We were invited to attend Richard Scarry's Busy Town live on stage however due to its location we were unable to attend ourselves and offered up the tickets to a good friend of ours.

We are proud to present to you this fabulous guest post by Jennifer of www.GenuineJen.com

Richard Scarry's BusyTown Busy Review:

Sunday started like any other weekend I am off work. Woke up made a cup of coffee, checked emails etc and the kids had breakfast. This weekend was a little different as we had a special treat in store for the kids. My husband had to work and wasn’t able make it for this special treat so instead we brought Nanny with us.

We were heading to Orleans for a special theatrical showing of Richard Scarry’s Busytown Busy. We live just over an hour from Orleans, Ontario so we had a late lunch and piled into our van for our journey into the city for the 4pm showing (the 1pm sold out!). All the while the kids were wondering where we were going. I just kept telling them “to Orleans, I promise you will have fun.” 

We arrived at this beautiful building called the Shenkman Art Centre; headed in to find the ticket booth and then find our seats. We also toured the art as we were there a little early and had to wait for the theater to open.

As a child I remember the Golden Little books of Richard Scarry’s Busytown. I didn’t know that there were over 100 million books sold and they have been translated into a dozen languages. I will always remember the apple and the worm, Lowly worm. My kids also have read some of the books and watched the tv show Busytown Mysteries. 

Show time! Right away as the characters were coming out on the stage I knew it was going to be a great show. They are very big and bright and the sound was just right; prefect for little children. The singing and dancing really was fun and the Busytown gang got interactive with the crowd; singing, dancing and hula hooping along with their favorite characters. 

I really like the easy messages that were within the show, this is great as the audience was mostly young children under 5. The day after I asked my son about what he learned when at the show and he did tell me all the messages – safety, talent and manners. Both of my kids loved when Officer Murphy had them reply to his “How busy is he?” the kids were asked to say “Busytown Busy”!

This was a wonderful show for children and their parents; both my mom and I enjoyed the show also. The sounds, sights and adorable characters make this a must see!

Find out if Richard Scarry’s Busytown Busy will be touring near you! Right now they are in Ontario and then heading out to Western Canada. 

Disclosure: Written by Jennifer of www.genuinejenn.com on behalf of AME. Opinions and comments in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of A Motherhood Experience.


When you have your first baby you will most likely hear the phrase "enjoy every moment, time goes by quickly" or something to that sound. I know I did and it's very true. Time does go by quickly when you have kids. My two are now *almost* 4 and 7 1/2, there are days when I wish I could take back time just for one more moment of snuggling up to a soft newborn.

There is so much joy in being a new parent - despite the dirty diapers and sleepless nights, both baby and new parent are learning and growing together. Many moments to be remembered, treasured in our hearts and shared with our loved ones. It's so easy to get caught up in the turbulence of the everyday and forget to slow down and enjoy those precious moments. 

Beginning Feb 27th, Johnson's Baby is asking Canadian parents to make a commitment, take notice and celebrate those moments of joy with everyone!

Interested in participating? Simply head on over to the Johnson's Baby Facebook Page and submit a video and description of your story - you never know, you could be one of the eight Canadian families to be chosen to be featured on Facebook, TV and more!

We have so many moments over the years that we have cherished with photos and videos, we may have to compile something nice to submit if we decide to enter this contest ourselves!

Good Luck and Happy Sharing!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Johnson's Baby. Opinions and comments are those of AME.


DIY home renovations are becoming more and more popular these days. Nobody wants to pay big bucks to have someone do a mediocre job on a room meant to be enjoyed by the family. 

We have been doing our own DIY interior painting and decorating, every spring we try to give our place a bit of a home face-lift. Being inside most of the winter months has us needing to brighten the place, change some colours and freshen things up a bit!

Now, hubby's father is a veteran interior/exterior painter and decorator. He does it for a living and has his entire life so low and behold hubby inherited the knowledge and knows a thing or two about how to properly get a job done with great results. I on the other hand am an amateur when it comes to interior decorating and DIY projects. Unless it has specific instructions like say stick on decals, it probably won't end up the way I originally envision it. 

This time, when hubby starts our DIY home-face lift I will be able to help and still get great results thanks to SHUR-LINE painting tools!

