The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is proud to bring you Bust a Move for Breast Health™, a fitness extravaganza for a great cause.

Taking place at the Ottawa Athletics Club, April 21st 2012, 500 people will be participating in a day of fitness, fun and fundraising.

Celebrity fitness icon himself, Richard Simmons will be there as the celebrity spokesperson for the event and will be teaching a 45 minute class to participants! He will also be onsite to motivate everyone throughout the morning! 

Check out Richard's video below all about Bust a Move for Breast Health™ in Ottawa!

Participants will take part in some great fitness routines like Yoga, Bollywood dancing and kickboxing to name a few. If participants can't or don't want to participate in a certain routine they can always go check out the fitness marketplace or relax those muscles with a complimentary massage!

Proceeds from the event go toward local Ottawa breast health. To register and take part in this fitness fundraiser yourself please click the banner below to visit the website for complete details!

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Round that off to the nearest nickel!

It has been announced in the Canadian budget that exclusion of our Canadian penny will begin this fall.

Apparently it costs a penny and a half to make one penny so it's costing more than they are worth and worth less than they cost.

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced 38 billion pennies since it began distribution in 1908! That's a lot of pocket change!

Imagine, 104 years ago these little flat copper monies were worth something. People were proud to bring them home and use them to buy things and provide for their families. Oh how times have changed.

I'm not sure if I'm yay or nay about this new news. Pennies do add up, we have used pennies many times to pay exact change. Pennies are also a good teaching tool to help kids learn about counting, money and saving.

Our daughter has a piggy bank we toss loose change in, roll it up and cash it in for something she wants when she has enough.

I also wonder what will become of the economy, businesses will have to round prices off to the nearest nickel and I'm sure this will effect taxes eventually. I'm not saying it'll be bad but it makes me wonder if it'll make a big difference. You can still use pennies for payment until they are gradually withdrawn.

Here's a CBC article about it.

How do you feel about the new announced fate of our Canadian penny? Share your thoughts, sorry - no more pennies for them ;-)!

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Last fall we were introduced to SammyG's - Personalized Gifts for Bizee Peeps and had the opportunity to chat with the owner Samantha Graff while we were in Toronto for Blissdom Canada. 

Samantha gave us a great demonstration of her already popular line of products as well as a glimpse behind the idea to SammyG's. You can read the entire post about it here! It was a great experience, meeting a great Canadian entrepreneur and learning all about her unique personalized gifts at SammyG's!

SammyG's recently released their newest addition to the shop, SAMJAMS (for insanely hip peeps!) lounge pants for adults and kids! Over 58 colourful, unique and stylish limited edition designs and the cool part is that each leg is a different pattern! You can get styles in 100% cotton, Polar Fleece and flannelet - totally comfy for the lounger in your family.

When I first saw these I thought of my daughter, not only does she love wearing lounge wear but she also loves things that are unique, especially when it comes to her clothes! She loves fashion and different styles so the double theme in one pant with SAMJAMS fit her personality!

With so many different styles and patterns it was hard to choose which ones would be best but since she is a huge fan of Looney Toons, we chose the Tweety bird ones! 

Quirky and fun, SAMJAMS were a hit with our daughter. She loved how there are two patterns on one pair of pants and asked if there was a top to go with it (unfortunately they don't have tops, yet)! A medium size fit her perfect with a little bit of wiggle room. The material is super light so these are great to wear even on warmer days rolled up as capris or on chilly summer nights!

K wearing size medium kids SAMJAMS!

Thank you SammyG's once again for having us take a look at your fab new loungewear line - SAMJAMS!

To get your own SAMJAMS and check out the entire line available please visit www.samjams.ca!

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Soup is always a favourite on anybody's menu. It's an appetizer, a comfort food when you aren't feeling well, it's a food you are familiar with and a food you want to be healthy.

Homemade soup is great for nutrition, having all fresh ingredients but not everybody has the time to always make home made soup when life is such a rush. Unfortunately a lot of today's pre-made soups contain ingredients that aren't wholesome, too much salt and added preservatives such as gluten - things many people try to avoid in their daily diets.

