OtterBox has become a household name for those of us who happen to own any tablets or smart phones. You pay a decent amount for your device, why not think of it as an investment and think of OtterBox as your insurance. Something worth buying to keep your investment safe from harm. We have used OtterBox on iPhone before and iPad 3 is just as amazing a case. 

It is so easy to damage your gadget from simple every day things and carelessness but it doesn't have to be with OtterBox. Keeping your device in an OtterBox can give you peace of mind if you decide to let your little one play that game he has been begging to play for weeks. The stand feature with the case is very useful to stand up the iPad if you don't want to hold it or lay it down.

It's a bit on the bulky side but for a reason as it does have several layers which help the case make your iPad shock resistant (if you drop it or it falls) and water resistant (getting caught in a rain shower when the weather app said sunny skies). It fits on the iPad nice and snug which is what you want in a case. You don't want your device bashing around inside the case which could cause damage. OtterBox has every area covered!

OtterBox makes it easy to set up and begin using with step-by-step instructions. Follow those and you can't go wrong.

OtterBox is known for their high-quality cases for smart phones, tablets and iPads alike. Like it's little brother (the iPhone defender case) it keeps the iPad safe and sound from the elements of the everyday. You don't need to remove the case at all once you place it on your iPad, it becomes a perminent shell and is so useful if you are like my husband and use it for just about everything web based.

OtterBox gives you a safe environment to house your iPad with the OtterBox defender case. The built in protector screen was practically invisible and did not decrease the sensitivity of the touch screen at all. It keeps dust, finger marks, scratches from debris and other things off the iPad - keeping it looking brand new. 

I have always found OtterBox to be a little bit expensive when it comes to a case but like I said, think of it as insurance for your already expensive investment. Which would you rather, buying a case under $100 or buying another $1000 iPad because you dropped it and broke it? I think the money on a case like this is well spent nonetheless.

We have purchased OtterBox products before at regular retail price and were actually looking into them for the iPad however our local electronics store didnt have any for the iPad3 in stock. I am happy with this case and I would have purchased one for my hubbys iPad had we not had the opportunity to review it. I would recommend an OtterBox case to anyone purchasing an Apple device this holiday season, it makes a great add-on gift.

Available in multiple different colours (ours is the yellow one), you can purchase the Otterbox iPad 3 Defender Case online for $89.95!

I was very excited when PTPA asked me to test and evaluate the OtterBox Defender case for iPad and happy to say it has been announced an official PTPA award winner and for good reason too! 

To learn more about Otterbox and other products they offer visit the OtterBox website. Find other great PTPA approved family products on the PTPA website too! 


Shopping out of the comfort of your own home is growing and growing every year with more ways than one to get online and get what you want - for a good deal! 

With today being Black Friday and the following Monday, Cyber Monday, you'll want to be keeping your eyes out for deals that get you even more like the deals going on this weekend at the Aeroplan eStore

Do you love shopping? Do you shop at your favourite stores and collect Aeroplan miles? Well you'll want to check out the Aeroplan eStore for some of your holiday shopping! Find great deals on things you wouldn't have thought of plus earn even more miles while finishing up your holiday shopping!

I know with the snow that just hit Ottawa, I do not want to have to drag the kids to the mall and do our Christmas shopping. Even during the day when they are at school, dragging the baby to the mall is even worse when shes head to toe with winter gear. It's just no fun. 

Shopping online however, always fun. I love being able to just open up my laptop and go to my favourite online stores, especially during the holidays when there are great deals like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to really get you in the giving spirit!

How does the Aeroplan eStore work? 

In three easy steps you are on your way to shopping bliss, plus earn some Aeroplan miles at the same time! Go to the Aeroplan eStore website and search for products you are looking for from your favourite places like Chapters Indigo, Microsoft, Hudsons Bay and more. Purchase products from over 75 top online retailers and earn 1 Aeroplan mile per $1 spent! 

It's easy to get started earning Aeroplan miles today by signing up for your FREE Aeroplan account! You can begin shopping and earning right away and starting TODAY until December 2nd you can earn even more miles with The Miles Multiplier! You can earn 5X-10X the miles when you shop certain retailers across the Aeroplan eStore website! 

