June has finally come to an end, so has the school year for 2010-2011. Our little girl had a long and difficult time of grade 1. She entered with a full heart, confident and wanting to learn. She found out along the way it takes hard work and discipline to make it through. There are rules and schedules to follow, things to do and routines to maintain to make the year go smoothly. We had our bumps, our ups and our downs. Laughs and tears learning along the way on both our behalves. We had our proud moments and moments we just wanted to hide from, but we made it - she made it.

Congratulations Baby K :) Mommy and Daddy are proud of you. In September you will be an official grade 2er, I know you can't wait too.

Come September we will have a whole new ball game to play but until then, enjoy your summer my girl. You've earned it, every step of the way.

July is a month full of festivities in our house. School is finished for the summer, we are celebrating my birthday and of course Canada Day is always pretty big around here every year. Early in the day we take the kids to our local swimming pool, they enjoy some fun. Later on we usually gather at our place, the back patio to be specific, with family and friends to celebrate our countries birthday. In the afternoon we sit on the patio and relax, munching on appetizers and sipping drinks while the kids play games on the lawn. We end the evening watching local fireworks.

This year I am just full of ideas on what to serve my family and guests to make this Canada Day more special thanks to Kraft Canada. They were kind enough to send me and my family a generous basket filled with goodies to celebrate July. Canada Day is on Friday so I am preparing some ideas of what I might just make.

Have you seen the Kraft Foods "What's Cooking" Summer '11 edition? It's packed full of yummy summer recipes you'll want to try at your own July celebrations. We received a copy in our basket along with some ingredients to maybe put together a recipe or two out of the magazine. You can see the digital version here.

Since there will be children at our party this year I think it would be wise to serve a non-alcoholic drink like the Sangria Punch made with Crystal Lite, it looks really easy to make and really yummy too. Maybe for the evening round we can add a little something once the kids are in bed ;-)

While the adults are busy cooking up the meal food for everyone the kids might enjoy Easy No-Drip Pops, those look simple enough and the right colour for the occasion or Watermelon Pops. Those take a little longer and I'm kind of crunching time on preparing for Canada Day but they do look like something we could serve as a treat for our daughter's 7th birthday in August or just whip up for fun along the summer.

Appetizers are made easy with Creamy Layered BLT Dip or how about serving up some tasty Warm Philly Mexican Spread sided with Triscuit original crackers and you have a simple satisfier.

For dinner food I was thinking about serving up some Tomato Grilled Cheese or Canadian Cheeseburgers for a main dish, sided with either a house salad featuring one of Kraft's flavourful vinaigrette dressings or maybe I might dare try a Veggie-Salad Pasta Toss to add a little something new to our taste buds.

For desert The Chocolate-Banana Split desert or Baker's Best Chocolate crackle Sundae Sauce over yummy ice cream. Kraft Canada's "What's Cooking" magazine sure has a lot of other great ideas on their Canada Day Menu like the yummy Canadian Flag Cake, I know I always love fresh strawberries!

You can find these and many other yummy summer food ideas at www.kraftcanada.com!

It's hard to decide on just what I'm going to be making but then again, we have more than one celebration this summer, I can't wait to share some of our celebration creations with you, Thank you to Kraft Canada for sending the basket full of goodies and ideas our way. What will you be cooking up for Canada Day?

We hope everybody has a fantastic Canada Day, remember to eat well, drink responsibly and above all, have fun!

Sponsored Post on behalf of Kraft Canada. Complimentary product received as a thank you. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


This summer we are planning to do a lot of outdoor activities like patio parties, pic nics and possibly camping with the kids. Our first celebration is of course Canada Day. Every year we invite friends and loved ones over to just relax and reconnect out on our patio with drinks and good food. Ending the evening with sparklers and watching the fireworks displayed in the night sky, Celebrating the Canadian way.

One main item that should be on everyones summer list is a cooler, a place to keep beverages and food chilled on a hot day outside. Nobody likes warm drinks and it's no fun running in and out from the patio to the fridge inside to get your guests a cold one. I know too well about running in and out of the house hosting of a summer party.

