This week my parents-in-law came for a visit and brought a big surprise for the kids - a bunch of toys their cousins outgrew. I still need to go through two of the boxes...definitely have a garage sale, including the boxes already downstairs that contain toys that MY kids outgrew. Expect an upcoming post about that.

Back to my story - in one of these boxes of toys was a lovely bratz alarm clock, you know the talking ones. Nothing wrong with it by looking at it and the clock works.

I thought it was pretty cool, something dd didn't have and it can maybe replace the spongebob clock (with the nose broken off) that she's currently got. It was cool alright, until the thing freaked me right out this evening.

I went into dds room to tidy up, she had the clock plugged in and set up on her night stand. As I'm placing various Teddy bears back in their respective places in the plushy basket (which is on the opposite side to the night stand), the clock spoke. Randomly spoke.

All I hear is this girls voice say "yes?" - nobody was in the room but me and I hadn't said a word. So I approach the clock, pick it up and without touching a single button the voice continues explaining instructions how to program the alarms ring. So I repeated the word "Bratz" like it said, nothing. I pressed all the buttons, spoke into the little mic hole and nothing! The toy is obviously broken (or possessed when plugged in). Needless to say I unplugged it and removed it from her room.

This reminded me of that scary "chucky" looking doll dd had about two years ago. The thing had matted hair, scuffed up face and stained clothes (she was brought out to the park a few times). Midnight one night I got up out of bed and was heading to the washroom all of a sudden I hear "Im hungry maa maa!" in that creepy doll voice. Everyone was fast asleep, dd had left her doll on the floor of the hall near her bedroom door, midnight snack maybe. Seriously, do these toys malfunction after time to scare us or what? At least the clock stopped talking when I unplugged it, now THAT would've been freaky!

Have any of you experienced the toys that make noise going off randomly? Share your story!


A Motherhood Experience turned a year old this past week. Already a whole year has went by since my idea to just write about being a mom was born. I know, I didn't come up with the idea to blog itself ha- I would be rich by now wouldn't I be? No, what I mean was to finally open up a blog in hopes to reach out to a community of like-minded moms and Canadian bloggers.

At first I just thought this blog would end up abandoned after six months, floating along somewhere in cyber space - but here I am, still around a year later, doing more with this blog than I thought I would!

Twitter was the real go-getter in this one. I finally jumped onto the bandwagon and joined up not long before opening the blog. I have met some fun friends and made some great connections just in my first year. I'm not in it for "free stuff" and I'm not in it to get "rich quick" or anything like that. I have always had writing in my blood, it's always been there along with my imagination (which as a child would run very wild) that keeps this blog going. Believe it or not, I enjoy doing what I do.

It has only been one year but I really feel like this is going somewhere good. I don't know how long this is going to last but I don't see an ending in sight any time soon.


Today we went out shopping as a family. Dd needed a new pair of shoes. We packed up ds in his stroller - snacks & juice in the bag and went on our way.

We had a couple of other errands to run besides shoe shopping but we decided to go for the shoes first to avoid "when am I getting my shoes?" the whole time we shop.

I hate shoe shopping - never do they seem to have the size we are looking for or the style we need. Non laces and wide is what my daughter prefers, I won't buy expensive 100$ shoes for a 5 year old but I won't make her wear shoes she isn't comfortable in either.

It took us about twenty minutes of running up & down those shoe isles looking at pair after pair that just weren't good enough. Finally we found a pair - Barbie shoes, no laces and wide. The pair I picked up luckily was her size - phew no more hunting! Let's go get the dog food!

We finished what we had to do, paid and left the store. As I'm making sure ds is still comfy I hear "but I don't know where he went!" a sad little voice - dd had dropped her favorite beany baby puppy somewhere in the store.

Try explaining to a 5 year old that when you lose something you can't always get it back. She started to cry and insisted I go back with her & look fir it. Oh man, I was tired and becoming a little cranky but we went back to search anyway. Nothing. She cried some more so daddy went this time. Twenty minutes later they come out with the damn puppy. She placed it on a shelf in the shoe department to look at the shoes. I didn't think of the shelves.

After all that we finally got our errands done. It takes so much longer without a car and two kids but besides losing the puppy (and patience a little) I do enjoy going out as a family - we usually stop at Tim Hortons for coffee, donuts & chocolate milk for the kids.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the big things seem not so big.

Until next time - keep dreaming, always...


Guest Post By Patricia O'Callahan aka "Gramma"

Wow, baby you've come a long way, haven't You?!
Becoming a new parent in the 1970's - 80's was a transition from the "old school" choice of using cloth diapers (with rubber-plastic pants over the diaper to prevent leaks), to the new concept of  disposable type diapers, which their claim to fame was to be more hygienic and less time consuming. (But yet back then they cost more!).

With my first child born in 1978, I decided to opt for the old standby cloth diapers. They were bought "cheaper by the dozen" with no added perfumes or powders. No doubt, anyone with a newborn will confess - the numerous times in one hour that this tiny little bum has to be changed is a lot more than we'd expect as a new mother. And it was more so, with using cloth diapers.

Using cloth diapers, they would become quite saturated very quickly, therefore not to have an irritated, red bottom (diaper rash), the diaper had to be changed right away. There was no quick change, the baby had to be properly washed, dried, powdered, a clean fresh diaper put on all pinned up - with safety pins. Then the rubber-plastic liner pants to keep from springing leaks.

Afterwards the soiled diaprinsede wrinsed out in a pail of fresh clean water, with bleach (if you so chose), and laundered as usual. You could also take it one step further, so the old wive's tales say, the cloth diapers could be boiled for sanitary reasons. I lived in a rural area, so there was no diaper service. Drying, if you were so blessed to have access to a clothes line, was the best policy. The sunlight would bleach the diapers naturally, and drying outside would freshen up these rectangular cloths. Otherwise, into the dryer.

