A few months back we went out shopping, the whole gang kids and all. This can be somewhat of a task in itself. The kids end up everywhere and anyways you get the picture. So, we were out shopping like I said - actually about to head off to the cash when it happened. The kids eyes bulged out of their heads and they yelled in delight while running toward a very large display in the electronics section.

"SKYLANDERS GIANTS!" my son yelled in delight, half the department turning to look. What in the world are Skylanders? I had to find out so over to the display we followed to see what the kids were so excited about. My daughter rambled on about how Skylanders are so awesome, my hubby is a huge gamer and was intrigued himself. Something he could maybe play with the kids, something they are both interested in - gaming! 

Skylanders & Skylanders Giants are interactive games by Activision like no other. Available on all major gaming consoles, Skylanders brings virtual and real world together in game. Starting off with a starter kit which include the game base, three characters and the game, your kid can bring their favourite Skylanders characters to life in your living room by placing the characters on the base during game play! Pretty neat! 

My kids were there rhyming off names and facts about the game I had no idea about until doing a little reading of my own with the Skylanders Giants Homework Pack! 

Mom and Dad, learn all you need to know about Skylanders Giants with the Skylanders Giants Homework pack! A fun and interactive way kids can teach us a thing or two about Skylanders Giants and their favourite characters!

The Skylanders Giants Homework pack features five fun and interactive chapters (one for each week day!)
  • Monday: History (Skylanders story SSA and Giants)
  • Tuesday: Science (elemental sources)
  • Wednesday: Characters (abilities, strengths and weaknesses)
  • Thursday: Technology (practicalities of what and how to buy and play)
  • Friday: Art (to include dot-to-dot and drawing of key characters)
- Quiz sheets at the end of each chapter test parents on what they've learned that day.

- Rewards chart to stick on the fridge and Skylanders sticker for kids to award parents when they complete the chapters successfully.

What a great way to get parents involved in something their kids enjoy and also learn a thing or two. I definitely could benefit from this special Skylanders Giants Homework Pack!

My sons favourite Skylanders Giants character

You can get started with your own Skylanders Giants Homework Pack with a downloadable version here! Let's see just how much YOU know! 

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Win it!

So you think you know Skylanders Giants like your kid does? Test your skills with a Skylanders Giants Homework pack from AME. Includes a hard copy of Skylanders Homework pack and a Skylanders character (character is chosen at random, surprise!).

It's easy to be entered to win, all you have to do is fill out the RaffleCopter ballot below (making sure the mandatory entry is done for extras to count!) Giveaway open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec, sorry!). One entry per household. 

Good luck!

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Life can be overwhelming with a new baby in the house. It's a learning process from the start with constant worry and sleepless nights (for baby and you) are the worst. One lesson I remember learning early on back when my oldest daughter was a baby - diapers make a difference. 

One of baby's basic needs are to be comfortable and one thing that keeps them comfortable is a dry diaper. I can say I have experience when it comes to different brands of diaper, Pampers has always been a favourite. 

Pampers are actually the diaper that helped our newest baby (who is now five months old) sleep her nights. We are fortunate enough to already have her on a sleep schedule. Her last bottle of the night is at around 8:30-9:00pm and from hen she usually sleeps her nights. Except for this one time and I know exactly why now. 

We ran out of Pampers once a few weeks back and we had to settle for a local store brand for a few days, I think it was a holiday weekend if I'm not mistaken. I usually don't use just any diapers on her for an assortment of reasons, some personal and some obvious but I will use them if I have no other choice at the time. 

Anyway, back to my story. The baby kept waking up several times during the night and well of course when she wakes up, I wake up too. It was all because of the diapers we were using. They didn't absorb as well as Pampers do and of course that caused her to be uncomfortable and wake up to let me know. Even she likes her Pampers. Call her spoiled but what makes baby happy, keeps mommy happy. Plus with Pampers we get Gifts to Grow points, that also makes mommy happy!

