Just when I write my letter to winter explaining that we are done, winter comes back at full force throwing another blanket of the white stuff on the city. I think I made things worse. Sorry about the snow.

It doesn't look like it will come to an end any time soon like I'd hoped by letting winter know how much I dislike it but again, obviously it did not work.

It's not as cold as it is snowy and wet which is just as bad as the bitter cold if not worse.

This extra wrath of winter does not make me embrace it any more than I did before. In fact I think we got even more snow this time than the last declared snow day.

It was a snow day today as buses for Ks school and probably most other schools weren't running. We spent the day quiet doing things at home like cleaning melted snow puddles, paw prints & shoveling the driveway! Well, I didn't shovel but I think I speak for hubby to in disliking winter. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Monday.

February is over and here comes another busy month ahead in March. Between birthday parties, Disney on Ice & the everyday routine, we are pretty booked.

Let's just hope winter is finished being angry about that letter soon. My kids really miss playing out in the warm sun.

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Winter, We are done.

As you may or may not already know, I am personally not a fan of winter. I think I may have mentioned it previously. Either way, here we go again! I want winter to be gone!

Yes, the kids enjoy playing outside in the snow making snowmen and snow angels but I don't and I'm pretty sure most of you reading this feel the same way.

I could sit here listing probably hundreds of reasons why I'm not a big winter fan. Aside from it being COLD, I don't partake in most winter activities and not entirely by choice but because of serious hip problems I have. Year after year of being a by-stander makes me a little bitter too.

The salt stains, the wet cold socks and mitts, the slipping and the falling. Not quite enjoyable for a person like me.

Winter feels like it's lasting so much longer this year than others. Maybe it's those dreaded winter blues I get every year kicking in. Maybe it's the fact it's so damn miserable outside we are all cooped up inside stuck in eachothers hair most days. Having little to no sunshine makes everyone dull and cranky.

We had that one freakishly beautiful day last Friday and then *poof* unwelcome back Canadian winter. It's actually snowing right now. The sky is grey and my mood is as dull as the weather.

I miss taking walks without having to wear unflattering layers. I miss not having to take 20 minutes or more per child to dress them only to have them whine to come back in within 10 minutes because it's too cold/wet/whatever. We dont even go for our family walks. Not much fun trying to walk dressed like the pilsbury dough boy. I miss the sunshine and the dry sidewalks. I miss nice weather, I'd even take a rainy spring day over winter. I want Spring to make her appearance. I'm done with this season.

I'm not the only one either. Today on twitter I went on a rage about how I'm done with winter and tweeted "Everyone who's done with winter raise your hands!" - many responses on that. @DisneyTRAVELmum let us know there are still 25 days left, well she said "only" but I say still. Never know what mother nature will throw our way.

It's the people against winter. We win, now please go.

*Thanks @SharonDV for giving me inspiration to write this rant ;) I feel much better*

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I decided to post something a little different today, I was playing around with the idea of vlogging but honestly, I don't think I have the energy for that right now. Instead, while playing around with a couple of video clips I took and a video editing app called "Splice Video Editor" on iPhone I came up with this little bit of fun:

One morning D and I made some toast for his breakfast. Keep in mind, D is almost three and he is very determined to do things on his own, like a big boy. Here, he attempts to carry his plate from the counter to the table and the toast just did not want to stay on the plate. Luckily mommy keeps the floors clean...I call it: The Case of the Dropsies. Enjoy.


Today is Family Day in Ontario. Family Day is a civic holiday, the third Monday in February meant for spending the day doing things as a family. (Presidents day in the USA.)

We have always tried to make it special for the kids on family day, we have our own versions of "family day" quite often, it's kind of sad that they need to make a special day for something that should be an every day but then again everybody is different and live different lives with different schedules so yeah, it's a nice break for everyone. During the routine 9-5 work and other schedules often get in the way of quality family time

With that said, Family day allows people to actually have the time to take the kids out and do something fun or spend quality time doing activities at home.

We have been so busy lately we decided on spending the day relaxing and just being together as a family.

We don't get to do that often, there seems to be always something happening. One thing I make sure of on special days like today is sitting down as a family for dinner. It's our way to kind of complete the day as a family together sharing a good meal. This time I'm not doing home cooked though!

I found out last Thursday night that I was chosen as a Swiss Chalet Mommy Influencer through Everythingmom! I'm so excited to share our Family Day Swiss Chalet dinner experience with you so stay tuned!

