a Ukelele and some accessories like felt picks, nylon strings, and a neck strap; all of the above can be found under $100 and shipped fast if you shop smart online.

Get personal! Every child (even teens) needs a gift that is just for them, it’ll make them feel even more special when it’s personalized with their likes and enjoyments. This year I’m gifting the teen some fun self-adhesive false lashes, a nice brooch that represents something she enjoys, some gorgeous gemstones to add to her gemstone collection and a cute Sailor Moon necklace, also something she is a fan of. Again these items can be found cheap online for under $50.

Stuff the stockings with socks! My kids are always looking for socks. You can never go wrong with socks! Don’t be boring though! Pick up some fun designs socks at your local Dollar Stores. The designs can be simple and also used to determine who’s are who’s so there are no siblings stealing each other’s new socks! You can also pick up more personal items like new toothbrushes, and other stocking stuffers for under $10 combined at the Dollar Store. I love that place! :-) 

Kijiji isn’t only for used stuff! You can find some mint or even new condition older kid toys like Lego or collector's items for less than trying to get it through an online auction. Check around your local online buy and sell websites for things like LEGO kits, action figures and more. 

Gift cards. Not only great for tweens and teens to shop for themselves when you can’t figure it out but also great to have handy as a last-minute gift. We all do it, forget that one awesome person who probably should have been higher on the gifting list but it’s the thought that counts at all! You can get gift cards for ANYTHING these days so the sky’s the limit, my friends!

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