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More to come!

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As I mentioned before, we have begun our household spring clean up which includes redecorating the kids rooms. We started by getting the materials needed for D's room (which needs the most work).

With the help of dh's parents we gathered a complete Disney Pixar Cars bed set, stickers, boarder and paint for the walls.

Last week we were looking around for used beds. We already had the mattresses but the kids were both due for updated frames. We did not want to fork out hundreds on brand new beds because at the ages our kids are at guarantee they'll be changed again over time.

Needless to say we ended up getting both kids beds in a matter of days! Thanks to a good friend of ours for giving us her IKEA single bed for Ds and dh's parents for picking up that IKEA bunk for K's room! We think it's great that both beds are IKEA! We were browsing there to begin with!

We need to remove some large furniture from both rooms, get rid of un-played with and broken toys, paint & decorate!

We will be donating a lot and most likely finally having that garage sale we keep promising ourselves but never actually have time to set up!

The rooms still need a lot of work but we are making progress and I can't wait to share the final results with you!

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Pampers Kandoo is giving back to it's fans this coming weekend!

Sunday – April 3rd - you can find a $1 off any Kandoo product coupon in the P&G brandSAVER in your local paper!

The Kandoo coupon can be found next to the Pampers coupons in this Sunday’s P&G brandSAVER! Check your local paper, brandSAVER is in most news papers across Canada!

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Meet the Only Hearts Girls! Eight beautifully crafted dolls that look just like real little girls - complete with fashionable, aged appropriate clothing and a cute little pet!

We found these gorgeous, original dolls around Christmas time while shopping around for a unique gift, a doll other than the popular ones on the market these days. When we came across the Only Hearts Club dolls we had to get one for our daughter, I knew these would definitely be something she would enjoy!

Only Hearts Club dolls are geared toward young girls encouraging a positive self-image, listening to your heart and caring for others. They let little girls know they don't have to grow up so fast and reflect what our little girls are like. Along with the play sets, these dolls allow kids to use their imagination for hours of wholesome play! Older girls will enjoy reading the fun Only Hearts Club book series, full of heartwarming adventures featuring the Only Hearts Girls and their pets!

We were thrilled to take a look at some of the dolls including ones from the Ballet and Big Sister-Li'l Sister collections as well as the Ballet Studio play set and of course Only Hearts Club books!

The Only Hearts Club dolls stand 9" tall, Li'l Kids stand 4" tall and are totally posable. They have plastic hands, feet and heads with glass eyes and long flowing realistic hair. The clothing is age-appropriate, the kind of styles my daughter wears. We love how detailed they are from the beautiful faces and hair down to the clothing, shoes and pet!

The Ballet play set is absolutely stunning! It's double-sided, a theater on one side and a ballet studio on the other side. On the theater side you have audience seats, detailed walls, floors and stage curtains! The studio side has a simulated mirror, practice post and detailed walls and floors. The set folds up for quick and easy storage, when it's folded it looks like a ticket booth! We were very impressed with the detail and quality in this play set as well as it is not entirely made of plastic! The wood materials used to make it gives it a genuine "doll house" feel. Other play sets available include Sleepover with friends and Horse & Pony Club!

The Only Hearts Club book series features exciting stories about each of the girls. Each story one of the girls is faced with a dilemma and has to decide for herself to follow her heart and do the right thing. These books are a must for any Only Hearts Club member! There are six heart-warming hard cover books available.

As a mom, it's nice to see such genuinely wholesome looking dolls that promote a positive play experience for our daughter. Not to mention the quality and pride put into making these dolls, you can tell by the detail and materials used that this company definitely have kids and moms in mind! The books are well written, detailed and made for older kids. The stories reflect real-life dilemmas that young girls may face.

Only Hearts Club dolls, detailed clothing, accessories and play sets are available online at www.onlyheartsclub.com

Check out the amazing sale happening now on the Only Hearts Club website: you get the ballet studio, two ballet dolls, one Li'l Kid ballet doll and the story book "Dancing Dilemma" for just $60!

Also, just in time for Easter, if you use the coupon code EASTER11 at checkout you receive 15% off your entire order (before shipping) and free shipping on orders over $75!


Saturday, March 26th at 8pm until 9pm people will be coming together all over the world, shutting off their lights and everything electronic to show their commitment to the environment for one hour. Earth hour.

Last year we lit candles and hung out as a family during earth hour - it was peaceful and felt good doing our little part. Also a great opportunity to teach kids about energy saving and reminding about how turning off the lights and electronics when not in use on a daily basis can help conserve energy.