Something I remember both my father in law and hubby saying about painting is that you need good rollers and a good roller cage, otherwise you're asking for a mess in both attempting to paint and the clean up afterwards. 

The SHUR-LINE Easy Release Frame eliminates messy project clean up. It's designed with a lever system that allows release of the roller cover for washing or throwing away. One simple squeeze of the lever and the roller cover is quickly released from the frame avoiding a mess and saving time. With its unique design it also prevents the roller cover from slipping off and can be used with any standard size roller cover. The soft, ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, prevents your hands from getting tired and is designed to use with an extension pole.

Forget standing on an unsafe surface like a chair or climbing a ladder for those hard to paint areas like high walls and ceilings. SHUR Line Easy Reach Extendable Pole makes it simple to reach and limits your risk of falling or straining yourself trying to stretch and reach. It has a universal threaded tip to fit different attachment tools. The foam handle adds extra comfort and there's a built-in notch to hang it for easy storage. 

Painting the trim in a room requires patience and accuracy. If you are painting close to a ceiling it can be easy to get paint on the ceiling or on the tools you are using to cut a straight line. Cut the perfect edge with the SHUR-LINE Edge Like A Pro!The SHUR-LINE Edge Like A Pro ceiling and trim paint edger is designed to be quicker, more accurate and easier to clean that traditional edgers. It has an ergonomic swivel handle and is also threaded for attachment on any standard pole. Keeping the wheels on the edger is easy as it features a retractable guide that lifts the wheels out of the way when paint is being applied. The design allows mess-free loading with the proper amount of paint. Clean up is simple as the reusable (after cleaning) pad can be released with the push of a button.

With these handy tools under our belts we will have our house fresh and looking like new in no time.

You can find SHUR-LINE tools at The Home Depot, Lowes and Home Hardware stores or check out the SHUR-LINE website for more information!

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  • SHUR-LINE Easy Release Frame
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Picture it: Something important has come up and you need to write it down. You grab (what you think is) a trusty pen, paper and begin to frantically jot down your important note only to notice that the pen either isn't working, what you wrote down is smudged or worse, ink all over your hands. Happened to you before? Me too, pen explosions. I can't stand it. There is nothing worse than needing a pen and grabbing the wrong one. Blotchy, smudgy and all around messy run-of-the-mill pens.

In a study conducted by Papermate, they found that even though we have technology like smart phones and tablets to enhance our messages and notes, people are still relying on the good old fashion means of pen and paper to get their messages across. The study also found that people are looking for high quality performance, greater speed and smoothness with an ease to writing. 

I am definitely one of these people! Although I am online a lot typing on a keyboard or smart phone, I do still keep a hand written note book or agenda handy for important things that I need to remember. Doctor's appointments, to do lists or even post ideas I want to jot down and later type out. Like the people in the study, I too prefer a pen that works with ease to an inky mess any day.

With all this in mind, Papermate introduces to us their new line of pens - Papermate InkJoy. Papermate InkJoy combines a unique blend of ultra-low viscosity ink with optimized writing tips to deliver this ink. Papermate InkJoy brings effortless writing different from your typical ball point or gel pens.

The Papermate InkJoy family of pens have 7 different models and come in a variety of different colours. Different pens from the everyday 100 series for students or 300 for fun at home to the more elite 700 series for office and teachers, regardless of the model you choose - writing doesn't get any better than Papermate InkJoy

You can find Papermate InkJoy pens where ever office supplies are sold such as Walmart, Loblaws or Basics for $0.20 cents to $1.65 per pen depending on the model of pen.

When you look at these you may think "yeah, so what? A pen is a pen" but no, these are not just your typical pen. I really like the 300 series while hubby leans more toward the elegant 700 series. Both vibrant and fun colours with a smooth writing experience that has me replacing our old messy, dried out pens with our new Papermate InkJoy pens! 

Visit www.papermate.com to see the entire line of Papermate products including the new Papermate InkJoy pens! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Papermate Inkjoy. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME. Giveaway prize sponsored and shipped by Papermate representatives.


Last year, we took a look at the popular Canadian children's group of the year, Splash 'N Boots second CD "Back in Yellow" - the kids had such a fun time singing and dancing along to their upbeat songs. I thought that album was funny because the album name made a play on the band AC/DC's album "Back in Black".

