"What's for dinner?" the question that is asked almost every day in our house by both the kids and myself. We all crave variety when we sit down with our families at the end of the day to enjoy a meal but often we are so tired the idea of cooking a fabulous meal and then the messy clean up gets the best of us and we avoid giving ourselves more work than we have already endured in our day.

P&G teamed up with Food Network Canada's Michael Smith - host of Chef Michael's Kitchen to challenge us to take the Ultimate Kitchen Challenge! The challenge was to choose a favourite meal, cook it and clean up the mess using Cascade Platinum Pacs sharing our experience with all of you here on the blog!

I like cooking, learning how to make new things and trying different recipes. Do they always turn out? No, I'm not a chef nor do I really have any experience as far as the culinary arts are concerned but I can still cook a nutritious meal for my family.

Michael Smith makes gourmet cooking easy with this cook book. It has a recipe for just about every type of meal from pork to beef, chicken, seafood, desserts and more. I like how Michael explains things in a simple way and makes the recipes (as I like to call them) "user friendly" and encourages you to use your imagination and give his recipes a twist with your own slight adjustments.

Usually cooking adventures and I don't mix very well so we kept it simple with a pasta dinner and cleaned up our mess with the one and only Dawn. I have been a firm believer in Dawn as my #1 choice when it comes to dish washing detergent. It gets the job done the first time. For those who use a dish washer, Cascade Platinum Pacs contain the same cleaning enzymes as Dawn to get the job done so you can enjoy your dinner and not worry about the dishes.

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Getting a new mom the perfect gift for her and baby can be pretty overwhelming, especially if she is one of those moms who already has everything she may need. Why not take the worry out of it and send a gift basket to that special mom-to-be or new mom?

Babino Box offers gift hampers for mom and baby that contain a variety of baby care products to similify things for new mom and help take care of new baby. They offer a regular line and an organic line, you can order hampers for girls, boys or unisex , Bath time and night time hampers. They also offer a rest and relaxation hamper just for that soon-to-be or first time mom. If you want to create your own baskets but love the products Bambino Box has, you can always order them individually and make your own.

Bambino Box comes in a diaper bag and contains products from brands such as Huggies, Johnson's, Gerber and Playtex to name a few. The Organic Bambino Box comes with a bunch of different organic baby care products from brands like Lalabee Bathworks, Kushies, Organic and Eco Parent Magazine to name a few.

We were sent an Organic Bambino sampler to give us an idea of what kinds of products one expect from this ever growing Canadian-based company.  Our sampler included:

- Kushies Organic Scratch Mittens
- 1 Organics Baby Cloth
- Merci Finest Milk Chocolate
- Naturally Warm Honey Nectar Hand & body lotion.

Of course the full version Bambino box hampers come with over ten full sized items and when you see the look on that mom's face when she gets it, priceless.
Each hamper is put together with love for one lucky mom and baby to enjoy. Bambino Box offers payment plans for those who may need some time to buy such a big gift and they also offer free shipping in Canada too.

I think Bambino Box would make a great group gift to give at a baby shower or to a co-worker. You can even have them delivered to a different address as a gift so if your girl friend from out of town is pregnant and you can't make the party, your gift can!

SAVE 10% OFF ANYTHING at Bambino Box until October 31st, 2013 by using coupon code "FALL pomo" at checkout! (Not available on layaway plans.)

Check out what Bambino Box has to offer for your next baby shower gift at www.bambinobox.ca!

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Phishing scams are nothing new, they have been around the Internet in different forms for quite some time and people who don't know any better continuously fall for them.

"Phish (fsh)
intr.v. phished, phish·ing, phish·es
To request confidential information over the Internet under false pretenses in order to fraudulently obtain credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal data

Often Phishing scams come in the form of an email from a trusted website like a bank or online account of some kind. Sometimes these scams come in the form of a letter promising you a large (and shocking) amount of money. They even come via social media mediums like Twitter and Facebook (direct messages and friend scams). Have you inherited money from a far away prince or perhaps are the last resort to a person in need of help to move a large amount of money? Right. Don't fall for it.