In honour of Earth Hour 2011 the Canada Museum of Science and Technology is hosting a fabulous FREE star party starting at 8:00pm.

Enjoy free coffee and hot chocolate, compliments of Bridgehead. Hydro Ottawa’s Ambassador of Electricity Conservation, the Conservation Owl, will be on hand with some special prizes.

It sounds like a fun time for everyone and a great opportunity to get together for a good cause. That is if you don't have little ones heading to bed during earth hour.

We may not make the party due to conflicting bed time for luttle guy but we will still be doing our part and shutting down the electronics for Earth Hour.

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As a parent I completely understand homework is part of learning and it's helpful practice but when your child goes from happy to angry at just the thought of having to do it, learning isn't fun anymore. That bothers me because learning should be fun, at least in grade one.

Homework in our house has been as issue since about two months into school. When one sheet of ten spelling words turned into more than ten pages of ten words in English and monthly vocabulary in French. It took us 1/2 an hour to 40 minutes when suggested homework study is 10 minutes each subject. The vocabulary is the easy part, K and I have developed a game with it spelling her "snap words".

January was when they threw math our way. In my opinion math homework should have been started slowly from the beginning of the year in moderation. Just like they did the vocabulary words.

Instead of simple 1 + 1 = 2 we have written problem solving including explained answers written/drawn. She can barely read let alone understand enough to solve these problems on her own. Guess who's had to teach her? You got it, mommy & daddy dearest. Part of the job, I know but isn't this why we send them to school? To learn the basic ABC's and 123's of spelling and math? We are here to help but it's difficult to teach not completely understanding how it's been taught in class having it kind of thrown in the mix so suddenly.

We always try to encourage positive attitude when it comes to homework and learning new things however with lack of understanding from both sides parent & child, we became a little frustrated.

I just think that for grade one, the written problems are a little too much. Maybe it's encouraging those parents who don't actually sit down and help their kids but for the ones like us who do sit down and help, it feels like homework for the parents. I'm not expecting her to know everything from school, that would be silly but it would help if the kid had a better understanding of the homework before sending it home.

Like I said, I understand where the school system might be coming from but it upsets me seeing my little girl unhappy about something she used to love doing. She didn't mind doing her homework, when it wasn't so overwhelming.

We'll keep trying different approaches and see if we can get over this bump. I know she can do it if we just keep positive about it.

Scary to think about what kind of homework she'll get next year.

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Teaching your child proper dental care at a young age is very important and the first step is an obvious, teaching them proper brushing.

We have never really had a problem with getting our kids brushing. They both love brushing their teeth and getting new tooth brushes etc. We've always made it into a game using music (the "brush your teeth song" by Sharon Lois and Bram works great!), the kids have fun and so do we. It makes it more enjoyable for everybody.

We recently won a fabulous dental prize pack courtesy of @SunStarGUM and one of the items included was a Crayola Flashing timer toothbrush!

Made with kids in mind, a blue LED light flashes for 60 seconds with the push of a button on the bottom of the handle, it's also got a suction cup end to stand it up when finished. This toothbrush helps promote proper, longer brushing pretty much making it into a game.

We thought this toothbrush was pretty neat! What little boy wouldn't want his own flashing toothbrush, and knowing it's made by SunStar G.U.M we are sure the brush itself is quality for our children's dental care. Our little guy loved using it for the first time, brushing until the blue light stopped. He liked it so much he wanted to press the button a second time to continue brushing as he loves to do.

Simple, fun and an effective way to help teach proper, healthy brushing to your little first timers. The SunStar G.U.M Crayola flashing timer toothbrush can be purchased at most drug stores or where dental hygiene products are sold!

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Winter decided to make one last stop here in Ottawa, throwing a blanket of wet mushy snow all over once again. Yesterday was the first day of Spring, the last day of March break at our house. K was happy to go back to school, the week was


[caption id="attachment_1638" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Happy St. Patrick's Day from A Motherhood Experience!"][/caption]

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my fellow Irish out there tonight. Today was the day to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This day celebrates not the day he was born but the day he passed away, kind of sad but it's actually a celebration of all his kind-doings in Ireland, so I hear. Irish myth says that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, of course this isn't really true but it is said that you won't find many wild snakes in Ireland. A bit of fact for your evening reading, that's if you're not out drinking green cosmos and green beer with your closest friends and loved ones.

