With October coming up fast I had been keeping my eye out online (and off) for a special costume to wear for the famous Blissdom Canada '11 Halloween Costume and Karaoke party that will kick off the end to another fabulous Blissdom Canada Conference in Toronto this October.

Back in June we took a look at a cute Batman costume for our little boy from Costume Super Center so I decided to take a look at another costume, this time from WholeSaleHalloweenCostumes.com and this time, something for me. There was absolutely no way I could throw something together with what I have saved up here as far as Halloween gear goes. It's slim pickin's and my budget is pretty tight with two back-to-back conferences!

WholeSaleHalloweenCostumes.com is owned by the same company as Costume Super Center so I knew I would most likely be getting a quality costume, one I will be proud to wear to Blissdom Canada '11. Wholesale Halloween Costumes has a wide variety of costumes, different from Costume Super Center except the price is still really good, a lot less than what you would pay at the local department store especially since they often offer sales and discounts on the website on some great costume favourites! Wholesale Halloween Costumes has costumes for everybody from babies and kids to teens and adult costumes, they even have some sexy costumes and matching costumes for couples!

I had to think of something great to wear for the party, the black witch wig/hat routine isn't going to work this time - I needed something a little less typical Halloween, something original. After a lot of browsing around on their website I finally stumbled across a gem -the Discolicious costume. Yes! A Disco diva I shall be for the night!

It is exactly what I was looking for in a costume for Blissdom Canada '11. The Discolicious women's costume comes with a top, pants and neck scarf in a funky gold/pink coloured pattern. I picked a size medium as I'm slim and very tall, the costume is made on the long side (sleeves of the top, waist and pant legs) which is perfect for my height! The material is good quality, a little thin but what Halloween costume isn't, they aren't made to wear everyday (although this one is particularly tempting - just kidding!). I know, I could have put up a picture of me sporting the costume, but that would take the fun out of it for you all to see me at the actual party in the costume - there will be pictures for sure!

I won't be sporting the funky wig nor the high heel shoes this lovely lady has on in the image, you should all know by now that I don't work well in heels! I do however plan to find some kind of "disco-era" style to do my own hair in, maybe some cheap gold flats and funky retro style jewelry, we'll see how that goes. I have a few weeks left to figure out the rest of the costume but so far, its coming together perfect and I can't wait to wear it to the party!

Check out what WholeSaleHalloweenCostumes.com has in store for your family this Halloween!


*This review was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com. We received the mentioned costume for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own*


Nobody wants to talk or hear about toilet bowl cleaning. It's nasty, probably one of the worst jobs in the history of house cleaning especially with a house full of kids! We had the opportunity to try out a new way to clean the toilet with Scrubbing Bubbles One Step toilet bowl cleaner by SC Johnson.

Just step and spray, two times a day. The 360 degree sprayer cleans the bowl and under the rim, killing bacteria on contact. The powerful cleaning solution tackles toilet rings and limescale. Fresh Mountain Morning has a fresh and clean scent leaving the bathroom smelling fresh for family and guests. The refill lasts up to 30 days when used as directed and product is safe for the septic tank.

Scrubbing Bubbles 1 step toilet bowl cleaner can be purchased at most local retailers like Walmart or Zellers for around $10 or under. Package includes 1 device, 1 cleaning product refill - no batteries required.

This product isn't a bad idea entirely its useful for "in-between" cleanings or to freshen up the bathroom when guests are over, it helps ease the whole "bending over to scrub" part but that to me isn't that hard a job. The product does shine up the bowl pretty good for just coming out of a little sprayer however, if you have young children in the house who wander it wouldn't be suggested to have one of these in your home.

