Happy Halloween 2013 everyone! We will be out trick-or-treating with the kids tonight, they have been excitedly waiting to wear their costumes on this spooktacular day!

This will be a special Halloween too as it is also Baby M's first Halloween - she is going to be wearing her older sister's bug costume she wore when she was a toddler. How time goes by so fast, I am glad we have the technology to preserve and cherish the moments that make us smile.

No matter if you are going out for candy, a party or staying in with a movie - have a safe and fun Halloween as always!



Halloween is tomorrow night and our little ones will be getting ready for a day of spooktacular fun with trick or treating in the evening. Why not send them off on the scariest day of the year with a belly full of special Halloween breakfast featuring Nutella.  

Yummy Mummy!

Make these "Morning Mummy's " part of your Halloween breakfast! A scary twist on Nutella croissants the whole family can enjoy! You can find the original recipe on Unfurled blog. I can see these made with Pilsbury crescent rolls too, yummy!

Freaky Fruit!

Get creative with fruit kabobs or fruit salad and cut fruit into scary shapes using Halloween cookie-cutters. You can find some fun ones like bats, ghosts and more for cheap at your local dollar store.

Vampire Morning Juice

Wash down your hauntingly delicious breakfast with a special Halloween drink, Vampire morning Juice. Made with blood oranges, plums and grapes, this morning beverage is a great way to start of everyone's day!

These are just a few simple ideas brought to you by AME on behalf of Nutella. For more inpirational ideas and recipes please visit the Nutella website!

*Images and samples provided by representatives of Nutella. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.*


Since 1998, Furby has graced North America bringing these electronic, robotic, cute little pets into the homes of thousands of happy kids. Furby was re-released by Hasbro a few years ago and has captured the hearts of kids everywhere once again.

Furby has evolved over the years from simply speaking in multiple languages to using an iPad and Android apps to interact with them. The newest edition to the Furby family, Furby Boom brings a whole new way of fun to an old friend.

Furby comes in an attractive box, there's even a tuff of soft fur on the top to let you know which colour and pattern your Furby will be! Furby Boom has twice the interactions of the original Furby, remembers its given name, five new personalities to discover and on top of that they are hatching a new generation with an interactive app you can use with Furby Boom

Furby Boom features:

- New fab fur patterns

- 5 personalities to discover

- Furbies can talk to eachother and love making friends

- Remembers name and names of other Furby Boom's it meets

- Speaks "Furbish" but can learn english words when you talk to it!

- Furby's personality changes depending how you play, it's like a new Furby every day!

Play with Furby Boom using the Furby Boom app! Give your Furby Boom a new name. Take care of your Furby Boom by giving it virtual food, showers and more in the app. Play games with Furby and hatch virtual Furblings and eventually grown your own Furby Boom City!

Even more fun, throughout the year Furby Boom creature will release "easter eggs" within its game such as "howl at the moon" function. The Furby Boom knows when its a full moon and when on the home screen in the app, will send out a signal to the Furby Boom friend to let out a howl every 30 seconds from 12am on the first day to 4am on the second day of a full moon cycle! In addition, the LCD eyes of Furby Boom will transform to a howling wolf! This spooktacular Howl at the moon function will begin just in time for Halloween on October 31st!

This is definitely on this years holiday must-have list. The kids love interactive toys and ones that have an app to go with them is always a plus. I think my kids are going to have fun with Furby Boom!

You can find Furby Boom for around $59.99 at Toys R Us, Walmart and other stores that carry Hasbro toys. Learn more about Furby Boom on the official website!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


Parents know how important it is to keep our kids safe with the vast amount of technology available, we talked about this with #TELUSWISE a couple of weeks ago.

Telus are on top when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones connected but they are also on top when it comes to keeping your kids safe online and mobile. Telus are proud partners with The Canadian Center for Child Protection and have been working with the Missingkids.ca program to launch a new free app to help parents keep track of their kids and keep everyone safer.


I have never experienced it nor would I wish it upon any parent in the world but lets face reality, children can go missing - it unfortunately happens every day all over the country. Be one more step prepared with Find Me ID.

