I call my son a miracle baby for many reasons. He has beaten a lot of odds and still continues to fight every day. His story has been a rough one (see May 4ths entry), but he has recently reached some amazing milestones. Being born three months early his corrected age is 11 months but you can't expect a preemie to meet the milestones of a full 9 month term baby because each preemie has a unique background. My son recently learned how to hold his own bottle, sit up without support and feed himself small soft foods or food that "melts" like mini ritz crackers, he also has been practicing his speech skills. My oldest is almost 5 so it's sweet to hear the baby babble in the house again. Both my kids amaze me everyday, my son showing he's as strong as the best of them and my bright little girl with her thoughtful but funny ideas.

Here are my two angels who inspire a lot of my writing.

-- Ally --


"A piece of me I give to you. I painted this flower to say I love you.
The heart is you, the hand is me to show we are friends the best there can be.
I hope you will save it and look back someday at the flowers we shared on your special day"

This was the poem printed on a home made heart with flowers and my daughters hand print. Even though she may not have written the words being 4, she was proud to give it to me for mothers day! She also made a beautiful little candy jar (with baby jars provided by us! LOL) and a cute flower picture magnet!

I love mothers day! A great time to reflect on relationships past and present between you & your mom and you & your kids. Last year on this day I sat in the neonatal intensive care unit with my son...hardest mothers day yet! I'm happy though at least this mothers day I may not have my grandma anymore, my own mom lives far(but I did call her!) but at least I have my kids and my loving husband to celebrate motherhood with :-)

To all the moms out there, no matter how you celebrate or with who, have a wonderful mothers day.

My 4 year old proudly holding her card to mommy...

The cute flower picture magnet :-)
-- Ally --


It's been almost 5 years since we became parents. Before kids we had what we thought were "friends" and people around us who we thought cared. All that has changed as we grew from a couple to a family of four more and more people have just seemed to have dissapeared.
The majority of parents who lose part or all of their "before kids" social circle usually have the question: is it us? From personal experience I can tell you it isn't! Losing touch with old friends can happen with changes of lifestyle. Example before kids we could go out and party until 3:00am and sleep in, no responsibility except ourselves and a job! Now, if I'm up passed 12:00am I'm in for it with munchkins calling "Mommy" at 6:00am. Not much in common with single people or people without kids, almost like two different worlds if you think about it. Parenthood brings much responsibility and schedules to be followed not to mention finances to support your family. Going to get a 100$ hair do is not an option when you have kids to feed. Parenting is something you can only understand if you have kids, otherwise as an outsider "taking care of kids"can seem like an easy task.
We recently met a couple, who have kids and have had it as rough as the best of us but are still kind. We relate well to them in many points of view. A big change to hearing the adventures of the single friend or couple on the brink of break up. A nice change that let's us know, it's not us! It's life with kids :-) you wouldn't change it but there are ways to adapt.

-- Ally --


Animals can be wonderful companions and a first pet can be a step toward your child's learning responsibility of caring for another living creature. Buying the wrong pet for your child's age can have bad results for the child, parent, and pet!

There are many factors to consider before adopting a new pet such as time to spend taking care of the animal depending what you choose, the maturity level of the child capable of handling a new pet and of course finances to pay for items like caging materials, food etc.

Dogs big or small and cats require maintenance, vet checkups, food, medications/vaccines, and exercise. Also, consider the strain of stress on an already existing dog or cat if a new animal is brought in. Would your dog hurt the new puppy or would your cat just ignore the new kitten?

Larger animals are better as a family pet where everyone including the parents get involved. After all, parents pay for the animals upkeep.

Smaller animals like hamsters, gerbils, mice or rats aren't a good choice if your child is a bit younger 3-6 years or rough for example you may want to consider something simpler like a gold fish that doesn't involve handling incase of injury to the child or pet.

Most young kids would want to keep a small pet in their own room but this can result in the child taking the pet out without supervision and harm the animal or get bitten or scratched and want nothing more of the pet. Keeping your youngsters pet in a common area of the house is safer for your child and her pet!

Older children usually 7 and up can more or less benefit from having the responsibility of a rodent kind pet. Hamsters and guinea pigs if bought young and handled by your older child can make a cute little friend.

Pets are living creatures and deserve a happy healthy life even if it's "just a hamster" so please think carefully before choosing that pet to ensure you and your child properly take care of it for it's whole short life and aren't abandoned, or neglected.

My daughter asked me for a chihuahua for her 5th birthday. We already have a dog and although the pup most likely would adapt to our 3-year-old Doberman it wouldn't be fair to our dog to put him through the stress of a new pet already. Young dogs also require training, they don't come knowing where to do their business and trust me, messes will be made. Unless you are prepared for it, a puppy isn't always a great choice just because your kid begs for a new pet.

Also dog food is expensive and having a young baby and a pup at the same time isn't something I'm ready to take on just yet though in the future perhaps another dog. My husband and I will be discussing possibly, maybe getting her a smaller pet however because she has shown more maturity lately and more interest in caring for what's important to her.

Posted in memory of Zeus who passed away winter 2012. We will never forget you boy.


