It's known and true...kids love rain - especially when they have cool rain boots!

On the way home from the bus stop today little guy had to stop and do this:

Ds first puddle splash of Springtime 2011, can't say no to that :)

*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*
Monday night I attended the #Moms4Moms Twitter party. Moms4Moms was created by the owner of Have Mom-entum in partnership with a great cause "Every Mother Counts" using social media to spread awareness about how important maternal health care is to North America and around the world. They are working together along with you and I to help make a difference this Mother's Day.

I learned a lot attending this party. In the US alone, 2 women die each day from pregnancy complications. Around the world, the figures reach more around 100 women, per day due to lack of proper health care when giving birth. One of the main killers of girls aged 14-19 in third-world countries is pregnancy. Finding out about this cause made me think hard, I'm not really good when it comes to numbers but the stats on this were overwhelming. It made me think back to when D was born.

I went into pre-term labour at only 27 weeks and had we not had the health care we do here in Canada, neither of us would have survived. This is not the case for many. There is a lack of emergency services, transportation, health insurance, poor family planning and poor education for low income families and proper maternal health care in countries all over the world and we need to step up and help.

We need to raise awareness. No woman should have to fear giving birth to her child, no mother should miss enjoying the first moments of her new baby's life due to complications and sickness that they can't avoid because they can't afford it and don't have access to what we are so lucky to have access to here in Canada.

This year, instead of spending so much on your gifts for Mother's Day, why not donate a portion to good cause? If not, why not donate those old cell phones laying around in your office drawers that you no longer use?

You can help one of these two ways by visiting the Have Mom-entum facebook page:

- Micro Donations - Donate a portion of your mothers day gift money and make a mothers day for someone who needs it most.
- Donate your old cell phones - Hope phones refurbishes your old cell phones and sales proceeds are all donated! So, if you happen to have some old cells laying around, go for it! Make a difference!

Also check out http://www.everymothercounts.org/ for more detailed information and find out how a donation as little as $5 can make a difference!

For all the Mom's out there...this ones for you.

*This is not a paid/sponsored post and was written solely for the purpose of spreading the word in support of what these women are doing. Such a great thing. All opinions are honest and my own*


I'm always looking for new, quick and easy recipes to try out with the kids. This week I was looking for recipes. With Easter just days away I wanted to find something creative but not to hard to make for Easter morning breakfast. While on twitter someone had mentioned they made "pancake muffins" and I thought to myself "what a great idea". So, I googled and found this easy recipe on yahoo answers:

Pancake Muffins

2 cups pancake mix
1 egg, beaten
1 cup of water

(they said to add 2 tbsp maple syrup but we substituted that for chocolate chips/chunks instead)

How to make:
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Whisk together pancake mix, water and egg until no lumps remain. Line muffin cups with paper liners. Fill each muffin cup about halfway up with mixture. Bake at about 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

When heated: smother with butter, icing sugar, maple syrup or any other topping you'd like!

This is probably the most easy and quick Easter breakfast (or part of a breakfast) you can make either the morning of or like we did, the evening before so they are ready for an Easter brunch!

Ours turned out perfect on the first attempt and the kids thought it was great :). Thank you to Twitter for this idea for those last minute things to prepare for Easter!

Happy making!

*This is not a sponsored post. This recipe was found via google search. All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*


Easter is coming up this weekend and the kids are getting excited! With a four-day weekend from school, what better way to spend time together than making the appropriate holiday crafts for the occasion: dyed and decorated Easter eggs!

Every year since I was a little kid we dyed Easter eggs. It was messy and we had to be careful not to break the shells but we always had fun, they usually came out looking great. We've passed this tradition on to our own kids who now, every year enjoy dyeing and decorating their own festive Easter eggs!

What we use:
  • Large Eggs as many as you need.
  • Easter Egg Dyeing kit. These can be purchased at almost any dollar store or places like WalMart for cheap.
  • A pin to make holes in each end of the egg (you have to get the egg out somehow)
  • A bowl to catch the egg that gets blown out, you can always use the egg to make a nice lunch of scrambled eggs after.
  • Crayons, markers, stickers or any other decorations you can find that you'd want to decorate with.
  • Smocks or old shirts and rubber gloves. Yes, the dyes do stain everything so better be safe than sorry.

