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Raising kids isn't easy, nor is it cheap. Those of us who have had the joy of shopping for a baby already know, it's easy to go overboard buying everything at full price, brand new for this bundle of joy. Sure, a good start up kit is mandatory but when it comes to things your baby will need every day, you'll want to save where you can. 

Even after being born a month, our little one is always in need of something and we are constantly making lists of things we need. Nothing major I mean all baby gear like car seat, stroller, bed etc have been purchased but there is always an ongoing need for the little things that don't always have to cost you a pretty penny, there are ways to save!

Shop the sales. This is the number one tip I can give to anyone, parent or not. A lot of the time stores over price the simplest of items and compete with "the other guy". Check your local shops flyer's for the best deals, shop at multiple stores if you can and don't forget that many stores price match so if the "other guy" has a better price, you could score a deal from your favourite store.

Bulk buy. For items like diapers and wipes it's cheaper to buy a big box in bulk than buying singles when you need them. Stores like Walmart often have sales on smaller sizes which helps save when baby is little. You not only save money but also stock up for a while. 

Clip the coupons. Coupons are useful money saving tools available to everyone and when you have kids, these are as good as money in my opinion. You can get saving from as little as pennies to full products if you just look around in your local papers, fliers and also online websites that offer printable or mail-away coupons. Make sure to check the expiration date before you use them. 

Online discounts. Aside from coupons for in-store purchases, there are websites like Baby netvouchercodes that offer online coupons if you happen to be like me and enjoy shopping online. You can find coupons for everything from clothes to diapers and more, you might even find something to treat yourself! 

Think second-hand. Many gently used items are great money savers when it comes to kids. Most kids outgrow things before they out use them so having the option to save on having to buy brand new for each kid helps too. Mom to Mom, Baby sales, thrift and consignment shops are great resources to save and get more for your buck. Also a great way to get rid of old kids and baby clothes, accessories etc. Check your local listings in your area! You can also declutter your home and make a little money by getting rid of your old DVD/CDs at musicmagpie.com

It's easy to get carried away when shopping for that new baby but you don't have to empty your wallet in the process if you shop smart! Do you have any money saving tips when it comes to raising your family? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Happy Saving!


Today is Family Literacy day! A day to celebrate a love of reading with your family! There are many ways to celebrate today like sitting down for a good story with the kids, playing board games which involve reading like trivia games or going to the local library and signing up the kids for their first library cards!

In celebration of Family Literacy Day little guy's Kindergarten class is having a "Get Cozy and Read Day" at school! Kids are invited to wear their best PJ's, bring along their favourite teddy bear and pick out a good book to enjoy with friends and grade six reading buddies on Monday!

What a great way to promote a love of reading to younger kids by making it fun and celebrating reading through Family Literacy Day!

Little guy was excited to bring home the note sent home from the teacher about this special day. He decided he wants to bring the book "Little Puppy Saves The Day" by Muriel Pepin - part of the little animal adventure series. Simple to read with a pleasant story and a lesson to learn, I always enjoy sharing these stories with the kids.

We hope you have a fun and educational Family Literacy Day, whether you read at home or on the go, make sure you have a book in hand!

Remember to show your love for books every day by spending 15 minutes reading with your little ones. It can help improve their literary skills and its a great way to spend some quality time together.

Happy Reading!

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Having a new born baby is wonderful and scary at the same time. There are so many things to take into consideration when you finally have them home and one of them is their head health.

One out of two babies develop a flat head syndrome (or Positional plagiocephaly if you want to get technical) from laying on one side of the head or back for prolonged periods of time. This usually happens at 0-6 months, the stage where the brain is developing rapidly and babies skulls are still quite soft to accommodate growth. Being less mobile at this age with less "tummy time" babies can sometimes develop this problem. Pediatricians believe flat head syndrome is not cosmetic but may also cause problems like developmental delays, binocular vision issues and other life-long problems. 

With our oldest daughter we had no issues with her head but for our middle child, our son we did experience flat head syndrome with him at the beginning. Although his situation was caused at birth, it was still a concern of both his doctor and us. Changing his position frequently and using baby neck and head rests helped treat it. Now, our youngest baby's head is as round as it should be, our doctor checks her head at every check up to ensure she isn't developing a favoured side or back.