Coleman's Party Stacker Coolers are just what you need to store cold items on the go. From camping and patio parties to sporting events and more, Coleman is there to keep it cool. Coleman was generous enough to send us a 24 Quart cooler to take a look at, it holds up to 24 pop cans with  ice. It's a perfect size for a quick pack and go day trip or place it out on the patio during our summer celebrations.

Coleman's Party Stacker Coolers
have a space saving design, if you have more than one you can easily stack them on top of eachother to save space when travelling and are large enough to fit serving dishes inside for those who premake food and bring it along to parties or wherever summer may bring you. These insulated coolers guarantee to keep your food and beverage chilled. It comes in different colours including a fun red, perfect for our upcoming Canada Day celebrations! The 24 Quart Coleman Party Stacker Cooler can be purchased at Canadian Tire for $26.99.

When the evenings get too dark, toss a Coleman Auto-On Cooler Light in and you're good to go! The fridge light for your cooler with an integrated motion sensor with three light modes on, off and automatic. Just toss it in the cooler and let the party begin! You can put it anywhere; storage closet, tool chest, tackle box, work shed or use it as an outdoor night light! Simple to install, it includes quick stick tape and screw mounted bracket. You can buy the Coleman Auto-On Cooler Light at Canadian Tire for $19.99.

We will be keeping summer evenings bright with the Coleman LED Micoburst Lantern. It's the mini version of the Coleman Quad Lantern. This little lantern is bright with 77 lumens and 32 hours of runtime when its in lantern mode. It's water resistant and the four side panels are removable allowing you to hang them, clip them or magnetically stick them wherever you  happen to need light up to a 19 foot range. Perfect to keep in your car and bring along on a camping trip as an emergency light. You can even use it as a little light for an outside patio table. It comes with four snap on colour shells that easily store into the lantern's base and requires 4AA batteries (included). You can buy the Coleman LED Microburst Lantern at Canadian Tire for $39.99

Coleman has so much more to offer for all your summer activity needs. From coolers to bbqs, tents and lighting, check out Coleman's entire camping and summer product line at http://www.colemancanada.ca or find Coleman in your local Canadian Tire store!

*Posted by A Motherhood Experience in partnership with Cohn & Wolf PR and Coleman. Giveaway prize sponsored by Coleman. We received a complimentary Coleman Party Stacker Cooler and Coleman Microblast Lantern for review purposes. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience.*


Our daughter loves coming home and telling us all about what happened in her school day, having not seen her all day we really don't mind listening to them either.

This week she came home with a story that had a lesson involved. It all started when K was in line for after-lunch recess, she had a confrontation with another girl and was kicked in the shin causing a scrape and needing a band-aid. K was not happy about this, this was not the first time this particular girl had bothered her. In fact most of the news K happens to come home with isn't very nice news about this particular girl, she seems to like to pick on K.

Later on during lunch recess it began to rain and then it began to pour. K was a smart-cookie and brought her blue umbrella to school with her this morning. She took it out and invited four other friends to join her and stay dry. The girl who hurt her wanted under the umbrella and K simply told her she was not impressed at being kicked by her so she could stay out in the rain.

I am proud of my daughter. She is a very loving child, she cares about others and only wants to be friends with everybody but when someone hurts her feelings or picks on her she takes it to heart and she remembers it. That's one thing about K, she's tough but she's also very sensitive

Yes, it was in a way cruel of her not to allow the other girl under her umbrella but enough is enough. Treat others how you would like to be treated because one day they might not be there for you when you really need them. This lesson was brought out in this situation where the little girl is constantly bothering K but when she needed K's help, she was not there for her.

There are only three days left of school, it's too bad there has to be some sort of problem right before they won't be seeing each other for an entire summer. Maybe this little girl learned a lesson, maybe not. Either way I know mine did, she was the one who brought up blogging about it :)

*This story was told to me by my 6 1/2 year old daughter, we got a note from school as proof that it did happen. It was not embellished or exaggerated in any way. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience.*


When kids hear the words "We are having fish for supper" the faces begin, well at least with my oldest. They often don't like fish no  matter how you dress it up. Breaded, baked, fried or frozen they just turn their noses up to it. My kids aren't very picky with food but if I mention to my oldest that we are buying or worse, making fish she automatically assumes it will be yucky. We have tried a couple of different brands with her to see and so far she refuses it.