Find Me ID is a free downloadable app available for anyone with an iPhone or Android phone. It is a critical tool to have access to if (heaven forbid) your child go missing.

Find Me ID is a safe and secure way for parents to store current information and photos of each child by creating a profile within the app. There are automated prompts to let you know when its time to update certain details too, your information is always current. Find Me ID is password protected too, so your information is also safe. Find Me ID is an electronic version of already available Child ID kits.

Find Me ID is not only a great preventative tool but incase of incident it allows law enforcement access to valuable information quickly that could help find a child. When a child goes missing - every second counts.

Find Me ID app is proudly supported by Lifetouch, Old Navy and TELUS. You can download the Find Me ID app for free through the App Store and Google Play!

Disclosure: Posted on behalf of TELUS and Canadian Center for Child Protection. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


My kids have always had big imaginations. While playing, they can come up with the funniest things. Over the years we have had a variety of toys that encourage imaginative play and learning - opening up a world of discovery for them.

I have heard some great stories from the adventures my kids have had and still have. From being captain of the sea during a bath time adventure to discovering the outback, out back in our yard - every day is an adventure when you use your imagination!

I am happy to share the news about Fisher-Price Little People® - 5 new characters have arrived to share the fun and adventure with your little ones! 

In this great big world, Fisher-Price's Little People® celebrate people, places and things through discoveries that spark little stories and big imaginations. They work to empower developing children toward greater self-directed play. Every child is unique and that is why Fisher-Price is celebrating with five new characters Eddie, Mia, Sofie, Tessa and Koby - each with their very own characteristics!

My kids were excited when we got our new Little People®! We received an assortment of new Little People® except Koby, he was not available for our photo shoot! ;-) 

My youngest is only 10 months old and already loves her new Little People®. Imagination begins early, what better way to encourage than with Fisher-Price Little People®. 

She loves to explore things with her hands and Fisher-Price Little People® are the perfect, chunky size for little hands to grasp. They are made with a softer plastic too which gives me peace of mind knowing my youngest puts everything in her mouth, especially toys! We know what kind of play set she may like for Christmas this year! 

Her older brother who is 5, loves to play make-believe too and couldn't wait to play Little People® with his sister. A chance for adventure and some sibling play time. 

You could win Fisher-Price Little People® with Treehouse! Throughout October and November, Treehouse will hold the Little People, Big Discoveries contest! Contestants will be able to play a hide and seek game to find new characters on play sets! Watch the videos on the Fisher-Price Little People® website and be entered to win 1 of 5 $265 Little People prize packs! 

To learn more about the new Fisher-Price Little People® characters and enter the contest while you're at it, please visit www.fisher-price.com/littlepeople!

Find out what other moms are saying on Twitter using hastag #FPLittlePeople!

Inside scoop:

Fisher-Price Little People® has formerly teamed up with Enfamil Enfagrow A+ product for toddlers! Enfagrow A+ is a nutritional supplement with toddlers in mind. It contains 26 nutrients, more iron as well as vitamins C and E than cow`s milk. You can learn more about Enfagrow A+ on the official website

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Do you ever keep objects because of sentimental value? I do, sometimes. No, I don't hoard every thing I get my hands on but over the years I have been able to salvage some things I would never throw away and I would be devastated if I ever lost. 

One thing is a special painting, one my aunt made for me when I was a child. She was so good at it too, especially cartoons. I remember she painted the "Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction" album cover on a canvass for my brother. For me, being younger - she painted the cover of Beauty and the Beast. I've always been a sucker for Disney movies, it was always one of my favourites. 

It always hung on my wall across from a framed Little Mermaid poster my mom had bought me the same year. Both pictures displayed on my wall until I grew up and posters of movie and rock stars occupied the space. I never threw them away though, despite my rebel years of teenhood, I still kept that sentimental place in my heart for them. I had them placed in the back of my closet wrapped in plastic where they couldn't be damaged.