Pampers Ding Dong Diaper Ditch

Remember back in February when I told you about the Pampers Ding Dong Diaper Ditch that some of the P&GMom's were participating in by surprising a new mom or mom-to-be with the gift of Pampers Swaddlers New Born? Well it's time for round two except this time we were encouraged to ditch the diapers to families who need them. 

We didn't "ding-dong" but we did ditch two cases (that's 432 diapers) of Pampers Swaddlers Newborn between our community and a couple who is expecting their first baby. We decided since our baby is outgrowing her stuff like mad that we would also give them some gently used baby stuff as well as the diapers. They are beyond thankful for the gift! 

Some P&GMom's ditched double (and more) diapers toward friends, family and their own local communities, imagine the looks on those faces! Giving is such a wonderful thing and to be able to help new families get a head start is just fantastic all around. You can follow all the P&GMom's participating using our hashtag #PGMom!

We know how hard (and how expensive) it can be getting everything a new baby needs. Thanks P&G and Pampers for helping make it easier, one diaper at a time with a Pampers start to life. 

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It was raining on and off the past couple of days, today it was nice to finally see some sunshine even if there were still some clouds in the sky. I have always loved watching the clouds, they always make such neat patterns. 

The kids make a game out of guessing what kinds of objects, animals or other things they can find in the clouds. A fun and imaginative past time outside. 

There was a beautiful sky this evening when we were out with the kids...K said it looks like rays from God :) Sweet innocents of the young.

I found it interesting how that one cloud above the building is going vertical while all the other clouds are horizontal.

Amazing what our planet can create.

Posted by AME. Photo by AME. Copyright www.amotherhoodexperience.com 2009-2013


We are already into the summer months and full swing into allergy season! This time of year is fantastic for getting outside and getting active but its also the time of year we find more dust and such inside our homes.

With the ins and outs of the everyday having kids and pets, our house can collect dust in no time. This not only causes more frequent dusting but also allergies! I am allergic to dust, not pet hair or anything else just dust. Sneezing occurs frequently on the dryer days when dust particles are more prone to be floating around.

Sharp brings families a way to have cleaner, purer air in their homes with Sharp Air Purifiers. Sharp air purifiers are the only air purifiers with PlasmaCluster Ion (PCI) Technology. This technology uses positive and negative ions that seek out and help inactivate most airborne contaminants like viruses and bacteria, mould spores, germs, fungi and other odour causing elements removing up to 99.7% of airborne particles.

Sharp also has air purifiers with humidifier options which makes them the only one to offer you a clean and comfortable environment no matter what the season!

We have had the Sharp in our home for a couple of weeks now. It's simple to set up and get going with cleaner air in no time. The Sharp Air Purifier system has two filters, a washable outer filter and the interior hemp filter, you can buy replacements when needed for inexpensive.

After setting up and plugging in, the front panel displayed the dust level of the air (which was quite high, I'm embarrassed to say!) and humidity level in the room. The first room I wanted to use it in was of course the living area downstairs. Its the room with the most use and traffic in the daytime. It's also the room where the baby sleeps in her play yard during the day time for her naps so perfect place to try it out, right!

There are two settings - auto and pollen for the type of filtration you want and three fan speeds - max, med and low. You can turn the PlasmaCluster Ion Technology on or off with the touch of a button.

There is an option for "clean air" which slowly cleans the air over time and then there's the "quick clean" option which cleans it quicker. Within minutes of using "quick clean" the dust and humidity levels on the front panel went down by a lot! 

We definitely noticed a difference within a few minutes of using it. You'd be surprised to find out what you have floating around in the air that you can't see. 

The Sharp Air Purifier is quiet and elegant, it looks great in the living room or office areas. You can find Sharp Air Purifiers at stores like Best Buy and Future Shop!

Exciting news:

Sharp wants to help one lucky AME reader clear the air with a new Sharp Air Purifier! Stay tuned to AME for an upcoming special Sharp giveaway!

