Christmas time at our house is almost over. We had a busy weekend filled with new memories with family celebrating Christmas 2010.

Early on Christmas eve Dh's sister, brother in law & their 3 kids came by for a visit. I made cupcakes for the kids, we all exchanged gifts, talked & laughed. It was a good day despite our youngest being a little overwhelmed with the whole holiday season. He's 2, what can you expect! K got a build-a-bear bunny and clothes to go with it from her aunty, uncle & cousins. D got a cute little Go Diego Go on a bike, it rides in or out of water. He loved it!

Today was Christmas day and what a day it was! We started off a bit late, after all Santa was running late because mommy was up making sure those milk & cookies were left in his sight! Either way, the kids let us sleep in a little which was nice!

They totally deserve to be on Santa's excellent list! Opening the gifts after coffee was made, best part of the day.

The kids were so full of emotions and expressions, I caught what I could with my iPhone.

The kids were delighted with their gifts, especially K which is exactly what we wanted. Seeing those smiles is gift enough for me. Hubby & I did get a few things under the tree like a couple of movies & my new boots among other things ;-). Even the pets got treated with new toys and treats!

I made a nice black forest ham dinner for the four of us. Very good!

Tomorrow my mom & her hubby is coming to visit. They are coming later on for supper time and we can't wait to see them! The final Christmas dinner on Boxing day!

With that I should catch some sleep :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Happy Holidays from our home to yours!!!

Our house is decorated, presents waiting for the kids; Merry Christmas 2010! May your home be filled with as much love and laughter as ours! xo


It can take a lot of time & effort to bake and create yummy treats to share for the holiday season.

Tonight with a few simple ingredients found in the cupboard, we made plain old chocolate cupcakes into Christmas-cakes!

Fun and very simple, something the kids can help make too!

What you need:

- 1 Box of cupcake mix
- Eggs & vegetable oil (most mixes require these)
- 2-3 Tbsp Icing sugar
- Sprinkles
- Maraschino cherries

How to make:

- First off bake a batch of cupcakes from the mix and let them cool accordingly. We used devils food cake for ours.

- After cooling simply sprinkle icing sugar and sprinkles on them, top them off with a cherry & voilĂ ! We have Christmas cupcakes!

The kids enjoyed them, can't wait to make our next treats using a recipe from the Kraft recipe for joy recipe box!

Have fun & happy holidays!


D was always a quiet baby. Being a 27 week preemie he reached many milestones at a slower pace, he seemed to like things simple. That's until he learned to walk & now, talk or in this case, yell.

It's begun - the age of tantrums. D now expresses frustration/anger by means of wicked tantrums. He doesnt have them constantly. Most of them occur when he is tired or isn't getting his way. Sometimes a mix of both. This is partially because of his birth situation we did baby him, we dont deny it and we dont make excuses about it. We spoiled our preemie boy & now we deal with his behaviour as he throws it at us. He does gets over them quite quickly.

Like any kid trying to coax him or talk to him while he's in mid-yell is impossible so away he goes for a good 2 minutes then he will decide to reason when he realizes mommy's no actually means, no!

Tantrums are nothing new in this house, K threw some whoppers our way when she was D's age. It's all part of growing up, although it can be really frustrating at times when he won't give up and I almost want to give up.

But he is my son, I love him & I'll take a breath and we will get past this stage like we did the rest.

My advice when dealing with tantrums, don't. Stand your ground. Don't deal with it, don't give in to the shrieks, don't wrestle or fight them, don't have a yelling match; just let them realize that the behaviour isn't going to break you. Leave the room, let them wail and yell, let them tire themselves out as long as they aren't hurting themselves or others. When it's all over, give them a hug because you probably both need it. This too shall pass mommy, it's all part of growing up. 


Every day after school my daughter and I chat while we walk home together. Our conversations are usually about how her day went and what she did, she will ask me how my day went and what I did as well. Today we had a bit of a bonding mommy-daughter moment that made me feel good inside.

The first thing she told me when she got off the bus was all about her front tooth that FINALLY fell out. Unfortunately it fell out while she was enjoying her pizza lunch at school but nonetheless it fell out and the tooth fairy is visiting tonight ;-)

After we had walked away from the other kids and parents at the bus stop she told me something in confidence. I wasn't even allowed to tell her daddy (even though she did once she got home). I won't break our trust by mentioning exactly what it was here, I did promise her I wouldn't tell anyone the whole story. After all, they say what you blog about your kids could come back and bite them in the butt one day! Either way she told me about something very embarrassing that happened in school involving a toilet which lead to her having to come home in clothes out of the lost and found bin at school. Not just any clothes, but BOYS clothes. She was humiliated by being laughed at by some of her peers because of the clothes and the reason why she had to wear them, she told me it was just awful.