We had two wonderful birthdays celebrated this week so I think that's about as much real partying as we will be doing for St. Patrick's day but I thought I would post you a little Irish wish of luck for this day ;-)

Whatever you are doing today and every day may the luck of the Irish bring you good fortune, be safe and remember please drink responsibly!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us here at A Motherhood Experience Blog ;-)

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Music is a daily thing in our house, it is a great way to get moving if you are working out, cleaning or better yet, entertaining the kids! We enjoy various types of music that do make "clean" versions of today's most popular songs but even then there are always questionable lyrics and inappropriate music videos to go along with them. Let's face it, when you have young children in the house chances are there is music that is too mature for them and music that will drive mom a little crazy (Kid Bops anybody?).

We were happy when contacted to review a wonderful children's music CD by Splash 'N Boots, in fact their fifth album entitled "Back in Yellow", funny enough a play on words to AC/DC's "Back in Black".

About Splash 'N Boots:

They've been called the "U2 of children's entertainment" and "authentic and sincere performers" who are "redefining the children's genre". Every one of their four albums has won awards, in some cases beating out household name entertainers for the honours. Now, they've become the Canadian Children's Music Group of the Year!

Nick and Taes Adams, came together as Splash 'N Boots from a 2004 Queen's University project and their multimedia success was recently thrown into the spotlight when their music videos were picked up by Treehouse TV!

Splash 'N Boots are sharing their authentic approach to music and family entertainment coast to coast in a tour in North America and around the world. Fans can meet them in person and dance along to the songs made famous on their CDs and online Kitchen Jams.

Splash 'N Boots are enthusiastic and genuine in their beloved songs such as "love of dance" and "Whoo!". My children have one of their albums "Razoo" and couldn't wait to hear this one! Upbeat and entertaining for kids, enjoyable for the parents. Splash 'N Boots is definitely a great duo to introduce your family to!

Interview with Splash 'N Boots:

1. Taes and Nick Adams, better known as Splash N' Boots...You guys have performed all over the world and will be on tour again this year. Where are you headed?

We have 2011 stops in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Bermuda, Spain and Turkey. We love touring because it's our chance to meet fans in person and experience the joy of seeing them sing and dance along with our songs!

2. How does your material/show differ from more traditional kids' musical entertainment?

What makes the band unique is that we have looked at the kindie rock wave that has exploded in the U.S. and have applied some of the principles to our music and live shows. We pride ourselves on providing families time to enjoy the same entertainment together. Mostly we are just ourselves both on-stage and off. We are not fake, or condescending to kids, and we understand that parents need to be entertained as well, so really try to work some stuff for them into both our live shows and CDs (similar to the way Shrek is equally entertaining for adults as it is for kids).

3. What is Kindie Rock?

It may be a new term for some but kindie rock is on the rise. It's a style of music that offers young listeners (and their parents) serious rockin' tunes and quirky themes that could easily be mixed with other adult CDs at a party.

Back in Yellow is a collection of edgy rock and euro-pop songs - think Barenaked ladies meets Black Eyed Peas. Marty Beller of They Might Be Giants guests on this CD. As does Chris Patterson of The Arrogant Worms.

4. How significant is it for you to have the video of your first single off Back in Yellow, Love of Dance, airing on Treehouse TV?

We are very excited to have our first video from our new album picked up by Treehouse! We think it is an incredible opportunity for exposure, and it's going to be great that the kids will know that song before they come to the shows. It's also wonderful for the kids who appear in the video to be on TV!

5. 1$ from the sale of each Back in Yellow CD is being donated to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital - tell us more about that.

We believe strongly in the power of music to help, heal and inspire. We've started doing like Kitchen Jams once a month at Sick Kids where the children in treatment suggest a song theme and we create a tune on the spot and perform it for them via the in-hospital TV system. Donating $1 from each CD sale is another way we can help these fabulous kids.

Take a look at Splash 'N Boots recent video soon to air on TreeHouse TV "For the Love of Dance"! For more info about Splash'N Boots, their CDs and how to buy one please visit their website www.splashnboots.com

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with promotion of Splash 'N Boots recent CD "Back in Yellow". We received a complimentary copy of the CD for review purposes. Good Luck!* 


One of my favourite childhood stories was "Three Little Kittens" - It was so sad when they all lost their mittens and their mommy said they couldn't have any pie! Meow, meow, meow!

It's such a cute little story and easy for little kids to both read along and memorize like our kids do. Our friends at Thomas Allen & Son sent over some great kids books for us to take a look at. We'll be sharing those in future posts!

One of the books in the package was of course "Three Little Kittens" illustrated by Paul Galdone. K was very delighted because she said they frequently read that book in class and she always wanted to have her own copy, well now she does.