I have been getting these things via email (and now on social media) forever and I just simply delete them. I received one recently though that caught my attention, a phishing scam in the form of an email from PayPal.

Here's a screenshot I captured it with my iPhone. As you can see the email stated that PayPal was having issues with my account and it was going to be closed down. I was to log in and check my account for verification. Right.

I use PayPal quite often, how violating!

The first mistakes I noticed in this scam email were the PayPal logos, where are they? The whole email just looked wrong especially the way it was written with phrases like "Relog in your account", good one!

I wanted to report this so I started doing some digging. Right clicking the link gave me the URL which was something like paypal.COME.us.whatever else (it was super long). You really should not click any links within these things, it's best to just delete but I'm daring like that so I went ahead and checked out the link. It was clean of any .exe extentions etc. It was just one of those phishing sites where the victim has to sign in for them to gain access.

To the unknowing, the phishing site almost could have passed as the official PayPal page with the logo, sign in area and links to contact and help which look like they are also real. They aren't, don't let the logo and (TM)'s fool you.

I opened up a new tab and went to the real paypal website to compare. What was the fake website missing? Why the green security icon in the address bar and the VeriSign check mark logos on the actual website, among other things that's what!  It  just looked all wrong from the get go. 

I took a screen shot of the fake website and found an email address to forward my phishing scam email to. A couple of hours later I received a response with a thanks from Paypal for reporting the suspicious email I received. Not a problem, glad I could help!

I know you guys know better but for those who may just believe they are getting "free money" or their "account is in trouble", always do your research and be aware of things like phishing scams.

I've witnessed the damage a phishing scam can do when someones hotmail account was compromised and the hacker actually sent off nasty and violent emails to people in the email contact list. This person had to contact the email provider to figure it out and change the password. The person also had to email and apologize profusely to those the hacker contacted. The email provider luckily looked into the issue but the fact that someone could get in as simple as a fake website is scary. That person was lucky it was just email but imagine a Paypal account, credit card or bank? All your financial information at the hands of a creep stranger who tricked you to get it.

The best way to avoid getting caught up in a phishing scam is to just delete any suspicious emails and contact the real company who was impersonated.

The internet can be such a great place, it's too bad people like these anonymous cowards have to ruin it for everyone else.

Like anything, always have fun and always be safe! 

Do you have any scam stories? Share in a comment below!

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We welcome Fall 2013 with open arms, the weather has finally decided which season it wanted to be in as the official first day of fall approached. Continue with the humid days of summer or cool it off already with the crispness of fall.

That means no more shorts and skirts in the mornings, jackets and hoodies are a must-have. The weather has become incredibly crisp very fast. Usually I would be preparing myself for one or more Fall conferences but unfortunately, I am sad to say I won't be making it this year. I decided it was a year to take off for my family (and myself). I will miss not seeing my fave blogging friends and brands at Blissdom Canada once again but my goals are set for 2014, I am determined to go next year! :)

October is looking to be another busy month between fall doctors appointments, school meetings and the craziness of the every day. We have been fighting off back to back colds and viruses the past couple of weeks. Little guy was struck over the weekend and is at home on the mend.

Thanks giving is a little more special this year, it is our baby's first Thanksgiving (hard to believe she will be a year old in December) and we plan to just have a simple Thanksgiving weekend at home, maybe a turkey on the sunday. I know the kids always enjoy our dinners. We had been invited to gatherings but with little guy not feeling so great these days and just being exhausted from the every day we decided it would be best to save the BIG celebrations for Christmas when we invite the family over to celebrate.

Halloween is coming up in a few short weeks too, I have a post up on the PTPA blog about "What age is too old for Trick or Treating" - if you want to weigh in check out the post here. Also, look for my Halloween Safety post coming up on AME.

