Did you know? Due to health benefits of seafood many health organizations recommend eating seafood twice a week? 

Back in 2010 we were introduced to Bluewater Seafood, quality seafood that's nutritious and tastes good too! You can find a variety of seafood like breaded fillets, shrimp and other assortments in the freezer aisle of your local grocers (Metro in Ottawa carries this brand!). A great way to get your recommended seafood portions.

Since being introduced to Bluewater Seafoods we tend to choose it over other brands for obvious reasons. The kids enjoy the battered fillets "fish n' chips" while I enjoy the grilled fillets, especially Salmon! 

Recently Bluewater Seafoods introduced new grilled fillets for those who eat Gluten-free! Battered seafood does contain gluten but I am happy to know there is an alternative. Not to mention I always prefer the grilled taste to battered even though both are good!

I didn't want to do anything extreme as I had a hard time convincing my kids to try the grilled fillets so we had a simple meal of Garlic & Herb Grilled Salmon with a side of rice and veggies. I would love to try the Grilled Gluten Free Flatbread recipe sometime though, it looks delicious!

Find this and other yummy recipes at www.bluewater.ca

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Bluewater Seafood. FPC's and a sling bag were received to facilitate this review. Opinions and comments expressed on this blog are those of the author.


We have always had a welcoming place in our homes and hearts for pets. After losing our beloved Zeus to illness over the winter, there was an empty space. hubby missed having a big clumsy dog greet him at the door when he got home, even if he had just been to the corner store and back. The kids missed having that fun, crazy companion who never seemed to run out of energy to play with. I missed tripping over him because he had to lay in the kitchen where we were, he was a big part of the family. 

One day, hubby was looking on a classified website and thought he saw a ghost. An exact twin to our light brown and tan coloured, fawn Doberman Zeus except one thing, she was a girl and young. We didn't even need to talk it over and even though I don't know for what, her owners at the time posted that ad for a reason. We answered the ad and Daisy joined our family shortly after. 

When we first brought Daisy into our home she was only a couple of weeks short of 10 months old. She was very much still a pup, a big pup in need of alot of patience and love. You see, we don't believe in treating a dog like a "dog". Making them do everything except sleep outside, not making them feel like part of the family. This is how Daisy was treated. She was caged 12 hours a day and only let out to eat and use the back yard for her duties. At one point she was even cruelly shock collared for barking instead of taking the time to train her as she should be trained. It left marks on her neck that they tried to hide under her collar. Her previous owners did not understand the true value of what a dog like Daisy could bring. 


Daisy seemed lost. She did not know how to behave and thought that doing laps around my living room was OK. She thought jumping on people and playing rough with the smaller dogs was OK. She thought that knocking her food dish all over the kitchen floor because she didn't like it was OK. No, we don't do that here. Instead of punishing her, we showed her how to behave. We scold her when she does wrong and treat her when she does good. We make her feel like she is part of our family, she even has her own bed beside ours in our master bedroom. 

Daisy's cage is being sold to the next person who wants it and we told the previous owners to keep that shock collar. We don't need those things here. Daisy no longer does laps around my living room, she sits on command. She no longer
jumps at people or rough houses (as much) with the smaller dogs, she has learned to play nice. She no longer knocks her food dish all over the kitchen floor, it turns out she loves Iams compared to her old kind. She is shown patience and love, she is thankful to be here and we can tell from the unconditional love she gives back to us. 

Do you have an Iams Love Tail to share? Iams is calling all Canadians to dig deep down into your heart and share a Love Tail moment with your four legged fur baby for a chance to have your story included in the next Iams ad and a years supply of Iams food! 

How can you enter?

From now until March 3rd head on over to the IAMS Facebook Page and submit a picture of your pet along with your Iams Love Tail story (500 characters or less). You must have used IAMS in the last month to be considered. It's best to use a photo with Iams in it too! 

After the submission phase is over, Iams will select 50 stories (25 dogs and 25 cats) as semi-finalists. From the semi-finalists, Iams will then select 10 finalists (5 dogs and 5 cats) who will each win Iams food for a year! Finally, in April, Iams will ask its Facebook fans to help by voting for their favourite Love Tail from the group of finalists and one grand prize winner will be selected. Click here for full requirements. 