Take advantage of these great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals going on and cross a few more off that holiday shopping list!

Sponsored post on behalf of Aeroplan eStore. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and my own. 

Everyday aches and pains sometimes are unavoidable as you get older, especially when you are on your feet all day at work at the office or like me at home, running after little ones. I have a bad tendency to get leg and foot cramps, arthritic pain and more caused by my ongoing hip problems.

I am not one to take medication unless I am ultimately sick. I don't like the feeling and I have kids to take care of, side effects are not an option. Typically heat therapy, exercise such as stretches and muscle rubs tend to help when the pain is bad at night but of course I am always looking for a new method to add to my therapy, anything to help. 

When I was asked to take a look at Deep Relief products from the Mentholatum Company of Canada, my first wonder is if it would help with some of my muscle pains. I have tried other muscle rubs in the past that worked somewhat but I have yet to find "the one". 

I think I have found something that works and works quickly, not only for me but for my hubby too. Here's what happened: I was sweeping the floor and I got a random but bad foot cramp. It cramped across the entire bottom of my foot and hurt to the point I wanted to put the broom down and just cry. I thought of the Deep Relief Heat Spray

I took the bottle out and sprayed a small amount on my foot where the cramp was and put on my sock. I felt the heat sensation right away, without the burn. Within a couple of minutes the heat resided a little and the pain went away. I was amazed at how quickly Deep Relief Heat Spray worked! Normally when I get a foot cramp I feel the pain for a while after the initial cramping goes away and after using the heat spray, it didn't come back at all. Deep Relief really helps! The only warning I have is use the heat spray in a well ventilated area because it's pretty potent.

Next up was hubby, he had a bad headache a couple of nights ago caused by neck and shoulder tension. We tried the Deep Relief neck, shoulder and back hands-free rub. I applied it around his neck, shoulders and back area that felt tense. The applicator was easy to use and not messy. It's not smelly and it isn't greasy either. He had the same result as I did. He felt the warm sensation where the Deep Relief was applied and within about 15 minutes his headache resided and was much more manageable for him.

Deep Relief products are topical analgesics that penetrate deep to the site of pain, working fast targeting pain on contact and lasting up to six hours. Deep Relief can be used in place of pain medication or in addition to ongoing pain therapy. 

My hubby and I would definitely recommend trying Deep Relief heat products for muscle pain and tension or Deep Relief cooling products in place of ice or cold/hot pads. My mom used to use a similar ice gel therapy for head and neck aches too. They work and come in different forms like patches gels and sprays. As any product always consult your physician if you have any major concerns before or during use. 

Learn more about Deep Relief products by visiting www.deeprelief.ca and follow @mydeeprelief on twitter and like Deep Relief on Facebook for the latest updates!

What do you do to relieve your muscle pain? Leave a comment below and tell us!

Posted on behalf of Deep Relief. Product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments expressed on this blog are those of the author. 


My son is active and loves playing games. He can be competitive so I'm always trying to find ways to encourage both - active play, sports etc. He enjoys pretty much any sport that involves a ball of some kind and a goal. 

Elefun and friends games are perfect indoor fun for little ones who like a challenge and a good laugh. They feature Elefun and friends characters like Gatorific the Alligator in Gator Goal

A fun new way to play soccer kids can stomp, chomp and launch their soccer ball in Gator Goal! Made to play solo or with friends, take the Gator Goal challenge and load your ball into the soccer ball launcher. Gain points by setting off your ball launcher and knocking out Gatorifics teeth with your amazing shots! His eyes will spin and his flag will pop up when your little one scores!

My kids always ask me about a million questions a day, I love hearing them ask and learn. They start many a phrase with "Hey mom, guess what?" making me guess the answer to whatever it is they are about to say. 

Turn the question asking around with PTPA award winning Magic Jinn! A question game like no other, interactive and entertaining game that will have your kids (and you) thinking and laughing!