Now I have girls of my own and those pictures came out of their hiding place first in K's room. They have been in her room since she outgrew Dora the Explorer and wanted to be a princess. Unfortunately though once her little sister grew old enough to notice faces, she did not like the sea witch on the Little Mermaid picture and we had to take it off the wall. She doesn't mind the Beast though, maybe it's that "love" smirk he's got going on. 

I have always loved  it because it's hand painted with love and will always be a memory I have of my aunt who has always been one of my favourite people. We need to get together more often Aunt S! :-)

Posted by AME. AME is not associated with any mentioned brands, films or characters. Image by AME. Original Painting by S.T. Please do not copy. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


Looking and feeling good are two important parts about being a woman, especially a busy mom. When it comes to clothes, I admit I probably need a lesson or two when it comes to being "chic". I am your run-of-the-mill jeans and a nice top style mom. The quicker the better - this includes doing laundry!

Kimberly Newport-Mimran, the woman behind Canada's iconic fashion brand "Pink Tartan", knows a thing or two about looking chick. As creative director and president for one of Canada's most successful women's wear lines and shes also a mom, Kim shares her style secrets for looking great on the go:

Timeless pieces are always in fashion. We are all guilty of committing fashion crimes, but building a wardrobe founded in timeless pieces will ensure your look is always on point. By choosing pieces you can wear season after season, you'll also increase the lifespan of your wardrobe. To keep washable pieces looking their best, I launder with Tide Pods - an item every woman needs to have in her fabric care arsenal.  

You don't have to sacrifice style for functionality As my collection evolves  I want to ensure I'm making clothing for the modern woman. The Washable Collection was developed for her. Each piece is made from quality washable fabrics that can be easily cared for. I recommend Tide Pods to care for all washable garments as they dissolve quickly and are easy to use.

Modern style is not about care. Sometimes being chic is as simple as keeping your clothes looking crisp and clean. Imagine browsing your favourite shop if the clothing looked less than polished? It would alter the way you looked at the garment. I believe we should care for our clothing as you would other items you cherish. Using Tide Pods protects your favourite pieces and helps keep them looking their best.

Clothes can be expensive and it's always nice to have them looking new, even if it's a favourite piece. I also agree, Tide Pods are a great way to help easily care for the clothes you love. Don't they say that you are what you wear? ;-) Pop in and stand out with Tide Pods, the new way to do good laundry!

For more style tips and information about the Pink Tartan Washable Collection for Tide Pods, please visit tidefashion.ca!

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Watching my youngest baby girl's eyes widen with excitement when she discovers a new toy that she loves, brings a smile to my face. She is now nine months old and very aware of her surroundings, one of my favourite stages of babyhood. She wants to explore every detail of anything she can get her hands on, she becomes delighted with brightly coloured toys, she loves sounds and music. 

She is at the perfect age for learning toys, toys that aren't only fun but also benefit baby with mastering some of her skills! Playskool Learnimals toys are excellent for babies six months and up, by far one of my favourite toy collections for babies. 

PTPA award winning Playskool Learnimals ABC Adventure Elefun toy is an interactive learning toy that gives your baby a hands-on adventure. It helps build vital connections between words, sounds and the alphabet with the adorable Elefun character. 

It teaches infants over 100 first words through 75 sound effects, music and activities. Pull Elefun's trunk down and listen to the music, when it stops the screen lights up and Elefun will dictate a letter of the alphabet with a matching object (Q for Quilt for example) followed by a sound. Pull on Elefuns ear and the letter is repeated. Spin the yellow barrel for additional words and sounds for the letter. Even more learning fun when you pull down the mouse and reveal a shape or colour and hear its name or colour. Slide the butterfly across the top to hear numbers one through ten. 

Multiple learning in one fun toy, Baby M took to it right away. She loves pulling down the trunk and dancing when a song plays between letters and words. Now when we take it out for play time her face lights up and her whole body wiggles with excitement! 

That's the kind of reaction you get when you know you have found a toy your baby loves! 