To learn more about this contest and everything Iams please visit http://www.facebook.com/IAMS

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I can't believe we are already heading into the third month of the year! With that said, most of us are also well into our new years resolutions, making changes in our everyday. 

Our friends at P&G are embracing the notion that the biggest impact in our lives do not always happen with the grande gestures but with simple, every day acts. We are reminded that the best changes happen in the simplest moments, without even trying - a simple conversation with my child over a bowl of cereal or our new baby's first real smile. 

P&G see the power that these everyday moments and milestones bring to our lives , our families lives and the lives of the world around us. It's the ordinary creating the extraordinary in an every day world. P&G call this "The Power Of the Every Day Effect".

If you aren't sure exactly what this all means, please take a look at the following video. 
There are so many ways we make an impact with the Every Day Effect and with P&G's products in hand - Every Day just got a whole lot easier. From caring for our baby with Pampers and Ivory Snow for her laundry to keeping the house clean and fresh with Mr. Clean and Febreze, P&G has had an impact on our everyday.

Celebrate your Everyday Effect by visiting the P&G Facebook Page to tell them how the every day things you do make all the difference for you and your family for a chance to be in their next commercial! 

Recognize the power of the Everyday Effect! Do something simple, today! 

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Family Day was just this past Monday in Ontario. Everybody had the day off as every year, to spend with family doing things together. There are usually all kinds of things to do around Ottawa like Winterlude and local small events. A mid-winter celebration if you will. 

Almost every Family Day so far since having kids we have done something together. A planned event, sliding or even just playing outside or staying home together, its a day to spend as a family. This year we decided to keep things simple and just spend a quiet (if that's possible at our house) day at home. We were invited to attend the Old Navy party downtown like last year but with a young baby and three (two young) rambunctious dogs at home, it wasn't exactly the ideal time to be heading out into the cold. 

Instead of outdoor activity we kept the TV, iPods and tablets off for the most part of the day and spent some time together playing some old fashioned board games. 

The kids chose Chutes and Ladders, Operation and Shrek Memory to name a few. Little guy and K are good ages to sit and play family games with. They both understand the concept of taking turns and following rules for the most part.

Of course K won Chutes and Ladders, actually both kids kicked my butt and I was still at the bottom of the board by the time they were at the end! I kept hitting all the chutes and they the ladders. It's funny how we used to rock at these kinds of games as kids and now our own kids beat us to the finish line. 

Everybody had fun either way, we had some laughs too. It's days like these that are the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories, they don't stay small forever! ;-)

Disclosure: Posted by AME. Opinions and comments expressed in this post are those of the author. Image Copyright A Motherhood Experience 2013.


Ever since I was allowed to wear it, I have loved having a collection of nail polish, you may have noticed this in past posts about the liquid colour. Being a busy mom I don't have time or money to spend at the nail parlour having my nails professionally done.

The only problem I have with painting my own nails is that most brands I've tried don't last more than 48 hours before they chip and fade. This is a hassle because when you are busy you can't spend time doing touch ups because you have to run out the door with kids in tow.

When I was in Toronto last fall for the P&GMom Event day one of the things we did was visited a mini nail salon to have our nails done with new CoverGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss

CoverGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss takes time off doing your own nails by combining base coat, high-gloss colour and chip resistant too coat in one easy gloss! A fast-paced polish for a fast-paced world, this new gloss could be a girls new best friend.

I was sent over "Mint Mojito" to try out, it's a light minty Spring/Summer colour. Not typically one I would think of picking out for myself but I like it and it's always nice to try something out of your ordinary. You never know when you might find a hidden gem!

I like this nail polish because it goes on thick, dries quickly and gives you almost professional looking results with one coat (although I am particularly a two coat type gal). It lasted at least three days before major damage like chipping started to really show. It also removes very well with simple nail polish remover pads, it doesn't stain your nails or anything like some types can. 

CoverGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss is popular and hard to find but it does sell on the CoverGIRL website! I would love to get my hands on some more colours (there are 45 different ones to choose from). I unfortunately saw that Mint Mojito is sold out though. 