Splash 'N Boots are a Canadian musical duo and they are also husband and wife! They just finished touring with TreeHouse TV and released their 2nd full-length DVD entitled "The Splash 'N Boots Show - Act 2", following the success of their first DVD "The Splash 'N Boots Show - Act 1". With already 5 Cd's and 2 DVDs under their belts, sold out tours and more - it seems there is no stopping these two!

The Splash 'N Boots Show - Act 2 DVD is 50 minutes long and loaded with fun from beginning to end with music videos, skits and more including the introduction of Splash 'N Boots new dog Lily.

We got the DVD just in time for family day weekend so it gave us a chance to watch it together. The kids were excited about watching it as they are familiar with Splash 'N Boots music already!

I love that Splash 'N Boots are Canadian and their music is wholesome and fun for everyone. They show passion for what they do and are very energetic, you can't help but enjoy it with them. My daughter is seven, the age where things like kids music and television shows are deemed "for babies" and she sometimes refuses to watch or listen to anything her three year old brother may enjoy. I can proudly say that she enjoyed the DVD as much as her brother did, kids can't help but laugh at the silliness of Splash 'N Boots. They had smiles across their faces from the beginning to end and I have to admit, so did I! 

Splash 'N Boots are working on their 6th album, the best part is they are getting the fans to help! They have the song and album names but will be writing lyrics and need their facebook fans to help by submitting Cd artwork that will make up an album booklet! A portion of the sales of their 6th CD will be going to Sick Kids Hospital. 

Splash'N Boots have also just been nominated for the 2012 Children's Group of the Year for the Independent Music Awards!!! They won back in 2007 so they are so excited to be nominated yet again! Winners of the Independent Music Awards are chosen through public voting!

Check out the Splash 'N Boots website for more information about the duo and how to buy your own Splash 'N Boots CDs and DVDs! 

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Splash 'N Boots. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME. Giveaway prize sponsored and shipped by Splash 'N Boots representatives. Questions? See our rules and regulations!


It seems to be one thing after another around our house, very fast paced and on the go. As February comes to an end, March break is coming up just around the corner and I think we are all due for it.

What I enjoy about March break besides the fact I don't have to get up and rush to get out the door and catch our daughters bus in the bitter cold of the early morning, is the time we spend together as a family. Not only is it March break but we have two birthdays that fall in that week every year, so it makes it all the more special - at least to us. 

We spend March break close to home, a "staycation" if you will. There are plenty of things between two birthday parties that can keep the kids entertained and allow us to spend time together at the same time. 

A family trip would be nice but we enjoy spending time off simply at home and out around our city.

The kids enjoy simple pleasures like baking treats together (daddy's birthday cake could be a good project this year!), playing make-believe, making crafts and getting outside to explore together - even if it's just in the back yard or going out for a walk. 

To me, March break more about how we do things and the times we spend together. Time goes by fast and the kids get bigger by the day, from time to time we need to take a moment to slow it down a pace and enjoy the smaller things. 

I am proud to be part of the #Kindermom/#MamanKinder team for a second time - we will definitely be sharing some Kinder® moments during our March break, it is after all a traditional March break treat! ;-)

Check out the new 2012 line of Kinder® Surprise toys, great conversation and Kinder® contests on the Kinder® Canada facebook page! Right now Kinder® Canada has a great giveaway going on! You can enter to win $500 toward the ultimate staycation!

Follow the Kinder® Canada conversation on Twitter using Hashtag #KinderMom or #MamanKinder! 


Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Family Day is over for another year, we had a nice long weekend spending quality time together and just enjoying the little things. 

Saturday was spent at home, the kids just lounging around - being Mom I always have things to do and spent my day cleaning up the house and doing things that needed to be done because the rest of the weekend was booked and I wouldn't have any time for it on Sunday and Monday!

Sunday we took a walk with the two kids to Tim Horton's for a treat on our way shopping. I got one of their new Lattes and hubby got his usual large triple triple. Used to be XL but with the new size change that is just too much coffee for one person to handle. The kids got their usual old fashion plain donut and chocolate milk. We actually had a list of things we wanted to pick up at a few places, nothing major or that we couldn't live without but either way we ended up walking home empty handed. No real reason, we were just looking around - enjoying the time out together with no stress.