My family are big fans of Janes Family Foods. We really enjoy the chicken but have never thought about buying their fish products. The chicken is always really good. Seasoned and tender just the way chicken should be, not bad for frozen foods! I like making frozen food as long as it is quality. We don't serve those no name brown meat chicken nuggets and things like that, they are no good you might as well go eat take-out.

Janes did a little test earlier this year with some Toronto kids. They wanted to see if these kids would make "the face" at Jane's Fish the way they did with others and the results were outstanding. Kids actually like Jane's Fish products.

When we were asked if we would like to take the Jane's Fish Taste Test we couldn't resist. I wanted to see for myself if we could get our daughter to eat Jane's brand of fish.

We received a nice little taste testing package that included a baking sheet, spatula, cooking timer, Jane's reusable insulated shopping bag and coupons for Jane's frozen food products. Those were so great I ended up giving a coupon to a friend too!

We went out and bought the frozen fish, we chose the breaded Tavern Battered Cod to start with. Janes fillets are always a good portion. One fillet each is good enough for the kids and we adults eat about two fillets and we are good with veggies etc on the side so a box of Jane's lasts a few meals for us. The fish contains

As any frozen food the instructions are pretty simple, heat the oven and cook them for about 25 minutes turning them over half way through. One of the reasons I like cooking frozen foods, simple and it doesn't take too long to cook for hungry kids. We went with fries and salad for the side. The kids always enjoy a nice fresh salad with their dinner, it's a summer favourite in our house. Very simple meal too, perfect way to end a busy day.

Well our daughter once again protested when she found out I was cooking fish. She did not like it, she did not want it, yet the first thing I heard from little miss "I don't like fish" once I actually got her to take a bite was "Mm mm! It's really good it doesn't taste like the other kind!", she liked it. I got to say "I told you so!". No problem with her little brother he enjoys almost anything I put in front of him.

Dinner went well, no faces or saying "I don't like that" after actually tasting it. As for me, I found the fish very flavourful, tender and good! I would definitely recommend these if you're like me and enjoy cooking quality frozen foods once in a while.

We can say that Janes Fish passed our taste test with flying colours! Check out Janes fish and other great frozen food products at www.janesfamilyfoods.com

*This is not a sponsored post. We received a Fish taste testing kit on behalf of Jane's Family Foods. All opinions are honest and those of A MotherhoodExperience*


Dad's, today is your day to relax and be spoiled, to do what you want and celebrate fatherhood! Wishing all the great Dad's out there everywhere, a Happy Father's Day from A Motherhood Experience. You guys deserve it :)

And to my love and Daddy to our two beautiful kids..We hope your fathers day brings you as many smiles as you bring us every day :) we love you xox :-)

Happy Father's Day!


Today we took advantage of the nice weather and went out to run a couple of errands. Nothing major as we have already done our major grocery run earlier this week but we did entertain three rounds of guests yesterday and ran out of a couple of things we needed to pick up for the rest of the weekend and beginning of next week.

I admit I haven't always been a coupon user, I used to pay full price for things we use every day *gasp*. Hubby has actually always been more of the coupon user than I have. I never thought about it, forgot about it, well you know how it can get. Lately though coupons have been something I have been using more frequently since starting to blog, maybe it's because I have been getting and finding more coupons or the fact I have been following many coupon blogs and forums who have inspired me over the past two years to use my coupons more often. They are there to help us save and it's true, every little bit helps with the cost of living these days.

We have an envelope full of coupons of all kinds now, food products and household products etc. I really should organize it into something a little better than an envelope with an elastic band around it but hey, it fits into my purse and I know what I have in there! We get coupons from online coupon sites, product reviews, from the store, from friends, from product packages and just about anywhere I can find or print out a coupon that can help us save on the every day things we need for our family.

This round was pretty good! An order of six items that would have cost us over $36 only cost us $3.74, that includes tax and we purchased a bag because silly me forgot our reusable shopping bags at home, we have about 10 or more of those, we usually don't forget them since plastic bags cost 5 to 10 cents each!

We used coupons for Jane's frozen food products, Dempster's Thin Bagels, 1$ off lactancia cream, and an in-store bakery coupon for $1 off donuts. We bought a Tim Hortons coffee (just one, we shared it) and instead of buying Tim Bits, as good as they are I find the price is a little high for little balls of batter, we bought a box of assorted donuts at Food Basics for the kids.