How we do it:
  1. Empty the eggs. Carefully take the pin and poke a small hole in each end of the egg. Gently holding the egg over your bowl and blow the insides out, just don't inhale ;). This can be a little difficult younger kids but if they can blow up a balloon they can help hollow out eggs! Rinse your eggs in water to make sure no egg residue is left in or on them.

    Make sure your eggs are DRY before attempting to Dye or colour them. Any water that can leak out from rinsing them will ruin the decorations. Hollowing them out a few hours or even the night before is best for allowing them time to dry.
  2. Follow the directions on the egg dyeing kit box. Most kits come with everything you need from dye to a holder to dip the eggs. You could also use a sponge or paper towel and dab colour on the eggs, gives it that marbled look! Our kit came with baggies you put the eggs in and sort of mash up all the colours, they all ended up turning shades of pink and purple though!
  3. Let them dry and enjoy! You can place them in a nice Easter basket to set up as a center piece for the table or place them around the house to give your home more of an Easter look.
Just a note: our youngest is still a little too young to understand the concept of egg-decorating however if this is the case for you simply let them decorate an egg using crayola markers or have colouring pages ready for them to help decorate the house too!

Have fun! Although this is a craft that requires adult supervision it is fun! The kids have fun decorating using their creativity and we get joy out of seeing the smiles on their faces when they are all done. So proud!

Happy Easter Decorating everyone!

*This craft is intended for children ages 5 and up, adult supervision required! This is not a paid or sponsored post. This post was written with the intentions of sharing a fun Easter project with our A Motherhood Experience readers. All opinions are honest and our own.*


We always encourage our kids, specifically our oldest, to participate in things at school that she believes in. In the fall, K signed up for the Terry Fox run. Although she didn't make her goal in fundraising, she had a great time participating and being part of something great with her school.

Typically we don't really participate in fundraising that has to do with selling things, we find it more meaningful when money is going to a cause like the Heart & Stroke foundation.

Spring time is here and with the change in season comes new school fundraisers!

Today the grade 1 students at St. Michael elementary school (Ottawa-East) were dubbed official Heart & Stroke foundation Heart Heroes and will be Fundraising for the cause. Our little girl K has decided once again she wants to participate and jump rope for heart, she's our little heart hero!

What’s a Heart Hero?
Being a Heart Hero means helping kids who are born with heart problems and helping all kids keep their hearts strong.

When I asked her why she wanted to participate in this she said because she gets to have fun skipping in the gym with all her friends!

The kids jump rope and raise money for the Heart & Stroke foundation. Plus with the more pledges they get, their names are put into draws to win prizes! We will be asking family and friends of course to pledge just minimum $15 to help K & her class reach their goals.

Pledging K is as simple as a click away, we've set up our online registration so people like you can help her reach her goal and raise money while having fun!

Our goal is: $350 or more but hey every dollar counts, it's for the Heart & Stroke foundation!

CLICK HERE to visit K's fundraising page and donate today!

Thank you for your generosity! - K.
We will be accepting pledges until May but you can always donate anytime by visiting http://www.heartandstroke.com/

*This is not a sponsored post. Heart & Stroke effects hundreds of Canadians every year, including those in our family. Our daughter is participating in a school fundraiser and requested we post this on her behalf. All funds go directly to the schools Fundraising treasury for the heart and stroke fund raiser through the jump rope for heart website. All opinions are honest and my own*


On Friday we introduced to you, HP Canada's newest line in printing technology: the HP PhotoSmart eStation all-in-one printer. A Motherhood Experience was lucky enough to be among a select few bloggers invited to experience it for ourselves!
The HP PhotoSmart eStation provides hours of fun for the whole family. The printer acts as an online hub and offers unique ways to stay organized and connected. It's about the size of a typical printer -- with a unique catch. It has a 7", full colour, wireless companion called the HP Zeen. It allows you to browse the web, watch movies, read books, listen to music and print just about anything mobile!
HP ePrint is a really awesome feature. It let's you print and share anytime, anywhere. Each web-connected printer has it's own unique email address, meaning you can send any photos or documents from any email enabled device!

