A snowfriend was built in our back yard this week by our five year old daughter, with help from dad of course.
They worked so hard putting him together and she was so proud of the outcome, her first big snowfriend of 2010 built with daddy and with love.

Unfortunately Mr Snowfriend didn't last more than a day after terrible weather of rain and snow caused him to melt and fall over. Poor little girl was a bit disappointed but determined to make another someday.

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Our little boy is about to turn two years old. I am beyond proud he has reached so many milestones the doctors never thought he would live to reach when he was born. (See past entry about my kids!)

March 14, 2010 he will officially be two years old. I have already begun planning a little birthday party for our little guy, I'm thinking icecream cone cakes as it's easier for him to enjoy and themed maybe Thomas the train but I'll discuss this in a post closer to the date once I decide.

Back to what my son has accomplished lately...He says a series of words and two to three syllable phrases like "here you go" and "look at that". One of his favourite words is of course "hockey" influenced at a young age!

He has been crawling for months, it took him a while to break his fear of standing and trying to walk but he's finally done it!

It's so exciting when your baby finally meets their milestone especially when you've been hoping and waiting for it proudly knowing they'll do it when they are ready. Well he's ready.

Started off as scaling across the furniture to slightly letting go, now he takes off across rooms unt he realizes he's got nothing to hold onto and goes back into crawl mode. Good going my boy!

As a little guy who faced slim chances at birth, he amazes me. Before I know it he will be running around and talking a mile a minute with his older sister.

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This valentines day was hubby and my 7th valentines day together. Every year we celebrate even in small ways. Hubby would get me a little gift, I would either cook or order a nice dinner. Just spending the evening enjoying eachother, another excuse to do so (hehehe).

This year however was different. We had a busy day doing each our own things and by mid afternoon my phone rang with a discouraged friend on the other end. She was upset and having more than her share of problems all at once.

The last thing I want is something happening to a good friend of ours so hubby and I opened our doors & helped our friend on this gloomy valentines day.

The weird thing is that it didn't bother me that we didn't get to have that special valentines day dinner-evening together. We shared our table with someone who needed her friends around her. After dinner another close friend was beside herself with a whole other set of sorrows, she too was invited for a coffee and a chat.

It made me feel good that I did not allow someone I care about to be alone on love day! I'm glad we were able to give them the time to sort out some of their stuff and get back to being themselves.

Glad we were able to show our love besides to eachother on love day.

Love for your partner and anybody you care about should be shown on more than just one day marked on the calendar by card companies, another hallmark holiday.

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We all forget things throughout our lives. Little things like items on a grocery list to bigger things like forgetting somebodys birthday or an appointment made. One thing as parents we do not (or at least try not) to forget is our children.

Most people could laugh and say "who could forget a child?". Last week my own daughter was forgotten.

Last Wednesday dh left the house at 2:45pm to collect our 5 year old daughter from her school bus stop. Not even two minutes after him leaving I get a phone call from the school. Our kid didn't make it on the school bus, was sitting in the office and one of us was to pick her up as soon as possible. I immediately asked how could this possibly happen, she's five? They told us she was "doddling"

This was both alarming and aggravating because we do not have a vehicle and Canadian winters are mean cold. Either way dh took the bullet and collected our little girl from the school by foot.

Before leaving with our child however, dh asked them how missing the bus home is the responsibility of a five year old child who cannot tell time yet and not the responsibility of a 40 something educator who is supposedly the adult in the situation.

It angered me that she missed the bus but it really upset me that they put the entire blame on her.

After the entire ordeal calmed down and everybody was safe at home I simply asked our daughter what had happened that caused her to miss the bus.

She explained the teacher put her on time out. She continued, saying that after a few minutes everybody was ready and leaving for the bus but she didn't have time to get dressed and missed the bus, the secretary brought her to the office.

It hurt hearing that because of her "reputation" for bad behaviour with a certain teacher caused this teacher to actually forget about her like that.

My child isn't perfect but she still deserves respect like anybody else regardless of how she acts. This negative approach and constant pin pointing is happening too often.

Dh and I have decided, one more phone call from school and we will need to have a meeting. Something is going on between school and my daughter because the behaviour stated on her recent report card seems mote extreme than what she acts at home, doing homework etc.

All we can do is try to work with the school to help our girl be the best she can be in school and in life.

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Being a mom means being in charge of daily house hold chores most of which we dread doing, especially laundry.

There are so many products to choose from each with it's own promise to do the best job on our toughest laundry.

It can be costly buying all the products necessary to wash the perfect load of laundry not to mention how the bottles and boxes from detergents can become clutter in the smallest laundry rooms.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a product that simplifies how laundry is done for almost half the cost and less clutter.

Purex is launching a brand new product in Canada called Purex Complete 3in1 laundry sheets. These simple to use sheets could revolutionize the way we do laundry.

The Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets contain detergent, fabric softener and anti-static in one convienient sheet. Washer to dryer, simple and clean. They come in two wonderful smelling fresh scents, spring oasis and tropical escape to make your clothes come out not only clean & soft but fresh smelling too.

The sheets come in a dispenser that you can buy refills for and will be available in February 23rd, 2010 at most Canadian retail stores. The price will range between 6.99$-8.99$ with refill packages available.

•As with any product there are precautions to take so make sure to read directions carefully.

My own personal experience with this product was overall positive. I have tried other purex products like the Natural elements 2x concentrate liquid detergent, why not try something new.

The 3 in 1 sheets are convienient having to only use one product to do three jobs making laundry quicker. Not having to worry about measuring detergents, just drop it in the machines and go. Less mess, less clutter.

Clothes and linnens including towels came out of the dryer feeling soft and fluffy, smelling great using the Tropical Escape scent sheets first.

A friend of mine who's also tried the product lives in an apartment building and has to bring laundry and it's detergents down to the basement of the building. Aside from her agreeing it does the job of cleaning the clothes, she agrees they are more convienient for people who live in buildings like her as well.

Overall as a busy mom, I would definitely recommend this product to other busy moms around!

For more information about Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets and other purex products visit:


*I would like to thank the people @ www.punchcanada.com & www.purex3in1.com for the opportunity to write my first product review on a simply great product!

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Dd has been in sk for six months. It's her first year of school as well as attended preschool/daycare for two years prior.

During an interview with her teacher in decmeber 2009, her in class behaviour was mentioned as somewhat of a big problem as she was constantly disrupting the class etc.

Tuesday morning my phone rang. It was a lady from dds school calling to yet again discuss dds behaviour at school. After a 20 minute discussion about her similar but not as dramatic behaviour at home and agreed on her getting a little help when it comes to behaving in the classroom by one of the schools behaviour workers.

Dh & I have tried just about everything to encourage her in positive ways in regards to school, maybe something besides "time outs" might help her succeed in the areas she's having trouble in.

Like any parent we only want our children to succeed and trying new approaches never hurt.

Our little girl is getting big. In so many ways she's a big girl, but in some ways she's still a little girl. She will be fine in the long run, I know deep inside but for now we will do what we can to help her thrive. The love of parents to a child, I know I'll do just about anything in my power for my kids. Proud of them no matter what.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1