If you're looking to get rid of having so many different coats to get that one look, try CoverGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant. Easy, breezy, beautiful - CoverGIRL. 

Show some love to CoverGIRL by following on Twitter and Liking on Facebook

Don't forget to check out what other P&GMoms are up to by following hashtag #PGMom on Twitter! 

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Earlier this month I told you about Becel Canada's initiative to spread the word to moms everywhere to enlighten and encourage each other to take the time to take care of themselves. 

To help me take time out for myself, Becel Canada gave me three nights of heart healthy meals courtesy of The Red Apron and the best part: NO COOKING, which meant more time for me to enjoy the dinners with my family. 

The Red Apron is a food delivery service from Ottawa! They are located close to the downtown core but have a large delivery area. They prepare fresh, healthy, hearty meals to enjoy and you can have them delivered right to your house. All you have to do is heat them up! How convenient  They offer a different menu every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays plus you can order for just one day or on certain days, it all depends on your needs or what's on the menu! 

Not your everyday meals, our menu for the week was quite delicious!

On Tuesday, February 12thCheese Ravioli with Pomodoro Sauce, Pizzetta with Salsa Verde, Sundried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese, Green Salad with Marinated Fennel, Capers & Orange. 

On Wednesday, February 13thSlow Roasted Lamb with Feta, Wild & Brown Rice with Chickpeas, Mint & Apple Cider Vinaigrette Shakshuka - Braised Eggplant, Zucchini, Tomatoes & Peppers with Oregano & Pine Nuts.

On Thursday, February 14th (Valentine's Day!)Breast of Chicken with Balsamic Glaze, Pear & Walnut Compote Mashed Yukon Golds with Organic 'Le Coprin' Mushrooms and Braised Winter Greens Sauté of Green Beans with Fennel, 'True Loaf' Olive Baguette, Passion Fruit Panna Cotta.

Each day had something good to serve up, a great way for us to enjoy a great sit-down meal together and also try new foods! Being a busy mom of three I typically wouldn't cook such elaborate meals for every day eating but this was a delicious treat! 

I definitely would recommend The Red Apron if you are having a get together or just want a nice sit down without the cooking! The service is spectacular (not to mention the delivery guy came early two out of the three days!) and the food is really good! 

The only thing that would really make this service better is if they also sent someone over to wash the dishes but hey we can't have it all! :) 

If you live in the Ottawa area or are visiting soon and need some good food check out what The Red Apron is all about by visiting their website www.redapron.ca, like them on facebook and follow their new Twitter account @redapronyummm

Disclosure: Posted by AME as a Thank You to Becel and The Red Apron for sending over such great meals for me and my family. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


Right in the middle of winter with February and I am seeing the weather reflected in my hair! Dryness, limpness - it needs a little TLC for sure which I have been neglecting trying to get everything done in a 24 hour day that already seems never-ending!

I would LOVE to take an afternoon and visit the salon. You know, giving my hair the pampering it deserves. Unfortunately with three young kids, it's hard to get a minute to take a decent shower these days let alone take time to go to the salon for anything! 

Luckily, busy Mom's like me can still give our hair some TLC with thick lathering, creamy and fabulously scented products from Vidal Sassoon! 50 years after Vidal Sassoon originally changed the way women wear and care for their hair, P&G Beauty and grooming is making salon genius available to all with the new Vidal Sassoon Pro series colour, care and styling line of products.  

Please meet the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series and check out these hair tips from the pros! 

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock Shampoo helps condition the cuticle while hair is wet to make styling afterwards easier!

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock Conditioner helps seal in moisture and help prevent dry or damaged-looking hair, leaving it noticeably smooth and irresistible to the touch.

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost and Lift foaming air Mousse was created after learning that people want touchable volume that won't fall flat and weigh the hair down. It uses this amazing foam technology that helps control the unruliest of hair giving it 24 hours of managable boost in volume that's easy to comb out!

Pro Tip: Hold product bottle up right to squeeze out a tennis ball sized amount into the palm of your hand and then evenly kneed it into towel dried hair. Blow dry or let it dry naturally and freshen up your style throughout the day by adding small amounts to dry hair. 