Monday was the day DD excitedly awaited all week long, Family Day. Not only did she have no school but we decided to take the bus downtown for some family fun at the #OldNavyFamilyDay Party at Old Navy Rideau Centre.  

Because it was Family Day and we knew that downtown would be a little crazy, we decided K and I would head off to the party while hubby and Ds went their ways shopping for a bit too. 

When we got to Old Navy the music was booming and we signed in at the door - @MrsLouLou was there - it was so nice to see her! There were people of all ages, enjoying the fun activities that were put together like the Crazy Cat Walk, Photo Booth, Cookie and Juice bars, Crafts and not to mention shopping! I saw some other familiar faces in Old Navy as K and I walked around, me checking out fashions and her checking out the activities!  

Fun at #OldNavyFamilyDay!
Everything we purchased was on sale except for the $5 TY doll that K begged me for almost the entire time we were there, of course I bought it for her - it was family day! I also spent enough to get the extra swag bag but since I was there as media and got one, I'm giving the second to my mother in law to enjoy! 
Being downtown we had to stop at McDonald's as a treat for the kids, the giant golden arches get them asking every single time. We soon caught our bus (we won't mention the events that occurred at the bus stop) and went home!

Shopping @OldNavyCA

The kids couldn't wait to try on their new Old Navy duds. Believe it or not, I didn't get a thing for myself! I did eyeball some things but with so many people there and K so excited I wouldn't have had time to try them on before buying but that's okay, we can always take another day and go back!

We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got home so we just relaxed at home and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon and evening! 

Back to routine this morning! :) We hope you all had a happy Family Day too! Thank you to @BunchFamily and @OldNavyCA for hosting this fab event and having us attend VIP! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME. We were invited to mentioned event as media with general perks however, this was a free for all event in whole. Opinions and comments are those of AME.
Today was Shrove Tuesday, aka "Pancake Tuesday" and to celebrate, Kellogg's has a great contest where you can enter to win a years worth of Kellogg's Pancakes and Eggo's!

Click the image below, it'll take you to the site to enter!

Good luck!


Disclosure - Post written by AmE based on information sent over by Kellogg's. No compensation was gained. Opinions and comments are those of AME!

Back in January we introduced to you, Penguin Canada's new brand for young adults - RazOrBill. Being a member of the Penguin Canada blogging network we were sent over some great RazOrbill titles to share with all of you.

50 Cent: Playground

There is always a lot of hype around when a mega-star who typically dabbles in other arts, writes a book and Playground was no exception. Playground is loosely based on 50 cent's adolescent years. I decided this one would be a good addition to our library. Not only because it's written by 50 Cent but because it touches on bullying, a very serious matter we are always on the watch for in our local schools. This story was written loosely based on 50 Cent's adolescence with his teenage son in mind. It's about the moments that made one boy into the Playground bully. The book is written in the first person voice and accented with illustrations drawn by Lizzi Akana. 

The future of us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

This book had me at the description, I am very interested in any books that have to do with technology and this story is an interesting one. It takes place in technologies past with a twist of technology's present when two friends embark on the Internet for the very first time in 1996 and stumble across their future selves on Facebook after installing an AOL CD. I like how the book tells the story from different perspectives, you read what both main characters are thinking. The description written also helps you almost feel what the characters are feeling as they are shocked seeing images of themselves as adults and what their lives have been like. This book represents the advances we have made in technology from then until now, how we communicate past to present and knowing what your future may hold. For those of us who have been using the Internet for over a decade, this is a book we can relate to.  

Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

Not your typical novel, Chopsticks is a completely picture-based book. You have to use your imagination as every page is a part of the tragic story unraveled. It's amazing how the images throughout the book captivate your emotions and take you through the story of Glory - the piano prodigy raised by her single father after her mother passed away. After her disappearance, the story flashes back to events leading up to when she went missing. As a withdrawn teenager she falls for an artistic boy who lives next door. Eventually she falls into madness and can only play the song "Chopsticks". Powerful through pictures, old photos and few words I enjoyed this book as I have never seen anything like it before.

RazOrbill has so many fantastic titles to choose from, these are just a taste. We can't wait to check out more new and upcoming titles. Visit www.razOrbill.ca to get in on the conversation about these and other great Penguin Canada titles!