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September has been a busy month spent getting prepared and back into the swing of things - the first month back is always the most difficult I find! I think we enjoyed our lazy summer days a little bit too much. In all honesty, it hasn't really been that bad. Maybe because the kids are getting a little older and we've "been there, done that" or it could be because as parents we have always taken the extra step to take care of the little things that make the big difference. 

For my older two kids it's about making sure they have the essentials they need to start their day from clean clothes on their backs to good nutritious lunches in their lunch kits. Items are layed out the night before and alarms set for the next day. It isn't always a perfect scenerio mind you, we all have our moments of weakness and we have been late from time to time. Nobody is perfect but we all do our best, everyday. 

My youngest has yet to attend school but when she does and as her siblings were, she will be ready. As they get older its the little everyday things also give them the confidence and life-skills they need to face the world.

P&G believe the everyday little things can have the most impact in life. See how P&G help six disorganized college students change their lives in the form of a big blue box - sometimes all they need is a little boost! 

I thought the video was kind of funny and I really hope my kids don't live like those guys in the video when they are in college! Call me a germaphobe or clean freak, but just watching that made me want to break out the Mr. Clean myself and Swiffer myself! Let's hope they kept their dorm clean after the special surprise visit! 

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The baby is going through the teething stage of babyhood. Those two front bottom teeth are so cute when she smiles a big smile with the top ones coming in fast. The cute teeth aren't the only thing to come with teething though, as cute as cute can be she's a drool machine!

We get up in the morning, I change her diaper and put on a fresh outfit to start the day but within a few minutes I have to change her because well, her shirt is wet. She dribbles down her chin and onto the clothes, she also has a new habit of chewing on her shirt. It's uncomfortable for her when her tops get wet, it can cause rashes and also a neusance for me having to change her clothes so often thus creating more laundry. It's a never ending cycle.

I could use a regular bib but we all know, bibs look like bibs. I don't want my baby going around looking like shes always ready for a meal.

Banda Bibs are made just for babies in the dribbling or drooling stage (as I like to call it). Banda Bibs are fashionable, practical bibs that keep baby (and her clothes) dry by drawing moisture away from her. Double snap fastening at the back allow Banda Bib to grow with your baby and fits close to the neck so nothing gets behind it. It has two, thick quality layers that ensure your baby is dry and warm. The material is stretchy so Banda Bibs are comfortable to wear.

The Banda Bib works, Baby M didn't even notice I put it on her - she knew it was like an accessory. She drooled all over it and chewed on it, the Banda bib got wet but her shirt did not.

You can buy Banda Bibs in a variety of colours and styles for both baby boys and baby girls, online at Bazzle Baby for $8.99 each! Bazzle Baby also offers an assortment of other great baby accessories like Paci Clips, Big Bibs, cute headbands, Burpers and Leggies!

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Good Luck!


Discovering the joys of learning is a happy and exciting time for both mom and baby. A great way to help baby learn and also have a little fun is having play time with your little ones. It doesn't matter if you can't sing, can't dance and look really funny - having the right toys on hand can help make any play time even better.

Fisher-Price has a wide variety of toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. We have had our share of Fisher-Price fun over the years and will continue to do so with our third baby!

Toys and toy sales, (two of my favourite things) come together in Fisher-Price Friday's at Babies R US! Every Friday, Fisher-Price is offering up great deals on our favourite toys for special one-day-only sale events!

Encourage imaginative play with Fisher-Price Little People! This Friday, September 20th ALL Fisher-Price Little People toys will be on sale HALF price at Babies R Us in store and online!

A great opportunity to get out, take advantage of a great sale and maybe get a little head start on your holiday shopping!

Have fun!