Kettle Cuisine recently launched their new all natural, gluten free soups in Canada! For people looking for that healthier lifestyle, this is good news!  

Kettle Cusine was founded in 1987 by Jerry Shafir who's vision to create wholesome, great tasting soups for top quality restaurants came to life after he found out his daughter needed to maintain a gluten-free diet. Jerry began to search for ways to cook traditional, wholesome and delicious soups that people on a gluten free diet could enjoy and everyone would feel good about eating. Today, Kettle Cuisine offers some favourite recipes with no compromise in taste and no gluten!

Kettle Cuisine serves up yummy recipes like Chicken soup with rice noodles, Tomato soup with garden vegetables, New England Clam Chowder, Three Bean Chili and Angus Beef steak Chili! Each soup comes in a convenient, microwavable single serving - no leftovers!

Our experience:

I had never tried frozen soups before being introduced to Kettle Cuisine, as usual we were open to trying something new. Kettle Cuisine soups have a higher daily nutritional value than traditional canned soups - I had to 

I was surprised how hearty and flavourful these frozen soups are, not watery or salty at all as they contain no artificial preservatives. They are an easy, tasty and healthy way to eat gluten free that the whole family can enjoy!

For more info about Kettle Cuisine and all their delicious soups visit www.kettlecuisine.ca

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The weekend started out to be a great one, Friday we surprised the kids with the trampoline and all was well until an accident caused emergency on Saturday afternoon.

Typical Saturday morning we got up, kids playing and started the day. It was one of those Saturdays where the weather was dreary so we kept it indoors most of the day. My parents in law came by to say hi and have a coffee visit. After their visit we were cleaning up, doing the dishes etc and the kids were supposed to be watching a movie quietly upstairs when it happened.

A scream from upstairs, little guy got hurt somehow. We rushed up to see what happened to be greeted by a frantic K, stumbling over her words and bursting into tears. "It was an accident! I didn't mean to!" - Oh boy.

We checked out little guy, his ear was red as if he had fallen or been hit. Then we saw the blood - IN his ear. Even though I was about to hit panic mode I held it together for a minute, I took K aside and calmly told her we needed to know exactly what happened because we may have to go to the hospital.

She took a breath and proceeded to tell me she decided to look in his ears using a Q-Tip, Q-Tips we store in the hall closet she is not allowed to be going in for anything. He moved his head and got hurt. Right away I thought she pierced his ear drum, with the blood you couldn't see inside even with a flashlight so it was time to take him to the ER.

As soon as I grabbed my phone I started to panic a bit. I speed dialed my dad who came right away to take us to the Children's hospital. It calmed me down a little knowing he was going to be there.

The hospital wasn't packed with people but it was busy. We waited what seemed an eternity, you probably saw me tweeting. When we finally saw a doctor it was almost 7:30pm. 

It turns out she didn't hit the ear drum at all in fact according to the Dr his ears look perfect, other than a scratch inside the ear canal. We were instructed just to keep an eye on his ear for infections but otherwise he will be just fine! Big huge breath of relief. On the ride home K expressed her sorrow about doing what she did, she said she wasn't thinking. Lesson learned, I hope!

When we got home DH said he is buying a lock for the closet where the Qtips and other personal bathroom items are kept. Even after reminding the kids  they aren't allowed in there - better to be safe than sorry - again!

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. Opinions and comments are those of AME.


We have been brainstorming about something to get the kids to entertain them in our oh-so-boring back yard this spring/summer.

Now, the kids and the dogs share the yard so we had to think of something that was fun and practical. Something that wouldn't make a mess of the yard, didn't take up too much space (not to block off the dogs space) and above all - safe.

Dh had his heart set on a trampoline for them. When I think of a trampoline I think of my school days when they would bring a big trampoline into the gym and somebody always got hurt! I thought of limbs being entangled in the big springs. DH reminded me that we are 20 years later and the ones made for the back yard today come with safety features like padding and a net to avoid those types of injuries. His sister has had one since her kids were small, other than the odd accidental fall onto each other, nobody has ever been seriously injured.