Find out if the mystical, magical Jinn can truly read your mind! Think of an animal and press Magic Jinn's nose to begin, he will ask questions and tell you what animal you are thinking of! Can your little ones outsmart this smarty cat? Play and find out! Made to play with one person, Magic Jinn can be fun for everyone and kids can make a game of it taking turns and taking points every time Magic Jinn gets his answer right! Ages 3+, batteries not included! 

Magic Jinn also has an app available for iPhone and Android! Can't stay home and play with Magic Jinn? Take him on the road in this fun and interactive learning app! Best part, it's a free download! :) 

You can find these and other great Hasbro games at stores like Toys R Us and Walmart or online at www.Hasbro.ca

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

My son has taken a liking to photography, he enjoys taking pictures and then checking out what it looks like. He is always taking his older sisters iPod touch, it has a camera that's not that bad and he snaps pictures of just about anything. If you look at the camera roll when he's done you can see his selfies to pictures of the dogs, toys and sometimes his baby sister! 

I love this because this lets you see the world through the eyes of a child. What intrigues him, what he thinks is funny or interesting. Just the other day I sat the baby on the floor and he said, "Wait! I want to take her picture!" and ran over to grab the iPod to do just so. I thought, what a fun present this Christmas that would be - his very own digital camera! 

PTPA award winning Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector from Hasbro combines digital photography and photo editing in one fun camera geared for kids my sons age.

The Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector is the perfect camera for him. It's chunky, has a good grip and simple buttons and controls. Press the shutter button to take a picture, press the "silly" button to choose from over 50 silly effects to add to the photo and flip the switch for instant projection! How cool is that?!

Software is integrated in the camera so no need to install or download software. You can save, print and email pictures via USB too. Kids can get digitally creative with the Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector! I honestly cannot wait for my son to unwrap this one this Christmas! 

It comes in black and blue or white and purple/pink. You can find this camera where toys are sold in stores like Walmart, Toys R Us and online! Check out the Playskool Showcam website for full details!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are my own.


Anyone that knows me and my hubby know that we are big advocates when it comes to protecting our smartphones from wear and tear, damage and dangers of the everyday by purchasing a reliable case. Especially with kids who love to just grab a cell phone and check out any games that may be downloaded onto it, you can imagine how easily it can get dirty or worse, be dropped accidentally.

Over the years we have owned our share of different style cell phones and smart phones, the first accessory we always buy after getting a new phone is of course a case. For me, a case has to be solid but light. It has to protect my phone from scratches, bumps and dings. It has to slide easily in and out of a pocket or purse, access is a must.

Caseco Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of innovative products designed to enhance popular mobile phones, tablets and wireless devices. Their motto is “Designed for life”. More than just a business philosophy, Caseco designs products, business operations and customer service to fit your lifestyle and meet the demands of your busy everyday.

Caseco products are designed and engineered to meet the needs of today’s demanding mobile users, delivering superior performance, trend-setting style, higher manufacturing quality and far greater value than its competitors.

When we were asked to take a look at a couple of Caseco smartphone cases I happily went to their website and started browsing for cases for the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4!

We chose the Shock Express for both iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4. What drew me to this particular case is the design, it looks good and it feels good when you're holding it. Plus it comes in a variety of fun, bright colours. 

As nice as it looks though, this case is tough! The Caseco Shock Express is a double layered case that protects your phone all around. The tough, hard-shell exterior adds strength and durability. It's simple to wipe off smudges with a soft cloth, keeping your case shiny! The soft interior layer helps absorb shocks from bumps and drops. The Shock Express fits snugly over your phone and is easy to put on.  It also comes with a screen protector, those can be tricky to put on without getting dust or air bubbles underneath but I highly recommend putting it on to prevent scratching up your screen.

The colourful outer shell of the Shock Express is what protects your phone, allows you to easily slip it in and out of your pocket or purse and also gives your phone some new style. The sides of the case are rubber which gives it grip to avoid dropping and the case also gives your phone a little weight, making it feel more durable. As I said earlier, the Shock Express comes in a variety of bright and fun colours like the one I chose for the iPhone 5S, pink and we got it in black for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The only thing hubby said he would see adding onto his Shock Express case would be a belt clip, but that's just an extra. 