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It is incredible how quickly time goes by during the whole nine months of pregnancy. One minute you are taking a pregnancy test and the next you are holding your bundle of joy. Pregnancy brings us a chance to get ourselves prepared for Motherhood. Take all the lessons you can handle and read as much as you can! Although books and advice can't always help you with the realness of a newborn baby in the family, they help give peace of mind that you are not alone.

During my pregnancies over the years, aside from having 20 questions for my doctor each visit, I did a whole lot of reading. My pregnant brain was like a sponge just absorbing all this new information about this little being I had growing inside my belly.

I read books and information pamphlets, I searched for websites, forums and anything really with topics from pregnancy all the way to the preschool years. We are lucky the world is fruitful with information in books and at our fingertips online. I didn't attend prenatal classes or anything like that but I had also read a ton about labour and birth, breathing and different methods etc. For the most part my doctor has always been a great help too aside from family or friends. If I had any questions or concerns, I knew where I could go for my answers.

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. Do what's best for you and your baby. Just know that there is support out there from pregnancy, birth and beyond right in your own community.

Recently P&G along with Walmart Canada began helping moms across the country by sponsoring a series of prenatal programs in hospitals and community centres by providing soon-to-be parents with special gift bags with Pampers product. These reusable Walmart gift bags include a package of Pampers Swaddlers, a sample of Pampers Wipes and a pamphlet containing useful information for new parents. This is a fantastic program and will reach about 55,000 families all over the country.

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My kids love school, they enjoy learning and they enjoy being around their peers. One thing they do not like is homework. Extra lessons to take home to improve and/or practice skills learned in class. To my kids its exactly that, work and it takes away from their limited fun leisure time after school before supper and bed.

During grades two and three we had many an argument with our eldest daughter, she did not want to do her homework. She did not like the teaching method the teacher used, she did not understand what was going on after assigned homework was given. We did practice, we took our time and we communicated with the teacher to help her thrive and succeed, be the best she knows she can be.

As a parent, homework is important for my kids to continue doing great and thriving when it comes to education. Even if they don't have physical homework written in their agendas or communication books, I do encourage reading or playing educational games to help keep their young minds stimulated.

When my oldest who is in grade four has homework, I set her up in a clean work area to start. Usually the kitchen table where I can monitor her and she can ask for help if she needs any. The less distractions the quicker and better she works. The best time for my kids to do any homework is after a quick snack when they get off the bus. If we do it right after school they are irritable and cranky from a full day of learning. If we wait until after supper, it's too late - the energy is gone and they are close to being ready for bed. Better to boost the brain after school with a healthy snack and then hit the books before that happens.

There are at times I wonder if we will one day need another resource to help us with our kids homework woe's.

Oxford Learning is a great educational tool and resource to help your child thrive! Oxford Learning has a wide variety of programs with various focuses for students of all ages. We all know homework can be trying at times, Oxford Learning is here to assist parents helping their child succeed in his or her studies.

Beyond Tutoring® is geared toward children in grades 1 through 8. With kids, its all about motivation that's why Oxford Learning's unique approach to tutoring works so well. Oxford Learning gives parents and kids the tools, the power and the confidence to be in charge of their own learning.
Homework battles, excuses and procrastination can be a thing of the past. Oxford students learn how to learn by discovering their own paths to truly understanding and knowing. With Oxford Learning's Beyond Tutoring® you will see your child approach new learning with confidence, respond to challenges, begin to develop his or her own opinions and ideas plus take more interest in pursuing his or her own goals and tasks.
Enriched curriculum teaches students how to develop their capacity of learning, absorb and retain new information, organize themselves more efficiently, get homework done well and on time, study and prepare for tests, problem-solve plus ask questions and think actively. Beyond Tutoring® also provides tutoring in specific subjects like math, history, science etc and in-session homework help.
This breakthrough program achieves two major objectives: expanding a child's potential for learning and their interest in learning. Two critical elements for lifelong growth and success. Without it a student is only as good as their last test.

