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We live beside people who lack a snow shovel.

Before I begin let me say I have no personal dislike or anything against our neighbours. We have tried to introduce ourselves and they came off as uninterested, we stay on our side & they stay on theirs.


It's Ontario and it's winter therefore piles of snow have already fallen across the city yet we have not once seen our neighbours (who own 3 vehicles) shovel or plow their driveway or their half of the shared walkway in front of the duplex. They just drive right over the snow with their cars!

That's not what really bothers us though.

What bothers us is that my hubby is out there snowfall after snowfall clearing our driveway and our half of the shared walkway and these people have the nerve to attempt to use our driveway and walk on our side of the path in front of our windows!

We do not clear the way for their advantage, we clear it because of common sense first of all and secondly isn't it a city by-law to keep exit/entrance areas clear?

Today while shoveling our side, hubby saw the man who rents next door, the one who doesn't clear his part and asked him if he ever shoveled. The man cluelessly looked at hubby and said "No! No!". Really, no kidding.

So this evening we are sitting relaxing we had several people walking by our window and one had the nerve to look in! What the! Who does this?

I think if talking to these people isn't going to work we might have to complain. I hate that because I'm not one of those bitchy neighbours, we make enough noise ourselves but this and not mowing their part in the summer is too much.

We take care of our side I just wish they had the courtesy to take care of theirs.

What would you do?

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We were hit hard with some kind of flu bug this past week. As I posted a few days ago it all started Friday night and by Sunday night both kids were pale as ghosts with fevers and the whole kit.

Mommy guilt stepped in when K missed a few days of school. I know we kept her home because she was seriously not in a condition to be at school, she had no energy etc but that part of me felt bad she was missing out on her lessons. We end up reading books and pointing out her "snap words" in cases like these.

It's hard when both kids are home and neither one feels good. They get on eachothers nerves being crabby and sick. Not fun for anyone, especially mom and dad who are hearing it ;).

Finally Friday rolls along and both kids were feeling much better. K wanted to go to school for what they call "Friday Funtubs" where at the end of the day they get to choose a toy from the "Funtubs" to play with and they are allowed to bring something in to show the class.

So, since the fever went down and she wasn't violently coughing anymore she went to school. Unfortunately we missed when the pizza day forms went home and poor K had a meat sandwich for lunch while everyone else had pizza. Hey, at least I packed her cookies! We can thank the flu for K blaming missing pizza day on us! We did get pizza for the kids for supper but I can see why she was upset being the only kid with a lunch made by mom on pizza day. :-(

Other than that episode, it seems that nasty virus has left the building. Knock on wood.

I'm lucky, hubby and I had a couple of days where we didn't feel 100% but not nearly as sick as the kids were.

Happy the kids are better, it'll be easier to get things back into routine (again!) having them back to healthy.

Let's hope this is the first and last strain of flu virus for winter 2011!

For useful info about the flu and prevention visit www.fightflu.ca

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Do you like Clairol Nice n' Easy? Do you like them on Facebook? Well, if you don't you should because tomorrow at 12pm EST they'll be giving away 25,000 coupons for a free bottle of their new foam hair dye!

The product isn't out until march 1st here in Canada and it says not valid in Quebec. Just a little FYI ;-)

I use home-kit hair dyes and can't wait to see how this foam works. Looks pretty simple but we'll see how it takes! My hair isn't always "nice n' easy" when it comes to home-kit dyes.

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The flu has infected our household - well, just K has it but it's been effecting the rest of us. Seeing your child sick is no fun for any parent!

It began Friday after supper she complained her stomach was hurting. I checked her for fever. None. So we assumed she over ate at dinner, deep down hoping it wasn't the flu that's going around.

Saturday morning rolls around and the sore stomach was still there accompanied by a warmer feeling K. Again, took her temperature. No fever. So we gave her childrens Tylenol for pain & fever prevention.

By supper time she had a full-blown fever of 102°F. She didn't want to eat supper and put herself to bed by 7:30pm.

I wish we had gone to bed early because she was up almost every hour all night long. She was sick to her stomach (throw up) with a spiking fever.

Today she was quiet all day, laying on the couch. Thankfully we have cable, plenty to keep her focused on something other than feeling crappy.

It looks like we'll be staying home from school tomorrow. Which is kind of disappointing because I was supposed to arrange a meet-up with one of my fav tweeps @chancesmommy for coffee. She was going to be in my neck of Ontario. Even though I'm disappointed, I'm glad she's so cool & understanding.

Of course mommy-duty calls first. I need to take care of my girl. Let's hope tonight goes better though and most of us get some much needed rest!

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Last night K baked (almost) all by herself! She wanted to make cupcakes and wear her pink apron that goes with her "Princess Sweets & Treats" cupcake decorating book she got for Christmas.

We were supposed to make them Monday night but things have been a little crazy so we saved it for a couple of days.

She was so happy to finally make something on her own. Since it was late she made betty crocker devils food cupcakes.

I gathered the needed ingredients for her - eggs, vegetable oil & water + the mix and let her put it all together.

Like most kids learning how to bake she did drop the entire egg, shell and all into the mix but we saved it! No tiny pieces of shell I promise!