I was under the impression we were waiting for a while before making a final decision after calculating the budget, it was looking tight. Then hubby took off with his parents to go shopping Friday. Little did I know he was going to pick up an 8 foot trampoline for the kids, turns out he had it planned all along!

Technically I knew, but I didn't know. Kind of a surprise for all of us because the kids also had NO idea. We try not to talk about exciting things in front of them because then we are subjected to days, weeks or even months of talking about it over and over until we get it. So, we kept it to ourselves. 

When DD came home from school we revealed the surprised to the kids - plenty of squealing, "Oh my goodness" and "Thank you so much" came from the kids. They spent the remainder of the afternoon bouncing around on the thing and guess what? 

Nobody got hurt :) To the kids this is more than a trampoline, it's childhood memories in the making!

K looks like shes floating!

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Easter will be celebrated this year on Sunday, April 8th in our house. Each year chocolate and Easter candy delights flood our minds as gift ideas from the Easter bunny to our little ones.

Typically I don't like giving my kids mounds of sugar on already exciting occasions like Easter - we have family who visit and they generously bring enough for everyone and some!

Hasbro dares you to think outside the traditional Easter basket filled with a yummy chocolate bunny, candy eggs and more yummy treats. Our kids will be in for a surprise this year when they come downstairs and see what the "Easter Bunny" has left them. 

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Spud Bunny: Easter is here and Mr. Potato head is decked out, ready to hop down the bunny trail! Mix and match parts to turn this fun spud into a springtime bunny! It comes with the eyes, nose, mouth, arms, feet, ears and basket of colourful eggs!

Play-Doh "treat without the sweet" spring eggs: Get ready for Spring with these pastel coloured Play-Doh eggs! Each plastic egg contains Play-Doh compound, perfect for creating Easter fun with egg hunts or to hand out to a child's classroom as a gift as each pack comes with 10 coloured eggs! If you don't need that many eggs they are also available in packs of 4!

Play-Doh Spring Characters (2-pack): With Easter comes the spring season, this chick and rabbit are ready filled with two ounces of Play-Doh to create whatever "springs" to mind. There is even a stamper on the bottom! They come per packs of two.

The kids are absolutely going to love these, they both love playing with Play-Doh and D loves Mr. Potato head. Pair these up with *one* special kind of chocolatey treat and we have the perfect Easter surprise.

Fun and excitement without too much sugar, that's the kind of celebration I'm talking about! Include Hasbro in your Easter basket this year, visit www.hasbro.ca to see more fun toys and games for kids of all ages!

You can buy the Easter Play-Doh and Spud bunny at most Walmart or Toys R Us locations!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. We received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions and comments are those of AME.


Our game collection is growing and so are the kids! Our son just turned four years old last week and while he has always shown a deep interest in what his sister does - he is especially interested lately when she's playing board games. Our daughter enjoys playing games like Operation or Guess Who, games that he doesn't quite understand how to play yet. He wants to join the the tradition of Friday afternoon board games too!

Hasbro has a great selection of games for preschoolers like our little guy. They are games that are simple, they don't have complex rules or a lot of parts - just right for the learning mind of a preschooler and they are of course like any Hasbro game, fun for the whole family.

These games geared toward preschoolers are the perfect addition to our game time library. We received some great titles for the kids including:

Memory - Play and learning are the perfect match in Memory! Nourish curious minds with this simple, fun game that will have everyone smiling with its vibrant colours, characters and fun! Simple to learn, simple to set up - Memory brings more time to play time! Little guy really enjoys this game, it's definitely one of his favourites!

Hungry, Hungry Hippos - Do you have the hungriest hippo? Join Sweetie Potomus, Veggie Potomus, Picky Potomus and Bottomless Potomus down at the riverbank for some feasting fun! Whoever gobbles up the most marbles, wins! Another simple set up, simple concept game for everyone to enjoy. This is a game that requires monitoring as it contains small parts and is not recommended for kids under the age of 3.