I was happy to try out the Tortle with BabyM. Created by pediatrician, neonatologist and mom of four, Dr. Jane, the Tortle can help treat and prevent flat head syndrome in babies. You'd be surprised at how many new mothers are unaware of the dangers of plagiocephaly. Check out this video "I wish I'd known" which talks to moms about their experiences with the malformation and how the Tortle could have helped them. 

It's a simple beanie hat with a side rest. You just place it on baby's head as you would any other hat and position the rest to one side, changing positions every feed so your baby rests on each side evenly. If your baby does develop a flat side you can put the rest on the flat part which will help the head grow the way its supposed to by limiting the baby's ability to rest on that side.  Tortles are machine washable and come in size small, medium and large in various patterns. They also have cute accessories you can buy to fancy it up a bit.  We received a size medium Tortle in pink, which is for babies aged 2 months and up. Our little M's head was a little small for the medium but flipping up the front out of her eyes worked well and she looks so cute in it!

You can purchase a Tortle online at www.tortle.com and part of the proceeds go toward flat head syndrome research. Show some love and like the Tortle Facebook Fan Page and follow hashtag #Tortle on twitter for all kinds of Tortle talk! 

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The holiday season is now over and as we sit back and reflect about the joyous festivities, we can't help but also think about our 2013 budget which may or may not have a dent in it after gift giving and holiday hosting. Soon we will be facing the much dreaded post-holiday bills and some of us may be scratching our heads as to what happened and how we can get back on track for the New Year. 

Sandra Hanna, CEO and co-founder of www.smartcookies.com has some great tips to help ease the pain of the headache that comes with post-holiday budget blues. We had the opportunity to listen to Sandra speak at the P&G event last November, shes a fantastic person with some amazing ideas to help families everywhere. 

Find free outdoor activities:

During the weeks the kids are off on holidays, or on weekends, why not participate in free outdoor activities like sliding at a local public hill, skating at a local public rink or even look into free winter festivals that may be taking place in your neighbourhood. These activities keep everyone happy and won't make an impact on your already dented budget. 

If you live in a close-knit neighbourhood you can also invite the local kids together for a snowman parade. This is where kids build snowmen and parade them around the block in a wagon or sled. Maybe even have a judging contest (of course everyone would win, it's all for fun after all).

Workout at home:

There's no need to keep up with the Jones' and spend on a gym membership this year. You can get a simple workout right at home. If you're willing to tough it outside a brisk walk, run or snowshoe could be the best workout you have all year. Best of all these activities cost you nothing but time and energy, if you want to work off that post-holiday overindulgence, these are great starting points. In winter months it can even be fun to get a group of friends together and share winter workout gear or workout music playlists to help eachother get motivated to meet their workout goals. With the money saved, you could all enjoy a nice hot chocolate or late for a treat afterward. 

Cold water wash:

No matter what the season, I wash our laundry in cold water. It saves money on electricity, use of hot water and also not as hard on the clothing. Less chance of shrinking that new sweater mom got me for Christmas. Using cold water and detergent like Cold Water Tide can actually save about $7 a load in energy costs. With the amount of laundry we do per week - those savings can definitely add up!

Winter Staycation:

Want to take the family on a vacation on an already tight budget? Why spend hundreds on a vacation somewhere hot and balmy when you can save money on a staycation right in your own city! You'd be surprised how fun and inexpensive a staycation close to home can be. Local hotels, restaurants and attractions often have off-season discounts you can cash in on. Just do a little research about where you're heading and call in advance letting them know about your local staycation to see if they have any discounts and savings you could use for your family. Being local you may just find a cheap hotel room rate or family meal discounts in hotels and restaurants! 

For more great money saving tips don't forget to follow @SmartCookies on Twitter and Like the SmartCookies Facebook fan page!

Happy winter budgeting!

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Getting daily vitamins is important for people both young and older. Kids need vitamins to help grow and develop while adults need vitamins to maintain good health as we get older. 

