We all like saving money on our favorite products, who doesn't. What better way to try out a product then when a company is offering free samples to their customers, coupons and other little goodies! Things like beauty product samples, baby product samples, colouring page print outs for your kids, coupons and more.

Lately I've been looking around on websites about promotional samples of new products to try out and I've found a few I'd like to share. Also, there are so many cool forums out there where moms just like us share links to samples and coupons etc so we can try them before we buy them. These forums and websites have been around for years but I thought I would share them with people who don't know about them too. Besides who doesn't like getting something in the mail that isn't a bill to pay!

Irish Spring - Add a little Irish to your game
Play a neat little Irish spring game for your chance to win one of two special edition Irish Spring T-Shirts. I figured fathers day is coming up and if he's Irish it's a cute little extra to add onto Dads gift this year.

TapOut Sport Nutrition - Sign up for free TapOut Dogtags.
Have a UFC fan in your house? Another cool little extra you can add to Dads fathers day gift this year. Sign up at the website and voila. It took about 12hrs to get my confirmation email.

L'Oreal - It's time to come clean

This ones for us ladies. L'Oreal is giving away free samples of their new Go 360 clean scrub and the scrublet. I love L'Oreal products so I can't wait to try this one!

Don't forget to sign up for the Dolphins Club over at HydraSense too!

These are a few of the forums I mentioned earlier for links to great samples and savings coupons:


Fabulous Canadian Freebies

Bargain Moose
Free Samples.ca - This ones a newsletter that sometimes has some good links, updated often.
Remember: Any website that seems bogus are probably trying to collect information for annoying spam or phishing sites. These usually have ads plastered all over them, ask you to pay a fee, unprofessional looking or free web sites urls like .blogspot.com (companies can afford their own domains!) or a website that has the word "free" in it like "freetshirt.com" for example. Always read the fine print at the bottom too.

Other than that, have a safe and fum time. If you have any favorites please feel free to leave a comment and a link to share! Happy savings hunting!

until next time...keep dreaming always...



We are a catholic family. Both dh and I were raised in a catholic environment and went to catholic schools - we are beginning the same ritual for our children.

The hardest part about trying to teach your children the real meaning of celebrations such as Christmas and Easter are the myths we've made up over the generations about fictional characters who come around giving treats when you're kids are good on these special occassions.

I remember excitedly waiting for the arrival of the big bunny (we won't mention his name) and thinking about it, yes I did enjoy it but as a mother now having my own kids ask about these things I feel guilty. As if I would lie to my own kids about something as silly as a bunny.

Then again I think about it. Part of being a child is not knowing and not needing to know. There is so much heartache and terrible things in this world I guess the least we can do is give them a couple of fun characters for the holidays. Even if that means trying to figure out what to say when you're 5 year old asks where the bunny & Santa fit into all of this.

This Easter is less about the chocolate bunnies and more about the time spent together as a family, with everyone under one roof enjoying a beautiful meal Easter Sunday.

I'll anticipate the moment she figures it all out, they're smarter than we think...;-)

- Until next time...keep dreaming... @iDream1


What a week it's been! Sunday we celebrated our sons 2nd birthday with a small family party, it was fun and great to see everyone come together under one roof for a celebration.

Monday marked the beginning of March break for my daughter, not much me time lately so apologies on the lack of posts lately.

My better half turned 35 Tuesday. We celebrated by having some of our close friends over for hockey, even though our sens lost we had a great time and dh had a smile on his birthday.

I am currently working on several blog projects that should be posted here within the next few days if everything goes accordingly.

Stay tuned!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


People keep blogs for many different reasons. Some may just want to document their lives for family that lives far away, some may use their blog as a source of income, some may just consider it a past time and something to do. Whatever the reason to start blogging, any blog would not exist without some sort of inspiration. Great ideas are when blogs are born. Where did I get my inspiration to start AME? 

My first child was born in 2004, we had so much going on I could barely keep a myspace blog open. Several years passed, I kept online through facebook, parenting forums etc but always felt something was missing. We had our second child in 2008, again had so much going on. I had kept a msn spaces blog about my son but had to take it down because of difference in opinion with some of our family members.

I finally came back into the blogging world or blogosphere April 2009 (coming close to the one year blogaversary!). After joining twitter and realizing there are a lot of other stay at home moms out there just like me who have a passion for writing I decided to start a blog. At first I wanted to jump right in doing product reviews and things like that but it never took off until I finally found my niche. Being a mother of two what better subject of knowledge to write about than my beautiful kids, loving man and the craziness of life in between it all, through a Motherhood Experience.

I'm happy to have this blog, even if it's still in its infant stage I'm proud of it. I'm proud of it because it has gotten me the opportunity to share with other stay at home moms like myself. I'm happy to have had the opportunity so far to meet some amazing people and with their help begin to work on some projects I believe in and am proud to be a part of.

I don't know if I would be into blogging without the life I live now. It's not always perfect but it's mine and I love it. So many people have asked me if I would change a thing. My answer is and always will be no, I wouldn't change a thing. :-)