The ABC Adventure Elefun Toy is suggested for babies 6 months and up, you can buy it at most retail stores in the toy department for around $39.99. 

For a more relaxed playtime and time spent together, the Playskool Learnimals Magic Motion book brings stories to life featuring Elefun! An interactive book, perfect for little hands helps babies bring stories to life by reading aloud as you turn the pages. Baby can help tell the story by knocking on a picture of a door and other fun interactions (teaching cause and effect). 

Each page has prompts more fun and interactive learning by tapping, tilting or shaking the book (fine motor skill practice!) with over 50 responses and activities along the way. The Magic Motion book has two Play Modes; Listen and read along in story mode or follow the prompts to teaching activities in Explore Mode. Press the red button to advance through the prompts for tons of learning fun. This is going to make a great holiday gift for one special little lady! 

You can find the Playskool Learnimals Magic Motion book at most retail stores in the toy section for around $29.99

Find these and other great toys for the upcoming holiday season on the Hasbro Canada website! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Product was received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. ABC Adventure Elefun courtesy of PTPAmedia. 


Posted by AME in participation with the P&GMom program. Product was received for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

When you become a parent, one thing we always seem to lack is the one thing we need most - sleep. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every single night is a task and a half in this household. I think it has been years since I got a decent nights sleep at a decent hour. It just seems so hard to unwind after a busy day when there is still so much to do. 

To help get back into a healthy sleeping habit, Febreze introduces new Febreze Sleep Serenity Collection - designed to help you sleep better in a relaxing environment. Three scents, Moonlit Lavender, Warm Milk & Honey and Quiet Jasmine transform any bedroom into a serene smelling atmosphere perfect for that good nights sleep.

Unwinding in the evening before climbing into bed can make a big difference in the way we sleep. Febreze has teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation for some recommended sleep tips that will have you counting sheep in no time!

Establish a regular bedtime schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same times every day, even on the weekends. Trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends can actually have a reverse effect on the body, and make you feel more tired come Monday morning.

Create your sleep haven. Create an environment that promotes sleep - dark, quiet, cool and comfortable. Fresh sheets, cooling pillows and black out shades can help. 

Fill the air. Incorporate soothing fragrances into your bedtime routine to help relax and unwind. Febreze Sleep Serenity Collection can help create a soothing bedtime atmosphere.

Exercise. Getting your body up and moving is a great way to help you sleep. Exercise anytime, as long as it doesn't cut into your sleep time. 

Nighttime beverages. Avoid consuming drinks like coffee (eek!), tea, sugary sodas etc after noon. Caffeine free herbal tea can help sooth you into a nice slumber.

New Febreze Sleep Serenity is available in a bedside diffuser, bedtime mist, bedroom diffuser, or bedding refresher to help eliminate odor and fill the room with fresh, long lasting, relaxing scents that won't overpower your room. 

We tried the Moonlit Lavender scent in bedding refresher and it smelled terrific! It really did give our room a relaxed feeling. I enjoy using Febreze products to begin with and I am happy to add the new Febreze Sleep Serenity to our home. 

You can find new Febreze Sleep Serenity collection where Febreze is sold. Learn more about Febreze Sleep Serenity and other Febreze products by visiting the Febreze Facebook Page


My oldest daughter always had a love of dolls. She collected all kinds from from fashion dolls to soft plushie dolls, each one as special to her as the next. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of dolls out there to choose for that special little girl these days. Dolls of all shapes and sizes. 

What makes the perfect doll in my opinion? A doll that can make a child's entire face light up with joy upon opening it. To them it wouldn't just be "another doll" it would be THE doll for them.  MGA Entertainment Canada has some great dolls for all ages, perfect for any little girl.

Bratz I think are part of any little girls fashion dolls collection, there are so many to choose from and if you have a Bratz fan in the house you will want to check out the new Bratz Action Heroez! Bratz Action Heroez are best friends who are off to change the world! These colourful and fashionable super hero's come with a collectible figurine and an acitivation code to unlock an online game! Recommended age for these are ages 6+ and you can find them at major retailers across Canada for around $29.99.

