image673993395.jpgOur little girl hit a milestone yesterday, leaving senior kindergarten on the last day of this school year. A proud mommy moment.

In September she proudly got on the school bus for the first time, As happy as I was for her, I worried. I worried because I wasn't there to protect her or guide her. She proved she really is becoming a big girl.

Throughout the year she grew and flourished, she made friends and dealt with a bully who became her friend, she learned to write, count and sing new songs. So many things for a young mind to take in. She learned a lot and I'm proud of her.

Her first two report cards were not exactly a picture of perfection but she worked hard to help herself. She studied and acted out less, the more we encouraged her to at least try the better she did. If you don't try you'll never know.

Her final report card came Wednesday afternoon -- great improvement and happy to say she's moving up to grade #1! I'm so proud of her because despite reported behaviour issues she has come a long way.

Turning 6 in August, my little girls not so little these days. We are proud of you babes, congratulations! :-)

Until next time...keep dreaming


Today a bizarre and rare wrath of nature was brought upon Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas including parts of the united states. You can read about it on CTVs webiste.

We felt it here, the house shook violently and it felt as if it was going to collapse. I wasn't sure at first if it was an actual earthquake or if one of those big construction trucks outside had hit the house. Twitter quickly answered my question when five minutes after it occurred my feed contained alot of "Earthquake" tweets from Ottawa and beyond.

It wasn't massive although it did hit certain areas hard and caused minimal damage, but when does Canada have earthquakes? The last one I remember was as a child, maybe 1984. It too was breif.

I can admit for a second I was scared not really knowing if I should grab my boy and race out of the possibly collapsing house or not. Everyone is fine, no serious injuries although I did suffer phone withdrawl for about an hour. Apparently fido services in the area got messed up after the earthquake.

All is well and back to normal but it leaves you wondering why an event such as an earthquake would happen in areas that normally don't experience them. Maybe I watch too many Hollywood decorated movies about the end of the world but yet when things like this earthquake and the bizarre tornados not long ago happen, you get thinking. I'm just sayin'...

Until next time - keep dreaming.



Today we took a walk to run a few errands, beating the rain might I add. Anyway, I had coupons for a free product I had received for review purposes. So, while we were out we figured we'd stop by and pick it up.

We got what we needed and headed to the cash. I handed the cashier my coupon and her smile fell upside down into a nasty frown. "hmm well I guess this is it?" she grunted after five minutes of examining the coupon like it was a fake bill or something. I took my goods and left thinking, wow seriously what is with the attitude when people use a coupon?

The cashier herself doesn't have to physically lose anything, the product company reimburses the store and cashiers don't make commission that I know of. So why the frown when a customer is trying to save a buck at the store you work in. Honestly I dont understand it. I'm a good shopper, I even bring my own shopping bags yet these disgruntled employees scowl at my coupons. Your job is to ring in the cash not judge by a coupon. Looks like today I got a coupon for free rudeness.