Now, in today's rush mode world I'm sure some of you can admit not getting as much vitamins as we are recommended to and I am happy there are options out there to help busy families get their vitamins on a daily basis. 

We take multivitamins for most of our daily needs but what about vitamin D? We all know that the sun is a natural way to get vitamin D but it's not recommended for anyone let alone babies and young kids to be exposed for enough time it would take to get a daily dose. 

Vitamin D is associated with normal development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Bones and teeth need the important minerals like calcium and phosphorus, and vitamin D helps growing bones absorb these minerals. Vitamin D is now considered a factor in good health.

Babies under the age of 1 year who are not consuming 960ml a day or more of vitamin D fortified milk need 400IU vitamin D. Children aged 1-8 need 600IU per day. Kids aged 9 up to adult age need also 600IU a day. PTPA award winning Ddrops give you what you need and they make it so easy!

Ddrops are a convienient and easy way to get everyone in the family their daily dose of vitamin D quickly. Ddrops is the sunshine vitamin in just one drop. Ddrops are tasteless and odourless with no artificial flavours and no preservatives added.

You can add Ddrops to a food, drink or take it directly by licking it off a spoon or the back of a clean hand. Simple and it takes no time out of your busy day plus you'll feel better, more energized and have peace of mind knowing you took an extra step toward better health for your family!

There are five different types of Ddrops available at most drug stores including Baby Ddrops 400IU, Kids Ddrops 400IU, Ddrops 1000IU, Vegan Ddrops and one we reviewed, Ddrops Booster 600IU.

The only family member who is not benefiting from Ddrops is our month old baby girl. She drinks fortified formula and does not require any extra vitamins but my older two kids have started getting their morning drop as well as hubby and myself. Being it winter we all need the boost!

Check out the entire line of Ddrops by visiting their website and also follow @BabyDdrops on Twitter and Like Ddrops on Facebook for more info and promotions! 

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When we are young, we think that youthful look will last forever. For some people it does and I totally envy you for that but not everyone is that lucky from living the every day. Not that there's anything wrong with getting older, it's an unavoidable part of life that we have to face but they always say when you look your best you feel your best. 

Everything from wind to sun damage, fine lines from our facial expressions and dark circles from our lack of sleep - our skin has taken a toll over the years but just because calendar has passed yet another year our skin doesn't have to look like it did too! Olay to the rescue for a fresher, younger you!

You're probably looking at me funny, "you're young!" yes, ladies I am only 31 but - I admit I have started using more skincare products since my number hit closer to 30. Dark circles have become an every day for me since having kids and I have to tell you I finally found something that actually helps get rid of them and works. 

Back when I headed off to the P&GMom event in November, we learned a thing or two about skincare with products from Olay. Specifically Olay Total Effects line of skincare products. Although I have not tried every one of them, I have tried the first two and have to say "wow". They do exactly what they say they will, the results are pretty amazing.

Olay Total Effects Anti-aging moisturizer plus a touch of foundation cream is one of my top picks from this line. It provides seven anti-aging benefits including appearance minimization, nourishing moisturization, subtle appearance firming, brightening, gentle exfoliation, pore appearance refinement and anti oxidants. It helps renew, restore and protect against UV rays for aging skin with the added benefit of sheer foundation for immediate tone improvement.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging eye cream line and dark circle minimizing brush  helps to instantly reduce the look of fine dark circles under and around the eyes in one simple brush. It contains daily under eye moisturizer that hydrates to firm skins appearance and minimize the look of fine lines with a hint of tint. 

Olay Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Scrub offers an invigorating scrub that cleanses your skin without over-drying. It's formulated with oil-absorbing beads and gently exfoliates and cleanses thoroughly while the citrus kissed formula refreshes your skin. 

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Night Moisturizer provides your skin with deep hydration and helps fight signs of aging with a vitamin-rich complex designed to smooth away discolouration and age spots as you sleep. 

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Eye Treatment treats the delicate and sensitive skin under the eye that needs to be treated with TLC. This treatment diminishes the look of under eye darkness and fight the seven signs of aging.

With Olay Total Effects in your daily beauty routine, you can kiss those seven signs of aging away for at least a little longer. 

Find out about great new products and promotions by liking the Olay Canada Facebook page!  