My oldest daughter was a huge Lalaloopsy fan when they first came out. LalaLoopsy is getting smaller and smaller with new Mini LalaLoopsy Silly Yarn Hair Dolls. These cute micro-sized dolls have hair made from yarn that girls can curl, twist, braid and straighten for endless silly styles. Each doll comes with a hair styling brush, clips and hair beads. Recommended for ages 4-104, you can find these at most major retailors across Canada for around $12.99!

The holiday season will be coming faster than we know it, if you are shopping for little girls this year, these dolls make a great gift idea! If you are looking for a more cuddly doll, something for a younger lady, check out my Mooshka Dolls review!

To learn more about these and other great MGA toys please visit the Official MGA Entertainment website!

Posted by AME on behalf of MGA Entertainment Canada. Product received for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author.



Trick or treat, smell my feet - give me something good to eat. Also, don’t forget to give them some tips this Halloween!

Trick or treating is so much fun when you’re little! The excitment of picking out and dressing up in your costume to go out and collect candy with mom and dad! When choosing a costume, I’ve always kept safety in mind. I do not like costumes with masks. They are hot, make the kids sweat and they are also dangerous. Many masks are made too big for little heads and they can’t see out of the eye holes. With a mask on their faces in the dark you are asking for a tumble or two. It’s good to either cut the holes bigger at home before you go (if you can) or use non-toxic face paint and avoid the whole mask situation. If little one is persistent like ours was about his Batman mask, flip it up over his face while he walks door to door and let him put it on before they open the door for the loot!

Don’t trip up, try to avoid costumes that are too big or have a long cape, skirt or robe. Walking with something entrapping your feet or that you need an extra hand to hold up is not ideal for anyone, especially a little kid on Halloween. My son was Batman and the first time he wore his costume the cape was super long, we had to trail behind him holding it like he was king Batman! Pants are a great alternative to skirts and robes (unless the accessory is absolutely necessary) and besides up here in Canada it’s moderately chilly around this time of year anyway!

Reusing a costume is OK. Yes my son is going to be Batman for a third year in a row, his choice. What can I say, he loves the caped crusader. Besides, it fits him better and it is probably his last year being Batman.

Really, unless you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone chances are the people your kids visit for Halloween won’t remember what they were wearing last year. In the city, there are oodles of Batmans running around.

Making a costume is even better! You don’t have to be a great seamstress to make a cool costume for your kid. All you need is some imagination and inspiration. Ideas are just a Google away!

Stay bright and avoid dark colours at night. There are a lot of people and a lot of cars out there on Halloween night. It’s best to stay safe, especially with younger kids and use either a flashlight or better yet have the kids wear fun glow sticks! They come in a variety of colours to match any costume too! Places like grocery stores and coffee shops like Tim Hortons usually offer free flashy Halloween loot bags for the kids to collect their goodies.

Have a plan. If you have older kids who may want to venture off trick or treating without mom and dad by their side, have a plan. These days most families have cell phones to keep in touch in case anything happens but for those who don’t a good idea would be to have a meeting place at a certain time (even home!). Our kids are still young but we walk in buddies. Hubby usually walks with our boy and me with the girl, this year we have a baby with us but she won’t be collecting candy this year.

Speaking of candy, after a long evening of prowling the streets for candy our kids are hungry. Before they dig into that bag of sweet loot please check each and every candy carefully. You never know when goodies may be expired, opened or worse, tampered with. I have a scary story about that. My parents used to check me and my brothers candy after Halloween and one year I was eating one of those Baseball Bat chewy toffee things on a stick. The stick was white paper (like most candy even today) but halfway through the toffee I found a big sliver of brown wood! My mother was appalled and made me throw it out (obviously). Nothing more came of it but I still remember it, we definitely check the candy stash before they dig in, no question.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween, let’s keep it scary in a fun way and keep things safe!

Happy Halloween!

Follow along our halloween adventures with the kids via twitter on Halloween (October 31st) @AMotherhoodBlog using hashtag #AMEHalloween!