It'll be nice not having to worry about all the cooking and the cleanup afterward too! ;)

Tonight I want to continue our evening story time with the kids, we recently got a whole bunch of new titles to choose from. The kids always enjoy when mommy and daddy read them a bedtime story and I always enjoy the time spent together - not being "too busy" :)

Enjoy it - whatever you are doing Family Day and everyday!


Disney on ice is touring Ontario and making it’s way to Ottawa with Disney on ice presents: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey! Make imagination your destination as you and your family join Mickey, Minnie and friends on a magical journey that will have you wish you never had to go home!

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy pack their bags and set off on an amazing journey that will transport audiences straight into four magical worlds full of adventure! Visit Hawaii and say "Aloha" to Lilo and Stitch; Join Simba and Nala as they explore the Pride lands of Africa; Swim Ariel and Sebastian for an under-sea adventure; and explore with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell as they soar through the starry night skies. Audiences will be captivated by the team of award-winning figure skaters, amazing choreography and colourful sets of all four unique worlds. Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey is one that will fill the arena and your hearts with magic, music and laughter.

Feld Entertainment proudly brings this amazing ice spectacular to Ottawa’s Scotiabank Place March 9th through 13th with nine shows altogether! 

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog in partnership with Wondermoms.ca on behalf of Feld Entertainment. Our family received four (4) passes to the show for participation. All comments on this blog are honest and my own*


Twitter has been a huge part of my blogging life since 2009 and I have connected with many really great people both professional and personal. It's like one big community of people there to support and be there for each other for anything and the funny part is, I haven't met one of them IRL.

I have never been to a tweetup or blogging event, either I can't afford the time, money or can't find a reliable babysitter when the time arises but this year is different. I'm taking a step forward and meeting some tweeps.

For the first time since beginning my blogging I'm finally going to an event! I'm going to the Yummy Mummy Club's Winterlude celebration party this Friday evening and thanks to a certain tweet, I'll be wearing something to let my fellow twitter friends who are also going know that I'm me.

Last week I was Tweeting with some fellow ladies about how fun it would be if we all had name tags or something with our Twitter names for tweet-ups and events like Friday night. Funny enough, I came across a tweet by @Entripy, announcing her promotion for personalized Twitter T-Shirts! Shelli aka @Entripy was kind enough to send me my very own!

Entripy are an Oakville, Ontario based custom clothing company. They specialize in getting your name (be it twitter or school, team or company logo etc) on everything like t-shirts, stress balls, pens, note pads, mugs, tote bags and more. Entripy has you covered with quality print and quality promotional products for a great price.

I really like the Twitter T-Shirt I received. It's of course customized with my twitter handle "@AMotherhoodBlog" on both front and back as well as the colours I chose. The t-shirt itself is a Gildan soft-style made from (preshrunk) 100% cotton. Definitely a must have for any twitter fanatic! It's going to be great for all the tweetups and such I plan to attend this year, starting with Friday night!

Entripy is having a special right now personalized Twitter T's in your choice of colour for $10 if you pick it up and $20 to have it shipped! For more info contact @Entripy on twitter or visit www.entripy.com :)

Update - Saturday February 19th:

So I attended the even but due to unfortunate circumstances I didn't have the chance to stay very long. I'd like to say a big thank you to the yummy mummy club for putting on the event. Everyone was so warm and welcoming even if I only had the chance to meet a slight few :-( oh well maybe next Ottawa tweetup!! (Planning one? Know of any? Let me know and I'll post it!)

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Happy Valentine's Day to all you romantics out there today! Most of you will be celebrating with a loved one. Maybe your husband, partner or simply your family. Flowers, Candy & lovely dinners. Enjoy!

We celebrate in our own way. No fancy dinners or expensive chocolate but just spending time together. We always try to teach our kids that love and caring for one another should be an everyday thing and not just saved up for a special day. As corny as that sounds it's true. Showing appreciation for your friends, telling your husband or wife how much they mean to you or smothering the kids with hugs and kisses shouldn't be saved just for one day. Although I really do love chocolate and it's a good excuse for it!

Whatever you're doing in your day and however your celebrating this day, we hope you're doing it with love in your heart. Not just today but everyday.