Stay up-to-date with Sharp by giving the Sharp Canada Facebook page a like. Also find out what the other Sharp bloggers think by following along on Twitter using Hashtag #SharpCleanAir

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It's still hard to believe it has been SIX months since I gave birth to the newest member of our family - Baby M. With a little bit of a rough start to life (see her birth story here), she has been growing and thriving at an incredible rate, outgrowing the average preemie her age according to her pediatrician. Impressive - she's got heart!
 Her only major concern was flat head syndrome she had developed within the first two months. Preemies are born with softer skull tissue than that of a full-term baby, even if she was only three weeks early it makes a difference so we had to be careful about positioning her when she slept and when we held her etc. The Tortle I reviewed helped masses! It started to clear up on its own as she started lifting her own head more and more. 

In six months I've watched my new baby grow from the lesser-expressive  tiny newborn to a wiggly, smiley and gabby bundle of chubby. She has been your typical "by the book" type baby, crying when she needs something otherwise shes happy!

She has been hitting her baby milestones head on. She smiles, twists, rolls, tries to sit up (I call them baby sit ups) and pushes herself up into "I want to crawl soon" position when shes having "tummy time". She is more awake and alert during the day, still needing her morning and afternoon sleeps of course. 

Now, although I am still pretty much sleep deprived (three kids is a big change I'm still getting used to) she has been sleeping her nights for about a month or so now. Not sleeping her nights like my older two where they go to bed around 8pm and get up for school at 7am. She more or less has her last bottle around 9pm and after that she sleeps through until 7am when we all get up to get the older two ready for school. It gives me a few more hours to catch some (much needed) sleep at night!

My older two, K and Little Guy have been amazing in their new roles are Big sister and Big Brother. They love their baby sister and shes at the perfect stage for interaction, they get a kick out of making her laugh. I am happy they are happy, it was a big change for everyone.
 As for me, the last six months adjusting to life with baby (again) have been alright. I went through the typical postpartum emotional rollercoaster ride but luckily it wasn't a long one. I'm feeling pretty good these days aside from lack of sleep.

It's still hard to believe shes already six months and growing.

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When I first dove into the blogging pool four years ago, I was not prepared for the kind of world I was about to journey in to. It's exciting but there is more to it than just "having a blog". Typing out words on a screen and pressing a button. No, I'm not complaining - There are a lot of ins and outs I was unaware about but luckily as with anything, I have learned as I have grown. I still learn as I go.

One thing I learned in the blogging world is that it's nice to be recognized online, it's nice to have online contacts but you have to make more of a presence in the world. Showing up at events, conferences and the likes are great but don't forget to leave an impression with a good blogging business card. These are one of those many tools we need as bloggers.

They give people a sense of realism when it comes to bloggers, an easier way to put a face to a blog by meeting them and remembering through a simple little card.

I am overdue for new blog cards by far as my logo and design have changed since I had my first set printed. I'm still using them because the info is the same at least. I would like to get something with my updated logo, something modern and elegant maybe.  

You could head to your local print shop and have some made but there are so many great places you can go online to get them printed up for a good price too. Plus online you can always shop around for the best deals.

One of the first places I went when I first decided to get cards made up was VistaPrint.ca, (a friend recommended them to me). If you don't know what it is, Vista Print is a website dedicated to all your printing needs whether it be blog cards, business cards or whatever else you want to print your logo and info on.

Easy to navigate, you can use one of the available templates or create a custom set of cards. They often have great deals and discounts on the site too. In fact if you look around online there are various other places you can get VistaPrint coupons and promo codes too!

When you're getting ready for your next event, make sure you are ready with your blog cards! You don't even need to put very much on them if you don't want to. Some people put their picture, address, phone number and blog or social media credentials (twitter handle and face book address etc). Mine are pretty basic and will most likely stay that way with my name and blog/social media information.

Not only a great way to network with potential sponsors and partners but having blog cards is also a great way to keep connected to your fellow blogger friends you meet, and trust me you will want to have yours handy :-)

Disclosure: Sponsored post by AME on behalf of VistaPrintDeals.com. Opinions and comments on this blog are otherwise those of the author.