We were also sent the Caseco PowerBox Universal, in black – that way hubby can use it also! The PowerBox Universal is a backup battery charger with a 2600 mAh capacity, that provides extra power to your phone. Just a smidge bigger than your average tube of lipstick, the PowerBox Universal is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse (in my case, the diaper bag) to bring wherever you go. 

We charged it up for the recommended time and tried it out on each smartphone. It charges as fast as a wall charger and it lasts up to 55 charges so we will be good for a while! Very useful accessory to have if you or someone you know owns a smart phone.

Caseco offers other models of phone cases for different phones like the Flux and Lynx as well as car chargers and more online at www.Caseco.ca! Great gifts for the smartphone owner on your holiday shopping list!

Show some love to @CasecoCases on Twitter and Like CasecoCases on Facebook too!

Congratulations Holly M. on winning the Caseco Christmas giveaway! Enjoy your prize! :) 

Posted on behalf of Caseco Inc. Complimentary product was received for review purposes however opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.



Sacrafices are made when you become a mom, no doubt as most of our time is spent taking care of our new bundle of joy so a lot of grown-up things are put on the back burners. As a new parent though, you need to remember to take care of you and continue to enjoy the grown up things.

Why not play hookie with the baby to see the latest blockbuster? Yes, bring your baby (and maybe even your husband) to the movies!

Movies for Mommies was created just for that - enjoying grown-up things, with your baby. Moms and Dads can enjoy weekly matinees at a baby-friendly cinema created just for them! Each location has change tables set up with complimentary Pampers diapers and wipes, just in case. Sound levels are toned down to protect little ears and the lighting is dimmed just right making it easier to nurse and bottle warmers are set up for those mid-movie feedings. There is plenty of space to park a stroller too, no need to worry about your gear because it'll be right there with you. Best of all, no dirty looks when baby fusses - we've all been there.

Movies for Mommies has monthly pre-show programs including free infant massage clinics, baby photos, baby signing demos and more! Each Movies for Mommies location has a demo table set up at the front of the theater filled with samples for mom and baby including Pampers Sensitive Wipes, baby food, baby snacks, adult vitamins and more.

Save the date! November 18th to 29th Movies for Mommies will have local baby photographers on site to do FREE holiday photos before the show! *Photoshoots and dates posted on moviesformommies.com. Photographers will provide proofs available for purchase.*

First time attending Movies for Mommies? Here are a few things you should know:

- Movies For Mommies run programs in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Colombia.

- Timing varies with weekly matinees starting between noon and 1pm.

- Movies are all the latest and greatest, with a mix of romantic comedy, action, and drama. Please note these are grown-up movies and not suitable for toddlers or children.

- Arrive at Movies for Mommies early. The hostess will greet you with a welcome bag and membership card which grants you a 7th movie FREE!

- Movies for Mommies are best enjoyed with babies aged 0-12 months. The younger the baby, the better the chance they will sleep through most of, if not all of the movie in the dark.

The closest Movies for Mommies location to us here in Ottawa is at the Rainbow Theaters in St. Laurent Shopping Center. Starting November 14th (alternating Thursdays starting at 1pm with doors open at 12:30pm) you can see Don Jon for $8 an adult and free parking at the mall! 

For more information about Movies for Mommies and to find a location nearest you please visit http://www.moviesformommies.com/ 

Posted by AME in participation with the P&G Mom program. Complimentary product and other incentives are received as part of this program but have no reflection of my satisfaction with said products. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


The holiday shopping season is in – you know it too. There are less than a few weeks left to really get your early shopping on and Shoppers Drug Mart has lots of great holiday ideas for just about everyone on your nice list this year.

Shoppers Drug Mart offers exciting in-store sales and promotions with exclusive gift sets and products you can only find at Shoppers Drug Mart. Get great value with the Shoppers Optimum Rewards Program too – earn points on almost every purchase! A quick ride from home and plenty of parking, Shoppers Drug Mart is open late, just in case.

Look for ideas in gift guides available from Shoppers Drug Mart throughout November and December, the first issue arrived in homes and stores November 9th! With so many fabulous fragrances, gorgeous gifts, delectable treats, and the latest toys – you are bound to have your list checked off in no time.