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Dreams are something we are born with. During childhood a dream may be as big as to be the next star player on a little league team or as small as wishing you could have that special toy you've always wanted. As we get older we need to hold onto our dreams. Do you dream about having something you never had before? Dream of maybe one day making a difference in the world?
It's important to harbour hopes and dreams in our children of tomorrow. Let them know it's OK to dream, it's great to have goals. Without dreams where would we be? Everything we know and use in our daily lives was once someone's dream, inspired in someone's mind and made with their love and soul. Everyone has that spark, children are the biggest dreamers of all.
My oldest daughter said her dream is to one day become a fashion designer and donate part of her earnings to families who need either money or clothes - she's got a big heart. My son wants to be a Karate man or an astronaut he claims. He's also only five years old which is the fun thing, kids have imaginations for a reason. Let them dream, they could be on the right track to something good.
As a mom, I have dreams for each of my children. I dream of them growing up happy and healthy, I dream of them being well educated and accomplishing things their father and I didn't or wouldn't have thought to accomplish ourselves. I dream of them being part of helping this world find a better tomorrow.
World Vision believes in the importance of dreams, especially children. Imagine growing up not having the right to dream? When every day is a fight to live, reality takes over the ability to dream. Every child around the world deserves the right to a childhood filled with dreams - even if they can't all come true, it gives hope.
If you have a dream to share, upload it now to the Dream Share Wall at http://sharemydream.org. You can also tweet your dream using the #DreamShare hashtag or write your own blog post on any dream topic of your choice! Dream Share is an initiative of World Vision, a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization that believes every child should have the ability to dream – and dream big! As of September 28th - 87 dreams were shared, including one of my own! Go ahead, join us for #DreamShare!
Posted in participation with World Vision #DreamShare. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Not sponsored, charity post.


I may not be an expert when it comes to all things parenting, I take it by experience everybody else but the one thing I know I am certain about is knowing what's best for my own kids. I am known to sticking to what I know, what I trust with my family and I can honestly say I am a self proclaimed Pampers mom when it comes to diapering my babies.

After 50 years of caring for little ones, Pampers continues its commitments to making diapers and wipes that help support the happy, healthy development of every baby. To continue this tradition, Pampers set out to deliver meaningful innovation - in preformance, design and aesthetics - across the entire line to fully meet the needs of every parent and baby that has ever or will ever use Pampers product. After interviewing nearly 9,000 moms, Pampers is excited to announce a superior diaper and biggest innovation in Pampers history!

New Pampers diapers launching Oct 7th, are 3 times dryer than ordinary diapers with up to 12 hours of overnight dryness protection, resulting in the best possible experience for babies. Another development - advanced comfort features for newborns, extending the Swaddlers you and I love into larger sizes - now size 5!
Also, Pampers diapers are getting a makeover - updating packages across the line to better suit moms. The new packages will make it easier for moms to navigate from one size to the next as baby grows.
Why not grab some Pampers on your next visit to the grocery store during the Mommy of All Baby Events - Great promotions and events offered at Loblaw stores across Canada, Oct 10-24th. For more info visit www.themommyofallbabyevents.ca

To kick off the launch of Loblaw's Mommy of All Baby Events, share your own shopping secrets and learn some great tips with #PampersMom! Join Pampers along with @Listen2Lena, @ThisBirdsDay and me @AMotherhoodBlog with special guest jessicamulroney at the #PampersParty Twitter Party on October 16th at 9pm

This special party will highlight how to maximize time with loved ones by being a smart mommy shopper. Jessica will also share her shopping tips and insight into her life as a Pampers mom of three.

To make things even more exciting, you'll have the chance to win these fabulous prizes courtesy of Pampers and Loblaws:

2X Pampers Family Prize Pack - $500 in Pampers products from Swaddlers to Easy-ups. 
1X Savvy Mom Style Prize - $100 Joe Fresh card
5X Baby Needs Prize Packs - $150 Pampers and Loblaws package

RSVP below for your chance to get in on the prizes, any new mom would be over the moon for $500 in Pampers prizes! Can't wait to party with all of YOU!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

As we sit down in Thanks and share good food and good company with our families, let's not forget those less fortunate who may not have a hot meal to enjoy this weekend.