Being a parent I of course have the fun tasks of the everyday (as we all do!). From taking care of the kids to laundry and everything in between, it's my "job" (although I don't necessarily like calling it that!). With every job you need the proper tools to be productive and those tools to me are the everyday products P&G has come to offer us. 

Laundry detergent, household cleaning, beauty and beyond - many of our products in the home are P&G and not just because I am a P&GMom either. I have had a love for Mr. Clean long before the title.
  P&G products can now be purchased online at Walmart Canada's new virtual store! This is fantastic news for people like me who dislike packing up the kids for an afternoon of everyday shopping or worse - forgetting something and having to go back to the store. That always happens to us!

It's great to see more and more of our favourite family stores opening up to virtual shopping!

Find what your family needs in a few clicks instead! It's easy to search by heading over to www.Walmart.ca and typing in whatever you are looking for in the search bar. The site will bring up all available items and you can get all of your favourite P&G products at Walmart low prices, plus free shipping makes online shopping all the more enjoyable!

As any website, I could spend hours shopping online, especially when the site has awesome prices that fit my family budget and if you really dig, you might even find some online rollback specials!

For my first experience shopping at walmart.ca I decided to go for some things we needed (like more Swiffer Wet refills!) and maybe a couple of things I wanted (like CoverGIRL Outlast nail polish!).

If you can't finish your virtual shopping trip all at once, no worries! You can also sign up for a free account and save your shopping cart until you get a minute to check out! I will be placing my order within the next short while! Stay tuned for an update!

Did you know, if you have a smartphone and live around the GTA (Toronto) area, there are special QR codes in certain bus stops that you can scan and get instant access to great items on the go! Hurry though, you can only find these codes until June 30th!

See what other P&GMom's are saying by following along Twitter using hashtags #PGMom and #ShopWalMartonline!

Happy shopping!

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Summer is fast approaching, I call it the season of "boo boo's". That time of year the kids are out and more active than ever enjoying the warm summer days of no school. Unfortunately accidents happen when kids have fun causing boo boos and sad faces. 

As parents, one of the many hats we donne is of course the first-aid attendant. My kids run to mommy or daddy when they get hurt, looking for us to make it better and take the boo boo away. 

Create a Cheer Chest - Kids love searching for treasure! Why not act and distract with a special Cheer Chest just for your little ones when they get a boo boo. Fill up a small box (you can find small treasure boxes for cheap at local dollar stores) and fill it up with trinkets like stickers, temporary tattoos, little toys and other pick-me-ups and watch the "owies" disappear! 

Dance Party - Music may soothe the savage beast, but it also works wonders for sadness, too. Turn up tunes in the car, at home or even on your smartphone if the boo boo happens while you're out and bust out a silly dance party to shake and wiggle the tears away. 

Enlist the Cuddle Brigade - Hugs and kisses are always welcome distractions - but what about some love from an entire cuddle brigade? Get your child's favourite stuffed animal in on the act to kiss, hug, cuddle and tickle the tears away. 

Band-Aid bandages for boo boo's - One thing that has always made my kids smile when they are hurt is a BAND-AID® bandage. The BAND-AID® Brand MAGIC VISION™ app featuring the Muppets helps turn hurt into happy by helping mom and dad (or a caregiver) take their little minds off the hurt and into the happy with silly antics from Disney's The Muppets. 

Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo come to life - keeping your child (and you) giggling away the boo boo's in no time. Simply pick your favourite character, scan your Band-Aid bandage and get ready to enjoy the show! With your child's help Kermit sings his own version of "Rainbow Connection", Gonzo shows off a thrilling new stunt and Miss Piggy strutts her stuff on the red carpet! 

Available for both Android and Apple devices, this simple little app will have you both giggling in no time. 

Above all...Keep smiling! - When little ones take a fall, they often turn to their parents to see how they react. If you act shocked or scared, chances are it will worry your little one and they will mirror your reaction. Keep calm (although even a small fall is a scary fall) and smile. Let them know it will be ok and that you are there to make it better! 