The foot pedal pump cannot be shut off or be locked and the sprayer does not stick to the side of the toilet bowl as well as it should, this poses a hazard for young children to be tempted to pull on the cord and find out what this new device in the bathroom is. This could be hazardous if the product is ingested. This did not happen to us but as a mom of two (one being only 3) I couldn't help notice the lack of safety features geared toward families with younger kids. Our kids did played with it behind my back and emptied the bottle within a couple of days however nobody was injured or ingested anything of the sort, I was simply using it as a precaution. I could lock my bathroom but that poses a big problem with a seven year old girl and a potty trainer ;-)

I would recommend this be used in a bathroom where young kids aren't allowed or in a household without children. After our review we decided this product is not suitable for our home because we have children under the age of 8 who are curious but we plan on gifting it perhaps to my mother or mother in law, I'm sure they could get good use out of it!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with the BzzAgent campaign. We received product sample for review purposes. All opinions are honest and always our own.*


My Little Pony is hitting the stage (along with a special appearance by Chuck the Dump Truck) with an all-new live performance across the country and they are stopping right in the city of Ottawa on October 29th and 30th at the St. Laurent Shopping Center!!

This is a show we have been waiting for, well mostly our daughter. This show will be unlike any she has seen before. Not only will she see My Little Pony Live on stage but she will finally have the chance to meet Twinkle, Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack too!

A great reason to take the family and get out for the afternoon while the kids get to enjoy a little entertainment from some of their favourites. For more information about show times please visit the St. Laurent Centre website!


*This post was written for informational purposes by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Knock on Wood PR. No compensation was received. All opinions are honest and my own*


Life can come at us pretty fast and sometimes we forget to take a few minutes to just breathe and have some fun.  Work never ends and school is back into full-swing with homework, activities and everything in between, we need to make time for play and quality time.

Weekdays are ruled by schedule and being an at home mom doesn't mean I have all the time in the world during my days to do whatever I want. In fact most days in my opinion, do not have enough hours in them. Like any parent, I have a household to run, children to raise and business to tend to in order for things to go smoothly most of the time.

Between hubby's crazy schedule, making sure the kids have everything they need, errands to run, bills to pay, appointments to book and attend, post deadlines, emails and so much more, there is something for almost every day of the week at our house. That doesn't necessarily stop us from stepping back and making time for play though - reconnecting as a family. When kids play, they learn. That's a given. Children's minds absorb everything and spending even an hour out of your busy parenting day just to laugh with them brings them to a place only parent and child can share.

Ever since we had our first of two children, we have had this bedtime routine. After supper, homework, dishes and bath time, we try to take some time out with the kids before bed. We play games, even if its just playing make believe. We read books, even if our youngest can't read quite yet he always enjoys listening to a good story. We have talks about our day and what made us smile the most. We just enjoy each other as a family, taking a moment to just be.

Surprises her every time :)

Weekends are a different story, we usually try to get out as a family. We go for park visits and walks, most of which result in the kids coming home with each a Kinder Surprise. We have made Kinder Surprise a fun tradition in our house, even if we get them for absolutely no reason except to enjoy the smiles they bring to the kids faces. I'm proud to be a #KinderMom because not only is Kinder Surprise a fun treat my kids have enjoyed since they can remember but also because Kinder believes (as I do) in the importance of letting kids be kids and continues to strive to create happy moments for Canadian families across the country. If you haven't seen the new Kinder Surprise toys for 2012 check out the Kinder Canada Facebook page to see some pictures of the new line up! They have some pretty cool toys this time around from race cars to water-squirters, stamps, flyer's and so much more!
Do  you "like" Kinder Canada on facebook? You should because right now Kinder Canada has an amazing contest going on. 10 community members have the chance to win a Kinder gift basket full of goodies worth $200! Winners are being drawn in October! The first of many fun and exciting things being offered on the Facebook page, be sure to LIKE them and check in often to stay up to date on the latest of everything Kinder Canada!

How do you make time for play in your family?


*Disclosure: This post was written in participation with the KINDER Mom program. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. Opinions and views expressed are always honest and my own.*


We covered a few girls gifts in our Hasbro toys for Girls however what about the little guy in your life? There are so many great toys out there. We are happy Hasbro has it all covered from learning to just plain old fashion having fun.