So, not as extreme as that crazy smart lady I saw a couple of weeks ago on Extreme Couponing but we did a good job. That lady had an order of $400 for $0.50 or something insane like that. I don't typically watch that show but one night I happened to land on it flipping through the channels and became intrigued to see where she was going with her big order and stacks of coupons. I wish I could do THAT wow. You never know, this is only the beginning of my adventures in using more coupons.

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and those of the author*


In March a wrote a very personal post entitled "Crossroads" - about reconnecting with my father via e-mail after almost three years of no contact at all. A difficult situation finally put to rest and working on getting things back or at least some part of it. From March until now we have been exchanging casual emails. What has been going on, how everybody is etc. It has been good reconnecting over the past couple of months. I'm glad he is doing well.

This week a bigger step was made when I invited my father over to our house for a coffee and to finally meet his grandson. It would have been nice if both kids had been there for the visit but K has school until the end of June. He accepted the invitation no problem and came after his work shift on Wednesday afternoon.

We sat outside on our back patio, you could see in his eyes he was happy to visit and happy to finally be able to have his grandson sit on his lap. I was happy that D didn't play strange, although he kept calling him grandma (lol). I want the kids growing up knowing their grandparents and having a good relationship with them, not having to hear about them from stories and see them in old pictures. It will be good for everyone in the long run I think, just take it one step at a time for now.

I'm happy it went better than I had thought, there was not as much tension as I thought there would be. Today my father called me shortly after he got home from his work shift this afternoon. He called just to say hi, he let me know he wanted to make D a wooden pole puppet. He also told me he saw A Motherhood Experience and thinks I'm a good writer. Thanks Dad, I needed to hear that from you. :-)

I think I chose the right path back in March when I stood at the crossroads, I'm glad I did because I think if I had chosen to ignore it all, I would regret it as another stupid mistake made.

It feels like a big weight is lifted.

We are a pretty photogenic family, we have hundreds of digital pictures saved on our main computer and always look for new ones to take. We started off with a decent digital camera, at the time 3.5 Mega Pixels was considered decent. That camera ended up eventually being placed on water caused by condensation off a cold glass and was ruined (oops!).  The camera we owned after that was a 12 mega pixel, refurbished camera but after a while the screen let go on us and we ended up just using our smart phones to take pictures. They have great cameras but honestly they can only do so much in certain lighting conditions and if your subject moves (like kids tend to do, a lot) your pictures are blurry.

As nice as pictures as these cameras take they are built into a smart phone and they simply aren't made for taking pictures the way we do, catching life with kids as it happens.

This summer we will be sharing Kodak moments with all of you using our Kodak EasyShare Sport Digital Camera! An amazing camera in one small little package. No more worrying about dropping our smart phones or blurry pictures that could have been really nice.

The Kodak EasyShare Sport is compact, sleek and durable, this camera was made for parents! It's small enough to take along in your purse, I like that because I carry everything else in my purse and small enough for little hands to be able to help snap some great shots of their own. It's waterproof and dust proof, it can take pictures under water up to 10 feet! With all the different things we do with kids its hard to capture the good shots if you're afraid of your camera or in our case smart phones, getting dirty or wet. Not with the Kodak EasyShare Sport camera! Perfect camera to take to the pool, beach, camping or just about anywhere life takes you, under almost any conditions.

Our back yard on a sunny afternoon.
The pictures this camera takes are pretty amazing. 12 mega pixel, crystal clear HD image quality on a 2.4 inch bright LCD screen. It has an internal memory of 35MB that's not a whole lot so investing in a memory card for the camera is a must if you want to get full use out of it. Those can be purchased pretty much anywhere these days from your local Kodak store to Walmart.

Kodak Easy Share cameras are the only cameras in the world with the unique Share button feature. Share your pictures and videos on different social networking sites like facebook, twitter and more with three simple steps:
 •Step 1 - Just press the Share button when in review mode
 •Step 2 - Choose your favorite sharing destination, e-mail address, or Kodak Pulse Digital Frame
 •Step 3 - Connect your camera to your computer or insert your memory card and your videos or pictures are automatically uploaded to the destination(s)

Such a fun feature for sharing your best Kodak moments as they happen.