Kids tell lies, there is no doubt about it and as the years go by it seems they are learning how to lie at younger and younger ages. Children obviously lie to hide things so they don't get in trouble but sometimes it can be their little way of trying to get your attention on something important to them or that could be bothering them.

My 4-year-old daughter goes to preschool and almost every morning I notice this little girl always approaches my daughter and it's never nice! My daughter is a very happy child, a morning person who's always cheery. Last night during bath I noticed a minor scratch on her belly and I asked her what happened. Not making eye contact and fidgeting with her hair she tells me the little girl from school did that. I told my daughter if that was true I would have to speak to her mother. Right away my daughter corrected herself saying she actually did it when she fell on a branch outside. I asked my daughter why she blamed the little girl and her response was "because she's always mean to me" Seeing we've already tried the friendship approach so I told her to just continue being nice to her and ignore when she's mean. I told her there are other ways to deal with kids at school and lies still aren't acceptable.

This morning my daughter made me proud. We walked into class together and again the little girl came up to my daughter holding a picture of a princess and said "See I got this you don't!!" taunting my daughter. She turned around and said to the girl "That's nice" and walked away!

I always tell my kid's nobody has the right to be mean to you for no reason just like you have no right to be mean to someone for no reason. Hopefully, it will make her a strong woman one day knowing it doesn't matter what everyone thinks. We always remind her mom, dad & baby brother love her no matter what!


Welcome to A Motherhood Experience!

This is a blog written by me, Alyssa. A Canadian Mom of two who is here to share her feats (and defeats) through her Motherhood Experience! You will find great stories, motherhood tips and eventually perhaps features on great products our family thinks yours will just love!

First though, let me introduce you to the AME family...

Family life began for us in fall of 2003, when we found out we were expecting our first baby. Our relationship had just begun to blossom and we were thrown into the reality of possibly raising a family together. Could we handle it? Many people didn't think so but moving on over the years, I think we did pretty good.

The Hubby: His name is Pat (aka Hubby here on AME) and he's a French-Canadian, down to earth guy who can be tough but has a deep love for his family. He's a handy-man who can fix anything. I call him "MacGyver" as a joke because I always break things, he always fixes them. Computers are his specialty, he can fix any problem hardware or software related which is a plus for me because I need a running computer.  He's also an amazing painter/interior decorator, he did it as a trade before injuring his back so when it comes to home renovations, he gets it done the right way and it always looks so nice.  When it comes to his kids, he is a great dad. He loves to make them laugh and I love to see him make them laugh. When it comes time to get serious though, he just sends them to me (I'm kidding, he knows how to handle them!).

Meet the kids:

Our daughter, Kylie (aka K) was born in 2004. She's already going on five years old, that is just unbelievable. I still remember when she was born, it was 72 hours that should have been recorded for a reality tv show. I remember my water breaking first thing in the morning, 8am. I wasn't even out of BED yet. This kid wanted to come out and meet the world and right on time. Hubby, the wonderful man that he is, told me he would get me a "new water" when I tried to wake him. "The baby is coming!" did the trick, key words to see a man move faster than you've ever seen him before.

Skip to the part when we are at the hospital, we had parents who didn't get along all showing up to try and help but wow. It was a crazy time. I am happy the one person I needed was there of course, that would be hubby. She was born weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces and had crazy strong lungs, she still does to this day.

Now, almost 5 years old she is quite the little lady. She loves her family, especially her baby brother. She loves going to school and playing with her friends. She enjoys playing outside and doing arts and crafts with mom. She likes going on "adventures" to Tim Hortons with Dad, even if they are just going to get a donut and come home. I can tell she is going to be my strong one, she has been through a lot with the rest of us, you'll know what I mean - read on to meet my son.

My son is a little different, a miracle in my eyes. I won't get into the details and long story because I have rehashed it so many times in the last year, I still can't bring myself to write the entire story without bursting into tears. I guess the scars on my heart are still fresh. He was born last march (2008) three months too early. They called him the "27 weeker". He weighed less than 2lbs and his chances of survival were slim to none. We went through 3 1/2 months of waiting on eggshells, waiting for something to get better and hoping nothing would get worse. There isn't a day we don't wake up and thank the man upstairs for giving us a chance to be parents to this bright, cute little one and a half year old miracle man.

So these are the people who I adore, the people I do everything for - my family. Oh yes and I almost forgot one of the most important family members, our personal guard and drool machine - Zeus!

He's our boy, a four year old Doberman who we purchased from a breeder recommended by a friend at the time. The breeder ended up being a total lie, a family who illegally bred Dobermans on their farm and charged an insane price for them. We thought we had been blessed with a deal for Zeus until we brought him home and within weeks realized he was born with demodectic mange. When we mentioned this to the "breeder" they suggested we "put him down" and they would give us a "free dog". We were disgusted by them and ended up filing a complaint with the SPCA (Quebec Humane Society). The website and contact numbers we had been using for them we no longer in service within weeks. I think they got the message. We managed to save Zeus with medication although his eye was damaged from the mange. He is still our boy and the best dog you could ask for! :)