Today we wear pink to create awareness around an ongoing, serious problem in our society: bullying. 

As someone who has experienced and also raises kids who experienced bullying, this day is important to me (as it should be to every parent). Kids can't advocate for themselves in most cases. They are scared,  they feel humiliated and alone, they feel like nobody cares and more often than not, even if it's "just words" the victim starts believing the lies the bullies tell them. 

We as a society have to stop making excuses for the bullies and start giving consequences for their actions. Mental illness in teens, young adults, and even adults is skyrocketing since society has this idea of free speech, you can say and do whatever you want and treat fellow people however you choose. The internet gives immature children access to platforms to abuse their peers through embarrassing pictures, posts and worse now, videos. 

It's not just in schools or at the parks or in the workplace, it's everywhere on every device and its so easy to beat someone down without even raising a physical fist to them. Bruises can heal but the mental damage caused by any type of abuse can be catastrophic and life long for the victim while the bully walks away and probably forgets they ever did or said anything. 

So many schools brag about "Anti-Bullying measures" and "No Bully Policies" but so many schools fail the children who need them most. We have to do better as parents. We have to do better as a society. How many more kids do we need to lose to suicide before people open their eyes? 

Educate yourself on the consequences of abuse such as bullying, educate your kids and don't put up with it. If you see it happening to someone around you, step in and stand up! Show these types of people that the behavior won't be tolerated. 

If you or your kids are being bullied, picked on, made feel like their environment is an unsafe one, get authorities involved. Go as high as you can if you have to, the school board/management and whoever is above that in this society and be the voice of our future for our kids and for everyone whos ever been bullied. 

We can't always protect them but we can educate them and advocate for them. 

Wear your pink shirt today and have this attitude everyday: NO MORE BULLIES, EVER! 

Thank you. 

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