Our little guy is an official "Preschooler" he is three now, almost potty trained and ready to take on the world next fall in jr. kindergarten. He does share his sisters toys however there is nearly a four year age gap between them so a lot of the toys our daughter receives are too advanced for him, are fragile for little hands to handle or contain small parts which can pose a choking hazard to younger kids. We want to give him something he can enjoy. 

Playskool Alphie:

A great idea to start him off on the right path would be a learning toy. What better than his very own talking robot? You do remember Alphie don't you? He taught us our ABC's and 123's back when we were kids and now, with an updated version, Alphie is available for our children to enjoy! When I saw that Hasbro Canada still offered Alphie we had to take a look at him for our little guy who is a huge fan of anything robots!

Now more lifelike than ever before, Alphie sports an LCD screen to facial expressions, has a friendly childlike voice, and a playful, curious personality making Alphie robot not just a learning to but a beloved buddy. Along with his animated personality, which children will just love, this new modern Alphie friend from PlaySkool features important educational activities that help develop early learning skills in toddlers and preschoolers. With Alphie leading the way, preschoolers can learn the alphabet, rhyming, counting, colours and shape recognition, matching, animal names, instrument sounds and so much more! The new and improved Alphie learning companion has a sleek new look and convenient carrying handle. He comes with thirty double-sided cards that contain over 350 fun activities. Our Canadian version of Alphie emphasises our pronunciation of the letter "Z" as well as our spelling of the word "colour" - not to confuse any little Canadians! Alphie requires three "AA" batteries which are included!

I think PlaySkool Alphie has always been a good choice when introducing your younger ones to new learning toys. He is super friendly and quirky, his voice is clear and easy to understand as he talks like a robot. I'm sure Alphie will be a hit with many preschoolers this holiday season including our little guy!

Tonka Chuck and Friends Race Along Chuck

Our little guy is a huge fan of the Chuck and Friends television series, he absolutely loves anything to do with  cars and trucks. Chuck the truck is an enjoyable animated dump-truck, the series is about Chuck and his friends and it teaches lessons about friendship and problem solving. As a mom I think it's a great idea to introduce Chuck and Friends to the little racer in your life. Tonka Chuck and Friends Race Along Chuck is going to be a hit this holiday season, he moves and races around, great fun for the little guy!

Chuck the truck is bursting with energy and wants to race with your preschooler! Push or pull Race Along Chuck to make him go. Fill and empty his dump bed too! When your child presses his cab lights, he can cycle through the racing games quoting over 50 phrases and sounds! Fuel your preschoolers imagination and take them on a new adventure every day! (Ages 3+)

Transformers Rescue Bots PlaySkool Heroes
Bumblebee Rescue Garage Playset:

Dad is a big influence when it comes to our son and of course, like father like son our little guy loves Transformers. His two favourite things in one, robots and cars. I'm not talking the movies either, the two of them will sit and watch the cartoon together when it airs on tv, it's so cute! It brings back memories for my hubby and makes new ones for him and our son. Little guy has a couple of Transformers toys but he didn't have a playset, until now. Hasbro has a great assortment of Transformers play sets. Little guy is going to be thrilled, a playset themed with his favourite AutoBot, Bumblebee!

The Rescue Bots are getting tuned-up and ready to roll out of the Bumblebee Rescue Garage this holiday season! Bumblebee designed his garage himself to quickly change into a rescue station when disaster strikes, so that the Rescue Bots are always ready to save another day!

The Bumblebee Rescue Garage is a rescue station in disguise! The Axel Frazier figure can drive bumblebee through the car wash rollers as they rotate or use the towing hook to tow another vehicle that needs repairing (extra vehicles are sold separately). There is a lift that moves up and down to help move the cars around for repair. The Bumblebee vehicle even has a hidden robot underneath, stand it up to see it!