Win it!

Want to get your hands on all three titles from RazOrbill? Simply fill out the rafflecopter ballot below to be entered for your chance to win!


Our kids are getting older and every year we like to do a little bit of a room change for them. Nothing major but enough to freshen things up and get rid of things that are too young for them like toys, clothes and even some decor.
The last room to get a redo was our sons when he turned 3. We transformed his baby room into a big-boy room, walls suited with car decals and all.

Unfortunately we had quite the time putting up the boarder, it kept peeling off and before we knew it was not reusable so we ended up having to throw it out. Big waste of money and we were all disappointed because it was nice and matched the room. 

This time around we are planning on doing our daughters room first. It needs to be repainted/decorated and she needs a new bed - she got a bunk bed last year but the thing is way too high and she almost hits the ceiling, shes also getting tall. We don't want to go down the same road and go with cheap quality yet expensive priced decals and boarders only to have them end up where the ones we bought last year did - in the trash.
Perfect timing for Oliver's Labels release of their new Room-Eez letter decals! Oliver's Labels specializes in name labels of all sizes for everyone in the family - the only labels with an online lost and found so your things always return home. 

The letter decals add a nice personalized touch to just about any room. We chose a 'K' letter decal in pink for our daughter. She wants to have sort of a Springtime feeling to her room she said, this is perfect for her door!

Oliver's Labels Room-Eez letter decals are a simple way to personalize a child's room. 10” high and 8.5” wide and will vary slightly depending on your choice of letter and font. It's easy to decorate with Room-Eez letter decals because you can choose any background colour you'd like to customize and match the room. 

Room-Eez letter decals are made with durable material so unlike your typical store bought decals, they won't peel off the wall or shrink over time.These are great for a child's bedroom, playroom, day cares, class rooms or even bathroom.

Oliver's Labels Room-Eez letter decals can be purchased on the Oliver's Labels website for $9.99. 

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Need a little something for your kids room decor? Oliver's Labels are giving you the chance to win a Room-Eez letter decal of your choice! One lucky AME winner will be chosen, please fill out the rafflecopter ballot below to be entered to win! 


Monday is Family Day, a day we put aside from our busy hectic schedules to spend quality time with our families. This year, as we said in a previous post, we will be heading downtown to a fantastic fun Family Day event - we can't wait for that!

The event only lasts a couple of hours so there is still plenty of time to get some down time in when we return. After supper and everyone is settled down we are having a Hasbro Family Game night to celebrate our fun Family Day. I for one have always loved board games since I was a little girl. I am happy to have some of Hasbro's classic board games to share with my family today.

Monopoly Electronic Banking (family ages 8+): A new way to play a well-known game, Monopoly Electronic Banking eliminates the need for old style paper money that we all know and replaces it with special monopoly debit cards! Forget counting your money, earn thousands, collect money and more in your virtual Monopoly bank account. Own over the city! 

The Game of Life (family ages 8+): This game has always been one I have enjoyed since I was first introduced to it as a child by my parents. The Game of Life brings you on a journey through life, literally! The board is a road map and the spinner is your fortune wheel as you travel life one space at a time. Attend college, get married, have kids and more! See who will end up the millionaire in the mansion at the end of the game!

Guess Who? (kids ages 6+): The original face-guessing game as we all know it! Spend hours guessing and eliminating guesses to find your opponents card! The game has simple one-step out of the box set up and comes with two cards, people and animals! You can also go online and download more sheets to print out! Literally hours of fun!

Operation (kids ages 6+): The classic silly skills game featuring new sounds that help guide you through your operation! Tweezers in a steady hand, listen for the sound and help Sam out! Press his nose to find out if the operation was successful and listen carefully as the game tells you what to look for next! Will you be the next top doc?

Playing board games is about more than just who wins or loses. It's about having fun spending quality time together, making memories - the perfect way to spend (or in our case end) the perfect Family Day! 

How are you spending your family day? If you aren't planning an outing, why not make it a Hasbro Family game day! Visit Hasbro's website for their complete collection of toys and games!


Disclose: Post written by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. We received complimentary product. All opinions and comments are those of AME.