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair and Finish Spray helps seal in style and tame flyaways with glycerin that significantly helps reduce friction from brushing and styling which causes damage.

Pro Tip: Spray hair sprays 6-8 inches away from towel dried hair and freshen up with a quick spritz throughout the day. 

Vidal Sassoon The Mega Firm Hold Gel uses a formula inspired by professionals offering a customizable and strong hold that helps lock out style-ruining frizz for up to 24 hours. 

These products definitely save time by not having to visit the hair dresser as often, getting the same soft, manageable hair results at home between visits and also being conveniently purchased at most major retailers. With a line up like this, your hair is bound to thank you! 

The Vidal Sassoon Pro Series line is available between $4.99-$7.99 each. Follow @AMotherhoodBlog using hashtag #PGMom to see what the rest of the P&GMoms are saying about these and other P&G products!

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There are two sides to technology: the good side and the bad side. The good side is that technology allows us to be productive in our every day lives, it allows us the freedom we need to keep connected. The bad side is that its expensive and technology changes every few months, it can be hard to keep up and we can end up slowing down. 

When I first started writing A Motherhood Experience those *almost* four years ago, I actually started writing it on an ipod - for the most part. I would jump on the ONE desktop computer we had at the time when I could to upload pictures and do things my iPod wouldn't let me but otherwise I was tapping away on my hand held, shooting out bad post after bad post. Hey, at least I can admit my personal posts about my kids and daily activities could have used a little more creativity. How we learn as we grow!

Speaking of growing, back to my story. Like I said, I started writing this blog on my iPod touch. Growing through networking, I had been gifted with my own netbook by a friend of mine (I'm still thanking them today as this one tool has been a doorway to a whole new world of opportunities for me and my family). It's a great computer, its mobile and it works. I'm actually still using it although not long ago I actually wanted to be rid of it. 

It started out like any other brand new computer, it worked and did what I needed it to do and got me where I wanted to be. With the change in technology over time and no physical updates except software, this old beast was starting to show its age. 

It was slow, laggy and really upset me when I wanted to come online to do something "quickly" only to have it crash, freeze or whatever else and half the time I would end up just shutting it down and forgetting about it until I decided I had no choice to get some work done, slow or not. One of the reasons my blog posts had such big time gaps between them for a while. It's pretty bad when your smart phone is faster than your work computer! 

Hubby is a tech and I kept telling him it was too slow and he wondered why I was getting upset and saying I wanted to "throw it out the window". He hadn't really taken a look at it in a while (because it takes me so long to do my own work he never gets the chance!) until one evening he asked to use it quickly to look for something online. I laughed at "quickly" and then he realized exactly what I meant. It took him about 20 minutes to do something that otherwise would have taken him 5 and we have high-speed internet! I was working on an outdated, slow, turtle computer. I'm surprised I didn't give up on it sooner. 

That's the beauty of technology though, most things are upgradable and in hubbys eyes there is no giving up on them. There is only making them better and that he did! For Valentine's Day he gave me the gift of speed, I'm talking about new RAM for my computer!

Oh how romantic! Seriously, I'm a big tech geek so RAM is actually a better gift for me when I needed it rather than flowers or chocolate (I actually DID get chocolates too) which only last a couple of days here if they are lucky.

It took him minutes to install it for me, I'm a writer not a tech so don't ask me to install anything except maybe software onto this thing. Talk about a difference. I feel as if I was missing out for the longest time, it feels as if I have a brand new computer and the best part is the RAM only cost $20. It's already paid for itself if you really think about it. 

So, my "workstation" is fixed. It beats having to fix the window from it flying through! ;-) 

Disclosure: Personal Post by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

No matter if you are celebrating with just you and your loved one, with the kids or even with the girlfriends - take today to be kind toward one another and show some love!

It doesn't matter if it's as simple as just a smile, your random act of kindness can brighten someones day!

With three kids and a busy schedule, we don't go out for Valentine's Day but that isn't stopping us from enjoying a delicious meal at home with the little ones. We always get them a little something to show we care on this special day of love. Nothing big, just chocolate and a simple little card, a gesture the kids appreciate either way. 