Whether they need a quick repair or they are preparing for a secret rescue mission, your preschoolers will have the 2-in-1 station they need to be little heroes! Play set comes with Bumblebee Vehicle and Axel Frazier figure. (Ages 3-6)

This holiday season think Hasbro Canada when it comes to the toys your kids will love. To see more of what Hasbro Canada has to offer visit their website at www.hasbro.com/en_CA


Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Product was received for review purposes however opinions and comments on this blog are always authentic and those of the author. We would like to thank Hasbro Canada for partnering to give one lucky AME reader the chance to win all these prizes. Congrats to the winner!


The last few weeks we have emerged into school,  the seasons are quickly changing and cooler weather is in the air, there is one thing creeping up faster than we know it, the holiday season. Yes, I know we aren't even October yet but just think, do you really want to rush around last minute trying to find the best gifts for your kids only to walk out disappointed with second best or worse, empty handed! We got a head start this year and took an early look at some of Hasbro Canada's toys for girls and we are sharing our ultimate favourites with you!

Girls just want to have fun, and Hasbro is here to help with some great toys for the little lady in your life!

Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles:

Dolls are always a great idea for any little girl in your life. I remember one of my first dolls was Baby Alive. You know the doll who moves her mouth, eats, drinks and of course dirties her diaper! She was one of my favourites for years and today Baby Alive comes in different models including the new Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles. This doll is perfect if you're looking for an adorable (realistic) baby doll for the little "mommy" in your house!  
Little girls will love playing "Mommy" with new Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles! Baby Alive babbles and giggles, kicks and wiggles with delight when she is fed her special juice mix or having a diaper change (juice mix and extra diaper included). So much fun to be had loving and taking care of the doll that acts like shes a real baby! (Ages 3+)
Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles comes with special juice mix pouch, 2 extra diapers and her feeding bottle. You can buy Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles for your little "mommy" at Walmart, Zellers and Toys R Us!

My Little Pony So Soft Newborn:

My Little Pony have been loved by little girls around the world for years. Our daughter, like other little girls her age too loves My Little Pony. She has collected several Ponies and play sets over the years including a plush one so we are excited to be giving her a My Little Pony So Soft Newborn.

My Little Pony So Soft Newborn dolls are the youngest Ponies in Pony Ville! Whether you are "feeding" Sweetie-Bell with her special bottle or soothing Sunny Daze with her special pacifier or helping Pinky-Pie learn to "walk", My Little Pony So Soft Newborns need your little girls help and have no problem telling them what they need! (Ages 3+)

Toys like My Little Pony So Soft Newborns are great because they are enjoyed by our daughter and safely aged appropriate for our three year old son!

Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet Play set:

Little kids love little animals, as you may or may not know we are huge fans of Littlest Pet Shop in our house. Our daughter's seventh birthday was celebrated with the new Littlest Pet Shop Walkables and now the holidays will be celebrated with the Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop! Our daughter saw this toy in a local toy department and her voice filled the toy isles. She is definitely going to be one happy little girl!
We are new to the Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop series and it turns out Blythe is a pet-sitter! She is pet sitting a very special bull dog and they just love to travel! They load their luggage onto the cart and prepare for take off in their jet! They can watch movies, sit in their comfy seats and have snacks together, what a fun ride!
Let your imagination soar with Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet Play set! Unload their luggage from the included cart and stow it on the plane vehicle. Bull dog has his own special seat made just for him! Now there is one more decision to make: will Blythe be playing pilot on this adventure or will she join Bull dog in the back for some DVD watching fun while the plane flies on autopilot?

Set comes with Blythe doll, pet, jet and accessories and can be purchased at Zellers, Toys r Us or Walmart! (Ages 4+)

There is nothing happier during the holidays than the glimmer in your child's eyes opening a toy you are proud to give them and it doesn't hurt to start thinking about these things and have your list checked twice and ready for the holiday season rush!

For more great gift ideas and to check out what else Hasbro Canada has to offer your family please visit www.hasbrocanada.com/en_CA

Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Product was received for review purposes however comments and opinions on this blog are always authentic and those of the author! We would like to Thank Hasbro Canada for providing each toy as a prize to one lucky AME winner! Congrats to the winner!