Cascade has teamed up with Food Banks of Canada to #GiveAPlate to those in need and you can help too!  Here's how:

Upload a picture of your yummy ThanksGiving dinner to Instagram on October 13th, 2013 and ask Cascade to "Clean my plate!". Tweet your Instagram including @GiveAPlate with hashtag #GiveAPlate! 

For every plate shared, Cascade will be donating $5 to Food Banks to help families in need. After you've shared your picture, make sure to stay tuned to your Instagram feed for a surprise from Cascade! 

What a fun way to get people involved in helping others, kindness is everything and means even more during a holiday celebration. Thanks Cascade!

In participation #PGMom. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


We live in a digital world, everything we need to know or want to know is literally at our finger tips on the Internet and accessible by the computers, tablets and smart phones of today.

With the rapid advancement in everyday technology - new programs and apps are pouring into our lives on a daily basis giving access to even more channels exposing families like yours and mine to online exploitation including sexual predators, cyberbulling and financial fraud, among others. You aren't always as safe as you think you are behind your computer screen.

Our kids generation are the Internet Generation. They have been born to and raised with technology since the get-go with so many different devices available today, some as tools and some as simple entertainment. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

We have all heard stories, news reports and have perhaps been victim of or have witnessed internet abuse in one form or another. It's scary isn't it? It could have been you or worse, your tween or teenager. 

We all know that computers and the Internet are used daily by almost everyone, including students of all ages. With the amount of information available both good and bad, it can be a scary thought giving your child access to the unknown. 

I have been using the Internet pretty much my entire adulthood and I have always tried to keep up to date with the latest scams, Internet threats and more but not every parent is educated when it comes to the Internet and don't know the dangers that may lurk behind that link their child clicked. 

How can some parents educate their children about the importance of staying safe online when they aren't aware of the dangers themselves? Learn with #TELUSWISE!

PTPA award winning TELUS WISE is a free program available to help Canadians young and old, develop safer online habits. There are two parts to the program, TELUS WISE for adults and TELUS WISE footprint for children and youth aged 8 to 18!

TELUS WISE is an easy-to-use program that offers free in-person learning seminars across the country. Learning sessions at over 200 TELUS locations, TELUS WISE provides a vast library of online resources to help educate Canadians about online threats and how to stop problems before they can happen. 

TELUS WISE footprint is a secure portal specifically for kids aged 8 to 18 where they can log in, create an avatar and learn about how they can be a smart digital citizen by keeping their online footprint clean. It's a great online tool that explains Internet dangers in a way kids can understand - with cartoons! 

Definitely something I would recommend looking into for both you and your kids. Even I am going to be sitting down with my oldest and signing up for TELUS WISE footprint. She has just begun using the Internet, it's never too early to start being safe and I know there are probably a few new things I could learn myself. 

Learn more about this fantastic program by visiting TELUS WISE and TELUS WISE footprint websites! Join in the chatter on Twitter with @Telus using hashtag #TELUSWISE

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Fall time is now upon us with crisper weather and warmer thoughts. What better way to settle down on a cool autumn day than to cook a nice hot homemade meal for the family to enjoy.

Crock Pot has been a family-known name for over 40 years, helping simplify delicious meals for today's busy family. I have previously posted about my love of hot crock pot meals such as stews and soups, although you can make virtually anything in a Crock Pot. There is just something about homemade that just warms you.

Perfect for 4-5 people, the Crock Pot 5Qt Round Smart Pot Slow Cooker gets you on the slow road to cooking with the touch of a button. Meal planning couldn't be easier with all the great features you already know and love about Crock Pot. There are four automatic time settings and automatic temperature settings which means you can cook anything from soup to meat and all your favorite slow cooker recipes! Removable interior stoneware doubles up for both cooking and serving plus its dishwasher safe. 