As horrible as I felt for her, it felt good to know she trusts me enough to talk to me about stuff that when I was a child, I would keep to myself. The worst thing I did was not talk to my parents enough or maybe the worst thing they did was not take the time to always listen and that's something I'm trying to build with my kids. That trust that they can come to me for anything and know I won't judge them. I didn't judge her for having to wear boys clothes home and I didn't laugh at the situation (well, maybe a little in my mind) as she explained it to me, although I can see why a bunch of six-year olds would find it amusing. Kids will be kids, I'm glad I'm close with mine and I hope over that the years that special bond doesn't fade.

Tip: Open the lines of communication by allowing your kids to ignite the conversation. Whatever you're doing, put it down and listen. Make eye contact, respond when they ask a question and let them know you are there for them, no matter what. They'll thank you and you will thank yourself in the long run.

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is getting together with family & friends to enjoy the goodness of a home cooked Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of families every year who go without that Christmas dinner. Christmas is difficult enough without having to worry about food on the table for the holidays.

That is why I'm happy to let you know about Kraft's Recipe for Joy program.

Now until December 31st, Kraft will donate 2$ to Food Banks Canada for each Free Recipe for Joy e-card sent out this holiday season.

Along with the ecard you can send a virtual gift: the Recipe for joy digital recipe box filled with yummy Kraft holiday recipes to share with your family & friends this year!

The Recipe for joy recipe box can be downloaded right to your computer so all of those yummy holiday recipes are just a few clicks away.

This is a great way to show your holiday spirit and help give to those less fortunate, perhaps we can all help make Christmas a little brighter, one ecard at a time.

Visit http://www.kraftrecipeforjoy.com to spread some Christmas cheer & get some great recipes from the Recipe for Joy virtual recipe box!

Thanks to Kraft Foods, our family will be trying out some of the great Recipe for Joy recipes this year at our annual Christmas family dinner - can't wait to share the goodness with all of you! An update will follow with some of the yummy Kraft recipe for joy recipes we are going to try!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of the Kraft Recipe for Joy program. I received gift box of Kraft foods & gift cards to facilitate our Kraft recipe for joy dinner. All opinions and comments are honest & my own*


We had our first snowfall here not too long ago. Two mornings ago we woke up to what most would call a "winter wonderland". I on the other hand refer to it as a pretty pain in the butt most of the time!

If you've been reading my blog since last year you'll know, I'm not a winter person. I don't like feeling cold, the slightest chill puts me in a downer mood.  I don't like getting bundled up let alone having to take 30 minutes each kid to get them ready before going out anywhere and everyone looking like marshmallows. I don't like the flues and colds, crisp wind and blizzards that come with our Canadian winters but I can't do anything about it except face the winter.

On the other hand I do see how people like winter. It's the season for celebrating Christmas, skiing, sledding, ice skating and snowman making. It's beautiful to look at and amazing to photograph, kids love winter. I don't play winter sports due to my hips but now, as a mother I can enjoy watching my kids enjoy their childhood winter activities with big smiles all the while. It's not about me anymore.

See, I'm not a winter person but I don't entirely hate it, I can't hate the snowflakes that make my children laugh. I can't hate that frosty my little girl worked so hard to build while I stand by freezing, proudly watching her imagination soar. I can't hate the fact my son is amazed with the white stuff, even if his cheeks get red and little teeth chatter, he's smiling and that's all that matters.  I can hate the cold, but I can't hate winter.

My tip for surviving the outdoors in winter: check the weather and dress accordingly; if it's -30 you'll be seeing me in multiple layers including long johns. If heated clothing existed, I would own every kind. 


Today is December 1st which means there are only 24 days left until Christmas. Oh the excitement or stress, whichever way you look at it. I for one am trying to keep it positive even though honestly for me, Christmas can be a downer but I won't get into that right now. Most important thing to remember : It's all about the kids! They're happy, we're happy.

So far, we have put up some of the Christmas lights (I say some because apparently hubby wants more up) and we've picked up a couple of gifts here and there. K's big present is bought & paid for. Not even close to ready but hey it's a start right? Hopefully we'll have the interior decorated soon!

We caved an got K an iPod touch for Christmas. Shocked? Don't be. I do still think it's a lot of gadget for a kid but it's sort of a "your iPod is my iPod" deal. She'll have the same rules with it as any other device we've owned. Monitored and stored in the office when not in use. Nothing but kids apps on it. Limited but still hers and she can leave my iPhone alone!

With that said, I've also been mentioning some (what I think are..) great gift ideas here on A Motherhood Experience and will continue to do so until the last shopping day. After all, you never know who needs a quick idea like these:

- Mophie for the iPhone geek
- Pixie Chicago Paper designs

Until next time...
Happy December!