HP Print Apps has content for the whole family. Partners like Kraft, MapQuest and Disney, print coupons for your shopping list, a map for the out-of-town party and activities like colouring pages and games to keep the kids entertained - all without using the PC.
We were very impressed by the HP PhotoSmart eStation! It's a great utility for the home office especially if you do a lot of traveling or deal with a lot of out-of-home work. The ePrint almost acts like a virtual fax machine, we can print anything from virtually anywhere, anytime!

The printer itself is great! There is a compartment for photo paper and a compartment for standard sized paper. Also, if you have to print out a double-sided document, the printer does both sides at once! We tested it out by printing a photo of DH and I, it came out crystal clear! Much nicer than other photo printers we have owned in the past! Also, the kids were happy when they saw we could print out colouring pages for them, so that we did! They had a blast colouring in the fantasy characters they chose from the available pages on the HP Zeen!
The first feature that caught our eye of course was the HP Zeen, one of the best features of the whole eStation next to the ePrint and apps. You can browse the web and print out pages or documents, visit Facebook (which has it's own app!) and print out photos that friends tagged you in, there is so much you can do with it it's pretty amazing!

A Motherhood Experience seen on the HP Zeen.
As Official Chief Household Officer, the HP PhotoSmart eStation definitely makes staying connected a whole lot easier! For more information about the HP PhotoSmart eStation visit the official website!

Giveaway for HP PhotoSmart eStation has ENDED! Congrats to the winner!

Posted in partnership with HP Canada. Complimentary product received for review purposes. opinions and comments are those of the author and are not influenced by compensation or product samples.


About two weeks ago we made a transition in our household. D, our youngest just turned three and was ready to graduate into a big-boy bed.

Dh worked hard redecorating his plain white room into a Disney Cars themed real little boys room, complete with his transformers toys and that old Woody doll of his.

It's been a big change for all if us. D has more independence, more freedom being able to get in and out of bed as he pleases. He wakes up very early, 6:30-7:00am most days now.

He refused afternoon naps in the beginning but slowly he's starting to realize he still needs them. We are thankful for that, those five-o'clock meltdowns are no fun for anyone.

Nightly routine has changed slightly, with the time change it gets darker later so with his new found independence D does not think it's time for bed before it's dark around 8pm.

K likes sleeping with the hall light on until she falls asleep (then we turn it off) but it was posing a problem because again, D would be up running around in his room.

We took care of that problem with a nightlight in Ks room which allows us to shut off all the lights and both kids are sleeping within fifteen minutes.

We have been working with this "lights out" routine for a little over a week and so far so good. Early mornings with less crankiness makes for a better day!

We are happy things are finally getting back into routine as far as sleeping is concerned. Dh and i have always been night owls. It does happen that our days don't end after the kids are in bed. We still have to clean up and get things ready for the next day.

Not being able to really relax until 10pm after an early and seemingly very long day was taking it's toll on us parents. A rested family is always a happier family.

Now that the kids bedtime routine is settled it's mom & dads turn to start trying to go to sleep before midnight. This I think is mostly about time management. Learning to organize tasks better during the day to lessen the load when it comes to bed time. We will work on it.

Proud to say we made it to bed twice this week by 11:30pm! Otherwise I think we still have a lot of work to do.

Do you have trouble getting to bed at a decent hour? Is it because kids need you or just not enough time in a day? How do you cope?

Share with us!

*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*
We are a potato family. Well, not literally but we love having potatoes as a side to many of our family meals. They are a nutritious side to almost any meal and there are some pretty great recipes you can create with them like one of our all time favourites, Shepherd's Pie!

We know how original mashed potatoes can be a pain. Although they are excellent for home cooked meals it does take a little more prep time. Peeling them, cutting them up into the right size and then waiting for them to boil so you can mash them, usually coming out lumpy if you're not very experienced with mashed potatoes. I know I've eaten many a lumpy mash potato in my time. We usually buy instant potatoes, the kids really like those. It saves time during the week if we are in the mood to have potatoes as a side.