The Advantage High School Success™ program is geared toward older kids, grades 9 through 12 who wish to enhance education beyond the school curriculum. It teaches students how to stay focused, stay motivated and get those grades they deserve. Oxford Learning's unique approach shows teens how to get ahead and stay ahead in school.

No more late night cramming, late assignments and homework wars. Oxford Learning teaches kids vital skills they won't get from any other after school program. Things like how to organize their material and time, how to study and prepare for exams, how to take good notes in class, how to absorb and retain new information, how to write great essays and problem solve.

The Advantage High School Success™ also provides tutoring in specific subjects like math, history, science etc and in-session homework help. This program is designed to help benefit students in post-secondary school and in life beyond the classroom. Along with academic achievements, Oxford students gain greater confidence in their potential and themselves. Graduates of the Advantage High School Success™ program emerge as smart, driven and thriving young adults.  Bigger goals to strive for and the skills to follow through - now that's a life long advantage.

Learn more about Oxford, get information about their programs and where to find your local center location by visiting the Oxford Learning website!

Are you a parent who often struggles with homework and need a little bit of help? Enter to win an Oxford Learning Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment for your child - $250 value! Your child could be on their way to something great with Oxford Learning!

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It's National Guacamole Day! We learn something new every day ;)

A time for tacos and fajitas, have some fun and join @eatWholly on Twitter and Facebook for hourly prizes!

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Have fun!

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The kids have been in school for two weeks now, minus the sick day they had on Monday after catching a cold the first week. That was fun, all three kids (yes, even Baby M) caught that nasty cold. It has been tiring to say the least but I manage to stay calm and carry on. It's only the beginning.

There has been a lot of adjusting to do aside from getting used to earlier bed times and earlier wake ups, hitting the gear into rush-mode at 6:45am, Monday to Friday.

There is almost an entirely new staff at the school. There is a new principal who I have yet to meet, new secretary who I spoke to once on Monday to tell them the kids were sick and a new bus driver. Parent-teacher interviews start next week, that's a whole other story. I dread having to go, it always makes the parent feel like they are the student. Sitting in those tiny chairs, well at least in the Kindergarten classrooms.

The staff seem pleasant as usual though, no complaints just a whole bunch of new names to learn and remember. My biggest beef so far would have to be the bus. The bus system seems to be all over the place the first two weeks. We had a different driver almost every day so far. Some were late and some on time but none were ever early. I kind of wish they had been those days it was raining.  I just show up at the given time and hope for the best.

The kids each have new teachers, the oldest is finding out quickly that her teacher is very nice and very helpful BUT she has rules that will be followed and if not there are consequences. She explained how in grade four they work on teaching kids more about taking responsibility. That I can say is something kids need these days and I like how this teacher works. We discussed my daughter and how we will be working together to help her in her scholastic struggles this year should she have any.

She hasn't even started bringing the homework home yet and I know it is something the teacher keeps a close eye on. We already had to sign something and the school has a new system to keep track by sticking bright pink "sign and return" stickers on anything important they need back. Good method, it also helps parents like me who forget everything to actually sign them and send them back!

Little guy's teacher seems nice although we have only ever corresponded through the communications book each kid is given at the beginning of the year. He hasn't had any negative notes in it, I know he's a pretty easy going kid and so far hasn't had any school problems. My only main concern is his behaviour on the bus, if big sister wasn't taking the same bus as him he may or may not have been let off at a different stops a couple times this week. Imagine finding out your kid was let off somewhere else? Needless to say many, many talks about bus safety and behaving on the bus have been had. It's all about keeping them safe.

I'm glad there are Friday's. It gives us a nice two days to recover and get back at it once again on Monday!

Have a great weekend readers!


When we clean our family homes we expect we are doing our best. Despite our efforts though, washing the floor with a mop and bucket alone isn't always enough. Dirt you can't see and the mop misses gets stuck on your floor. With the ins and outs of the everyday family you can imagine what can be left after what you think is a good wash down.

Clean your floors like never before with the newest member of the Swiffer family - the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost steam mop! 

The Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost is a steam mop that works to deeply penetrate dirt and help remove the mess that other mops can leave behind. It has to be one of the easiest steam mops ever - just fill it with 10oz of water, attach a Steam Pad and plug it in. You're good to go within about 30 seconds, the blue indicator light lets you know when it's ready. 

The steam pads work with powerful steam-activated, dirt-dissolving cleaners pulling dirt from surfaces and locking it away. You don't need any extra cleaning solutions to do the job because you're armed with the power of steam on demand and special Steam Pads, no mess can stand in your way!

The Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost is lightweight and stores easily with a long cord that wraps up neatly at the back of the mop. Simple to use and is safe for a variety of floor types including finished wood & laminate, marble & stone, ceramic tile and vinyl & linoleum. Not for use on waxed or unfinished wood floors. The Steam Pads come in two scents - Open Window Fresh and Febreze Lavender Vanilla & Comfort.

It works similar to the Swiffer WetJet but instead of releasing cleaning solution when you press the button, you get steam and we all know how good steam is for killing bacteria and germs. You can hear the steamer work as soon as you press the button and push the mop across the floor. Here's a handy-dandy little demo video I made for you guys to see it in action:

We have older hardwood floors which have been through some serious living over the past few years and although it didn't take out the older stains, Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost did make a difference compared to the average mop and bucket combo.

Having an already ongoing love for Swiffer this is one mop I'm happy to bring into my family of cleaning products. With two active older kids, a baby who's becoming more mobile by the day and three dogs racing around the house, the cleaner my floors are the better for everyone. Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost does a great job on my floors. It takes one Steam Pad per floor which isn't that bad, I would steam clean probably about once or twice a week in between regular daily cleaning.

You can find the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost at most stores P&G household products are sold like Walmart. 

Learn more about the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost by visiting the Swiffer website! 

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Who says the fun has to end just because summer time is almost over? Keep kids active outdoors with fun toys from Hasbro like Nerf! Nerf blasters have been around for years, bringing outdoor fun and entertainment to families around the world and now Nerf isn't just geared toward boys anymore.

We have an assortment of Nerf blasters in our collection including water blasters and one thing about them that my oldest always complains about is the colour. "They should make them in girl colours", she says. Well, now she is in luck because Nerf has an all new stylish line of blasters with Nerf Rebelle, geared toward girls aged 8 and up. 

Break hearts with fierce aim and arm yourself with the stylish power of the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow blaster! Pull back on the bow string to launch your 5 collectible darts at targets up to 75 feet away with real bow action! Adjust the sight for an even sharper aim. 

If that's not enough, add-on accessories can be attached to the blasters accessory rail (accessories sold separately). Make a game out of it and team up with friends to see who can hit the most targets or go solo for practice, either way you're armed for action! Make your mark with Nerf! Each Heartbreaker Bow blaster is sold separately and come with 5 darts.

Having kids of different ages means having toys of different kinds and its no different with Nerf. The kids always enjoy running around outside with toys of all kinds and now the new Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow blaster will make a great addition to the collection.  

Like any other Nerf toy these are made to be outdoor toys, supervised at best. Not to be aimed at another person but at a target (empty pop cans anyone?), for fun. Taking precaution while playing with any airborne toys make the afternoon just that more enjoyable for everyone involved.

To learn more about Nerf Rebelle and see the entire line of blasters or where to buy them, visit the Hasbro Canada website for details! 

Play safe and have fun!

*Sponsored in part by: Hasbro Canada*


Yesterday was the first day of school, they were so happy to be back they barely said "Good-bye!" to me. They grow up so fast, I still remember them running back from the bus to give just one more hug! 

The morning went well and with ease, despite my fear of missing the alarm (I can totally sleep right through it when I'm tired) and of course fear of missing the bus. Everyone was prepared the night before (you're welcome), clothes laid out and lunches made. They had no problem getting up and ready, they were that excited to get back to school. 

The only bad part was the bus being late, that can always cause a panic on the first day of school. We found out as the bus arrived that they had to assign a new driver for our route last minute and the driver was simply trying to find his way around his new route. No problem, it was everyone's first day back!

Miss K heading off for grade 4 and Mr. D heading off to SK!
While the kids were getting back into school, I was getting back into the swing of things around here on the blog, organizing emails - the fun stuff. It was strange not being asked for something every two minute but of course I still have my littlest one at home to take care of. 

I guess I was excited to hear how their days went because I showed up a little early for the bus and had to wait but at least he was on time.  Once they got off the bus they had a million and one things to tell me including how much they liked their teachers, especially K. 

K is in grade 4 so she has had her share of teachers over the years. Some were excellent and some didn't quite understand K's uniqueness. From a parental perspective I can see a pattern; She does better when she has a teacher who she likes and this year her teacher is all she talked about aside from the people she is happy are in her class this year. I think it's going to be a good year for her. 

Little guy did great in JK and we are hoping for the same thing for SK. So far he says he likes his teacher and that she is nice. Parent-teacher meetings are coming up in a few weeks so we will be finding out soon enough.

This first day was such a whirl wind, it was an early night for everyone. I do say though, for the first day back into the whole school routine - I think everyone did pretty good!

We all hope you had a wonderful first day/week back to school and here's to another great year! :)


September 2nd is a holiday here in Ontario but tomorrow marks the first day of school for my older kids. The summer has been a long one and we are all overdue for good old fashion routine. As nice as staying up and sleeping in a bit later have been, it's time to get back to early nights and early mornings.

It's been a bit difficult to get them back into routine, bed time is a constant battle of getting up with every single excuse possible from "I need a drink" to "Hey Mom/Dad did you know..." I know they have SO much to tell us but bedtime is bedtime and we are all obviously tired. It'll take some time but as always we will get back into the swing of things. 

The baby of course is on her own routine, shes more active and awake now that shes older but she goes to bed usually by 9:00 pm and wakes around 8:00 am. Shes been a solid night sleeper for months, it's very true when they say no two babies are the same - in my case no three babies are the same. 

They grow up way too fast. I went through their three dressers to see what they needed for school and to get rid of whatever they outgrew over the summer. I gave away three big garbage bags of clothes that don't fit K anymore. It would be great to keep them for her sister but the age difference is a bit much so it was better just to give them to somebody who could actually make use of them.

I also have a bunch of baby clothes in a box that we keep adding to for a friend as Baby M grows at an insane rate. Shes 8 months old and weighs almost 18 lbs, shes a butter ball! As for little guy, he I think has been the one who has grown the least, maybe a little taller. Most of his clothes still fit him but he obviously was due for some new school stuff as my kids have a tendency to be rough on their stuff.

We spent our last weekend playing games, relaxing and getting things ready for the week. We are lucky our school doesn't ask us to send our kids with a bag full of stuff they don't need the very first day, they provide the agendas for $5 each and the workbooks throughout the year. Just the basics need to be sent, for little guy its spare shoes, spare clothes and his lunch. For K its spare shoes, basic pencil case and her lunch. It saves a lot not having to buy loose leaf paper, scribblers, binders, pens, pencils, erasers, art supplies etc. I remember the days when we were in elementary school our bags were so heavy on the first day and we were so excited to use our new school supplies. 

Our kids are excited to get back to school tomorrow, maybe not about using new supplies but they are both excited to start a new year and see their friends. This year is going to be a bit different I think, we have a new principal at school and of course the kids each have different teachers although I know Little Guy's teacher, K had her in SK too. Shes a good teacher.

Goodbye summer, we enjoyed you while it lasted. Now, it's time for another year of learning and growing!