Candy Land: Candy Land is a wonderful game to introduce as a first game for your child. It is a way for a preschooler to really experience the joy of game play and its suitable for the entire family. This game teaches colour recognition and matching while also reminding little ones how to play fair, take turns and be a gracious winner or loser. Never a game of Candy Land played without a smile on everyones faces.

Chutes and Ladders: For over 60 years families have enjoyed the good old fashioned fun in Chutes and Ladders, the traditional climbing and sliding game. Take turns rolling the dice and climbing your way up the board, watch out for those tricky chutes that can slide you all the way back to the start! First one to the end of the board wins! This game teaches colour recognition, counting while having fun! 

Out of these games, little guy favoured Memory when playing independently and Hungry Hungry Hippos with his big sister. He's actually really good at getting his hippo to gobble up those marbles. Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders brought back some fond memories.

When I was growing up we always had board games in our house, we always played them whether it be as a family or just me and my brother having a game. It's nice to have a chance to introduce some well loved games to our kids and keep the tradition going today.

Check out more great game titles and toys at www.Hasbro.ca

Happy gaming!

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Last week, I was invited to attend a web conference featuring Emmy Award Winning celebrity stylist, author and fashion designer Carson Kressley to learn some fashion tips, tricks and learn all about new Tide Pods!

This was the very first time I took part in something like that so I was quite excited to say the least! I was joined by a few other bloggers and invited to submit questions via chat with a P&G rep while Carson Kressley answered them via live web cam.

A lot of great questions were asked like how to remove stains, keep darks and colours vibrant, what styles would be great that lean away from the typical "mommy-yoga" attire etc. Carson was delightful in answering them, it was a very educational and fun experience to say the least! 

Carson understands the importance of fabric care in looking our personal best, even for us moms. "Great style comes from making smart purchases that work for your body and lifestyle, investing in quality fabrics and caring for clothes to make them last. Tide Pods make caring for your fabrics simple, so you can be the one that stands out."

About Tide Pods:

As the Mom of the house I know a thing or two when it comes to laundry detergent. I have always had a love for Tide detergent, typically the powdered kind so it was interesting to take a look at these new Tide Pods

Over time doing laundry has changed from bar soap to flakes, powdered and liquid detergents but since then nothing has been as revolutionary as Tide Pods.

These were not thought up over night, it took the team at Tide eight years to develop with 75 technical resources dedicated to the project, 6000 consumers involved in research and over 450 packaging and product sketches before the final result was born! P&G were able to develop this new revolutionary product that would save people time and simplify the way they do laundry! 

Everything you need to wash your clothes in one simple little pod. Tide Pods deliver three dimensions of clean: stain fighting, brightening and the cleaning power we know and love from Tide. Each pod gives accurate dosing and consistent results.

Compatible with top or front loading machines, using Tide Pods is simple! Make sure your hands are dry and place one in the bottom of the washer (the film that contains the detergents will dissolve upon contact with even cold water!), turn on the machine and load the laundry in! That's it, you can't get any simpler than Tide Pods. One Tide Pod can handle any size load or add two for those extra dirty clothes.

We have been using Tide Pods for about a week now and they are just as good if not better than the current powdered Tide brand detergent we use. Very impressive for something so small! 

Tide Pods can be found in stores nationwide for about $4.99 (and up depending on the size of bag you want) and will be available in three lovely scents: Spring Meadow, Ocean Mist and Mystic Forest.

Thank you P&G for inviting me to join you and special guest Carson Kressley for this informative experience!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of P&G Tide Pods. We received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions and comments are those of AME.


Happy St. Patrick's Day to those celebrating this weekend!

We are of Irish descendant in one way or another - Dhs fathers side are Irish and of course my mother's side of the family as well has it in them too.

My grandfather (Moms dad) was Irish, St. Patrick's Day was the only day of the year the old man would head down to the local "watering hole" - town bar and have himself some beer to celebrate his heritage.

My grandmother actually worked at the hotel where the bar was - I don't remember if she worked St. Patrick's day or not. I do remember always at least visiting my grandparents on St. Patricks Day.