The camera comes equipped with software already in the device so when you plug it in via usb Windows will prompt you to install the Kodak EasyShare software and optional Kodak Gallery software to easily organize, edit and share your pictures and videos from your computer. Very handy for someone like me who works off a netbook that does not have a dvd drive, I really like devices that are usb based like this one.

We enjoyed our first experience with the Kodak EasyShare Sport and can't wait to spend our summer sharing our Kodak moments with all of you! 

K stops to smile for the Kodak!
D playing with his trucks before bed.
We haven't had the chance to try the under water feature but summer has just begun, we took it outside a few times now with the kids. We had some fun snapping some shots while they played and ended one day with some family shots before bed. We plan to do so much more as the summer continues.

Snapped a shot of dh ;-)

K wanted to try the camera and take my picture

We have so many fun things planned for the kids this summer, it's going to be great to finally start catching those special moments again. Beautiful quality, definitely a camera to consider if you are looking to buy a new one this summer! The Kodak EasyShare Sport can be purchased for $79.95 at the Kodak Store online (batteries, wrist strap, usb cable and instructions included).

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Kodak Canada. We received a Kodak EasyShare Sport for review purposes. All opinions are honest and always those of A Motherhood Experience*


In April of this year, we featured Canada's largest online health and beauty store, Well.ca. Not only does Well.ca have an amazing selection for just about everything you are looking for when it comes to healthy and beauty, they offer free shipping within Canada!

Well.ca recently launched a new section to the site, "The Baby Club" which is a great discount club for parents where they can get free samples, special deals and amazing pricing on everything baby from feeding tools to food, baby gear and everything in between.

Find just about everything you need for your baby (or that upcoming baby shower) at www.well.ca/babyclub. Maybe someone you know could use one of these?

Posted on behalf of Well.ca


The family wanted rice crispy squares all week but I didn't get around to making them until this weekend. Instead of the usual plain original Rice Krispies squares they enjoy, I decided to get creative and make what I like to call "Cookies & Cream rice Krispies squares". Very easy to make and adds variety to your treat making! :)

Start off with a regular recipe for rice Krispies squares:

-3 Tbsps butter or margarine
-1 (250g) package of miniature marshmallows
- 4 to 6 cups of Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Melt butter and marshmallows on the stove, stir to make sure it doesn't burn or stick. Mix in the rice Krispies until coated and using a spatula, empty mixture into pre-greased pan.

- 6 or so squares of semi-sweet bakers chocolate
- 2 tbsps butter or margarine

Melt butter and chocolate on medium heat. Stir to make sure it doesn't burn or stick. Once it's melted, spread it over your Krispy Squares.

We added an extra touch by using new President's Choice ice cream topping, cookies & cream. It gives it a finishing touch and extra goodness to the squares. You can use other toppings like nuts or dried fruit even.  Let your squares cool for a good hour or two, let them solidify and enjoy!

I love squares, they are delicious and simple to make!


In a couple of more weeks it will be officially Summer! The weather over the past week has felt like Summer is already here, hot and humid. I'm not complaining, I love summer, its my absolute favourite season of the year despite the humidity. I'll take hot and humid over sub-zero freezing temperatures any day thanks. There are so many reasons to love summer, first there is no snow. You don't have to bundle the kids up in 100 layers just to go to the park across the street. Nice weather is an excuse to wear cute outfits and buy new sandals!

Flowers bloom and everything just seems more alive and vivid in summer time. Maybe it's just me, having been cooped up inside most of the winter, that's partially my own fault because I honestly hate winter. I try to make it as enjoyable as possible with the kids and all but cold temperature and I just do not get along but either way I'm happy now that Summer is back.

Celebrations are about to begin for the summer starting with Father's Day on June 20th, I'm hoping to have a family get together of some kind considering we all had the flu for Mother's Day. K will be celebrating graduating from grade one on June 29th. There is no real "ceremony" at school or anything but I want to make it special for her just the same at home. She had some trouble along the year and worked hard to try her best to improve in the areas she had difficulty and she made it. I'm proud of her. Plus, you know she is my oldest and it's a big mommy-sentimental thing for me to want to do something special for her when school finally ends.

