Today is activity day for DD. She is going to the circus with her daycare group. She was so excited this morning she actually behaved herself and didn't give me a hard time about having to brush her hair. After all, she had to look fantastic for the circus show. Kids...make you laugh or make you want to cry.

I remember going to the circus as a child. Breifly however, I was quite young. I remember my grandfather being there, my parents and of course my older brother who made me so jealous when he got to ride the elephant because he was older.

Now that I think of it, years later I rode an elephant at parc safari and honestly it wasn't all that.

Years ago I worked for a fundraising company and one of our campaigns was the Shriners circus. We did quite a good job selling those tickets so our boss passed a few to some of the employees for a job well done. Since it had been well over a decade since I had went, my friends and I attended the show.

They had no elephants because apparently one was sick so they quarrentined them all, the black panther swatted at the tamer and had to be taken out of the ring. I am all for animal rights so the useage of animals in the circus for our entertainment does make me clench teeth but the show itself was pretty amazing.

The jugglers, clowns, acrobatics and those that use silk sashes and spin around in an artistic way. They made the show.

My daughter however is young and wanted to see the elephants today. I will hear all about her amazing day tonight.

Meanwhile mommy has to mad clean and try to organize this house because grandma and the gang are coming for a visit!

I'm excited it's been a year since I've seen some of my family excluding my mom & stepdad :-)

-- Until next entry Keep Dreaming


My birthday was great yesterday, dh took me shopping and I ended up buying two tops as well as something to drink last night.
Two 1L Bacardi breezers orange tropical smoothie drinks. I'm not for hard liquor or beer these were good. A little too good lol

It almost looked like my mini party was going to be a bust. After a day of preparing and getting the kids settled 2/3 couples didn't show up and also didn't even call to say they weren't coming. That's when you know who your real friends are.

Obviously we aren't worth even a phone call so I didn't let it ruin my fun! The couple that came are close friends of ours. We all have a lot in common & always have good times. So considerate they even brought a cake for me!

It was a quiet party but with good friends, good drinks and a yummy cake it was fabulous!

Dh tried hard to make it a good birthday, he is sweet like that. We had a great time!

This cake was awesome! Not too sweet, moist & fresh. Excellent way to celebrate my special day!

Until next entry keep dreaming.