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With life being as busy as it has been for us lately, I honestly do not feel like cooking sometimes. I do enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes. I like seeing my family enjoy a nice home cooked meal knowing it's wholesome and everyone is well fed but honestly sometimes the energy level is not there. At times like these we find ourselves looking toward take out with the family. 

Larger, fast-food restaurants are good because they are convenient and a quick bite for everyone but not all places deliver. When you want something with a more nutritious, home made and sometimes less expensive menu for your family, you should really order in and Just Eat local!

Operating across Canada and worldwide, Just-Eat.ca is a new quick and easy way to order in  from some of your favourite local restaurants. Great foods like Pizza, Sushi, Thai, Italian cuisine and more right at your fingertips. 

It's simple to get started and have an order on its way to you in no time. Visit the website Just-Eat.ca and input the first three letters of your postal code. The website then generates a list of local restaurants of different variety for you to choose from. The menus for each restaurant are right there with options to order online and pay by credit, cash or online debit. Sign up only takes a few minutes, makes it easier for future orders and is also free! 

When I heard about Just-Eat.ca I had to check it out for myself, mind you we did not make an order online at this time however I was really happy to see lots of familiar local restaurants in the list available in our area. I have ordered from other places online in the past so to me having the option to do so with local restaurants too is a plus. I like that the website has a wide variety if you don't know exactly what you are hungry for or are looking for inspiration.

Try Just-Eat.ca and order out the smart way! 

Show some love to Just-Eat.ca by liking their facebook page and following them on Twitter! Also, check out the Just-Eat.ca blog for more updates!

Happy eating!

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P&G bring more than just every day products to our homes to make our lives simpler and keep our families happy. They also take initiative helping families get clean drinking water in countries around the world too. 

Did you know that P&G has committed to saving one life every hour in third world countries by delivering 2 billion liters of clean drinking water every year by the year 2020? 

That's a whole lot of water, something we here in Canada more often than not take advantage of. Imagine for a minute what life would be like not being able to cook a decent meal for your family or even take a bath at the end of the day, there is no clean water to heat up. Imagine being in a desert country, hotter than you've ever known yet no drinking water to quench your dry thirst because the village water supply is polluted. This is an unfortunate reality for thousands of families in third world countries. We are lucky for what we have available to us, it's nice seeing a big name brand like P&G ding their part to help elsewhere. 

This initiative helps save an estimated 10,000 lives and prevents 80,000 days of diarrheal illness yearly. To learn more about P&G Children's Clean drinking water initiative and other causes P&G supports, please click here and also visit CSDW.org for more information. 

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So many people make New Years resolutions to lose weight or better their health, I know I have made my share in the past. Although I'm not making any particular resolutions this year, I did just have a baby a month ago and my main goal for 2013 is of course to keep healthy and maintain a good diet, exercise more and lose the baby belly of course ;) I don't necessarily want to lose weight, just tone things back up to what they were pre-pregnancy, or at least close to. 

For me, I have been lucky with all three pregnancies. I was able to recover quite quickly with no serious issues which allows me to be more active earlier than just a couple of weeks. Being active is great but I need energy to get in shape and also still take care of my kids. The energy always goes one of two ways. 

What better way to get the energy you need than with great foods like Kellogg's Special K! I always have enjoyed Special K as a breakfast food or as a light snack between meals or before bed. One of my new favourites is Special K with red berries

Special K is helping me maintain my goals toward a healthier lifestyle by sending me along a cool Special K starter kit which included some great products like Special K red berries cereal, Special K granola, Special K granola bars, a New Balance tank and other goodies in a special New Balance bag! Oh by the way you can collect points on specially marked boxes of Special K cereal for your own New Balance tank! See the website below for details! 

Kellogg's also let us know about a great new website www.myspecialk.ca which is designed to align a personalized plan just for you and your lifestyle goals. My Special K.ca is a motivating resource that helps you feel your best everyday and keep your healthy goals in check. The online program offers personalized meal and fitness plans, information about food, fitness, fashion and beauty. It also has personalized articles and tools designed to help keep you positive and on track while maintaining your healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

I know when we have kids, careers and the whole nine yards it can be really hard to stay focused and discipline ourselves to reach our goals but with a little help and motivation from Special K, I think we can all do it! 