For your mom or mother in law why not an Olay Regenerist Gift set (a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive set!).  This set includes Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream Fragrance-Free (50mL), Night Recovery Cream (50mL), and Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo (10mL and 5mL). I have tried (and also gifted) Olay Regenerist products before and I think they are a great gift to both give and receive.

For him, you can’t go wrong with something that will make him both feel and smell terrific. The Axe Gift Set includes Shampoo (355mL), Shower Gel (473mL), Anti-Perspirant (76g), Body Spray (113g), everything he needs to spoil himself in a neat Premium Toiletry Bag.

I know my oldest daughter just loves giving herself manicures, she loves collecting different colours and trying different styles. The OH MY GOSH mini nail lacquer set (a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive!) would be a perfect gift for a tween or teen who loves to do her nails with 5 OH MY nail lacquers for her holiday pampering!

For the much younger ones, keep imaginations going with a Play Doh Candy Cane Set, perfect for kids aged 2+ and themed just for the holidays, kids can share and make some fun holiday creations with Play Doh!

Last but not least, anyone on your list who is a big chocolate fan will love the sweetness of a Cadbury European Chocolate Holiday Gift Set, an assortment of yummy wafer chocolates in a pretty holiday box and bow (300g).

You can find these and other great gift ideas by visiting the Shoppers Drug Mart Website and store. Select beauty products will also have a free gift with purchase so get your gifts while quantities last!  

On December 2nd , Shoppers Drug Mart is launching a special holiday Facebook Contest! A special Advent Calendar will reveal a product every day, with multiple prizes given out over the course of 12 days! You can try your hand at maybe winning a couple of those holiday gifts on your list! Visit their facebook page to like them in order to stay up to date on the contest details.

Visit the Shoppers Drug Mart facebook page for more details!

Join the holiday conversation on Twitter using hashtag #giftsmadeeasy & #SDMholiday

As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, not only are we shopping for gifts on our list, trimming our trees and preparing our houses to be warm for welcoming guests but we are also using the holiday season as an opportunity to once again show our children that sharing is caring. 

Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal and The Salvation Army have teamed up to bring us #treatsfortoys, a creative and fun new way to share the holiday spirit with families in need. From now until December 22nd, Rice Krispies will donate $20 to The Salvation Army, to a maximum of $30,000, whenever a photo of a toy-shaped treat using Rice Krispies cereal is uploaded to the Rice Krispies website!

Making a difference is as easy as Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Everyone can take part in the Rice Krispies Treats for Toys holiday program by creating a design of a toy-shaped treat from Rice Krispies cereal or you can check out the give toy-shaped recipes found on ricekrispies.ca. Once you create your masterpiece, you can transform it into a $20 donation to The Salvation Army. Of course there is no baking involved when making these yummy treats so even younger kids can get involved and have some family fun being creative in the kitchen! 

Here's how you can help with #treatsfortoys:

Select one of the five new Rice Krispie recipes on ricekrispies.ca to make a toy shaped treat. Or, get creative and come up with your own too!

Take a picture of your finished creation, my kids had a blast with this as they love showing off what they make! 

Upload the pictures to RiceKrispies.ca and share them with your social media friends on Twitter and Facebook (sharing is not mandatory but its fun!)! Rice Krispies will in turn donate a toy to a child in need.

Rice Krispies sent us along a fun #treatsfortoys kit to get started on making our creations. Our kit included a box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies, decorative icing, decorative candies, fondant and marshmallows! Also in our kit was a collectible toy robot, love it!

Out of the five great recipes from Kellogg's the kids chose of course the RK-Robot and Princess Pop. We decided to create smaller versions, thus having more Rice Krispies treats and decorations to create with! 

We made two pans of Rice Krispie Treats which left us more than enough to create several #treatsfortoys goodies! 

My oldest of course wanted to create Princess Pop, she did a really good job using her own imagination! 

My son made the Crackle-Saurus! A scary looking but sweet tasting dinosaur treat!

If that wasn't enough, he also wanted to make the RK-Robot! Together we built a futuristic, Rice Krispie robot. He was really tasty too!

