Me-yow! There are some new kitties on the block and they’ve got style, cuteness, and coffee! New Kitten Catfe by Jakks Pacific is the latest wave of collectible toys to hit toy store shelves. Anyone who loves cats will fur-sure love these adorable Kitten Catfe toys!

We were so excited when we received a surprise package from Jakks Pacific containing some Kitten Catfe goodies to showcase here on AME!

Kitten Catfe mixes together kittens, fashion, coffee and the joy of unboxing a new surprise. Each Kitten Catfe Purrista Girl comes in her own reusable coffee cup packaging and comes with a surprise accessory, outfit, pair of shoes, and cat bed for the Purrista girl doll. It also comes with a magical teabag! This is the cool part: parents can help little ones fill the provided coffee cup with cold water, dipping the tea bag a few times will dissolve and you get some surprise Meowbles! 

Add on to your Kitten Catfe collection are cute little Meowble Yarn Balls which I mentioned above, each yarn unravels to reveal a little trinket kittie. The "yarn" comes in 3 strands which can be braided, add on a Meowble and your little one has purr-fect kitty fashion! 

Also available, Kitten Catfe Meowble Scented Plush! The blue one we got is named Blue Grey and smells like, you guessed it, blueberries! 

I know I have said before I am not a fan of toys that come with a bunch of little parts but I can say now that Miss M is older, she is the perfect age for toys like these. She keeps everything in her little cup (score!) and has been carrying her kitties around since she opened them. Uh oh - I think we may have created a little meowy monster! 

Perfect collectible for ages 7+, even my teen thought they were pretty cool compared to other "surprise" style toys we have reviewed or bought over the years. This one gets a big TWO THUMBS UP from our girls (and mom!). 

Kids can collect all 12 Kitten Catfe Purrista Girl surprise dolls, Meowble Yarn Balls and Scented Plush's available at shops like Walmart, Toys R Us, and Loblaws!

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* Posted by AME in participation with JAKKs Pacific. Complimentary product supplied for review purposes. Comments and opinions are our own*

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