We got the opportunity to try out a new way of making mashed potatoes using McCain Purely Potatoes. I'm sure you've seen the commercial with all "the peeling, the cutting and the mashing". 100% pure potato chunks that are as easy to prepare as steam, mash, serve.

About the product:
McCain Purely Potatoes bring delicious mashed potatoes in just minutes with 100% real potatoes, already washed, peeled and cut so we can quickly prepare our favourite recipes! There are two easy ways to prepare McCain Purely Potatoes. Traditional stove-top or Microwave.

The microwave instructions that we tried are pretty simple although honestly I think next time we will try making them on the stove top, there is something about microwaving food that seems to give it a different, less home-cooked taste:

  • Steam: Place the unopened bag in the microwave (on high) for 11 to 13 minutes and let stand 2 minutes.
  • Season: Carefully remove the bag from the microwave, cut the top and pour potatoes into your mixing bowl. Add 2/3 cup milk and 2 Tbsp non-hydrogenated margarine. They suggest adding salt, fresh garlic, sour cream or other seasonings.
  • Mash: Mash the potatoes by hand (using a hand masher please!) or by electric mixer for fluffier potatoes.
Our experience: Overall I have to say as the main cook of the house that McCain purely potatoes aren't half bad! They are as simple as the directions say just be very careful opening the bag. I wore oven mitts and used scissors to cut the bag open and avoid being burned by hot steam. When mixing we added a little more milk and margarine than required plus a little salt but that is just our taste. One pouch served a family of four, the kids each had seconds of potatoes too. A larger group would require two bags.

Great idea for a quick meal during the week or if you need a quick side for a large group gathering, pot-luck etc. We are fans of instant potatoes so these don't fall far behind that category although, like I said, nothing beats real .

We enjoyed these with Schneider's Grill'ems smoked sausage in cheddar we picked up at our local grocery store and fresh cooked carrots.

For more information about McCain Purely Potatoes products please visit http://www.mccainpurelypotatoes.com/!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with the McCain Purely Potatoes BzzAgent Campaign. We received one voucher for a free bag of McCain Purely Potatoes for review purposes and coupons to share with our family and friends. All opinions are honest and my own*


There are so many useful and fun resources around the web about potty training from websites and blogs to games and books, now potty training has gone mobile! Yes, there is now an app for that!

The Pull-Ups iGo Potty app helps make potty training fun for both parent & child. Simply download for iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android for helpful potty training tips on the go!

The app features:

- Potty reminders: Patty the potty calls your big kid to remind them when to go, of course you set how often she calls!

- Potty training tools like simple sound effects and music to help keep your child motivated and engaged.

- Progress tracker gives you a snapshot of how your child is progressing

- Finishing reward when successful potty training is complete!

For detailed info and how to download your Pull Ups iGo potty app click here!

This could come in useful for us as we are still working with D in this department! Thought I'd share with you!

Happy training!

*This is not a sponsored/paid post. This information comes from the Pull Ups news letter. All opinions are honest and my own.*

Being the Chief Household Officer isn't easy. Running the family, the house, finances, social lives, the career and so on can take it's toll on any parent, we often feel like there's never enough time in a day! With advances in technology and great companies like HP Canada, there is finally a solution.

HP Canada brings printing to a whole new level and we got to be part of it. Our HP PhotoSmart eStation experience will be posted in a few days but in the mean time check out HP's Chief of Household Officer (CHO) series on YouTube and see how others are making the HP PhotoSmart eStation part of their lives.

Enter HP's ePrint Print Away Getaway contest on Facebook! You could win an all-inclusive beach vacation for two by sharing your own ePrint stories! Head on over to the Facebook page and make sure to LIKE them in order to enter!

Stay tuned for our very own HP PhotoSmart eStation experience and a surprise for you readers coming up on A Motherhood Experience!