We all know kids love to use their imaginations when it comes to play, I know I always find my kids building things out of the toys they have such as blocks and playsets, interacting with eachother and learning as they go.

We have had Mega Bloks in our house since our first child was born. We started out with a small collection of the bigger Mega Bloks for younger kids and now have a bunch of sets for different ages including the new Blok Squad buildable playset!

Blok Squad buildable playsets from Mega Bloks introduces kids to every day heroes with themes like fire patrol, police and construction. Blok Squad is perfect for kids aged 5 and up who are ready to graduate from mini bloks to micro bloks with more challenging and detailed builds.

We received the Mega Bloks Blok Squad Police Rescue Play set to review. The play set includes Police Force Pursuit team of Police Cruiser, Police Carrier and Police Boat with three Blok Squad Officers. It's made for ages 5 and up with 391 pieces!

Mega Bloks Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit Playset:
Sound the alarm; it's time to send the best of the Bloktropolis Police Squad and help save trapped city folk from a bank robbery in an emergency rescue! Kids will have a blast as they build the rescue vehicles and police cruisers to roar through the streets of Bloktropolis, carrying the bad guys to prison and the city folk to safety!. Its up to the Bloktropolis police to save the day, with the help of your little ones imagination!

What I like about Mega Blok brand building sets is that they allow the imagination of your child to soar, learning and using their fine motor skills in the process. The only downfall to Mega Bloks Blok Squad is that like every block set out there it has a bunch of pieces to keep track of to keep the set together. For a child as young as five years old my suggestion would be saving a toy like this for a rainy day when mom or dad can participate and make it some real family time. To store things like this I re-use washed plastic food containers with lids. They help organize and your child will have less of a chance losing pieces as much as if you just stored them back in the box.

Mega Bloks Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit is available at Walmart Canada, Toys "R" Us, Toysrus.com and Zellers for $19.99! Check out what else Mega Bloks has for the imagination at www.megabrands.com

Don't forget to check out the Mega Bloks Family Club! From August 16th to September 22nd, Family Club members will have a chance to win Rose Art back-to-school prize packs worth $50! In order to win each morning a question about Back-to-school will be posted in their "news" section, all you need to do is leave a reply with your own opinion and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win! It's that simple!

After the 38th giveaway, everyone (win or lose) who has entered the contest will be put into a draw to win the grand prize of $250 in Rose Art back-to-school supplies! If you're not already a member visit www.megabloks.com/familyclub and start answering the daily question to win! You never know unless you try!

Good Luck!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Megabrands/MegaBloks and the Blok Squad. We received product for review purposes. All opinions are honest and always my own.*


The Internet as well all know it is a vast world of learning - you can find information about anyone and just about anything online including your personal finances. From life insurance to buying a new home, RateSuperMarket.ca is Canada's one stop website for personal finance rates!

About RateSupermarket.ca:

RateSupermarket.ca was founded by Kelvin Mangaroo and launched in 2008. The idea began when Mr. Mangaroo saw a need for Canadians to be able to use the Internet to easily compare and find information on all their personal financial rates all in one place. RateSupermarket.ca once started out focusing on Mortgage Rates, quickly grew to offer rates for personal finances such as insurance, credit cards, GICs, savings accounts and more! They even have a handy app so you can check your rates on the go!

RateSupermarket.ca has a new program called LEARN which is dedicated to educating you about your personal finances through articles, tips, tools and guides.

One new tool from LEARN is the First Time Home Buyer's Guide, which is a free 14 email informational series to get property newbies into shape for buying their first home. Think of it as a two week boot camp for buying your first home. Throughout the series they've also included quizzes, tools and tips along the way.

Also, on top of the new home owners guide, on the website you can find information on credit rates, life insurance and savings rates too. Very useful information for anyone starting out on their financial journey or anyone looking for information about their personal finance.

Sign up for the free 14 email informational series "First Time Home Buyer's Guide" right here through our widget - you won't regret it - I know I don't!