Good luck reaching your goals, whatever they may be! 

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"Time flies" oh how that is said SO much and it's SO true! I can't believe just three and a half weeks ago we had our baby girl....so much has changed in so little time it's almost surreal...

They don't stay small forever so let's cherish the moments while we can...

Taken with PocketBooth App...she was mad and then ...:)

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We are smack dab in the middle of another Canadian winter where we experience subzero temperature and blistering cold winds, we are constantly making sure the whole family is bundled up and warm during these colder months. As we prepare ourselves with jackets, mitts, scarves, hats etc, we also have to think about our pets during these cold winter months. 

January is one of Canada's coldest months and like people, our pets need to be protected this winter too! The following are some great winter pet care tips from IAMS and the SPCA we'd like to share with you to help keep your pet happy and healthy during the cold winter months. 

Check ups: Regular routine check ups are a good idea when it comes to your pet, especially right before the colder weather hits. Your vet can make sure your pet isn't sick or has any medical issues that may cause them to become ill during the winter months. Trust me from experience of losing a pet recently to pneumonia, they can get sick faster than you know it. It's always better to be safe than sorry. If you haven't already, book an appointment today!

Winter fashion for Fido: Owning a smaller dog means we have to take extra special care when he goes outside in the winter time. Being smaller he can easily freeze so we have used jackets and sweaters to help keep him warm. You can also get booties and other apparel for dogs at local pet stores or online specialty stores. Mind you not all dogs will dig wearing an outfit but its a good idea to help keep them warm.

Take care of the paws: When you take your dog out for a walk this winter, make sure to wash/wipe the bottoms of their paws after your walk. Salt and other chemicals the city uses to melt ice on roads and sidewalks can irritate your pets sensitive paw pads. Soaking your pets paws in warm water (if they'll let you) will also help take of debris like snow and sooth your pets paws warming them up after a brisk walk.

Your car is a freezer: During the winter when not running, a car can hit colder temperatures than outside being a closed in space. This makes your car like a freezer for your pet. Please do not leave your pet in a car in the midst of winter, they can easily catch cold and suffer hypothermia.

Consider the coat: Pet's coats aren't always winter friendly. When the temperature drops below zero pets like cats, short haired dogs, small dogs and puppies should not be left outside for longer periods of time than it takes them to do their business. These particular pets are more vulnerable to illness from cold weather. We have both a small dog and a large breed short-haired dog (our new addition to our fur baby family) and neither are left outside for a bathroom break for very long. Make sure to watch your dog, playful ones might forget just how cold it is and not remember to ask to come back in when they get cold!

Hydration: Keep an eye out for the amount of water your animal is drinking during the winter. If you keep water dishes in a cold area or even outside they can freeze and your pet won't be able to drink. You wouldn't want them turning to dirty water puddles or gutters outside which contain germs and chemicals which can make your pets very sick. Always have fresh, accessible water available for your pets at all times no matter what. It's important to keep hydrated, human and dog.

Heating with caution: There's nothing  better than warming up after being outside in the cold than lighting a fireplace fire or turning on that block heater. If you do, please remember that animals love anything warm and will get as close as possible to the source. Our chihuahua is always leaning up against the heaters, luckily they are safe and don't get hot enough to cause any harm but a fireplace can. Make sure paws and tails don't get too close to hot surfaces, coils or heaters - they could cause your pet harm or your pet could clumsily knock them over and cause the whole household danger! Worst case, simply save hassle and make a hot chocolate! ;-) 

Daisy and Mr.Ruffy - Keeping eachother warm!

For more information health and nutrition tips for cats and dogs of all life stages please visit www.iams.ca :)

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Earlier this month I talked about why I like Pampers, how to use Gifts to Grow points and also told you all about the great Pampers - Win diapers for a year contest going on right now!

Remember, when you shop at Shoppers Drug Mart and use your Shoppers Optimum card you're automatically entered to win! See your local Shoppers Drug Mart for full details!

