Here in Ottawa, Ontario there are certain by laws about picking up after your pets, more or less after your dog upon taking it for a walk.
I recently wrote an article on helium in a debate whether or not States in the USA who don't have the by law should!
It won't kill you to bring a bag when you know fido is going to do his do do!

As someone who walks everywhere AND is the owner of a large breed dog -- every right to RANT!

I went to the corner store earlier it's about 3-4 blocks maybe less away. Three times I JUST missed stepping in dog piles on the side walk!

The worst is running over it unknowingly with a stroller...
I'm just saying dogs are a responsibility -- feeding,water,shelter and cleaning up after them -- especially in public areas! DH brings our dog for his walks and never forgets the bag!! It's like forgetting a diaper when you bring a baby out...common sense!

Thought I'd share my mini rage for a moment :-)

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Before I began this blog my family and I lived in a "project" we were desperate and the place is what we needed at the time.

The kids in that particular project come from all walks of life, all races, religions etc. No matter who you were the kids showed no respect for property, pets or people including other kids parents. They would be vulgar and violent especially a select group of boys. We warned them several times if they as much as looked at our dd funny we'd be visiting their parents for a chat.

They would taunt our dog by throwing marbles at him or "bark" at him. All of us couldn't wait to move.

Today, a year later we see these kids from our old project -- as rude and vulgar if not worse than before. These aren't little kids they are preteens or "Tweens" as they call them now. Not even old enough to shave yet the F word flows out like a second language. F this F that F you. Omg they would be eating soap for dinner if they were mine but they aren't so all I can do is shake my head in disgust.

It makes you almost want to meet their parents and see who taught them or in this case didn't teach manners. Simple common sense like not swearing when there's a pool full of little kids, set an example parents!

My daughter is 4 she doesn't need to see these older kids acting like that, thankfully mine is smart and calls them "bad boys". I know my kids aren't perfect but they are polite...so far & I plan to continue to teach them respect and manners, besides who wants to be the parents with the vulgar kids! Not this mommy!!

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Children often use the phrase "it was an accident" to get out of doing something they shouldn't have been doing and got caught for in hopes to ease the pressure of the authority who caught them. Sometimes however it really IS an accident and my daughter showed me today how sensitive about hurting her brother she is.

After dinner time I was playing with both my kids. My daughter had left the room for a bit only to come back dressed in her old Halloween costume as snow white. Now my youngest is a 15 month old preemie who just recently learned to crawl...EVERYWHERE and his sister, without seeing him (or giving me time to react) danced straight over her brother, tripped and nearly face planted him into the floor. Of course being 15 months old and hit from behind my son cried his loud scared cry as I quickly picked him up to check him for boo boos.

I looked over at my daughter expecting her to have her typical "oops sorry" attitude when I saw she was in tears herself. I gave the baby to dad and had a chat with my daughter that showed maturity on her level and how she loves her brother...almost made me cry...

She said "I'm a bad big sister, it was an accident I didn't mean to make him fall, Im no good at taking care of him, I hurt his little head!!" I explained about being careful around him because he's crawling now and we went to say "sorry" and see if he was ok.

Back to normal, she gave her brother a kiss and said she wouldn't let him get hurt again...

What a little girl I have. She's growing up so fast! I thought I would share my story....

Dream xoxo

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Another Hallmark celebration come & gone. Today was fathers day. We celebrated by spending time together as a family. The kids made their daddy some home made gifts, my oldest made hers at preschool :-)

My hubby loved them! He also got an iPhone stereo dock (logitec) and a iPhone case for his iPhone.

Just some small tokens of our appreciation on this day even tho the kids show how much he means everyday an amazing daddy!

--reading his daddy day card from our oldest:-)


Until next blog entry--
--dream on


Every baby is precious especially our very own. My son is a miracle in my eyes. Every milestone as a preemie he's reached from finally breathing on his own, learning to drink from a bottle, being on his tummy etc have been special because we didn't know if he would make it through the first 24 hours of his life but after months of struggling to reach milestones of preemies his age, my son learned how to sit up on his own! He's so proud when he does something new he's been practicing hard.

He will be one year old corrected age on Sunday the 14th of June which makes him 15 months old birth age. An extra reason to celebrate!

-- My little man today outside with mommy and daddy (big sister at preschool) :-)


The Drs appointment was a little harder than I thought when my dr mentioned what the specialist had said on my last hip scan. I need surgery, but first new scans to determine the extent of damage since my last scan and determine if it will be a replacement or similar reconstructive surgery like I had done at the age of 9. Either way call me "out for the count" when it happens.

I'm 27 years old right now so hearing "hip replacement" made me feel at a loss of words. I knew eventually down the road, long down the road I would require surgery,but as a woman and a mother my kids are still young and dependant on me! They need me on my two feet...I'm scared I admit it, we are talking about my ability to walk and be mobile here.

I have the support of my husband don't get me wrong I'm just speaking from a more personal point of view. This is a topic I will be bouncing on and off of as my blog grows.

A big event in my adult life that could change everything.

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