It shouldn't be a problem hosting our patio celebrations things year as dh pretty much has the back yard project complete for the summer. All we really need to do is organize the corner where the kiddie pool is, there is some wood left from building the fence around the deck that needs to be removed but other than that it looks great!

It's going to be a great summer this year, we have so many things we would like to do, let's see how many we will actually be able to check off our list! I'd like to make it to a water park like Calypso or something. Maybe not Calypso, I heard it's jam packed all the time but I'd like to take them to a water park over the summer. A real water park, not just a splash pad.

We had a local pool, right across the street local but unfortunately the community center where the pool is located has been under construction since spring 2010 and the pool has been closed ever since. We thought it would be open this year since it's supposed to be one of the hottest summers ever, the local kids need a place to cool off but no, it's still closed. At least we have the kiddie pool or take a walk in the sweltering heat to the other pool located near K's school. We'll see how it goes.

So far the kids have been enjoying the time we've been spending at the local parks, taking our family walks with lots of cold water on hand.

With plans we have,  to parties we want to host, our summer is looking pretty good so far :) It'll be a hot one but a good one!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own*


My kids love wearing clogs in the summer, you know the ones you can get for like two bucks at most Dollaramas? Well, my son got a black pair just a couple of weeks ago and then they went missing.

For a couple of days he had to wear his running shoes, even insisted those were not like his black clogs.

I looked everywhere, or what I thought was everywhere. Underneath the stroller, in our black bag we take out when we run errands, in his closet, under the beds. I even checked his sisters room incase he took them off in there. Nope, no black clogs.

I have a little theory when it comes to situations like these, stop looking for it and it will show up.

Before we went out the other day I again searched for the black clogs as we were going to the park and I really didn't want his running shoes ruined with sand. Still no luck so I gave up and figured they'd turn up when they felt like it.

Tonight I went to put the bucket of water from washing the floors downstairs and I saw them. Sitting on my white shelf in my laundry room, D's little black clogs! I laughed when I saw those. Case of the missing clogs solved, I think I may have brought them in with the stroller, became distracted and placed them on the shelf. Unless they just magically climbed up themselves.

Have you ever misplaced something only to have it turn up in some unusual place? Share your story!

*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*


Water play is always a fun and logical way to cool off during the hot summer months, they are coming fast! We have been setting up our back yard for the kids, getting it ready for another summer. We have always been big fans of water pistols, they are super cool and it gets you active with the family running around spraying each other and trying to get away from being sprayed.

We will be making a splash this summer with Nerf Super Soakers. When Hasbro offered us their latest models The Super Soaker Thunderstorm and The Super Soaker Hydro Cannon to review, we had to check these out. We have two older model Nerf Super Soakers that our cousins gave us but one of them is broken from being dropped. When you pump it, it leaks all over the place and you lose water fast. When you shoot, all you get is a little stream. Not with the new ones though, massive soaking action! We had the chance to really try them for the first time earlier this week when we had a couple of really hot and humid days!

About the Super Soakers:

The Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm is a motorized, fully automatic water blaster. This blaster lets you simply just pull the trigger to unleash the drenching action! Fill up the water clip, attach it to the blaster and go crazy sending soaking streams up to 25 feet away! The clip is included.

The Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon is a massive pump handle blaster with a lot of power! It Blasts a water stream to drench your targets from a distance up to 35 feet away! For Maximum drenching, pump the handle 20 times. There is also a detachable shield to protect yourself from incoming blasts, so you can win the water fight easy!

 Our experience: We love playing in water in the summer and we really enjoy the Nerf Super Soakers. The Thunderstorm is easier for smaller hands to handle as its automatic and not that heavy even with water inside, its battery operated as well. It's so easy to use our youngest who is only three can join in the family fun (always supervise young children as these toys are made for ages 6 and up, our youngest is always monitored when using these toys). The Super Soaker Hydro Cannon sure earned its name! It's HUGE and kind of heavy when its full of water, always a great excuse for Dad to use it and get back at the kids during a fun family water fight. ;-) I for one have always been a fan of Nerf Super Soakers and these are no exception, a fun great way to get out and get active with the whole family. We know what we are going to take out if the kids complain they are bored this summer ;-).

Posted on behalf of Nerf/Hasbro Canada. Complimentary product recieved for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author.