In celebration of all things Pampers we are also having a fun Pampers giveaway for you, our loyal readers, courtesy of P&G

You could win the following Pampers prize pack (estimated $65 value) which includes:

- Pampers Swaddlers size 1
- Pampers Cruisers size 3
- Pampers Splashers size 3-4
- Pampers Easy-ups size 3-4
- Pampers Natural Care Wipes
- HBC Canada onesie (size 0-3 mos or 3-6 mos)

Hey, it's not Pampers for a year but it's a good start and an amazing prize for any new mom if you ask me! 

You can enter for your chance to win by filling out the Rafflecopter ballot below. Remember, mandatory entry must be done for extras to count and all AME giveaways are moderated. 

Open to Canadian residents only. Please use a valid email address for contact purposes should you be the winner! Giveaway ends January 27th, 2013.  


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I was invited by Fawn from Happy Wives Club to participate in their very first Link Up party and the theme is creating a list about how much we love and appreciate our hard working better halves, our partners and husbands. 

If you haven't heard of the Happy Wives Club, its a group of thousands of women who life to the fullest - loving our husbands, families and lives despite the imperfections. 

They say that the holidays can be the hardest time of year for husbands and dads, they aren't exactly sure as to why but statistics claim it's the most stressful time of year for them. What better way to show we care as bloggy wives than to celebrate our men on our blogs through this great Link Up party! 

Now, typically I don't get very deep when it comes to talking about my better half. It's not because I don't love him or anything but its just a rule I've had as a blogger not to get into too much detail. I may or may not break this rule with the following list of reasons why I love him.  

Here are (in no particular order) the top 10 things I love about my man:

- His eyes. They are crystal blue at times and one of the reasons I fell for him to begin with. 

His company. He's got this personable personality that always clicked. We can have the best times just over coffee or be mad as heck at each other yet still be capable of being in the same room together. 

- His sense of humour - similar to mine which makes it great because we understand each others dumb jokes when nobody else does.

- The way he randomly texts or calls when he's out, just to talk and hear my voice. It makes one feel special ;-) 

- The way he proudly looks at the kids, only a true dad can have that look.

- The way he seems to know how to fix almost anything that breaks in our house from kids toys to appliances and in between. 

- How he says "I love you" every night before bed for almost 10 years - and means it. 

- How even on my worst days he's capable of putting up with my mood swings. 

-  The way he takes over with the kids when I need to take a breath. He's always been excellent back up. 

- The way he supports my thoughts and ideas. I often kept my goals and dreams aside in the past but over the years he has actually been the one to encourage me to do some of the things I didn't think I could or was good enough to do. I owe him a big thank you for that :) 

There are so many more things I could list here but then you could be here for hours just reading about it. :-) Its a never ending list!

Thanks again to Fawn for inviting me to participate in this Link Up party!

Click here if you have a blog and want to join to link up your post about why you love your husband! 


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We've all heard the sayings "girls will be girls" or "boys will be boys" when it comes to kids. They just do silly little things that only a boy or a girl would do.

Having both girls and one boy I get the best of two worlds as a mom. There are moments of cars, races and robots with my little guy and moments of makeovers, secret telling and fashion shows with my oldest daughter. 

In light of both worlds, Kinder Canada is celebrating with a whole new set of Kinder eggs - for boys and girls! One of our daughters favourite blue eyed, pink wearing dolls is featured in new Kinder Surprise just for girls. Can you guess who she is? Barbie! Yes, even the Kinder Surprise wrapper is tinted pink for these fun new Barbie Kinder Surprise treats! There are fun Barbie themed toys for your little princess to collect like rings, bracelets, Barbie figurines and more! 

Wait a minute? What about the boys? Don't worry, Kinder Canada did not forget about our little guys and have special Hot Wheels Kinder Surprise just for them! One in three Kinder Surprise contains a Hot Wheels car toy for your little guy to enjoy! Look for specially marked packages wherever Kinder Surprise are sold! 