*This is a sponsored post by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of RateSupermarket.ca. Giveaway prize sponsored by RateSupermarket.ca. We have reviewed this mentioned website, all opinions are honest and always our own.*


We have national holidays for just about everything these days, Guacamole is no exception! Friday, September 16th is National Guacamole Day! We are celebrating the world known and loved avocado-based dip that has become the worlds favourite preferred topping/dip for many traditional Mexican dishes like nachos, fajitas, tacos, quasadillas, salads and more by introducing to you (if you have not already heard before) the best guacamole in north America, Wholly Guacamole!

I have always been a big fan of guacamole, before kids I used to go out to a lot to this local Mexican restaurant, the food was awesome but  I didn't like spicy salsa on my food. The burning mouth and sweating brow while trying to enjoy a meal out was not very appealing to me so I would pile on the guacamole at every chance I got. Of course as I got older my taste buds changed and I learned to love salsa, I still won't try out anything beyond "spicy" though, I don't think my tongue could take that kind of torture!

Now that I'm a mom, I have picky eaters in the house just like I was when I was younger. They don't like anything that makes their tongues tingle or a food they haven't heard of before. There have been so many times I wanted to whip up an easy Mexican dish that required something I know they just won't eat. When I got the opportunity to try out Wholly Guacamole, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce a little Mexican food into my family's lives. I used to enjoy it, I know they will too.

About Wholly Guacamole:

In 1989, a restaurant owner from Dallas, Texas named Don Bowden was on a search for premade guacamole for his Mexican restaurants. It had to be fresh tasting and all natural. The problem with Avocados is that they begin to brown shortly after you cut into them. Don Bowden figured out a way to preserve them longer in Wholly Guacamole without all the added preservatives through High Pressure Processing. HPP uses high pressure water instead of heat or chemicals to preserve the product. This results in Wholly Guacamole being a completely 100% natural, fresh-tasting product that can be refrigerated for weeks and frozen in the freezer for months. Wholly Guacamole only uses only the best, Hass Avocados and natural ingredients that don't contain preservatives, artificial flavours or heat treatments.

Wholly Guacamole's goal is to give people made-from-scratch flavour in ready-to-eat convenience. Wholly Guacamole comes in classic, 100 Calorie, Spicy, Organic, Guaca Salsa, Pico de Galla Style, and Double Dip flavours. They also come in a convenient single size, perfect for a snack on the road or in the lunch bag for an afternoon snack.

When our cooler of guac arrived at the door, dinner and snack ideas came pouring in mind. There is so much you can make with salsa and guac! My first attempt before trying anything new on my kids is of course to try it myself so I began with tortilla chips and Wholly Salsa one night for an evening snack. They don't call it Wholly for nothing! Wow! It was really good, I almost ate the entire container myself.

My next step was to test something simple on my family, so I whipped up a cold noodle salad with chicken, veggies and  added some guac to the mix. Everybody loved it and said it was better than the normal kind I make. When I told hubby I added some guac he was impressed as he had never tried any and had been a bit skeptical. Like I say when it comes to food, never turn your nose to it unless you've tasted it! I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to introduce Wholly Guacamole to my family!

For more ideas about how we could use Wholly Guacamole in our house I skipped over to www.eatwholly.com, the official Wholly Guacamole website. Their official website it packed with information about the products, the history of guacamole, ways to save your guac and fun ideas like "green slime sandwiches" for the kids lunches. I actually learned a lot about guacamole I didn't know before!

Wholly Guacamole are going on tour! That's right, beginning September 16th - National Guacamole Day, Wholly Guacamole will be touring around spreading the goodness in celebration of the green-stuff! Follow them along on twitter @EatWholly to find out where they will be next! Want more Wholly fun? Like the Wholly Guacamole Facebook page, friends visit the website but fans party on Facebook! Find recipes and chat it up with other die-hard guac fans!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Wholly Guacamole in celebration of National Guacamole Day. We received product for review purposes.  All opinions are honest and always our own*

Chicken is a great source of protein, not to mention there are many kinds of ways to eat chicken. Usually we buy Janes Family Foods Chicken, the tender chicken strips are breaded to perfection and seasoned just right. Delicious and nutritious, they are always a hit when we bring them home from the grocery store for dinner.