She used the mixer herself, I'm happy she listened and did not lift it out of the bowl until she was done and turned off the mixer. That would've been a messy mistake.

She had a little trouble pouring the batter into the cups. Rather batter landed around the cups, on the counter and she ate some along the way.

20 minutes later - chocolate cupcake perfection made by my little girl.

It made me smile seeing her so proud of herself. She made her first batch of cupcakes with barely any help except using the stove of course.

Maybe she will have a love for baking like I had growing up!

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K always wanted her very own pet hamster. Unfortunately, I don't like the things and I refuse to buy them. Plus, we already have 2 dogs and a cat so it would just be something else for me (or in this case Daddy) to care for.

Anyway, after understanding this K begged us for the next best thing. A toy hamster, I'm sure you've heard of them: Zhu Zhu pets. Little toy hamsters that scoot around making hamster noises.

So far she's got four of the things and some accessories but she loves them and they aren't real so we both win.

We have rules with the Zhu Zhus and one of them is no sleeping with them. There is a warning on the box (plus I've heard stories) of the hamsters going off at night & becoming entangled in hair.

Last night I had a Zhu Zhu scare! In the dead silence of the night I heard it: Zhu Zhu pet sounds. Being half asleep I thought maybe she just woke up early and was playing until I realized it was 2AM. She had been playing with them before bed and must have fallen asleep with one on the bed.

First image in my mind was a Zhu Zhu tangled in her long blonde hair as she slept. So, out of bed I darted across the hall to her room.

Luckily the Zhu Zhu had been accidentally hit during sleep and was simply making it's way across the floor as K slept.

I couldn't imagine having to explain to people we had to cut K's hair because a toy got stuck in it.

Reinforcing rule: NO sleeping with Zhu Zhu pets!

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It's 11-11-11 @ 11:11 ;-) make a wish! xo

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My daughter is not a mean girl. She has a heart of gold and only ever want to make friends and be accepted by her peers. Often she comes home with stories about other girls making fun of her for being friends with some boys she's known since her daycare years.

The apparent school yard rule (made by the girls) is that boys and girls can't be friends.

Monday afternoon K came home upset. She told me she had a terrible day. Two girls at recess pushed her to the ground, pointed and chanted "K has a boyfriend!" until they made her cry and a teacher intervened. She had simply been playing with a boy from her class.

The mean girls were dealt with by the school.

K was upset for a couple of days. I could tell because she kept rehashing it over and over. She thought these girls were her friends and they hurt her feelings in a big way.

Last night I checked Ks bag after school like I always do. What I found made me smile and know the school is doing something right. Two pictures drawn by the girls who picked on K expressing how sorry they are for being mean on Monday.

K said when they gave her those she was happy and forgave them for what happened. I'm proud of her for being the better girl and accepting that her friends made a mistake. They were mean girls on Monday but by Thursday she called them friends once again.

As with any childhood issue, it's good to teach your kids to be forgiving but keep an eye out because sometimes they aren't just "mean girls". 


I thought I was pregnant.

Shocked? Yeah, me too but not in a bad way. I thought I had symptoms, but I thought wrong. Nothing was planned but it would not have been a bad thing either. We've always handled surprises well.

As I recall, the last time I had felt the way I did it was because I was indeed pregnant. Not this time. Not even close, stress can cause similar symptoms did you know that? Now I do.

During the month of December my mind was playing an emotional game with me, mixed with the stress of the holiday season had me almost positive I was positive.

To ring in the new year and get this constant question off my mind I took a pregnancy test at my girl friends house and the results were negative. Not being in my own element where I typically would have began bawling and feeling sorry for myself over something I didn't have to begin with on with New Years eve we went trying not to think about it and just enjoy the evening with our friends. Which we did & it was fun!

So does this mean we want to add to our growing family? I don't really know, maybe. Maybe it was the overwhelming feeling of a maybe.

I'm a little sad my "symptoms" were wrong but I'll get over it. At least now I know for sure and it's another question in my mind put to rest.

Perhaps in the future another little munchkin will be here but until then, I'm thankful for the two gorgeous angels I already have right in front of me.

God bless & oh ya, Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year 2011!

We have spent the last week cleaning up what's left of Christmas around here. Taking down the tree & decorations etc. Trying to catch up on the everyday like laundry which seems to be never ending lately. The kids were sad to see the holiday stuff being put away in boxes once again but reminded us their birthdays & Easter won't be far behind. Yeah, they like surprises can you tell? ;-)

Now, it's out with the old and in with the new, last night was new years eve 2010! Another year over & a new one just begun.

We celebrated NYE at a friends house, a group of us having drinks & fun playing Xbox 360 kinect. Lots of laughs, after a few drinks everyone was letting lose. I don't think I have had such a workout in a while! It was my first time playing too! It was a lot of fun and with good company.
Everybody got home safe, hubby & I actually walked home, felt like it took forever!

We don't get to go out often, we were lucky my cousin was available to babysit and we were able to get out as a couple to ring in the new year :-)

As far as resolutions, I haven't thought of any except maybe eating better, less late night food etc but overall no, I'm never good at keeping resolutions longer than a day so I think I'm good making short term goals instead this year.

2010 brought us through some rough patches but there were many good times too! As always, it's been another experience & I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring!