How do you clean your kitchen? A dishcloth or sponge with a disinfectant/soap and water was my answer to this question, until I took the Bounty challenge. Several P&GMoms took the Bounty dishcloth challenge a few months back and put their dirty secrets out on the line!

What we had to do was use a provided dishcloth for three days, for any of our every day kitchen clean ups from spills to dirty pots and pans. After the three days were up we were to send our dirty dishcloths in to the Bounty labs for some serious testing. 

I had no idea what to expect upon the return of our dirty little secrets but I was totally shocked and disgusted when I read the results. I won't get into the nitty-gritty details but you would be totally grossed right out if I told you how much mold and bacteria is living on your dishcloth right now. 

Did you know mold and bacteria thrives on moisture and a dirty dishcloth is a prime candidate for germs to make a home. These germs can then be spread around unknowingly use after use, until that dishcloth makes its way to the laundry. No matter if you rinse it with hot water, use soap etc the bacteria is still there. 

Spills happen, especially with a house full of accident prone people like us. Sadly its not just the children who make the messes around here. In an attempt to rid our kitchen of that bacteria-filled dishcloth, we put Bounty Select a Size to the test. 

The rolls of Bounty we got are HUGE! Luckily, we have a stand-up paper towel holder so it's no problem to keep it within reach. 

I use Bounty for various kitchen jobs including wiping up spills and washing finger-smeared windows. They also came in handy as make shift plates for outdoor family BBQ dinners like hot dogs and hamburgers. The only thing I really didn't attempt to use Bounty for was washing actual dishes although they do help when it comes to wiping up grease off pots and pans after cooking too. I like Bounty Select A Size because you don't always need a huge amount to do the job, you waste less and clean more. 

Here are some great tips for maintaining a clean and happy home from Dr. Elizabeth Scott, Co-Director Simmons Center for hygiene and health in home and community:

  1. Wash your hands - before meal preparation, wash thoroughly with warm soap and water, dry with Bounty.
  2. Wash and sanitize surfaces and utensils - Reduce risk of contamination in the kitchen by washing and sanitizing all counter tops, cutting boards and utensils that come in contact with food you are preparing. Do this before and after preparing food and use Bounty to help wipe up messes and wipe down surfaces.
  3. Separate your food - Make sure to always separate raw foods such as meat and eggs, from cooked food and vegetables to avoid cross contamination which is one of the main causes of food born illness.
  4. Wash produce - Thoroughly before preparing, wash fruits and vegetables drying with Bounty. This helps reduce the risk of transferring pathogens from the rind or skin to the inside of the fruit or vegetable when its cut.
  5. Keep your fridge clean - One way to also help reduce cross contamination is to keep that fridge clean and always keep food covered since most bacteria can continue to grow in fridge temperature. Clean your fridge once a week by tossing out old and uneaten foods. Wash with a kitchen sanitizer  drying with Bounty.
  6.  Wash reusable grocery bags - Especially if you are carrying raw meats, fruits or vegetables. This helps prevent cross-contamination from bacteria and other germs on your food from the grocery store.
Bounty is great for all our kitchen and household cleaning needs. The fact that we have only gone through one and a half rolls compared to usually going through a whole bag of the "cheaper brand" in less than two months, tells me Bounty can save us money in the paper towel department too.

Learn more about Bounty by visiting www.Bounty.ca! Follow @Bounty on Twitter for the latest updates! 

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A letter to my nine year old daughter:

Dear daughter,

This is the year you have nine candles glowing on your birthday cake. The last year we can really call you little before you hit double-digits. Each candle on your birthday cake represents a year of memories, milestones and accomplishments. Each candle represents another year you've grown in many ways. 

I still remember lighting the very first candle on your very first birthday cake. You had so much fun smashing up your first cake, it was everywhere. Nine candles later you are growing up to be a beautiful young girl. A young girl who continues to make her parents proud every day. 

You're smart, funny, kind and pig-headed all mixed into one sweet package. You are down to earth but you still have your own hopes and dreams, follow them.

I know as you get older your personality will serve you well. I can see you doing great things with that ever thinking imagination of yours. You get it all honestly.

You always have something to say and that's OK. There will always be somebody to listen to you. You always have questions about everything life brings your way and that's OK. There will always be somebody there to help try to answer those questions.

Please remember, always follow your heart. It may hurt sometimes, but it will always guide you in the right ways. Your family will always be here, standing behind you. We love you.

There are so many more things I would like to say but you also have many more candles and many more birthdays to come.

Celebrate this year, there are nine candles on your cake. Go ahead, make that wish. 

My birthday wish for you is to stay as beautiful inside and out as you are for the next nine candles and beyond. 
Happy birthday K~

A few of my favorite pictures over the years...

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Colouring my hair isn't something new, I've been doing it for years. Not for any particular reason except that once in a while change can be a good thing. Over the years I have used at-home hair dyes in different shades, always trying to find the right one for me!

With fall coming, its not only the seasons looking to change. I think I might want to try something new when it comes to my hair this fall. During the summer months I find myself turning to the blonder colours, I have for years. Light browns to lighter blondes, none of which ever turn out the way that I want them to.

Thanks to our friends at P&G I was able to ask some hair colour questions and have them answered by Toronto based Clairol Colour Consultant, Luis Pacheco! We had the opportunity to hear his expert tips in person at the P&G event last fall too. I'm happy to say I received an email back from the P&G team with answers to my questions!

Clairol Colour Expert Luis Pacheo Q & A:
  • How do I get permanent colour to stay and not fade after a couple of weeks?
    Colour will fade at the 2 week benchmark. The best tip to maintain your colour is to avoid the sun as much as possible and use minimal heat styling tools.
  • What is your best tip for at home highlights? Which is the best kit and what are the best tools to use?
    Right now there isn't something I would feel comfortable recommending for at-home highlighting - but stay tuned!
  • What products would you recommend to treat damaged/colour treated hair?
    It really depends on the type of damage. Always choose a product that is safe on colour and that caters to your hair needs - whether it's lack of moisture, volume etc.
  • What styling products would you recommend for colour treated hair (for volume and hold)?
    I would recommend something that is heat activated and protects the hair from further damage. Always avoid direct contact with heat as much as possible, keep your styling tools on low, because the higher the heat level, the greater the damage.
  • How do I avoid blonde dye turning brassy after a couple of washes?
    Be sure to stay within 2-3 shades of your natural colour, maintain it with a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner and minimize exposure to the sun.
I had many more questions to ask but of course I'm sure like the rest of us, Luis' time is of the essence! My colour consultation wasn't what I expected (it was better!) and I'm happy with the results chosen for me based on the picture I sent in to the Clairol experts at P&G! 

My Colour Consultation:

"Your natural colour looks like its a level 4, and the Vidal Sassoon Light Blonde shade you're using is a level 9. For best results, I recommend you stay around a level 6. I also think Perfect 10 by Nice'n Easy in Chocolate Brown #6WN would be great on you!"

I am happy I am not afraid to try new things (within a certain limit of course) and this recommendation is definitely something I could see myself trying for the fall and winter seasons! 

You can find more hair colouring tips, find your shade and more by visiting www.clairol.ca and liking Clairol on Facebook!

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Summertime is almost over but many families are still trying to squeeze in that last-minute trip with the kids before school starts back in a couple of weeks. Both comfort and safety come into mind when parents choose their babies travel gear.

Parents want to know they are purchasing a brand they trust with the most important thing in their lives, their baby. Parents look for car seats, boosters and accessories to meet their individual needs.  

Britax has been a leader of mobile safety for over 70 years. From infant carriers, booster seats and strollers to accessories and more, bringing families across the country peace of mind when they travel with their family. 

Having a good car seat is one thing but what about accessories to go with it? Britax has a wide variety of useful accessories to help simplify travelling with a little one. 

Britax Car Seat Travel Bag

Keep your baby's car seat clean and safe while travelling with the Britax car seat travel bag! Made with water-resistant fabric and a durable rubberized base, it fits all BRITAX and most other brand car seats from infant to booster. It makes travel a lot easier with built in wheels and adjustable backpack style straps for carrying, perfect for the airport. It even has a luggage ID window, just in case. 
Britax 3 Piece Car Seat Accessory Pack
The Britax 3 Piece Car Seat accessory pack has everything else you need to keep your little one happy and give yourself peace of mind while you travel. It includes a 
Vehicle seat protector that captures debris and spills with raised edges to keep your vehicle clean, an EZ-Cling window shade with 30+ UPF to protect your little traveller from harmful UV rays and also a Kick Mat for extra storage and also protecting the back of your seat from dirty shoes.

For more information about these and other Britax products visit www.britax.ca! Show some love by following @Britax on Twitter and Liking the Britax Facebook page!


Little guy loves his baby sister.
He can make her laugh just by making a silly face.
Her eyes light up with excitement when she sees him.
I hope this beautiful bond continues to grow as they do.
Nothing like Big Brother Love :)

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Awaiting the arrival of a new baby is such an exciting time, especially for first time parents. Aside from the nursery furniture, clothes and diapers, one of babies basic must-haves in our house is a good bottle set.

Breast or bottle fed, feeding time is bonding time for new baby and mom. It's a time when you can sit, quietly with your new baby and get to know them and they get to know you too. 

It's important for baby to be comfortable, a good bottle is one place to start. Not all bottles are made the same, it took several attempts at different bottles for each of our kids when they were newborn babies. Each baby has a different need and Philips AVENT are one of the most trusted and chosen bottles among new parents. I am happy to be part of the Philips AVENT Moms program!

Philips is known around the world for great home entertainment and personal care products, baby products are nothing new. Philips AVENT Baby provides parents things they need for new baby such as feeding, baby monitors, pacifiers and more. 

The Philips AVENT Natural Essentials set has everything new parents need to start off feeding their new baby! This kit includes:

Two Philips AVENT Natural feeding bottles in two sizes (4oz and 9oz). Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding, the wide breast-shape promotes a natural latch on. Unique comfort petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse. Innovative twin-valve design reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby's tummy. These make for a more comfortable and contented feeding for baby ad mom!

The Philips AVENT Natural bottles have wider bottlenecks making filling and cleaning much easier too. Only four parts for quick and simple assembly. 

The Microwave Sterilizer is ultra fast and easy to use. Sterilizes four bottles in about two minutes, depending on your microwave. It helps eliminate harmful bacteria and if the lid isn't open, contents remain sterilized up to 24 hours. 

Soothie Pacifier for ages 0-3 months are used by medical professionals to help calm newborns. Not all babies require or even want a pacifier but they can come in really handy when new parents just need to sooth that baby. Soothie pacifiers are made with hospital grade silicone in one piece and is highly durable. 

Bottle brush for keeping your baby's feeding accessories clean. It's got a curved brush head and moulded tip for thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas of bottles and nipples.

There you have it, everything a new parent needs as far as feeding accessories in one handy kit! The Philips AVENT Naturals Essentials kit would make an excellent baby shower present for those parents-to-be! 

You can find this and other great Philips Avent Baby products by visiting the Philips Avent Baby website. 

Follow @AVENT_US on Twitter and use hashtag #AVENTMomsCA to find out what other moms are saying! Like Philips AVENT on Facebook for the latest updates! 

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Ever since I was a teenager and allowed to do it, I've worn make-up. Not every day, but majority of the time especially when I am leaving the house. I will take a moment to myself, trying to keep the routine as quick as possible and do myself up.

I have several favourite brands I enjoy using, a few favourite must-have beauty products in my makeup bag and of course I am always looking for new inspiration, new products to try and things like that while keeping it simple.

It’s that time of year again, summer is ending and it’s time to start looking at some new makeup for the fall. Shoppers Drug Mart is a place I go often to shop for my makeup needs. They carry an array of well-known brands we love and often have great sales to help us save on our favourites!

We are in luck because Shoppers Drug Mart is celebrating all things beauty with the 30 Days of Beauty in all Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada!

The 3rd annual National event is Shoppers Drug Mart’s biggest beauty event of the year! Beginning August 17th through September 17th, 30 unique looks for just about every occasion inspire 30 Days of beauty through beauty makeover videos and visuals, plus instructional “how-to” tutorials in-store and online!

There will be daily in-store excitement, month long offers and one-day only offers on all of your favourite beauty brands! Over 50 brands will be featured including Lancôme, Biotherm, Lise Watier, Clinique, Benefit, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Revlon, Quo, Gosh and one of my personal favourites, CoverGirl!

Visit 30DaysofBeauty.ca to check out the 30 Days of Beauty looks to get inspired. You can also find the 1 day only print-to-redeem coupons you can use in store and informative instructional “How-to” videos about your favourite look. Plus, find out how you can enter to win $1MM Shoppers Optimum Points through the “Share Your Look” contest!

See a look you want to try? Book a free 5 minute in-store makeover at your local Shoppers Drug Mart during the 30 Days of Beauty event and have the Shoppers beauty experts show you how. Plus, when you spend $75 or more on cosmetics, fragrance or skin care August 24th - August 30th you can get a beautiful silver cosmetic pouch filled with over 25 beauty product samples, while quantities last!

Leave it to Shoppers Drug Mart to know how to celebrate everything beauty!

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Banana's are a staple in our house, just about everybody loves them. They are a quick and delicious snack, not to mention nutritious. The problem we have, especially during the summer is of course bananas going bad too fast. I have yet to master how to keep them fresh longer, if you have a tip leave a comment below and I'll be glad to take your advice! ;-)

Anyway, we recently had this rotten-banana problem at our house. We simply bought too many before a weekend the kids went for a surprise sleepover at grandma's house. Hubs and I can only eat so many bananas between the two of us thus some of the bunch went brown.

The first thing that comes to mind when bananas brown is, what to make with them. Honestly, that's a given - we made banana bread and banana muffins this week! 

Upon searching the web for a new recipe, I found this one *recipe on Food.com entitled "The Best Banana Bread" - the title had me curious to try it out and see. It turned out AMAZING, really good recipe! The banana bread was moist and sweet but not too sweet, added with some butter and microwaved for a few seconds - delicious!

Heres what you need and how to make it:

1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
4 ripe bananas, mashed
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Blend butter & sugar, add in eggs and bananas. Mix well. 
  • Mix together dry ingredients flour (any kind, I used whole wheat and it turned out great), baking soda, salt and add to mixture. Add vanilla. Mix well.
  • Bake @ 350 degrees for approximately 60 minutes, depending on your oven, ours cooked it within less time. 
  • Refrigerate after cooling. This recipe makes one yummy loaf or twelve muffins. 
The loaf came out perfect although I did slightly brown the muffins, oops! They still taste really good though either way. Banana bread is one of my family's favourite snacks or even part of a complete breakfast. I knew they wouldn't last long in our house and they did not! 

I'll have to go back to food.com and take a look around for other recipes, they seem to have some really yummy looking ones. If you're looking for inspiration it's a great site to visit. 

Disclosure: Posted by AME. Not sponsored. I found the mentioned recipe on food.com however  I hae written it with modifications to my own families taste*. Images are my own. Opinions and comments on this blog are always my own.


As a mom of three, it can be hard to keep my eyes everywhere at once. Okay, let’s face it – impossible. One of the most important home security devices I have always believed in investing when you have kids, especially a baby is of course a baby monitor.

We have had our share of baby monitors throughout the years; some have passed our family test and others, not so much. My favourite are of course video monitors that give the capability of seeing and hearing whats going on. It’s not only useful for a baby but older kids too.

We have a multi-story house, so let’s say I have to run down to the basement for laundry, bring all the kids with me? No, I can keep my eye on them with a video baby monitor and know what’s going on at all times.

I was given the opportunity to take a look at a new monitor from LOREX Baby!  In case you don’t know who LOREX are, they specialize in home security like home monitoring systems and baby monitors, everything you need to see and hear, making sure your home and family are safe!

We were sent the LOREX Baby Sweet Peek baby monitor for review. This new monitor will surely keep us tuned in to baby (and her siblings), no matter where we are in the house.

Features include:

  • Wireless camera (optional plug included)
  • 2.4” video monitor
  • 12 feet night vision
  • Digital zoom
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Supports up to 4 cameras
  • Built in lullabies
  • Two-way talk
  • Nightlight
With crisp video (day or night vision) and audio, LOREX Baby’s Sweet Peek monitor is a great piece of equipment to have on hand. The camera is elegant and sleek, very modern and would match just about any nursery décor and you can add extra cameras (up to four!) for other rooms of the house. I like the big base of the camera, easier to place on a shelf and not worry about it tipping or better yet mount it anywhere including the wall, out of reach of small hands. It can be plugged in or you can insert batteries for wireless with regular batteries. LOREX Baby knows safety.

The video monitor screen is big enough (at 2.4”) and the device is small enough to fit in your hand plus has a belt clip making it almost hands-free. I like the two-way talk feature; sometimes it just takes hearing mommy or daddy’s voice to calm her down until we get to her if she is fussing while we are in another room. The battery lasts fairly long, I was able to use it for several hours within a few days before it started to need a recharge. 

If you are looking to buy a baby monitor for yourself or perhaps as a baby shower gift, I recommend taking a look at the LOREX Baby Sweet Peek monitor.

LOREX Baby monitors are available at Amazon.com, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Babies “R” Us and Target. The Sweet Peek is $169.99 (MSRP).

For more information about LOREX Baby products visit www.lorexbaby.com.

Follow @Lorex_Baby on Twitter and Like LOREX Baby on Facebook for the latest updates! 

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Cuts and scrapes happen when you are a kid, it's all part of growing up. As a parent, its up to us to make sure we have the tools on hand to care for those cuts and scrapes, times that require some extra TLC. 

Having an emergency kit is a necessity in the summer but also important all year round, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere especially with active kids. 

Nexcare is a family trusted brand that thrives on creating quality first aid supplies for everyone's needs. Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean that activities are! From playing outside to playing sports, kids stay active all year long, Nexcare is there.
Active kids mean scrapes and skinned knees, keep them going with Nexcare No-Sting Liquid Bandage. This unique, breathable and waterproof bandage keeps dirt and germs out of minor cuts and scrapes – just spray it on and go! Its ideal for larger scrapes and abrasions that are difficult to cover with traditional bandages and the no-sting formula makes application easier for younger ones.

Don’t let minor cuts and scrapes keep you down, Tegaderm +Pad Transparent Film Dressing and Nexcare Waterproof Bandages move with the body for greater comfort and more action. Nexcare helps heal the active family.

You can find a variety of Nexcare products in stores across Canada such as Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Sobeys, Loblaw and Rexall for about $4-$12 (MSRP).

For more information about these and other Nexcare products please visit www.nexcare.ca!

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We have just headed into August and already I'm playing the back-to-school card, I'm sorry. I know not everyone begins school at the same time but my kids start back at the beginning of September so in reality, we only have a few weeks really to prepare everything we need. 

Of course one of the first things on my list is back packs and lunch items. Theres nothing like starting out a new school year with new gear. Lunch kits from Thermos come in handy once again this year. There are tons of different styles, colours and character themes to choose from Thermos. They are also celebrating 30 years and bringing back traditional tin lunch boxes, remember those? 

Our kids are going back-to-school in style with their new Thermos brand lunch kits and lunch accessories! 

A Star Wars Clone Wars Dual compartment lunch kit for Little guy will help keep his lunch organized. Dual compartment lunch kits are 100% PVC free with PEVA linings, insulated with closed cell polyethylene vinyl to keep food fresh. There are two seperate storage compartments for easy storage and crush-proof lunches. It has a comfortable padded carrying handle and made with durable, easy to clean fabric. 

Miss K is going to enjoy her lunch in her new Thermos Flower style Lunch Purse. It's a hip and stylish bag for girls, less "lunch box" style and more fashionable for tweens K's age. Thermos Lunch purses are 100% PVC free with PEVA linings, insulated with closed cell polyethylene vinyl to keep food fresh. It has a comfortable padded carrying handle and is made with durable, easy to clean fabric. 

Both kids have brand new Thermos FUNtainer bottles, a pink one for Miss K and a Spider-Man one for Little guy. Thermos FUNtainer bottles are made with unbreakable stainless steel and have Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, keeping drinks hot or cold as they should be.

Both kids also have a brand new Thermos FUNtainer Food jar, blue for Little guy and Hello Kitty for Miss K! Thermos FUNtainer Food Jars have an unbreakable stainless steel exterior and interior. Like the FUNtainer bottle, have double wall vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention which helps keep food hot or cold longer. 

You can find out more about these and other great Thermos brand products by visiting www.Thermos.ca!

Follow @Thermos on Twitter and Like Thermos on Facebook for the latest updates! 

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As mentioned a couple of weeks back in a previous post, my daughter and I had the opportunity to visit Ronald McDonald House Ottawa. The visit was informative, inspiring and heartwarming to say the least. We had a great time touring and talking with staff.

Before you even walk into Ronald McDonald House Ottawa, you feel like you’re visiting someone’s home. A Ronald McDonald House sign is at the entrance, letting you know you’re at the right place. There is a buzzer at the front door to let the staff know someone is visiting, coming in or out.

We were greeted by the Executive Director who gave us a tour of Ronald McDonald House Ottawa. She was very pleasant (as were all the staff) and answered all of our questions about the House.

Inside the front entrance there is a huge Ronald McDonald House welcome mat and two big doors leading into the lobby area. The first thing I noticed in the lobby aside from the gorgeous interior design was the beautiful, hand-painted Library of Life. Books are changed within the library from time to time; the library is filled with dedications.

The House is very big with different wings and from the lobby you can go to different areas of the House like the offices, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, and lounge area. You can go upstairs to where the family’s rooms are or sit outside in the beautiful garden area.

All of the artwork throughout the House was created by the resident artist, she is so talented! In fact, the majority of things in Ronald McDonald House Ottawa are donated by volunteers, businesses and people like you and me.

As beautiful as the House is, it’s the staff and volunteers that make it a home. Most volunteers have been with the house for over 15 years, some 25 years and more. I can tell you, the volunteers and staff at Ronald McDonald House Ottawa are incredible people who work from the heart.

Everyone is so welcoming and so passionate about what they do it just warmed my heart from the get go.

I had the chance to meet and talk to several volunteers and staff who work at the House. Parents need as much support as they can get when they have a sick child, especially when they are seeking treatment in another city. One parent may have to stay home to care for other children or have a full time job and other commitments they wish so hard they could leave for the moment to be with their sick child. Some families come as far as 80km away because they have no other choice.

Nobody should face these challenges alone and with Ronald McDonald House Ottawa, they don’t have to. Family centered healing means helping a family, whatever their need may be and being there for them. Parents of sick kids have a place with friends and family away from home, helping take the burden off to help them cope.

Knowing they make a difference in families’ lives every day is the extra bonus of being at Ronald McDonald House Ottawa. They help families in need through difficult times.

After a lovely lunch of sandwiches from The Lazy Pickle, I had the opportunity to speak with a mom who was staying at the House from several hours out of town. Her story hit home; her baby is in the hospital and her partner has a job plus other children to tend to. She said without Ronald McDonald House Ottawa, she wouldn’t have known what to do. Ronald McDonald House is what helps this family cope rather than staying in a hotel or a motel and feeling alone.

Ronald McDonald House Ottawa continues to do great things and opened two family rooms in CHEO in January; these are special rooms families can use inside the hospital during their child’s stay.  Fundraising for family rooms throughout the year include events like Ski Fest by RBC and the Freedom 55 golf tournament among other fundraising initiatives.

Other events like the RBC Canadian Open, which took place on July 22nd-28th in Oakville, Ontario, help Ronald McDonald Houses across the country through Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada.

Ronald McDonald House Ottawa truly is the house that love built and continues to build. Volunteers are always welcome as are donations. You can check out the wish list page on the Ronald McDonald House Ottawa website!

Connect with Manoir Ronald McDonald House Ottawa on Facebook!

Thank you to the staff, volunteers and parents of Ronald McDonald House Ottawa for allowing us to take this special tour and share our experience with our readers!

Disclosure: Sponsored post by AME on behalf of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Compensation was received for this post however opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


I took a bit of a blog pause this week, not really on purpose. It was my birthday this week, not to mention mid-way through summer and the end of July. Always a busy time around here!

The kids have been enjoying a summer of fun including swimming. Baby M however does not enjoy swimming just yet. We attempted to include her by dipping her little legs into the wading pool we always go to with the kids and she cried. She was not a happy little girl, next year she won't want to get out.

The older kids and I went to Grandpa's last week for a day of swimming though. We had a fun and full day for sure though. Little guy was geared up in his Puddle Jumper and although scared at first, got the hang of it within less than 20 minutes. I'm so proud of our little guy, another big accomplishment for him. 

The community pool around here isn't very deep so he has no issues "swimming" there, this was different for him. Big sister K of course spent the day lounging on the giant blow up pool chairs Grandpa had. Everyone had a lot of fun and it also gave me a chance to spend some time with my Dad which was nice. 

I celebrated my birthday on the final day of July, not a big celebration but it was special because those I cared about most (minus my  mom) were there to celebrate at least :) We had pizza and cake, chit chat and laughs. It was a nice birthday and a nice way end to the month. 

So off with July, another summer month gone leaves us just one more to enjoy before sending our kids back to school. I know, most of us aren't ready to think about school supplies but lets face it, the earlier we get it done the more organized we will be or at least feel right? :) I will be posting some back-to-school posts  as well as some other great stuff in the next coming weeks! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME. Opinions, comments and images are those of the author.