Lately things around here have been all about freshening up our home. There's nothing more welcoming than a fresh scent when you walk into a room. As I've said before, we use scented candles but at night so during the day time and any other time we have air fresheners around the house. Sometimes they are in the form of gels or those plug in ones. Nothing fancy and usually placed where people can't see them but can still smell them. 

Glade by SC Johnson recently introduced me to their new line of affordable, elegant home fragrances Glade Expressions.  Available in two stylish formats - Oil Diffusers, which come in Wood Grain or Flat White Panel styles and Refillable Fragrance Mist, the label on the Fragrance Mist peels off revealing a white bottle that blends into any decor. No more hiding those gels and plug-ins anymore!

Both fragrance formats are themed for spring with fresh scents including:
  • Pineapple & Mangosteen
  • Lavender & Juniper berry
  • Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice *fragrance mist only*
  • Cotton & Italian Manderine *fragrance mist only*
We haven't tried all the scents yet as they are long lasting but our favourite so far is the Pineapple Mangosteen and the Lavender & Juniper berry. We placed the Oil Diffuser (Flat White Panel) in the bathroom and the Refillable Fragrance Mist bottle in our office for easy access and keeping it out of reach of small hands. A nice touch of elegance to our simple home living decor!

Take a look at the Glade website for more information about their newest products and where to buy them!

Posted by AME on behalf of Glade. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME


Happy Valentines Day 2012 - We are celebrating our 9th Valentine's Day together as a couple this year. Wow, time flies doesn't it? I still remember our first Valentines Day back in February 2004, I was gifted with a lovely ring as a token of his love to me. I still have the ring too!

Other than a few small surprises over the years we have kept pretty low-key when it comes to Valentines Day. We do celebrate, in our own humble way. As much as I would love to go all out and get the kids babysat for us to enjoy a romantic dinner together it's not reality. Especially with Valentines being on a school night :-P 

Us adults usually enjoy a nice quiet evening together after the kids are in bed. We have grown to a point where the flowers, candy and such are nice gestures but its the every day stuff that really counts in the long run. 

For the kids, Valentines Day is about showing how much you care about each other. We gift the kids with a Valentine and a treat each year. Nothing big or over the top. Just enough to say "I love you" :)

What do you do to celebrate the day of Love? 


Discloser: Post written by AME. All opinions are honest and those of AME

We are right in the middle of winter 2012 and I'm already thinking about the warmer seasons, specifically summer. Ah, we can't wait until the sunny summer months are upon us once again!

When I think of summer I remember attending summer camp. My brother was the first of us to go. I remember being jealous, I wanted to go and have fun too! When I turned 7, although the registration age was 8, they made an exception because my birthday fell the week after and I was able to go!

We drove a couple of hours to reach our summer camp destination and our stay was one week. During our the one week stay, every day we paid tribute to our nation by getting up at 6am, heading outside to raise the Canadian flag and sing our national anthem - before breakfast. Meals were served in the hall, cabins took turns serving the food and cleaning up the dishes. We were taught how to keep house by cleaning our cabins too. Each cabin earned points toward cleanliness which resulted in an award to the cabin with the most points at the end of the week. I don't remember our cabin ever winning though.

There were lots of activities to keep us going including crafts, one of my favourite things when I was a kid. One year we made a cross necklace with wood and leather. We had recreational activities like archery, swimming and paddle boating. It was a catholic camp so daily we had bible study, that was the only part I didn't like because they would make us read out loud for an hour and I was a very timid child. I'd pray they wouldn't call on me!

The best part was climbing Blueberry Mountain. One day a week, a couple of cabins would go as groups to the ever popular "Blueberry mountain". It was a big enough mountain with a trail to climb and once we got to the top, we made a camp fire and cooked breakfast. We would make "egg in a hole" complete with fresh blue berries from the top of the mountain. Hence the name.

The end of our camp stay was celebrated by an end of the week banquette where each cabin preformed the skit they were assigned to practice all week. Dinner was served and they would do a "backwards dinner" where we had dessert first. I recall many of the kids complaining to be full when the spaghetti dinner was served after a big bowl of ice cream. I remember after the banquette they had a campfire with marshmallows, songs and all. It was a really great way to spend part of the summer.

I would love for my kids to be able to experience summer camp when they are a little older. Maybe in a year or two!