Janes introduces an all-new way to eat your chicken in a handy snack version called "Flat Jacks". What makes Flat Jacks different from other frozen snacks? FlatJacks are made with the quality known in Janes Family Foods products. They have no trans fats, low in saturated fats, and made with all white meat chicken, breaded to perfection and seasoned just right. Also, instead of heating up the stove and waiting for them to cook you simply pop them into your toaster!  All the things kids need is an afernoon snack - fully cooked, easy to heat, tasty and portable! Janes FlatJacks are a delicious hot snack that can help fill that after-school gap with high quality protein that can carry kids onto their next activity!

When Janes Family Foods asked me to review their new FlatJacks with my family, I can be honest I wasn't sure about the idea of putting chicken in the toaster. The first thing I thought about was processed meat but after doing some research and already knowing the goodness Janes has brought into our home time and time again, I couldn't resist. After all, we are all about trying new things in our house.

When our package arrived I was very surprised, not only did Janes Family Foods send me coupons for FlatJacks but also a brand new Black & Decker two-slice toaster along with some other Jane's goodies! They came just in time for back-to-school and we tried them out one afternoon.

The kids were excited to try this new toaster chicken, they had never seen anything like it before and neither had I! I have to say from a moms perspective FlatJacks are pretty good! The box contained 8 FlatJacks, in our house that lasted two rounds of chicken goodness. They are simple enough that if a child is capable of making themselves toaster stroodles they can make these.

The kids wanted more after having one each, they normally enjoy Janes Chicken and they thought these were pretty good coming from the toaster. FlatJacks aren't only great for after-school though, we made some for a quick lunch one day last week. Sided with some freshly cut veggies like carrot and celery sticks, FlatJacks make a good lunch for our little guy who is still home with us too! Beats heating up the stove to make nuggets for one!

Next time you are thinking about after-school snacks, try something different and pick up a box of FlatJacks for your family! They come in three flavours, original, Buffalo Style and Grilled Cheese!

Now through September 30th you can enter a pin found in specially marked boxes of Janes Flat Jacks online for a chance to win $10,000 or 1 of 1000's of Janes prizes! For more information about Janes Family Foods and to see more products they offer please visit www.janesfamilyfoods.com.

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with Janes Flat Jacks review. We recieved a Janes FlatJacks pack for review purposes. Giveaway prize provided by Janes Family Foods. All opinions are honest and always my own*


This week is back to school week, memories in the making sending our little ones back on the big yellow bus for another year of learning and making new friends. I spent Monday afternoon labeling her things, of course using Mabel's Labels I got that done in no time! I packed her pink school bag with what I thought she would need for her first day: a pencil case with pencil, eraser and sharpener and extra shoes. We packed up her lunch the night before and set out her clothes which she picked out herself. Since K's birthday was just a week ago, she chose to wear one of her brand new outfits that her aunt got her as a birthday gift. A pretty pink top (with faux belt), dark blue "skinny jeans" and her brand new Sketchers that grandpa got her for her birthday present. It helps having a birthday so close, she asks for clothes from the grandparents etc which is perfect for back to school!

As for me, I was surprised with myself. All summer I have been in the habit of going to bed really late and getting up around 9am if I had no reason to be up any earlier other than for the kids but they slept in pretty good all summer, thankful for that! This doesn't work when you have a bus to catch at 7:50am, even though as hard as I tried to get my butt to bed earlier it just didn't work. Ever since I was child I have been a night-owl, if I'm not  tired to the point my eyes want to close when I go to bed I end up just laying there staring at the darkness or worse, thinking. Hard to sleep when your brain won't let you so I usually keep myself busy until I get tired enough to sleep. Anyway, needless to say I actually got in bed at a decent hour the night before and got up with my alarm, which by the way I had set with the ringtone for "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses. Coffee was already brewing as I remembered to pre set the machine!