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*This post was brought to you by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Hill & Knowlton in partnership with HP Canada. A Motherhood Experience is an Official HP Chief Household Officer.*


As you know, our family is a proud member of CSTMC. We recently received our monthly newletter filled with fun and exciting events happening at our three favourite Ottawa museums and wanted to share news on what's going on for Easter weekend!

April 22nd to 25th come out and celebrate spring's arrival at the Canada Agriculture Museum on Easter weekend with Easter on the farm!

This looks like a fun and exciting way to spend quality family time together this Easter and also a chance to get out together! I think we just might end up spending Easter on the Farm too! We know the kids would definitely enjoy seeing all the baby animals! It would make our first museum trip of the year, provided everyone is in good health! :)
After a long winter, the barns have come alive with the arrival of new-born animals. Welcome the soft little lambs, marvel at the rabbits' silky fur and observe the fluffy newly-hathed chicks from up close. Visitors can help make a variety of Easter breads and taste a delicious sample!

Also, the annual egg hunt is on again - children 6 years old and younger can participate in the hunt for tots while older children can take on the challege of hunting for the "signs of spring" throughout the barns. All this from Good Friday through Easter Monday at the Agriculture Museum!

For more information about the event visit the Canada Agriculture Museum website!

*This is not a sponsored/paid post. All informatio regarding events was provided via the monthly CSTMC newsletter. All opinions are honest and my own*


We have all read about those sad and tragic stories. You know, the ones about the college students who committed suicide because of bullying. The ones where kids go silent being picked on and tortured by their peers for whatever "reason" the bully has for it, only to result in being a tragic news headline. This can not be our children's future.

Bullying is wrong. Constant name calling, phyically hurting someone, spreading crude rumours about someone, constantly belittleing someone, threatening someone etc is BULLYING.

We have dealt with our share of bullying ourselves with our oldest attending school full time now and we know its only just begun, shes only in grade one. It's hard to deal with as a parent feeling helpless that we can't be there in person to physically protect our kids from these issues. It's hard to deal with when the parent of the accused bully does not cooperate or the school can't do anything about it. We can't protect them from the real world but we can educate them. We can educate ourselves to stand up against bullying and put a stop to it or at least try.

Many schools have a no-bully policy but often it occurs outside the school, at parks and bus stops. My friend Jennifer over at Canadian Coupon Mom has a strong message to share with the world regarding her and her little boy P's bully situation and how she's handling it.

Click here to read Jennifer's post.

Talk to your kids about bullies or if you think there is something bothering them that they aren't telling you. You never know unless you ask. Take a stand against bullies and please pass this message along - As moms, we can make a difference.

*This is not a paid/sponsored post. This post was written in support of Anti-Bullying. All opinions are honest and my own. Bullying is wrong.*

The agreed supreme walks before the pretended governor.


A little over a month ago I won a voucher for a free bottle of the new Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam by Clairol through their facebook fanpage, talk about a nice surprise! I usually dye my own hair as it saves the cost of having to run to the hair dresser as often so I was excited to finally be able to try out this new product on behalf of Clairol!

Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam claims to give you full coverage in an easy 3 steps with no drippy mess, foam dye. Simply mix, foam and apply.

I decided since my hair is easier to dye lighter than darker we went with a medium-golden colour. 8G Medium Golden Blond. When I say "we" I'm referring to my hubby who always gives me his second opinion when it comes to my hair! I'm so picky!

The dyeing experience in itself is pretty much like any other - mixing the two first steps together takes about 10-15 seconds. The smell is potent, like every other dye I've used too. The coverage is really good with the foam compared to using a regular type of hair dye. The only difference is that it is not as messy, the squeeze pump helps distribute what you need mess free. You still have to be careful not to get the dye on skin or fabric but again, that's all dye. I like that they give you two conditioners to use: one for after dyeing and one for a week after dyeing to keep that new shine look! This dye lasts up to 8 weeks with proper care using dye friendly shampoo's and conditioners.