Are you looking for a summer camp destination for your kids? Don't miss Canada's largest Camp Expo! February 26, 2012 from 12-4pm at Roy Thomson Hall (60 Simcoe St. Toronto).

There you will find top March Break, Summer and Holiday Camps for kids and teens. Attend free information seminars to help you make the best decision and prepare for camp. Learn about charities, discounts, bursaries and tax credits available for camp. 

Proceeds from the expo go toward Kid in camp which is a non-profit organization that ensures every kid has the chance to experience camp!

When you register for FREE admission, you are automatically entered for a chance to win $500 toward exhibiting camps at the expo! For more info about the Camp Expo please visit OurKids.net
I'm participating in the Our Kids Camp Expo Blog Hop.  Yesterday's Camp Memory can be found at Nugglemama's Handful. Tomorrow, the fun is happening at MomsTown.ca.

In celebration of the Camp Expo there are going to be TWO Twitter parties happening, you should totally join in on the camp talk, share memories and win some prizes!

When: February 5th and 22nd @ 9pm (est)
Where: Twitter hasthtag #campmemories

Come join the conversation on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ourkidsnet


Discloser - I am participating in the Our Kids Camp Expo Blog Hop. No compensation was gained however our name has been placed in the $500 draw.The memories shared are those of my own.


Feb 13-19 is Kindness week and our daughters elementary school is having the kids participate in a fun activity that will not only make people feel special, but I think will help kids understand how great it feels to do a random act of kindness for someone, even if it isn't their best friend and even if there is nothing in return but a thank you.

Each student will pick a name and that person will be their "secret Valentine" for the week. They will need to do one act of Kindness for their Secret Valentine daily, for four days and on the fifth day they will reveal their identity by making a special card for the special friend they chose.

Some things that she could do is: 
  • Invite that special friend to the "Breakfast Club" and have breakfast before class together. 
  • Give that special friend a hug, you never know when they are having a bad day.
  • Give that special friend a special compliment (you like their hair, colour of outfit, drawing etc) and make them smile.
  • Helping the special friend when they are in need, even if its a small task like holding the door or keeping them company at recess. 
  • Be reading buddies on library day and read a book together.
  • Sharing your favourite lunch snack with your special friend, just so they can taste how good it is too!
  • Listen and try to help your special friend solve a problem.
  • Give your special friend a friendship bracelet or hand made trinket. These can be made or bought for as little as $2 at the dollar store.
  • Write a "Thank You" note or draw a picture for that friend for being special to you.
She only has to come up with four but we ended up coming up with many more, there is never an end to the kind things you can do for others. Honestly, I think it's nice that there is a week dedicated to being especially kind to people but random kindness should be an every day thing.

Kind of like Valentine's Day, love for one another should be shown on a daily basis.

*Non-sponsored post written by AME. All opinions are honest and our own*

Family day is Monday February 20th, the kids are off school and most major stores are closed. Have you decided what you are doing with your family this Family Day? Usually we stay home, hang out and try to do activities with the kids but this year we are going to celebrate in a different way.

Old Navy is opening it's doors (at select locations in Etobicoke, Calgary and Ottawa) and turning their stores into a Funnovation Imaginaruim for the whole family to enjoy!

  • From 1-4 Old Navy will turn into the Funnovation Imaginarium, a place devoted to the imagination where the whole family can have a ton of fun while being creative together!
  • Activities include - dancing on the Funky Floor, strutting your stuff on the Crazy Catwalk, and inventing new creatures, machines and fashion accessories in the Funnovation lab!
  • There's a Kooky Cookie and Juice bar too!
  • Special for Moms - if you spend $50 or more you get a $10 discount and a special surprise swag bag (while supplies last)! 
When: Monday February 20th 1-4PM
Where: Old Navy Store - Ottawa, Rideau Center location @ 50 Rideau Street

We were so excited to get a V.I.P invite from www.bunchfamily.ca - AME will be Tweeting about the event using hashtag #OldNavyFamilyDay and sharing what we did at the event for those who may not be able to attend afterward on the blog!
If you do go, stop by and say hi! Hope to see you there, it sounds like a really fun time for everyone!


Discloser: AME are being hosted at this event as VIP by www.bunchfamily.ca however it is free for everyone to come! Opinions and comments are those of AME.