Find Disney's The Muppets Band-Aid brand bandages in your local pharmacy aisle for all your little one's boo boo needs! 


We want to bring the hurt to happy for one lucky AME reader! Enter for your chance to win a Band-Aid brand "Hurt to Happy Kit" to keep your little one smiling the next time they get an "owie". 

The Band-Aid brand "Hurt to Happy" kit includes three (3) plush Disney's The Muppets (Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal), a play stage featuring Disney's The Muppets for your little ones to act and distract, and of course a box of Disney's The Muppets Band-Aid bandages! 

To enter fill out the Rafflecopter ballot below for your chance to win! Open to Canadian residents 18 years old and older only. One entry per household. Prize provided by representatives of Band-Aid brand. Ends June 30th, 2013.


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Who remembers playing Yahtzee growing up? I still play it, the mobile version on my phone but I remember playing the original dice game growing up. It was one of the simplest games you could get, dice and luck is all you needed.

The sound of the dice being shaken, tossed and landing in hopes you get the right combination to beat your opponents score. If all five dice landed on the same number you were in luck, you got Yahtzee!

Hasbro games has another treat to add to our ever growing family game collection with new World Series of Yahtzee game! This isn't your typical game of Yahtzee, instead of taking turns you actually play against your opponent at the same time!
Here's how it works: In this face-to-face, casino-style dice game everyone rolls together and tries to match their dice to the Yahtzee game combination cards on the board. Roll fast to try and get the highest score and be the first to lock in and start the electronic timer. When the rock-and-roll counter stops and everyone is finished rolling, grab your card for points. The highest score at the end of the game wins!

This is ultimately the fastest way to play Yahtzee ever. There's no waiting your turn or having to keep score with this electronic version of a classic game. Are you a roll and look player or do you concentrate on getting that one card? Whatever way you play, make sure to be the first to lock into that electronic board, first come - first pick of the cards on board!

World Series of Yahtzee is rated ages 8 and up. It comes with 20 dice, 22 playing cards, 1 electronic unit, 1 game board, 4 barriers and a game guide. 2AA batteries required but not included.

Save big with Checkout51.com, a new way to save on your everyday shopping! It's easy to get started by checking out what deals are available at Checkout51.com, make a purchase and save your receipt. Log into the Checkout51.com app (available for Andriod and iPhone) and enter your receipt. they send you your savings in the mail! How cool is that!

Starting at midnight on Thursday, June 20th until 11:59pm on Wednesday, June 26th purchase World Series of Yahtzee (within Canada) and submit your receipts in the Checkout51.com app for big savings!

Win it!

Experience the World Series of Yahtzee with your family! One (1) lucky AME reader is going to win their very own World Series of Yahtzee game! It's easy to enter using the Rafflecopter ballot below!

Please follow the giveaway instructions upon entering. CANADIAN residents only. Giveaway ends June 22nd!

Good Luck!

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To all the father's, step-fathers, half-fathers, grandfathers and beyond - Happy Father's Day!

You're Super Dad and it's your day to shine. Your day to be pampered, spoiled and treated like the King you know you are.

Thank you for always being there for all of us. For teaching us and guiding us.

Growing up I always looked up to my father (literally, he's pretty tall!). He has always been a go-getter, a hard worker and has a big heart. Childhood wasn't an easy one back then, I could imagine parenthood having kids of my own today.

Memories of my own childhood seem so far away but the ones that are clear, my father was there. He was there for major moments and moments that wouldn't have mattered to anybody else.

Looking back, even if sometimes it didn't seem like it, I was listening when he spoke. Those lessons he was trying to teach me, those lectures I rolled my eyes and huffed at, are ones which are coming into play today. We all try to do our best as parents and now I understand, he was doing his best too.

Although we may have each made our share of mistakes, one thing for sure is I am thankful every day that he is in my life, in his grandchildren's lives still today. Life is too short, we need to spend our time making moments special ones.