By the time I was out of the washroom, dressed and ready downstairs K was already in the kitchen waiting on her breakfast with a big smile "It's the first day of school!" - Yes it was!

Sending her off this year was much easier than previous years. I remember the first time we dropped her off at daycare I had to hold back from crying, now I'm putting her on the big yellow bus all on her own - no tears this time! So to all you moms out there sending off first timers, it WILL get easier as they get older, well when it comes to sending them off to elementary school that is, we haven't hit the college or university stage here so I can just imagine what kind of blubbery mess I will be when that time comes. For now, I'll enjoy being able to kiss her goodbye every morning and hug her hello every afternoon :-) 

Her first day went well except for one little thing, she forgot her brand new Thermos at school :( Luckily we stuck a label on it! I hope she finds it though, it was really nice. Nonetheless she had a great first day and that's what matters! We hope your little ones had a great first day and mom, have a great first week!



Since becoming a mom I think have gained some experience and perspective about what products we bring into our home and use every day around our children and our pets. We try to check labels at stores, are these products Eco-friendly? Not tested on animals or contain animal products? Are these ingredients safe for our children? There are many questions to ask yourself when you are making an important purchase, and as funny as it may sound, products you clean your house with and use every day for your family are a very important purchase in my eyes.

I once bought a no-named brand "all purpose cleaner" without reading the label, I was looking at the cheap price tag and thinking of my budget at the time. The minute I opened the bottle I could smell the chemicals. It gave me a headache and I was not about to start using this stuff on every day surfaces my kids (and pets) touch, "all purpose" or not. Typically we have heard the old tale "the stronger it smells the better it works" - I see it as "the stronger the smell the worse for you it has to be" containing all kinds of dangerous chemicals and all.

Even then, going back to the same local store we shop at, it's hard to find products that will both do the job and not be so harsh at the same time. In fact the selection is quite limited. We prefer buying a product that will do the job with a less harsh smell and leave us with peace of mind knowing our loved ones aren't being exposed to something that wouldn't even be good for the environment. One green, Eco-friendly brand that I am happy to have had the opportunity to be introduced to is Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation helps parents make smart choices when buying Eco-friendly products for their households.

About Seventh Generation:

Seventh Generation believes their products are healthy solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home - and for the community and environment outside of it. They want their products to make a difference - from their development through to their production, purchase, use and disposal. Their Canadian line-up of products helps make it easy for small decisions to add up and make a big impact on the environment.

Seventh Generation makes household products like Natural Household Cleaner, Natural Laundry Detergent and Natural Dish Washing Detergent and also has a baby product line including Free & Clear diapers, Free & Clear Baby wipes and Paper products!

We received a Seventh Generation gift pack to try out which included coupons for their Free & Clear diapers, Free & Clear Baby wipes, Natural Household Cleaner, Natural Laundry Detergent, and Natural Dish Washing Detergent.

Our potty training son still wears diapers at night time we are happy to try out the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers. They are made with a cloth-like material that is soft and absorbent, leaving out chemicals like bleach and dyes. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers are safe to put in the green bin as they are Eco-friendly. Fragrance-free wipes are a must in our house, both kids have sensitive skin and break out in rashes with the slightest perfume scent. We have experienced that before with our daughter and have always made sure since to purchase facial and personal products that are chemical and fragrance free. I'm happy knowing that Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers and wipes are hypoallergenic and don't contain any perfumes or fragrances, a safe choice for our kids.

What I like most about Seventh Generation  is that they have our families in mind. Their household products are not made with harsh chemicals, opening bottles didn't give me a headache this time and they still do the job. You know they are safe to use on the surfaces your little ones touch every day and deliver baby products you can trust. Doing our part by choosing a family-safe product and doing our environment a favour by making them Eco-friendly.

Join us in the Eco talk by joining the 7th Gen Nation! As a Nation member, you’ll have access to coupons, special offers and great tips for green and healthy living. There is so much we can do and so much we can learn, beginning with what products we use in our homes and for our families.