More about the Crock Pot 5 Qt (4.7L) Round Smart Pot Slow Cooker:
  • Programmable touchpad selects cook time and temperature, perfect for soups and meat.
  • One touch control 
  • 3 heat settings
  • Auto-shift to "warm" feature
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Sure grip handles for added comfort
Crock Pot sure has evolved over the years, making it easier for families to be able to have a nutritious, sit down meal together. My first slow cooker was one my mother had given me second-hand. It was small, maybe good enough to cook for two or three people max. Now, with a family of five, the 5Qt is a good size to make great meals like spaghetti sauces, stews and soups to freeze not to mention the various favorite everyday meals we can make. 

You can find some fantastic recipes on the Crock Pot website and Facebook Page

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Being part of the PTPA Parent Evaluations team means I get to test out some fun and useful things for the every day parent like myself, from time to time. 

Recently I evaluated the Fresh Air Crib Liner and I am very happy to say it WON the PTPA seal of approval for the end of summer round of awards! *applauds* I knew it was a winner! 

The Fresh Air Crib Liner is a great addition to any nursery for both style and safety! Check out my review on the PTPA Blogaholics blog! 

Congratulations to all the winners of the end of summer PTPA awards! You can see the full list on the PTPA website

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When it comes to shopping for our families, we are always looking for that simple one-stop shop to get it all done the easiest way possible. Making smart shopping decisions is one step closer to crossing things off our to-do lists and making more time for the more important things in life - our kids! 

At Loblaw you can find everyday things your family needs like groceries, baby products, and at some locations, clothing for the whole family, all in one place. 

Here are five great tips to help you be a savvy shopper:

Check the fridge/cupboards and make a list of things you need. I usually make a list starting with the every day basics. Making a list allows you to avoid aimlessly walking around the store for hours.

Make a meal plan. Knowing what meals you want to prepare the following week and what you need to make them can help make less trips to the grocery store, getting everything you need in one stop.

Bring a friend! They say time flies when you're having fun so why not bring a friend and buddy-up to do groceries. You can take turns shopping and watching the kids or split into teams and get what you need in different departments.

Book regular time with your spouse and find a babysitter. It isn't always easy to do but a good idea can be to have a specified time and day of the week to do your grocery shopping. Finding a sitter in advance for these days can allow you and hubby some alone time, even if it isn't all that romantic buying groceries.

Pick a store that has everything you need. Avoid wasting time visiting store after store finding the things you need. Shop at a store that has everything from baby food to clothing for the family. After a few visits, it might just become your regular weekly stop.

To make shopping even more convenient  Loblaw is launching a new program perfect for moms - The Mommy of All Baby Events. From October 10-24th, Loblaw stores will offer fantastic promotions and events like cooking classes, dietitian demos, special sales and fun contests! Come in to your local Loblaw store for more details or go to www.themommyofallbabyevents.ca!

Stay tuned for a special celebration Twitter Party by Loblaw featuring #PampersMom @JessicaMulroney and some #PGMom friends! Details to come here on AME! 

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Baby monitors are an important accessory, especially for first time parents. They help give peace of mind as parents can see and/or hear baby whenever they need to make sure everything is as is should be.

Lorex knows how important the security of your baby and family is to you and this is why they offer high-quality baby monitors for every day families like yours and mine.

Back in August, we had the chance to review the Lorex Baby Sweet Peek baby monitor system, you can read what we thought hereBeing a mom by means makes me no expert but when it comes to things we as parents need for our little ones, I know a thing or two.

That's why I am happy to say I will be participating as a panelist in the Lorex Baby #TechBaby Twitter chat on October 19th 8:30pm-9:30pm (Eastern time)!

In this one hour long Twitter chat we will be discussing baby monitors with Lorex Baby, myself and another great blogger! 


What: LOREX Baby #TechBaby Twitter Chat

When: Thursday, October 10th @ 8:30-9:30pm (Eastern Time)

Where: TweetChat.com using hashtag #TechBaby

Hope to see you there for this fun and informative chat! :)

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