This version is worded basically the same way as the original beloved family folktale we all remember and the illustrations are quirky and brilliant. This particular book can be found at Chapters or Amazon.

Three Little Kittens is a wonderful, classic folktale story we are proud to add to our ever-growing library of books!

Posted by AME on behalf of Thomas, Allen & Son. Samples are received for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author.


Happy birthday to our miracle man. You've come such a long way. You had an early arrival at only 27 weeks and three horrible months of living in the NICU. It was hard for people to understand how helpless we felt. Every day was different. Some days we cried of joy, often tears of confusion and fear. After weeks of dipping in and out of sickness, you eventually gained nothing but strength and came home. Completing our family of four that felt incomplete for those long three months.

You beat the odds of a baby born your size. You were determined to thrive and grow, you never give up.

In three years you've grown from that tiny fragile baby in the NICU to an amazing, bright little boy we all love so much. Your wonderful character shines through bright every day. We are truly blessed by our children.

You love cars, trucks and boots. Maybe one day you'll be a car driver wearing stylish boots. You show your love for the little things like having your chocolate milk or singing a song with mommy. We'll miss these days soon enough. You're growing so fast.

You love your sister, even if she sometimes won't share her Zhu Zhu pets. She always looks out for you. You're like her in so many ways. I know one day you two will grow a special brother sister bond, I can see it starting already when you cuddle to watch your favorite movies or play together in your rooms.

You love the pets but your little hands are still too much for them just yet, give it time one day they'll be your best friends.

Daddy is your favorite escape when life isn't fair, he seems to know how to make you laugh that contagious laugh. He always goes beyond to make sure you and your sister smile, always.

You love to be silly with mommy and know you are always "Mommy's little boy". You always give that special hug after being wrapped in a warm towel at bath time. Those special times you wont remeber but we hold dear to us.

You brighten our days and let us know you love us with your smiling eyes.

You may only be three but someday you will see just how big you really are to us.

We love you and cherish every day of you. Happy 3rd birthday little big boy!

Love Mommy, Daddy & K xo

*We celebrated today with a small Boston cream cake and of course a gift for the birthday boy!*

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What makes me fabulous? That is a hard question to answer, I don't usually like writing about myself, but nonetheless I will answer it to the best of my ability.

I am fabulous because I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I am fabulous because I am strong willed, have thoughts of my own and take responsibility for my actions -- even if the choice isn't always the right one.

I am fabulous because I am not perfect. I have the same fears, hopes, wishes and dreams like everybody else. I am fabulous because like nobody else, my life is a unique story and continues to be. I am fabulous because I am me.

Tell FabulousSavings.ca what makes you fabulous for a chance to win an iPad2!

*This is not a sponsored post and was written in participation in a contest to win an ipad2 at FabulousSavings.ca.*

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Yesterday was a special kind of day, one that doesn't happen often and one that brought us together with family for some wonderful magical memories.

We attended Disney on ice presents: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey at Scotiabank place! We had it planned for a while, my sister in law and I were bringing our girls to see the live ice show! Playing hooky from school for the day, they had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. They were actually under the impression we were going to appointments.

Neither of them had ever been to Scotiabank Place or ever seen a live Disney on ice show and they were beyond the moon when we finally entered the venue and told them where we were and why we were there. We thought it was cute that they hadn't clued in despite the Disney merchandise kiosks displayed as soon as you walk in. It was a little special moment, just for them.

The show was amazing in all it's glory. Brilliant costumes, dazzling choreography and special effects, Disney's most beloved classic songs and characters in one fun and memorable show! Mickey and friends travel to the sahara desert of the lion king, swim the deep sea of the little mermaid, say aloha to lilo and stitch in hawaii and Fly with Peter Pan and the gang in neverland. Every moment kept the audience engaged with interaction from the cast, telling each character story in a spectacular ice display that only Disney can bring. I mostly recorded video but here are some of the pictures from our wonderful experience!

The girls loved every minute of it and we enjoyed seeing their big smiles and the way their eyes lit up with joy and excitment, making a wonderful memory of our girls first Disney on ice experience.

We would like to give a big thank you to wondermoms and Feld Entertainment for making this day possible and giving us the opportunity to make a magical memory!

*This was not a sponsored post. We received tickets to this Disney on ice spectacular by means of participation in promoting a ticket giveaway on the blog. All comments are honest and my own.*



March break 2011 for us is in a week from now. We have a few fun things planned and a busy week with two birthday parties coming up! Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky to be so busy and find themselves struggling to find family boredom busters to keep everyone happy and content for March break.