Nowadays we don't do very much, maybe wear green - don't think I actually own anything green myself but the kids do!

We have two birthdays right before St. Patrick's day so I guess you can say we get "celebrated out"!

This year we haven't planned anything except having my side of the family over Saturday and brunch with hubbys parents on Sunday :)

No green beer for this mama ;) Those days left when the first child was born, which is ok! Occasional glass of wine or a beer after a rough day sure, but getting tanked for St. Patty's day won't be happening here.

Those of you going out to or hosting a party to celebrate, have one for me but remember to be safe while having fun! Drink responsibly my friends :)

Luck of the Irish to ya!

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I grew up eating sliced white bread and *gasp* my children enjoy it now too. Even with all the negative say about white bread and it's calories, cholesterol and whatnot's, our attempts to change it up to whole grain over the years have failed. 

What can we say? We are among the many Canadians who will agree, some things just taste better with white bread! Peanut butter and Jam sandwiches, homemade croutons, yummy french toast with maple syrup or even just toasted with butter as a side with your morning eggs - it's got to be white bread for us. 

My favourite way to have bread is toasting it and putting some good old fashioned smooth peanut butter on it. Melt in your mouth goodness. 

Did you know: 
  • Canada's favourite ways to eat white bread are toasted, grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly!
  • Canadians 18-24 say they prefer their sandwiches cut into triangles or into squares to eat!
  • 59% of Canadians aged 18-24 agree sliced white bread cannot be substituted in certain recipes.
  • 60% of Canadians think sandwiches taste better when somebody else makes them. Yeah, that's the excuse my hubby uses too ;)
We are a Dempster's family especially Stay Fresh white bread, fresh to the last slice. There's no sandwich like a good sandwich made with wholesome, soft, fresh tasting bread like Dempster's. Definitely preferred over other types of bread. 

How do you like your white bread? Dempster's has an awesome contest happening, they are asking Canadians to share their favourite white bread recipes through the Dempster's Great White Bread Taste-Off for a chance to win $10,000 cash! 

The top 10 entries will be submitted to a taste-off and the grand prize of $10,000 will be awarded along with 2nd prize of $1000 and 3rd prize being $500!

Time to get your thinking caps on Canada and come up with some scrumptious recipes featuring white bread!

Head on over to the Dempster's Facebook Page and submit your recipe via the contest tab before it ends on March 22nd, 2012!

For more info about Dempster's and all their yummy goods please visit www.dempsters.ca

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Today a very special little boy is celebrating a very special 4th birthday. How fast the years go by and how grateful we are to be blessed with such an angel in our lives.

Our Little boy D's timeline in photos:

Our little man the day he was born - March 14th 2008

Little Guy turned 1 - March 14th 2009

Our boy 2 years  old Summer 2010

Little Guy turned 3 - March 14th 2011
Little guy weeks shy of 4 years old 2012
Happy Birthday little "Miracle Man". Mommy, Daddy and sister K love you! xox

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Toy commercials get my kids every single time. They don't say they want every single toy that comes splashing across the screen during TV hour but they do have select ones they cling to and beg for at every commercial they see. Our daughter has a thing for pets, she loves toys that represent a pet and over the years has collected different series of toys that were pet themed. 
FurReal friends has been one big interest of hers in the past - she got Cookie my playful pup for Christmas from Grandpa and still plays with her often. She also has a FurReal pet cat too. When she saw a commercial announcing that FurReal Friends have come out with their newest addition to the family, Dizzy Dancers, she expressed quite the interest for them and was happy to help review them with me for Hasbro!

Hasbro brings a fun, new twist to traditional pull-spin toys with new FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers! Dizzy Dancers are adorable, fuzzy little pets that swirl, spin and dance all over! Pets have a cute face and tuft of fur on top of their heads. It's simple to make them spin and whirl, just place them on the included base, insert the Dizzy Cord and pull! The faster you pull, the faster your Dizzy Dancers spin round and round! Each pet comes with a base, Dizzy Cord and Twistin' Tricks Card! 