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Week 2 of our "Potty training bootcamp", as I call it is almost complete. Little guy has shown some progress, dirtying about 2 or 3 diapers a day lately. He's starting to acknowledge the washroom more. Before he took it as a play area to touch just about everything he's not allowed. Now he's beginning to understand it's a room for your "business" ;-)

He really impressed me starting last Friday morning though. When I went into his room to get him he actually asked to go to the toilet. Even though he had already dirtied his diaper, it showed he was understanding the routine of going when we get up in the morning. He asks now every morning and every time we go upstairs where the bathroom is.

As I said I was going to, I had looked up the pull ups potty training video to see if I can convince little guy that it's "fun". I found it via YouTube on my iPhone and played it for him in the washroom. Well the good news is that he thought the song & dance were great but he wasn't convinced. He just said "Again Mummy!" and clapped his hands. Still sitting on his throne.

Trying everything from the video to bribing him with candy to singing songs about it, nothing worked until we came up with this idea: I told little guy to go "rawr!!" like the incredible hulk -- he did. I told him to do it again -- he did. Then he went! :) He laughed and was proud of himself and I was glad at least something worked.

So now when we take little guy to the washroom we sound like a bunch of crazy people but hey, it works doesn't it?

Now that progress has been made a little less than 2 weeks back into the training process let's hope it continues down the good path! Maybe little guy will get his big-boy underwear by his 3rd birthday :)

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Valentine's Day is a day set aside especially for celebrating Love. As nice as that is, love should be shown every day. I'm not talking about flowers and chocolates or even romance but just sending messages of love, caring and support through every day things. As most of you know, one way I enjoy showing love for my children (besides taking care of them) is reading them bedtime stories. This Valentine's Day will be celebrated with some fresh, new titles from our friends at Thomas, Allen & Son Ltd. I'm so excited, I know how much my kids love books and these were a complete surprise I thought I would share with all of you!

- Happy Valentine's Day Curious George written by: N. Di Angelo and Illustrated in the style of H. A. Rey by Mary O'Keefe Young.

"George and his friends celebrate Valentine's Day together with decorating, baking, card making...and some surprises along the way". The book has folding flaps, just unfold to join in the fun. Wonderfully illustrated and has shiny red foil inside the book and on the cover.

This book is an easy read for beginners like our daughter, I want to save this one to read on Valentine's Day with both my kids. They are after all both BIG curious George fans! This book can be purchased at stores like Walmart and online book stores like Chapters.

- Martha Speaks: Thief of Hearts based on the characters created by Susan Meddaugh

"The day Martha's family fed her alphabet soup, the letters went to her brain instead of her stomach. Then Martha could talk. And boy, did she!
Who took the card making supplies? It's up to Martha to sniff out one sneaky Thief of Hearts! Inside this book are special Valentine's cards for kids to colour and decorate too!"

Another great read for beginners, the PBS series "Martha Speaks" is based on these books of the same title. The Martha Speaks series was created to help develop and enrich the vocabulary of children aged four to seven years old. A wonderful book to read to your little ones and a wonderful book to have your beginner read to you! K is going to love the Valentine's included in this book, a nice little extra surprise on top of a cute story! For more information www.marthathetalkingdog.com

- Won't You Be My KissARoo? by Joanne Ryder and Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Part of the Send A Story series: Won't You Be My KissARoo is a great story to share with your little ones or send to a loved one as inside the cover is an area you can dedicate this book to them as well as a postage area on the back if you need to send it off. Simply written, makes it easy for young readers to read along (or to) Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa etc. Beautifully illustrated as well.

"From sticky breakfast kisses to playful "gotcha" kisses to snuggly bedtime kisses, there's a new kiss for each moment of the day. But the best kiss, most delicious, and sweetest kisses of all are those you share everyday - with your very own kissaroo!"

- I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg and Illustrated by Jacqueline Chwast

Another book from the Send A Story series, I Like You is a book for telling someone exactly that, how much you like them! We read this one together and we both thought it was just great, she loves the send a story series and so do I. They give such a sweet and sentimental message in each one, and they are nicely illustrated. I'd love to get the whole set even if we aren't sending them out to anyone, I know I am giving them to someone very special.

"Here is a book that Charlie Brown would have given Snoopy, Tonto would have given the Lone Ranger, Romeo would have given Juliet, and you can give to some very special friend."

For more information about the Send a Story series visit hmhbooks.com.

- Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu by Charise Mericle Harper.

