An old friend of mine sent me a message via facebook today. She knows previously I had been talking about adding a cat to our family, knowing she works with animals if ever she was to come across a suitable one for my family she'd let me know. She's had a hard time letting go but she asked me if I could take her beloved cat Hazel. Hazel is a shelter cat my friend was fostering. She was in line for a good home.

She's got too many animals to take care of as it is and her schedule isn't fair to hazel who needs alot of love.
Being a SAHM I have time to contribute to hazel as well as my kids and of course our beloved Zeus, who I really hope is on his best behaviour the day hazel comes to stay.
She's 3 as of november, cuddly cat :-) good with kids and animals too.

I'm happy I'm helping out a friend as well as this cat. Her eyes are just pretty!
Can't wait to meet her!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


My daughter is starting to learn about numbers and money. She understands the concept of purchasing items and that you need money to do so.

DD earned 5$ to spend where she wanted on what she wanted when we went for errands today. Zellers had nothing within her price range or interest. The dollar store was her last hope after looking for that perfect something elsewhere. She walked the toy isle about six times before quickly deciding on this pink rubber balloon toy that looked like a blow fish. After getting what I needed we headed to the cash. I noticed the blowfish was dirty it looked like it was previously on the floor.
I asked dd if she would rather some Halloween candy than another toy to just end up in the toybox. With a big smile she agreed.
After that dh & I wanted a coffee so we stopped at Tim hortons. Dd insisted she go in and buy some donuts for her and her brother so a pack of 20 timbits she bought.
I was impressed with her donut idea, sharing with her brother too was sweet. Showing the "big girl" despite the little girl drama this week. Always mommys girl :-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


(The following post is based on Mondays day, although my blog app posted it as Tuesday)

Today was looking to be a decent day. I was up early with my kids getting ds ready for his drs appointment and dd ready for school.

Ds had an audiology test which turned out great and according to dd she had a good day at school except one time out...or so I thought.

My cell rings at around 7:30 but I was unable to answer due to bath routine for the kids. They called back an hour later and it was the couseller from dds school readiness program.

She started by telling me dd has been doing OK but lately she seems to be having trouble adjusting to the school setting. She basically mentioned most behaviour any five year old would show except my cute little girl swore at a boy. As any other school dds catholic school doesn't tolerate it.

It isn't typical for dd to swear, she knows the difference between good words and bad words, we are constantly reminding her when things get tough to tell a grown up. Although dd is tough when she's had enough she's had enough, she just goes about it the wrong way lately. Still no excuse for using words she knows are rude and not tolerated.

What upset me the most is that she lied to me, stating it was the other way around the boy swore at her. Lying to me is like telling me you don't trust me even though I know deep down that's not why a child the age of dd would lie, more or less to get out of any consequences.

I'm not perfect, I'm a parent and I'm just trying to raise respectible children. My children are my life, pride & joy so when things like this happen it just makes me crumble into an emotional pile and get to thinking "wow she's only 5...what am I doing so wrong" even though I know she's a great kid so we must be doing something right.

Nobody said motherhood was easy.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


It is thanksgiving weekend 2009. Dd has a four day weekend, talk about busy!

Luckily this year we only had one turkey dinner, as opposed to our typical two to three turkey meals in a four day time period.

Yesterday my mom & her husband came over for dinner. Turkey, potatoes, etc typical Canadian turkey dinner. Was really good too! It's always nice to see at least somebody for a holiday but nothing beats the old days of thanksgiving at my grandmas.

Homemade everything from dinner to desert prettymuch. You'd be so full after you wouldn't want turkey until next year.

Today I spent taking pictures and numbering more used clothes for the gallery. It's coming along nicely! Now hopefully my idea won't bs a bust like just about every other idea I've had & we'll be on our way!

Well it was left over turkey sandwiches tonight after I ruined baking some cookies today. They turned out all mushy & weird. I'm going to try some muffins after I clean up the dinner mess!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


We all have or have had that one friend who was the friend for everything. A best friend, or the closest thing to a best friend. There when you need them, you when they need ect. Unfortunately unexpected events in life can cause negative effects and impact the relationship to the point you see eachother as nothing but strangers. It can be almost as devistating as breaking up with a boyfriend to lose a best friend.

This happened in my life, we had friends we considered best. Friends we spent holiday dinners with, birthdays or just shoot the breeze. An unfortunate series of events occurred causing this friendship to split up. Feelings were hurt and emotional wounds that at the time could not be healed with a simple apology. Needless to say we haven't spoken to eachother in a very long time.

Yesterday we brought our kids to the park and imagine who was there. The girl I used to refer to as a best friend.

Our daughters knew eachother before but haven't seen eachother for a while. They recognized eachother, played together. This little event brought back memories of the good times we had as friends.

We spoke breifly upon leaving as the girls didn't want to go home. Awkward situation at it's best.

It's a complicated situation, why we lost touch etc but it was nice to see the kids playing again.

This morning I recieved an email. My old friend initiating conversation for a coffee visit. Took the visit, i'm not sure what will happen but as forgiving and sensitive as I am when it comes to people who had an impact on my life, it's nice to know we don't have to walk on eggshells if we happen to cross paths.

Keeping civil is better than acting out in an immature way. Less conflict and I am not one for confrontations of the negative type.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


It is October and by the looks of it fall has officially hit us, and hard. Leaves are falling left & right off the trees, the air has that "winter is coming" cold crispness to it and we've been getting a dreaded amount of cold rainy days. Get ready for cold and flu season people!

Already a month into Kindergarten for dd. So far so good she likes both her teachers although she talks about her French teacher more, we know who the favourite is.

At first dd was forgetful about raising her hand before speaking and disrupting the class which thankfully they already knew about her from her school readiness program assessment earlier this year. She's progressing well.

No bad notes except that one time she fell, scraped her elbow and refused the teacher to clean it properly. That was a fun night at bath time "don't touch my bobo!"

October is going to be busy! Photo day tomorrow, ds has a cheo appointment next week, paediatrician the week after in between we have thanksgiving and top it off with Halloween.

I had a nice bug suit that wouldve fit ds this year. But dd decided it looked better with five legs instead of six and ripped one of the center ones right off leaving a hole. I can't sew to save my life.

So far dd wants to be a princess, a witch a devil, a ghost, a robot, a vampire, a cowboy, a pirate and we'll see what else she comes up with until she decides.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1