As for hubby and I, this will be our 9th Valentine's Day together. I have never been one for lavish gifts and material things, I have enough "stuff". I think simply spending some time together for dinner and once the kids are all in bed is celebration enough for me. Quiet can be the most romantic thing when you have kids! ;-) 

Happy Valentines Day from our house to yours! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Image via free ecards. 


Ah it's love month, l'amour is in the air! Valentine's Day is literally around the corner! Did you know there has been a vast decline of kissing in Canada? That's kind of sad to hear, one of the most intimate and romantic ways to say "I love you" going down in popularity. Maybe that's because we have such cold winters here in Canada, so our men enjoy sporting ruff and scruff facial hair. My hubby's excuse: it keeps his face warm. Yeah, that's what scarves are for! 

Gillette surveyed Canadian women and most claim to prefer kissing a well-shaven man while some say they enjoy a little five-o'clock shadow!

I can say I'm in the middle when it comes to this survey. Yes, a clean shaven face is always nice but I have a hubby who enjoys sporting a full beard most of the time. Although it doesn't really bother me it would be nice to see his actual face once in a while. I have been trying to convince him lately to at least shave it down to a neat gaute style. 

This Valentine's Day I am showing how I care by gifting him with Gillette! The Gillette Fusion Proglide Silver Touch razor and Gillette Fusion Proglide sensitive shave gel should do the trick! A new razor is the perfect excuse and he can't not use a gift from his loving wife, right?

To see more statistics and learn more about the smooth vs stubble debate visit www.kissandtellus.ca 

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As much as I love drinking pop, I always have this guilt inside knowing it's not good for me. There are 42 grams of sugar alone in the leading brands cola and that's not including the preservatives and other ingredients we can't even pronounce. Not to mention having to recycle cans and bottles rather than be able to reuse them when we are trying to teach the kids about being "greener". 

Cutting cola and other sodas out of my house is out of the question, there is always a small case in the fridge (not only I drink them!) but I do now have a healthier, environmentally friendly alternative to serve to my kids and also enjoy myself with less sugar, calories and additives. 

Making soda at home is simple now with SodaStream. SodaStream is exactly what it sounds like - a soda making machine! You don't need a plug, batteries or anything to run it! 

How does SodaStream work? 

SodaStream uses carbon dioxide gas, water and flavouring to create yummy, healthier, home made fizzy drinks! 

We received the SodaStream Source to take a look at and try out for ourselves. Set up is super easy, following the step-by-step instructions. 

First you insert the C02 cylinder into the back of the SodaStream machine. Second, rinse out the included reusable metal accented carbonating bottle and fill it up to the line with water. It's recommended to use cold water when creating your drinks. 

Once you have properly inserted the bottle press down on the front top of the machine until desired C02 density appears, cool LED lights let you know. It does make a loud sound the first time, I didn't have any warning (the dogs freaked out, everyone had a good laugh). Luckily the carbonating part only takes seconds so it doesn't last long. 

You can have just a little fizz, more fizz or a lot of fizz. After you add the fizz, take the bottle off and slowly pour your flavour into the bottle. I say slowly because your drink will end up fizzing up and you will have a mess (almost happened to me!). Once you add your flavour, cap it. To mix simple rotate the bottle, again slowly and voila! You have yourself a yummy drink! 

The SodaStream Source system comes with:

- Source drinks maker
- Carbon dioxide cyliner (makes 60L depending on how much fizz you use per bottle of drink)
- 9 Sodamix flavour samples to make 9L of sparkling drinks

We received a variety of flavours, including the 9 that come with the machine. There is a drink for just about everyone from sport drinks to tonics, fruity beverages and regular or diet colas. They are simple to make and satisfy everyone. 

I am picky when it comes to pop, I have a particular brand I enjoy and have for years. Now, I wouldn't totally replace my favourite pop totally but for a different taste once in a while, the SodaStream Source does the job! Very tasty!

They also offer other drinks like Kool Aide, Mojitos and more on the website. You can pay via PayPal too which is always nice to know. 

Orange Mango Sport! 