The final result was great! No brassy or partially covered hair. I like the way the colour turned out, glossy and vibrant, a big change for me due to the lightness of the colour but I like it nonetheless. I have used Clairol Nice'N Easy in the past so I kind of already knew this product wouldn't disappoint and it didn't. Maybe next time I'll go darker with a medium or light auburn.

Thank you to Clairol for offering such great promotions such as this one to their fans!

*This is not a paid/sponsored post. This review was written according to my experience with the product. All opinions are honest and my own*


Computers have been a part of our life since we can remember. In the 1980's we had a Commodore 64 computer system connected to a very small coloured tube TV. Remembering those cassette tapes and big floppy disks used to store data, mostly games or DOS files. Everything ran by code, it sounds quite complicated compared to today's technology.

As a young adult my first computer was a custom built Pentium 2 replica with windows 98 and dial-up Internet access. It was slow but it worked! I seriously don't know how we all got through that era of technology, I remember suffering system crashes and blue screens too many times.

Fast forward ten years and we have the sleekest piece of computer technology literally right at our finger tips in our home office: The HP Touch Smart 600 desktop PC. We love introducing new technology to our family.
This new and innovative PC is created to be the hub of the home or office. Whatever you do in your day, HP has it covered with this one. The HP Touch Smart 600 is an all-in-one desktop PC with a slim, power-saving design based on a single foot base and comes with everything you could possible need built right in.

The touch screen makes it easy to navigate around the computer with multi-touch gestures like pinch, rotate, arc, flick and press and drag. It includes tons of really awesome built-in touch-optimized apps that allow you to do everything from looking at recipes and pictures to playing games and using the touchable calendar to stay organized. Everything on the touch interface is customizable, just like your typical desktop!

HP really did it this time, building on a heritage of industry firsts, HP brings today's best software and hardware together in this elegant third generation Touch Smart PC. Everything you've always dreamed of in a PC, right at your finger tips.

Inside our HP Touch Smart 600:
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7-740QM processor
  • 6GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM memory
  • 1TB hard drive
  • 6-in-1 memory card reader
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT230M graphics card and loaded with a blu-ray combo drive.
  • Integrated bluetooth and premium wireless LAN.
  • Beats Audio Studio Quality Sound -- Hear music the way the artist intended through high performance 2.0 speakers
  • Adjustable web cam and built-in microphone
  • HP wireless keyboard with hide-away bay and numeric keypad. HP wireless Optical mouse.
  • Touch enabled 23" diagonal full HD 1080p LCD display with Bright view technology and includes HP Ambient Light that lets you set the mood, or see your keyboard in the dark.

    (Need more specs? Click here.)
When we first took it out of its crisp new box, the HP Touch Smart 600 already had us saying "Wow". It has a sleek and elegant body, nothing bulky and it takes up little room on our home office desk. Setting up was pretty simple, your basic plug and play type computer. We like that there is no big tower to set up, no pile of wires to have to fight through to get up and running. Just the PC, keyboard, mouse and remote!

The first time we sat down in front of the HP Touch Smart 600 we were amazed by it's advanced technology. The touch display screen is really neat, allowing you more control over what your doing compared to a typical mouse pointer.

It has POWER. We have run Windows 7 on other systems before and this just blows the competition out of the water. I have never seen Windows 7 run smoother than on this system.

The sound is amazing with the Beats Audio console, taking control of music has never been easier. It was actually developed by HP in partnership with some of today's top music industry leaders including Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine, CEO and founder of Interscope Records bringing us music the way it was meant to be heard. We tested it out on various genres of music and actually heard melodies, beats and background lyrics in songs that we hadn't heard before! Really incredible sound!

The App Center is where you find all the cool built in apps. It features new Apps like Paint it! by Corel and Roxio Cinema Now, educational games for kids, useful utility apps and social networks like FaceBook and Twitter, all launched instantly from the HP Touch Smart home. Our daughter first tried out Paint it! She was amazed how she could create real looking paintings with the touch of her small fingers across the screen. Of course with a PC of this magnatude, she was monitored while using it. We still have so much to discover!