Being a #KinderMom rocks! We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a box of each the Barbie Kinder Surprise and the Hot Wheels Kinder Surprise. The kids were so excited when we handed them each a box. Upon opening their first eggs, the kids each got a Barbie and Hot Wheels toy! What are the odds of THAT happening! My daughter is now determined to collect ALL of the Barbie toys from Kinder Surprise. She really likes the jewelry especially since she gets to put it together! My son loves anything to do with race cars and of course Hot Wheels is already one of his favourites, he was thrilled to see them in Kinder Surprise. I think hubby liked the Hot Wheels ones as much too.

I think having Barbie and Hot Wheels involved with Kinder Surprise is a fun treat for everyone. It's fun to have a familiar toy inside an already loved milk chocolate treat. It makes Kinder Surprise all the more special for those moments of joy with the whole family.

Barbie Hot Wheels Kinder Surprise Contest

To kick off the launch of the new Kinder Barbie and Hot Wheels, Kinder Canada will be having a contest giving away 40 Kinder Barbie Hot Wheels prize packs including Barbie and Hot Wheels toys and a box of 24 Kinder Surprise eggs. This contest is exclusive to Facebook fans! Starting January 10th for four weeks, you can participate simply by liking the Kinder Canada Facebook page and following the instructions how to enter for your chance to win! Good luck!

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One of my personal goals this year is to remember to take a moment and take care of myself. Now with three kids to take care of it's hard to remember to take a moment for me with everyone needing something all the time, I'm not complaining but we all need a moment from time to time. After all they say a happy mom has a happy home (or something like that...). 

P&G has a great line up of new products to help kick-off pampering and taking care of ourselves for 2013!

Making a commitment to hair health

Everyone knows that balanced diets, proper vitamins and plenty of H2O help keep hair healthy, add in a good hair treatment like Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong rinse off treatment and you can start the year off with shiny, strong and healthy looking hair. This is something I can say I really need with the everyday damage winter causes plus just giving birth to a new baby a few weeks ago! Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong rinse off treatment is formulated to treat and protect each strand of hair making it 10X stronger after just one use! 

Having used Herbal Essences hair care line in the past I am quite intrigued to see how well this particular formula will work on my difficult hair! If it's anything like the other products I have tried, I can pretty much doubt I will be disappointed. 

Don't Sweat the small stuff

Being a mom (and woman) we deal with many every day life stresses like our daily jobs, kids, maintaining the household and whatever else may pop up unexpectedly in our lives. Be prepared for those moments with Secret Clinical Mean Stinks line of antiperspirants. Clinically proven to provide extra protection against wetness for women with demanding body chemistry. Whatever life throws you, it's your Secret in 2013!

I have tried Secret Outlast Completely Clean antiperspirant so I am excited to have the opportunity to try out Secret Clinically Mean Stinks. I like Secret antiperspirants because they work, they keep me dry and I am one of those women whose hormones are just insane lately causing sweats (and unfortunately we know these sweats can lead to smells if your not protected!) I'm happy to know there is a product like Secret out there to keep me calm, cool and collected when life throws a new ball into my court. 

It's all in the medicine cabinet 

With winter comes cold and flu, an unfortunate thing we must deal with every season. From the change in temperature to the kids being exposed more at school, germs are everywhere and we will get sick, its unavoidable but Vick's can help if your family is hit with a bug. We will be prepared this winter with products like Vick's Nyquil/Dayquil Cold and Flu combo. I have been a fan of NyQuil and DayQuil since they were first introduced onto the market. 
I remember when there was only the liquid version available, it's nice to see that they still have the gel caps which make taking the medicine easier for people who don't like the taste of the liquid kind. They are one of the only cold remedies that actually work for me and don't prolong the sickness. They help reduce the symptoms for a speedier recovery, NyQuil to sleep and DayQuil to get on with our day. 

Vick's Vaporub ointment is a savior for the kids (and hubby) when they have a bad stuffy cold with a cough. Rub a bit of that on their chest after a nice warm bath and they get better sleep which helps them fight off the sickness in the long-run. I remember my mom and grandma always turning to Vick's Vaporub when one of us fell sick. It's been a family-used brand for as long as I can remember. The cooling sensation helps open the airways allowing better breathing and better rest.