Well, I thought I had it all pegged! Until my second child came along...

With the liberation of women working out in the workforce becoming more and more, and the division of labour in the household, not having met its full capacity yet, ( and will it ever?), my mindset switched suddenly from soggy diapers sitting a pail of water, waiting to be re-invented to...the competitor!

Disposables - A growing concept that was catching on like wildfire!

Convenient and sanitary, no washing, no soaking, no bleaching and oh they smelled nice. Perfumey, some even had the baby powder already in them. What more could you ask for?

I must agree, by the time my second child was born in 1981, that was it! I already had a three year old at home, already toilet trained. I was working full-time and managing a household to boot, the idea of cloth diapers was the furthest thing from my mind. I was taking the easier way out!

No contest, I went with the disposables! What a difference - self adhesive tabs! So I thought, until they no longer stuck!! Or there was always a chance of the tabs ripping or somehow getting loose, and springing a leak!

So goes the Diaper phenomenom! What it once was, to what it is today!
Today, everyone you see, mostly, are packing disposables or better yet those new organic and environmentally friendly disposables that they've come out with. Life is fast and the days are long, most families have two working parents all the time. Rushing all the time! (And still, many young moms like to take the time to rear their children). I say good for them!

No matter how you look at it, it's your choice. Whether you choose to diaper your baby in cloth, just because you like the whole concept behind it, or whether you choose to go the route of using disposables even organic ones, whichever makes sense for managing your changing time for baby, convenient, less fuss, it's all up to you!

It's all in the way you live and learn!

Happy Diapering!


® 2010 - Patricia OCallahan for A Motherhood Experience Blog. Only to be used by A Motherhood Experience - explicit permission from the author, Patricia O'Callahan, of "Diapers 1970's to Now"


Living in a house with two kids and two animals leaves room to point fingers when something odd happens around here. Sometimes the dog did it or the baby did it, sometimes this strange "not me" person does it...either way mom gets to the bottom of it.

On the diningroom table I have a nice tall glass jar containing the remaining live flowers from Easter and beside it is a smaller glass containing the remaining bamboo plant with one leaf that the cat destroyed and Hubby is trying to save.

This morning I woke up and came downstairs to make my coffee and I noticed an accident had happened. The small glass on the diningroom table had been knocked over and water spilled, seemingly a while before I found it because some of it had dried.

I automatically had two culprits - dd or the cat. Dd loves flowers and will go try to smell them. The cat has lately taken a liking to those flowers as well, I've caught her on my table.

So I asked dd if she had accidently knocked over the glass. She immediately took offense and said " I didnt do it! Im not lying! the cat did it!"

Honestly before her reaction I thought she did it, I wasn't angry a little spill is no big deal but we've been having difficulty getting her to own up when she does do something rather than blame it on someone or something else, being honest. You can always tell by my daughters eyes if she's being honest and her eyes took offense so I know the cat really did do it.

After the mess was cleaned up and the ordeal was over I actually caught the cat in action, swatting at a leaf hanging from my flowers. So if anything weird happens around here from now on - we'll just say "the cat did it!"

--Until next time--keep dreaming, always, @idream1


Lately we have been having somewhat of a diaper issue with our youngest, the boy who just turned 2 in march. The problem is getting them on him, he hates having to lay down to put them on and he hates even more having to keep the diaper on. We are leaning for the pull-ups people!

A few mornings in a row I've entered his room as usual only to find him smiling, diaperless and a puddle sitting just at the foot of the crib. It begins - time to start introducing the big boy potty.

A couple of weeks ago I found a potty seat at the dollarama, perfect! He's still a bit young to understand enough to ask when he has to go but tonight he took a baby step toward potty training!

Before bath we place him on his little potty seat, try to explain how "the pee pee goes in there" while he blankly stares and then begins to giggle and try to touch the toilet water...

Tonight before bath, when he sat on his big boy potty seat he did it! He went pee like a big boy and what a proud smile he had being praised by both me and big sister. The first step - understanding the concept is in motion. With a little patience and persistance he'll catch on before we know it.

Last week I received the pull-ups potty training success DVD - their website had a promotion not long ago. The DVD includes the music video for the potty dance song (see previous post about it!) and useful tips I'll definitely check out.

Now that son knows what the potty is and what to do, maybe I can learn some tecnique on how to get him to let me know! This should be an interesting road to big boyhood.

-- Until next time - keep dreaming, always @iDream1
Springtime is wonderful, everything feels fresh and new - except our local park...

April is earth month and it's time to clean up - This month I will be doing several posts about earth month and of course earth day which is April 22nd!

Our city should be the first to set an example of renew, reuse, recycle by cleaning up the garbage and debris left from winter time in our local parks.

This weekends weather gave us a great opportunity to get out and enjoy but we did find the park to be a little under kept compared to previous years - the boards from the ice rink along with a snow shovel are still laying there.

We have been doing our part by cleaning up winter debris from our own backyard, slowly turning it back into the relaxing atmosphere we had last year.

Inside the heat has been turned nearly off - it still gets a little humid in this old house. As always our clothes are washed in cold water. Towels and other linnens washed which take more than one cycle in our dryer are hung out on the clothesline on nice days.

We began using our green organic recycling bin - when the kids have fruit outside, the peels and cores go in the bin plus dd loves knowing she's recycling.

Being green, even just a little doesn't only save you money on energy bills but it gives you a good feeling knowing you're doing your part to help clean up our planet. What do you do that's green?

Until next time - keep dreaming, always.