The sixth installment of the Just Grace series, Grace and Mimi share a secret. Mimi is awaiting the arrival of a little sister! The two are just so happy and excited about it until Lily, a visiting four-year old, turns into the Terrible Tutu. Grace can't escape her and Mimi can't wait to spend time with her. Using all her empathy powers Grace shows Lily and Mimi a creative path toward a new friendship!

The Just Grace series are great books for tween-aged girls, they are humorous and quirky. Each story is unique with its own lesson to learn. For more info on this and other Just Grace books visit www.justgracebooks.com. This will be a great book for my girl once she masters reading and gets a little older :) but something to add to our ever-growing collection after all, books never get old.

We'd like to give a big THANKYOU to our friends over at Thomas, Allen & Son Ltd for sending us these great books as a Valentine's Day surprise - I'm glad I was able to share them with all of you and hope you bring the gift of reading into your homes this Valentine's Day and every day, along with maybe ONE chocolate? It doesn't have to be Valentine's day to read great books or have a piece of chocolate! ;-)

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A couple of days ago I posted about my neighbours who don't shovel - well, I have an update about that for you.

Today as I mentioned in my previous post, we got snow again. And again, hubby was out there shoveling our driveway, front steps & our half of the walkway. Well, our neighbours finally kind of took the hint and cleared their front steps and a smidgen of a walking path stopping at a patch of snow between our side of the path and theirs. What the? Why would they make a boarder between the two sides? Is it a hint? Probably. Do I care? Not really but it was sure insulting.

(looking from the front door - our path is on the left)

Yeah hubby mentioned to them that they really should shovel before we got more snow and I'm sorry if they took that as an insult but it's actually a by-law. We recently got a community newsletter and I read it like the geek that I am. It says right in there it is the tenants responsibility to clear driveways and paths during winter months.

We won't mention the little barrier they made but it just goes to show you just because it's your neighbour doesn't always mean they'll be nice. It just annoys me that some people can be so ignorant!

Let's see how long we can keep this up.

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There comes a time in every Childs life when they transition from baby to little kid. Losing the pacifier, weaning from bottle to sippy cup and the biggest feat of all: diapers to potty training. That's where we are right now with little guy.

It has been a very unsuccessful road so far trying on and off for months with breaks from frustration, both mine and his in between.

We've started trying again after little guy repeatedly created a Picasso of poop on his bedroom walls. Yes, I finally said it. Its embarrassing and most people would say a kid his age should know better but keep in mind he was born premature and had complications which effected his development.

Which is OK, we've always dealt with it and encouraged him. He's always taken his time on getting to his next milestone which makes him more confident because he's not being pressured but praised for his accomplishments.

So far we are going into day three.

Day 1 had a lot of protesting, crying, puppy dog "don't make me do this" eyes, and the whole kit but we stuck to our guns and he did it! A few times and wearing diapers still. He's not ready for big boy underwear just yet but I have a feeling it won't be long.

Day 2 was pretty much like day 1 except we dirtied less diapers.

Today he protested but that was because he had other "doodies" to do.

The hardest part now is really guessing when he has to go because he doesn't tell me and even if I ask his answer is "no way!".

So, if he has a drink we try about 30 minutes after or whenever I got upstairs for something I'll bring him to the bathroom at the same time. Constantly repeating myself "Do you need to go pee?" his answer "No pee-pee yucky!". Hmm so at least he's getting the point that yes, this is yucky!

I think tomorrow I will be getting out that potty training DVD we got from huggies. Maybe since little guy likes music, the potty dance might just work this time!

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As I mentioned before in the January update post, Ottawa’s annual Winterlude is taking place from February 4 to 21, 2011.

Canada’s favourite winter activities are celebrated across Ottawa and Gatineau with skating on the Rideau Canal, ice sculptures, beaver tails and more!

This year the Yummy Mummy Club will again be visiting Winterlude with their second annual Winterlude getaway celebration. From February 18th to 21st – tons of fun things happening from an opening night at the Hard Rock, a family canal skate to two-minute makeovers and of course the beaver tails!

It has been a long time since I have been to Winterlude, it would be so much fun to bring K for the first time too!

As far as the schedule looks, this just might possibly be doable!

We might just end up at the Hard Rock or maybe take friends for a two-minute makeover! I hope to see some of you there too! For more info visit the YummyMummy website!

Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter @AMotherhoodBlog, join the FaceBook fanpage and subscribe for instant updates!

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