It can be hard to make plans and find ideas when you're limited because of Childrens ages, weather, transportation, finances or even all of the above.

We've come up with a few fun ideas we'd like to share and help you spend some quality family time together & keep everyone happy during the March break madness!

- This first one is a no-brainer: Go to the movies. If you can't then have a fun movie day at home! Choose your favorite family DVD, make some popcorn, get in your pjs and enjoy!

- Have a game day, set aside a couple of hours for some family game time, board or video as long as you're playing together!

- Visit a Museum, Ottawa has plenty of fun and educational museums to choose from for a fun family outing.

- Spend the afternoon out at a place like Cosmic Adventures or Fun Junction. Okay, this one will cost you and it's really more fun for the kids but think of the smiles they'll have and how well they'll sleep that night! ;)

- Take a trip to the library. You can never go wrong with going to the library and letting the kids choose a fun book or have some quiet reading time together. It's local, it's free and it's educational. Only downfall is that it can be difficult to bring young babies or busy toddlers to the library!

- Take the family indoor swimming! Exciting places like the wave pool or simply the local indoor pool are a great place to go for a fun day of swimming. Why not, since you can't go to the beach in march unless you're in Florida.

- Visit a friend or family who's kid is also on March break. That is, if they aren't already doing one of the above ideas. A great way for the kids to get together and for moms to take a breath.

- Get out and get active. Take the whole family out for a day outside. Sliding, skating, skiing or snow shoeing, you can always find something to do outdoors providing there is good weather and it's not too cold or too wet.

- Check out the local community center. Often they run programs for kids & families during march break weeks!

Those are just a couple of fun ideas We thought we would share with everyone. Either way, whatever you do have a fabulous and safe break with your family!

Have an idea you'd like to share? Comment below, we always love your input!

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Almost three years ago my father and I last spoke. We had a falling out - a terrible thing but for each our own reasons.

The years seemed to have passed by quickly, my youngest child never had the chance to get to know him. My oldest child remembers him in glimpses. She sometimes asks what happened to her grandfather. I have never really told her why. She is too young to understand, all she needs to know is that it's not because of her. There are some things that just happen between adults, mistakes made by both sides that you just can't explain to a mind so young and innocent.

It hurt that he was missing out on so much, I was angry that he did not understand my reasons and angry that I did not understand his. But that anger has subsided.

Last night my world turned upside down. Right before supper I decided to check my email through my iPhone. Sitting there in my inbox, totally unexpected was an email from the last person I ever thought would email me, my father.

It was a simple message, there were messages sent to an address I no longer use. I replied saying just that. Tonight even bigger shock when he emailed me back with an email that I did not expect. His world has changed too since we last spoke almost three years ago.

Maybe this is a crossroad both of us need to meet eachother at and maybe resolve hurts from the past but try to move on and salvage whats left of this. He was reaching out, everybody has their own ways of doing so. I couldn't ignore it, why? Why continue something that has gone off track. It's time to take a new path. A new approach.

I'm glad he did. Maybe things will change for the better between he and I. It won't be instant, far from it but an email is a start. I know in my heart I hope they do, if they don't at least we can say we tried again.

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My son got his first haircut of 2011, he was due. He was actually starting to look like a mop top or worse, the old Justin Bieber! I know, very scary!

We never take him to get his hair cut at a barber or hair dresser. There aren't any specialized kids hair dressers close by plus I don't trust just anybody with sharp objects and my kids. Honestly I would really not appreciate my sons ear being lopped off because he moves too much. All it takes is a clipper, two adults and an hour to cut his hair and make him look like a well kept boy once again.

He was such a good boy compared to the last couple of haircuts. They always turn out looking good but there are always tears along the way (mostly his!). No, nobodies ears ever got it. Hubby controls the clippers & he's really good (him, I trust). I control the flailing of arms and head moving. However the clipper itself is really LOUD and scared him the first couple of times. Thankfully he didn't move much and was mostly concerned about all the hair falling all over him repeating "What you doin' dad??". We just kept telling him "giving you a new big boy hair cut!".

Being almost three he does not enjoy being associated with anything "baby" - even though he's still in diapers himself. So mentioning "big boy" I find gives him a little boost of confidence he needs.

After the haircut it was bath time and some chocolate milk as a treat for being such a good boy!

So, here we have it: Our almost three year old little big boy. ;) He looks JUST like daddy with his hair cut like this.

Next it'll be my turn but please, no clippers! ;-)

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