Collect them all - FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers come in a variety of different kinds, three different collections: WhirlPower, Twirlicious and Rock n' Swirl! You can even remove the bottoms for some mix and match fun! 

Rozpawz and Lady McBugsy

The kids had so much fun making Rozpawz and Lady McBugsy (from the Twirlicious collection) twirl and spin around the Twirlin' Dance Studio! Lady McBugsy comes with the studio! They had no problem pulling the Dizzy Cord to make them go as fast as they could go! Even us grown-ups were entertained by them, we are after all still kids at heart!

Let the Dizzy Dancing begin!
The Twirlin' Dance Studio comes with accessories like a ramp for your Dizzy Dancers to preform tricks on and stickers so you can decorate the studio as you want (or you can follow the instructions in the manual too!).

Dizzy Dancers in the studio!

From a parent's perspective I like that these toys are great. They are simple and don't require batteries to operate. They are almost like the traditional pull-motor tops that we grew up with, except cuter! They are made for ages 4+, our son is just days shy of four and had just as much fun with them as his sister.

The Dizzy Dancers website has information about the Dizzy Dancers collection, where to buy them and also features videos and an interactive game for kids to design their own Dizzy Dancers! Visit www.dizzydancers.ca to check it out! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro. We received sample product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME.


This is a fun little tag game going around the blogosphere - my friend Brady from Insane Mamacita's Musings tagged me in her post and now it's my turn!

The rules are pretty basic if you were tagged:

1) Post these rules
2) You must post 11 random things about you by answering the questions in the post you were tagged in!
3) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag!
4) Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.
5) You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

My 11 things...

1) What is your dream job? I would love a job that required minimal work and maximum pay - you did say "dream job" ;) For real though I'd love to get deeper into blogging and Social Media (aka get paid to do what I love doing) :)

2) If you could choose, would you rather be deaf or blind? Why? Blind because you can feel things with your soul that the eyes could never see.

3) What song best suits your life (i.e. what is your theme song)? I honestly don't know. Maybe "It's my life" by Bon jovi :)

4) If money was no object and you could do whatever you wanted, what would your perfect day look like?
Waking up (late) to the kids fed, dressed and entertained, coffee in my cup and house clean including laundry. Maybe a car (with driver) waiting outside to take me to any shopping destination I want, stop at the spa and the whole kit. THAT would be perfect.

Otherwise, waking up to both kids happy and healthy is as perfect as my day gets ;) even if it means having to make my own coffee. 

5) Do you prefer baths or showers? Showers unless I'm sick. Our tub is uber small, I think it was made soley to bath children - adults can bathe in the tub too but it's not comfortable, trust me!

6) What is your favourite book? I enjoy reading the "For Dummies" series :-P *I don't really have a favourite book!*

7) What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Dated any of my exs in the past ;)

8) What is your favourite TV show of all time and why? Friends - hilarious.

9) What was your favourite toy as a kid? Mon Chichi monkey my dad got me. Had that thing until it was so ripped my mom threw it away lol

10) What do you do when (you think) no one is looking? Sing loud and dance proud, even if I look/sound like a complete fool ;-)

11) Describe yourself in a single sentence. I am me. :)

I have Tagged (click the twitter handle to visit their blogs!):

Here are my questions for you to copy/paste and answer :)

1) If you could have one super power, what & why?
2) If you were a car what kind would you be?
3) If money were no object, where in the world would you live?
4) What's your idea of peace?
5) What's your least favorite Pizza topping?
6) If you could meet a celeb alive or dead who and why?
7) What inspires you in whatever you do?
8) Do you prefer dogs or cats or no pets at all? Why?
9) What's your favorite movie of all time?
10) Whats your funniest memory to date?
11) If you could go back in time what era would you visit?

If you have been tagged and a) can't participate or b) don't want to participate - don't worry! I posted this for simple fun and also a great way to let everyone know about some of my fav tweeps/blogs :) 

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Being a blogger means being part of many different great communities like PTPA, where I participate when I can as both a tester and a blogger. I have had the opportunity to take a look at and evaluated some fantastic products in the past couple of months and we look forward to many more in the future.