Thanks Dad, for everything you do - we love you.

Happy Father's Day.

Posted by AME in celebration of Father's Day 2013. Image copyright AME 2013.


Father's Day is coming up this weekend and like the good wife I am, I have been picking up things to give hubby for Father's Day this year - besides the kids homemade craft presents. Homemade is nice but I don't think us wives can get away with a hand drawn card! ;-) 

I have to tell you he is kind of difficult to buy for when it comes to clothes. He is particular about his styles and typically keeps it casual wearing white or black t-shirts (unless it's hockey season then you have his favourite teams logo on most of what he wears) and jeans or black/grey sport pants. He doesn't dress up very often and he doesn't wear bright colours very often. He stays in the neutral zone despite my attempts to try to brighten up the wardrobe a bit. 

Speaking of bright, Fila Golf has some popping bright new colours to offer this season, for the wife like me who wants to see her man in something besides his every day!

I was sent over a Fila Golf Men's California Polo in "Vanilla Ice" (I can't help but start singing "Ice, Ice, Baby!"), one of the bright new colours. I knew right when I saw it that it would be a shirt perfect for my hubby. Collar neck with four buttons, the sleeves are a little longer than traditional short-sleeve polo shirts. The material is super light and comfortable, the FILA sign discreetly on the left lower part of the sleeve. I know he will be very happy with this shirt on Father's Day! 

Button up or button down, Fila Golf Men's California Polo shirts are great for summer sport or casual and come in 8 great colours (black, navy, lake green, maize yellow, nirvana purple, vanilla ice, viva red and white). These super soft performance shirts are made from premium antibacterial fabric (86% Polyester and 14% Spandex) that features Fila tech-dry moisture management that helps your active Dad stay cool!

Fila Golf Men's California Polo shirts can be found online at the Fila Golf Shop and sport departments which sell Fila Golf apparel. 

Right now save 25% off shopping online at the FILA Golf Shop using coupon code "FILAFAN" *coupon code valid for one purchase* and get Free shipping on orders over $75 or more, see website for full details! 

Follow @FilaGolf on Twitter and Like ShopFilaGolf on Facebook for the latest updates!

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In a few weekends we will be celebrating everything Dad. The man of the house and father of our kids who by doing the simplest things, has the Everyday Effect on his family.

Dad can look and feel his best, like the King he is on Father's Day (and every day) with P&G! Pamper him, let him know how you feel and treat him to his own personal "man-spa'.

For his shaving pleasure, Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch Razor is a great choice. It has a sleek handle with a bigger more ergonomic grip for better control. Clinically tested for sensitive skin, this razor has finer blades to glide comfortably over his skin. He (and you) will love how smooth he looks and feels!

Keep him feeling confident and flake-free with Head & Shoulders Old Spice Shampoo. You're favourite anti-dandruff shampoo teams up with the handsome scent of Old Spice to give your man touchable soft hair and keep him smelling great!

Bring out his wild side with new Old Spice Wild collection! Representing the dangerous side of manhood and inspired by the habits of the wild, Old Spice Wild features two distinct masculine scents - Hawkridge and Wolfthorne. Both scents are available in body wash, antiperspirant/deodorant and body spray.

After he is all showered, shaven and looking fresh arm him with Tide to Go! Keep his clothes looking new by keeping stains away with this quick and easy stain remover on the go! Early morning coffee (or mid-afternoon snack) stains will be a thing of the past!

These are just a few ideas for tokens of appreciation you could gift upon the Dad in your life this Father's Day. We thank him on Father's Day and everyday for simply doing what he does and being who he is. Bringing the Everyday Effect to our home with even the smallest things. 

With the little things they teach us, from how to tie our shoes and brush our teeth to knowing what it means to be a good man, Dad's protect us and prepare us to face the world every day and for the rest of our lives. 
P&G shares this video, recognizing how Dads have an impact on their kids through the everyday. Enjoy!