I admit I've never been much of a chef and I hate browsing the web for recipes that I don't already have bookmarked but even then going through sites was a pain. Now, importing and managing recipes has never been easier, with a simple touch I now have access to my favourite recipes with the Touch Smart Recipe Box.

Impress guests by entertaining them in style. You can watch, pause, rewind and record live TV with Touch Smart Live TV or Connect your gaming console like Xbox, Wii or PlayStation through the HDMI or composite inputs. We haven't tried these features yet but we do own an XBox console so it is definitely going to happen!

There is honestly so much we still need to learn about this amazing piece of technology sitting in our home office. There is so much we can now do with this amazing piece of technology too! Definitely a recommended asset to your home office, provided your budget can handle it. The system does go for around $1500.

The HP TouchSmart 600 really made a big first impression on this tech-savvy family. Visit the SmartTouch YouTube channel to check out some great videos showing exactly what we are talking about!

Stay tuned for future posts about things we have done with the HP TouchSmart 600 desktop PC!

*This review was written in part of our HP Touch Smart 600 post series on behalf of Hill & Knowlton and HP Canada. We received one HP Touch Smart 600 unit for review purposes. All opinions are honest and our own.*


Today was quite the adventure as we had to solve the scary mystery: Case of the missing chiuauah.

You see, we have two dogs and these dogs go outside in the back yard to do their business. They usually spend about 20 to 30 minutes on nice days, running around and playing etc. Being dogs. Today however one of our boys went missing. The worst thing ever for a pet owner, losing a pet.

Our yard is fenced in but since the snow is melting, there is a hole under the fence at the back end of the yard. A hole probably dug out by a raccoon or cat, we'll save that for another post.

Little did we realize Mr. Ruffy, our two-pound chiuauah, decided to venture beyond the yard, under the fence through the hole he went. Our doberman was probably quite confused as to where his little buddy went.

When we noticed there was only one dog in the yard we acted quickly, anything could happen to a dog that size. We searched the house, often he follows one of us or the kids upstairs and can't get down the steps on his own. No luck. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the front, dh took to the back yard to call him and we searched for our little guy. I walked around the block twice with no luck and began thinking the worst, looking for him on the side of the road.

After a good 20 minutes of looking I finally saw him, or rather his tail. In between fences of two yards facing back to back. A swift scold and he headed on back to our yard, through the door and into his little bed. He's too brave for his own good so looks like part of the yard reno this year will be barricading that hole under the fence.

I'm happy we found him and it took minutes, not days. I couldn't imagine going on knowing he was out there, hurt or worse. At least he is safe and sound, even though he almost gave us a heart attack! Lesson learned, keep a closer eye on him. He is after all a family member we all love.

--Posted by: @AMotherhoodBlog
"The restrained dawn strains behind the crowd."


We have reached another milestone in our house, little guy is no longer in his crib. After a few days of having the house in a complete mess it's finally done. It's still weird walking by his bedroom and seeing no crib but a big bed, hidden somewhere in the Disney Cars sheets, my little boy.

Dh worked extra hard this past week putting everything together. As I've said in previous posts, when it comes to building things I can honestly admit I'm pretty useless. I'm no good with power tools, they actually scare me. Measuring always ends up a crooked mess, I'm weak so don't ask me to hold anything heavier than our three-year old, you get the point. I leave all that stuff to the man, besides he's good at it, puts a lot of pride and love into the rooms he does. I put love and pride into what I do too but when it comes to this trade, he's got full credit for sure. I'm very happy with the result, as usual. Actually in almost eight years of knowing dh, I don't think I've ever disliked a reno job he's done on a room in a place we've lived in.

We had quite the Saturday night trying to get him to stay in his room. We had no problem with the transition or having him sleep in a big bed. He kept saying "No sleep, I play with mah toys!". Every time I heard him out of bed, upstairs I went to put him back and again explain that K is already asleep so D needs to sleep too, it's late and this is his new bed etc etc. It was just not working, He finally fell asleep on his own an hour and a half after initially putting him to bed. I know it'll get easier, I'm not discouraged or anything, just tired. I think he likes his new room, what do you think?

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Just when you think they can't surprise us any more, here we go again:

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