It makes me proud to know when I help test and evaluate a product, I am giving my honest opinion as a mother and as a consumer at the same time considering the feelings of a small business who is throwing their idea out for all of us to consider bringing into our homes. 

I try not to be negative and give positive feedback on ways to make it better if I happen to see something not quite right. This is why it makes me happy when I see one of the products we had the opportunity to evaluate and review, win a prestigious award like the PTPA Seal of Approval.

PTPA announces the Spring 2012 Latest and Greatest Winners! The list includes a variety of amazing products and one of them is HairThingz which we evaluated and reviewed as well! You can see the entire list of winners by visiting www.ptpamedia.com

You can check out my review here on the PTPA Blogaholics blog (going live on Friday!) :) Congratulations to all the PTPA winners this round! 

Interested in becoming a PTPA tester? It's easy! Simply sign up at the PTPA website to get started! 

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Nothing makes me feel more joy than knowing I can help someone, even if it's just by using my digital voice and spreading the word. I'd like to tell you a little story, a story of loss - a story of strength and love. A story that really has no words that can begin to describe its mass. What one mother would do for her child - even if she can no longer touch him and a compassionate, caring community that has gone beyond measures to make dreams come true.

In 2011, Heather Hamilton (@tjzmommy) did the one thing every parent fears most, she said goodbye to her beloved son Zack. She and her family share an incredible journey over on her blog http://tjzmommy.blogspot.com.

Zack was born with a genetic disorder and heart defect, he spent a good part of his life in and out of York Central Hospital in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Zack was an amazing little boy who LOVED everything Elmo! Heather received a call from the hospital nurses just days after Zack's passing to ask if she would like to sponsor one of the rooms that were scheduled for renovation, in Zack's honour.

The fundraising efforts for Zack's Dream Room have been outstanding, really amazing! On March 18th, 2012 an exclusive Family screening of "Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey" event is being held as a fundraiser for Zack's Dream Room!

You can purchase tickets to the event here or if you can't attend the event you can always donate to Zack's Dream Room!

Let's all come together and help Heather's dream for her son become a reality! Let's help build that room that will help other sick children find the same joy of Elmo that Zack did.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it feeds the body thus feeding the mind. We are fortunate enough to be able to send our kids off to school with a hearty breakfast in their stomachs, ready to take on the day but for some kids, they head off to school hungry. When all you can think about is how hungry you are, how can you possibly concentrate to learn at school? It's incredibly sad but a reality in every school today.

I am proud to say that our daughters school offers "The Breakfast Club" - a place where kids who haven't had any breakfast or haven't had enough breakfast can go and get something to eat before class starts. I think it is a fabulous program!

Thursday, March 8th is National Breakfast day across the country. Kellogg's has joined forces with Breakfast Clubs of Canada and Breakfast for Learning launching the "Share your Breakfast" program which was created to encourage Canadians to help those kids who otherwise go without.

Did you know?
  • Studies show that breakfast can help kids boost their academic performance - improving behaviour, reducing absences and tardiness and increasing focus and physical performance.
  • In Canada sadly, 1 in 10 kids live in poverty and often go off to school on an empty stomach.
Throughout the day on Thursday, Kellogg's will be surprising Canadians with free mini packs of Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal to raise awareness of our hungry Canadian kids. In return, they are donating to their National Breakfast Day partners. A bowl for you, a bowl for someone who needs it. 

You can get involved by:
  • Viewing and sharing the Kellogg's Breakfast Video via social media - let all your family and friends know!
  • Pick up a specially marked box of Kellogg's cereal containing a pin code to redeem for a free small box, in return Kellogg's will make a donation to Breakfast Clubs of Canada and Breakfast for Learning.
  • Visit the breakfast charities directly and make a donation. Find out about all the great work they are doing to help kids across the country.
  • If you use twitter - tweet your support by using hashtag #shareyourbreakfast
Help us spread the word and make mornings brighter for kids in need across Canada!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation with the Canadian Kellogger's Network. All opinions and comments are those of AME.