The only thing I can see wrong with the SodaStream system is the size of the bottles. They offer a .5L bottle which is great for personal use, the 1L is a good size too but for someone like me with more than one person drinking the beverage it would be nice if they also offered 2L bottles with caps that seal them to keep the fizz for longer. 

Other than that, after you invest in the machine itself, some accessories and flavours, SodaStream can save both money and also less for you to have to recycle. 

SodaStream machines, accessories and flavours can be bought online or at stores such as Sears, The Bay, Walmart and Canadian Tire. 

Show some love and follow @SodaStream on Twitter and Like SodaStream Canada on Facebook!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of SodaStream Canada. We received a complimentary starter kit for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are original and those of the author. 


The role of a mom is not an easy one. Stay at home, work out of or work at home, help or no help - it's not as easy as it looks. Making sure the family has everything they need from clean clothes on their backs to hot meals and good values. We are often so busy taking care of everybody else we often forget to take care of the one most important person of all - ourselves. 

I know for one since having our new baby life has gotten even busier and I can admit I sometimes forget to stop and take a breath for me. 

The Mom Report, recently released by Becel found that 60% of Canadian moms don't find the time to properly take care of themselves. Although we should always be thinking of our health, February nonetheless is Women's Heart Health month. 

Did you know that heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of death for Canadian women, fortunately 80% of the risk factors can be helped by having healthy lifestyle choices. 

Becel wants to empower moms (like you and I) and encourage us to put our health and well being on as high a priority as everybody else in the family. This heartwarming video below can be personalized and sent to a special friend or relative in your life to remind her and encourage her to take time for herself via the Becel Canada website. Share the love and #EncourageaMom via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc! 

A great initiative on behalf of Becel! 

To help encourage me to take time for myself, my family and I are having dinner on Becel! Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday dinner will be served courtesy of The Red Apron! I can't wait to share what The Red Apron serves up for us and our experience enjoying a heart healthy meal on Becel Canada!

Disclosure: Posted on behalf of Becel Canada by AME. Video and information are shared not sponsored. The Red Apron meal perk was a surprise on behalf of Becel Canada. Opinions and comments are those of the author. 


Today we say Good-Bye to the Canadian Penny. They have been at the bottom of our purses, pockets, cars and everywhere else for years and nobody really finds them useful anymore other than maybe collecting them. 

In fact the mint says it costs more to make them then they are worth so here's to the Canadian Penny and all its brought to us (or not). 

So no more "penny for your thoughts", we will be saying "a nickle for your thoughts" instead.

I remember when I was growing up my grandmother always kept a jar of pennies on her bedroom dresser. Every time she went out and came home with change her pennies went in the jar and when it was full she would bring them to the bank.

We used to save up our pennies and bring them to the corner store, I know the store owner didn't appreciate having to count out 9$ in pennies!

It's bitter sweet.

Do you have any fond memories of the Canadian Penny?

Disclosure: Posted by AME in celebration of the Penny. Image via Google. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

When our kids are sick we try to do everything in our motherly power to help them get better quickly and be comfortable in the process. We put cold compresses on feverish heads, we make sure they are getting enough fluids, have enough pillows and get enough rest. 

Ever since I can remember Children's Tylenol has been a Dr recommended and trusted household name for helping reduce fever and pain when kids are sick, helping them get back to their every day normal.

There's nothing worse than when your kids are sick, mine recently fought a nasty bout of the cold complete with cough and runny red noses. It brings peace of mind knowing we can help make them comfortable with a trusted brand like Children's Tylenol.  

Children's Tylenol Canada's new Care and Share section on their Facebook Page is a place for parents to share tips and tricks they use when their family is not feeling well, I did! 

If you share your own tip you could win 1 of 12 weekly $100 Shoppers Drugmart gift cards and also gives you a shot at the grand prize: A family photo shoot complete with a Samsung Galaxy Tab! 

Head on over to the Children's Tylenol Canada Facebook page to enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes and also check out the official rules and regulations too!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Johnson & Johnson. We received complimentary products as a thank you. AME is never obligated to a positive opinion. Opinions and comments expressed on this blog are those of the author.