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Ever since the kids were younger we have always taken part and brought them to our local mall, St. Laurent Shopping Centre to enjoy some free and kid-friendly entertainment by TreeHouse Live!

There have been some friendly faces visiting over the years including My Little Pony, Toopy and Binoo and Barney and Friends to name a few.

Once again our friend Thomas the tank engine will be gracing us with his presence at the shopping center with a live show and the best part - it's FREE for everyone.

Take a ride to the island of Sodor when Thomas the Tank Engine rolls into town. Sit back and enjoy or get up and dance to the wonderful songs and music of Thomas and Friends.

Catch Thomas and Friends live on stage Saturday June 22 and Sunday June 23 playing two shows daily at 11:00am and 2:00pm!

Remember to get there EARLY, you could always shop around the mall before the show. There are no seats but plenty of space on the floor for people to sit (or stand) and it fills up FAST. If you happen to have a wee one and require a place to put your stroller, they have that available at the mall too. They make it very family friendly when an event like this happens at St. Laurent!

Enjoy the show!

Win it!

Do you have a Thomas and Friends fan in your house? Get ready for Thomas and Friends LIVE with a fantastic Thomas and Friends prize pack from AME! TWO lucky AME readers have the chance to win a Thomas and Friends Prize pack which includes an assortment of Thomas & Friends goodies including Thomas and Percy trains, book marks, a Mattel coupon book and other fun swag ($50 value)!

Fill out the rafflecopter following the specific instructions to get your name in for the draw! Ends June 17th! 

Open to residents of Ottawa or those within distance to travel for the free show! Winners must attend show to obtain their prize. Prize will be emailed upon win and winner must present certificate as per instructions to obtain prize. One entry per household. Must be 18 years old or older to be eligible. See Rafflecopter ballot terms and conditions for more detail. 

Good Luck!

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Any mom will tell you, each and every child is unique in their own special ways and as a mom of 3 I can tell you it's true. My three kids are as unique and individual as they get. They each came with their very own personalities, souls and hearts that make them ever so special to us. 

My oldest daughter is friendly and talkative, a very social butterfly who loves to meet new people and make new friends. She is tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside but won't let anyone be her boss. She has an imagination beyond anything I've ever seen and I love it. Shes so smart, so funny. She is who she is and that is what makes her so special. 

My boy is always happy, his school days are always "awesome" and he always looks on the bright side of life. He enjoys simple things like watching his dad fix something around the house, jumping for joy on the trampoline outside and playing his favourite memory game. He likes making jokes and clowning around - he's my little comedian. He is who he is and that is what makes him so special. 

Now my youngest is just starting to develop her personality but it's there. She is always happy, she doesn't fuss much for a five month old baby and she is constantly babbling lately - I think she will be a talker like her older sister. Her new favourite thing is sticking out her tongue as far as she can and have mommy or daddy mimic her. This baby is special too and shes just starting out in life. 

It brings joy to my eyes to think back over the years about how much my kids have come to grow into their own and how proud I am to this day of every milestone and achievement we have celebrated together - our own moments of joy. 

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May just flew right past us like nothing else, don't you think? June is here and we are focused on the end of the school year and preparing ourselves for the summer holidays coming up sooner than we think!

At the beginning of May, I reviewed Banana Boat® introduced Natural Reflect™ Kids sunscreen and gave you lovely readers the chance to enter to win your own sample to review and submit to me for a chance to win a $50 Visa GC! How exciting!

There were some fabulous submissions but only ONE could win this fab $50 Visa gift card. The winning submission comes from Dreena B who said:

Unfortunately it has been raining here for the past week, with no sunny breaks, so I cannot fully test the sunscreen and its SPF factor! But I have been applying it on my face anyway - because sunscreen is important even in cloudy conditions, right?!
What I like about Banana Boat Natural Reflect is the thickness of it; I feel you can "see" the coverage and protection. It is a thicker paste compared to other sunscreens but easily blends in.
I like that the formula is more natural and is Paraben and PABA-free. This is important for me and my son's skin.I rate it:  9/10.
We will definitely be applying this sunscreen in the summer and on holidays to the beach.