For hubby who has been complaining about indigestion and heart burn a lot lately (thanks to him eating more spicy and hot food being it winter) there are Pepto-Bismol Instacool Chewable tablets for instantly cool relief from the worst of it. They have a peppermint flavour which brings an instant cooling sensation that lets you know relief is on the way. For heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea you can keep your cool with Pepto-Bismol Instacool Chewables.

By providing us with these and other great products, P&G are helping us boost our confidence, stay positive, healthy and start our families off to a bright new beginning for this year! 

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With the arrival of Baby M at the end of December, I almost forgot how many diapers a newborn goes through in a 24 hour period! We were given various brands of diaper from friends and family, to help out when she first came home. No matter what, I have to still say Pampers is my all-time favourite for newborns. The only brand I have used with my new baby girl that has not leaked or loosened during a wear, they do not cause her sensitive skin to get rashes and she seems relatively comfortable in them. Along with wipes, Pampers makes change time better for both Mom and Baby.

Being a P&GMom has its perks and one of them was of course learning more about Pampers diapers and also the Pampers Gifts to Grow program during our stay in Toronto last fall. 

Pampers Gifts to grow is a fun program where collecting points from packs of diapers allows you to exchange them for rewards on the website! You can redeem points for things like photo prints, baby accessories, various baby toys, gift cards  or use the points to make a donation to a worthy cause! Another great reason to use Pampers diapers for your baby's changing needs! 

Are you a new mom or a mom of a little one in diapers? Head on over to the Pampers Gifts to Grow website and sign up for free! Make sure you have a code ready to start collecting and saving toward your first reward!

Thanks to P&G helping me out with some points to cash in for a Pampers Gifts to Grow reward!  I ended up finding some more points online and also in a pack of diapers we had and redeeming them too!

Having such a little one, it was hard to choose what I wanted to redeem the points for. If you don't have one already, I would suggest the Canadian hockey 3-piece onesie set. They are super cute, I can't wait for Baby M to grow into hers! :-)

I had just enough points to either buy multiple things like Shutterfly prints or toys for our little one. I decided to start off by using 20 points and redeeming them for an entry into the Pampers Win diapers and wipes for a year contest! That would be such a handy prize to win especially with the amount of diapers our little one goes through already! 

Did you know that even without Pampers Gifts To Grow points you can enter for your chance to win Pampers diapers for a year with Shoppers Drug Mart! Everytime you use your Shoppers Optimum card between December 29th and January 25th you're automatically entered for your chance to win! See your local Shoppers Drug Mart for full details! 

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Ah the first wordless Wednesday of 2013! I know, I have been horrible at keeping up the updates and Wordless Wednesday posts. Things should start to get back to normal soon - whatever normal is these days! ;-) 

What better way to start off the first Wordless Wednesday of 2013 than with some new pics of the three loves of my life, my littles!

I think one other 2013 goal this year will be to take as many pictures of them as I can! Time goes way too fast!

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2012 is behind us and 2013 begins a new chapter in our lives, new opportunity, new wonder and new challenges. Reflecting back, 2012 was a good year, except for that part of December when life began throwing challenges at us one after another. I try to say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, every day is a lesson and all that stuff but when it hits home it's hard to stay strong. I'm proud to say we did it. We made it through another year. 

December changed our lives forever. I think I'm still taking everything in from the loss of our pet to the birth of our daughter, life changing events to end this year. 

I ring in 2013 as a mom of three and owner to two dogs, wife to one man. A lot has changed and a lot will continue to change. I'm looking forward to the challenges. 

I have never been one to make resolutions, promises to myself that I most likely will break and forget about come February. I prefer to set goals, long and short term. Attainable goals that I know I just need to roll up my sleeves a bit to reach.

My goal for 2013 is simply to enjoy life and breathe. Sometimes it feels as if things are going so fast, almost spinning and you just can't grasp on. Those are the moments we need to take a step back and just breathe. I want to continue to enjoy my imperfect, perfect life. I want to continue to be the best mom, wife and friend I know how to be to those who mean the most to me. I want to continue to share with the world (or at least a small part of it who reads...) anything that comes to mind I feel should be on this blog. I want to continue to be grateful for everyone and everything that has been given to me in this life.

Happy New Year everyone, whatever your resolution may be - good luck!