Congratulations Dreena and thanks for a great review! Glad to see you liked the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids sunscreen despite the lack of sun and hope you enjoy your $50 Visa gc on its way to you soon!

Although I could only pick one gift card winner, I still enjoyed reading each and every review submitted to me! You can read them for yourself below!

Submitted by: Judy C.
"I was recently chosen to receive and try out Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen.  I have had the opportunity to try it out several times now and I am very impressed with it and have found my sunscreen of choice for this summer.

 I love that it is made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients.  The consistency of the sunscreen is great and I was very impressed that it rubbed in 100% and didn't leave the normal white residue that a lot of sunscreens do. 
It has a very mild scent which I appreciate since we have issues in this house when it comes to scents.  We have had no sunburns in this house since we started to use it so it works well.  The size of the container is perfect to throw in my purse and take with us for repeat applications. I am so glad I had the chance to review this product and will definitely be buying it!"
Submitted by Sydney D.
"I really like this sunscreen. I'm not usually that impressed by natural products but this one seems great! I like how it isn't really greasy so using it on the face is fine. I also like that it doesn't smell strongly of sunscreen, if you know what I mean! All in all, I would give this product a 9 out of 10!"

Submitted by Karla S.
"I loved this sunscreen. I have tried it out a few times on myself when I have went for a walk or just outside to clean up around the garden. We haven't had very much really hot sunny weather,,but I put this on anyway to try it out. I loved that it never smelled strong,or was not greasy either. It went on smooth and was easy to smooth out over my skin. Love how easy it is to squeeze out of the tube,and not messy at all. I would buy this if it was a reasonable price."

Submitted by Bree J.
"I like natural products and love Banana Boat so I am not really surprised that I love this product! It smells great, doesn't go on greasy and works! My kids find it easy to put it too and love the smell so no arguing about putting it on before outside. Thanks for the opportunity to try this out, we will be buying this again!"

Submitted by Olivia L.
"We weren't given much time to test out Banana Boat's Natural Reflect sunscreen, and with the serious lack of sunshine on the West Coast we weren't able to give it a real world test.  What I can say is that based on the ingredients and the reasonable price point, I would buy this for my kids.  It gets a good score on the Environmental Working Group's 2013 Guide to Sunscreens (3/10 - lower numbers are better) and doesn't contain oxybenzone or parabens.  Because the protective ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, it is thicker than your typical chemical sunscreen, but compared to other mineral sunscreens we've used I found this a bit easier to rub in and less greasy on my daughter's skin.  She complained less too.  I also like that it is scent-free.  Mineral sunscreens tend to be more expensive, but we consider them worth the cost to avoid the toxins common in chemical sunscreens.  At almost half the price of my regular brand I will definitely pick some of this stuff up for when summer finally arrives."

Submitted by Brenda P.
I was really impressed with this sunscreen.  We unfortunately didn’t get any sun (raining/snow for nearly 2 weeks straight!) so I wasn’t able to test on a day where the UV index was moderate or higher to see what the protection was like. 

When I first opened it, I was turned off by the opaque white, sticky lotion.  It reminded me of diaper cream and hubby said it reminded him of glue.
My husband and I tried it on ourselves first.  We were surprised by how easily it applied and that it rubbed in quite well. I really liked the way it felt on my skin.  It didn’t feel heavy or greasy, my skin felt smooth afterwards.  Both of my boys used it and no reactions at all.  My youngest has sensitive skin and will often get a rash with irritation when using lotions or sunscreens, and he had no reaction at all.  They both said that they preferred this to other sunscreens that we have used because they didn’t feel or smell gross.
I would definitely recommend this for everyone! I plan on getting more for the whole family. Thanks again!"

Thanks once again to Banana Boat and everyone who participated in the 2nd AME Reader's Review event!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Banana Boat. $50 GC provided by representatives of Banana boat. All opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Reader reviews and comments within this post are those of the individuals submitting.