The kids had a blast creating and eating their toy-shaped treats. I was lucky to be able to take pictures but they were willing to wait knowing it was for a good cause. The RK-Robot did however fall over from being a little top heavy, too much good stuff! We salvaged him onto a plate but at least we were able to snap a shot to upload before he toppled over! :) 

My kids were happy to help upload our three photos to the RiceKrispies.ca website, knowing we were doing our small part to help make a difference in the holidays for a family somewhere. We had a blast doing it! 

Have some fun this holiday season and upload pictures of your own creations! Follow the holiday cheer on Twitter using hashtag #treatsfortoys 

Posted on behalf of Kellogg's in participation with #treatsfortoys. Product was received to facilitate this post however opinions and comments are those of the author. 


It's hard to believe our youngest baby is already eleven months old! She's getting big and fast, for a baby born 5lbs 8oz she is solid!

She's starting to look more and more like her sister when it comes to her features. All three kids had chubby cheeks as babies, so cute you just want to pinch them (but not hard!). 

Her hair hasn't changed much since birth, it's growing a little faster now after she lost almost all of it a few months ago when she had cradle cap. It seems to be beginning to wave at the ends like her older sisters does and she still has that reddish tint to it when she's in the sunlight, strawberry blonde maybe? I'm a sucker for doing little kids hair, I've tried the Velcro Goody hair accessories and she didn't seem to notice anything on her head or mind. 

She's keeping her blue eyes, so far. This makes her our only one out of three babies who kept their blue eyes. Our older two have deep browns. 

She loves to jabber and talk, recently scream in delight when something pleases her. This tends to be hard on the ears, you'd think after three kids we'd be used to the shrill voice of a baby! ;-) Her favourite words have changed from "mama" and "dada" to "gaga" and "caca". She says the latter seemingly when she dislikes something, funny enough. Sometimes we can get a "mama" or a "dada" out of her but the past couple of weeks those are her choice words. We won't rush it, K is a jabber box at nine years old, we are good for now. 

Next month we celebrate two 1st milestones with Baby M - her first birthday (yay!) and also her official first Christmas. 

She is growing up so fast, before we know it she'll be running away at the park. For now, she crawls and lifts herself to try to walk like there's no stopping her! 

Really, there isn't any stopping her, if you try she just gets mad. She enjoys her new found independence with crawling. Thankfully we baby proofed the house a long time ago! 

Baby M celebrated her 11th month (unofficial) birthday on November 22nd, 2013!


We all know formula and/or breastmilk is the best source for baby's nutritional needs up to a year old (even then it's the recommended source period) but from six months and up you can begin introducing solids to your baby, adding different tastes and textures to his or her every day meals.

Baby M is already almost one year old, she is growing to be a loveable and very active baby. She loves her bottle but she also eats baby food like a pro! Well, a 10 month old pro. She still needs a little work when it comes to the spoon to mouth coordination and is sometimes surprised by new textures, oh the faces!

Mmm Heinz Baby Strawberries - Stage 3!
There are so many ways to make your own baby food and I really give kudos to those parents who make their own but honestly for our family, premade baby food is just easier and baby likes it. Plus, often enough the grocery store will have good sales on baby jars and cereal making it easier to stock up!

Heinz has been proudly preparing baby food in Canada since 1934! With a big menu of baby food for different ages and stages, Heinz Baby has over 150 varieties of foods including 39 organic recipes. Heinz offers a complete line of baby food to support baby's nutritional needs from begining cereal, meals and snacks to finger foods like first biscuits. Heinz Staging System found on the website makes it easier for parents to find exactly what their baby needs in terms of food without any guessing. Remember each baby is different and only you and your baby know when you are ready for that next step.

She can't talk yet but our little girl pretty much likes all the Heinz Baby food we have tried so far, except peas and custard. She eats a mix of stages 1, 2 but mostly stage 3 foods. She really likes the Mom's Recipe chicken and vegitable risotto!

I like the easy-to-serve method. Cereal can be made with milk or not (depending which kind you choose), the variety of meals, snacks and desserts in jar and now in new pouches give your baby that "big kid" feeling with choices like chicken, beef and an array of fruits and veggies.  

Learn more about Heinz Baby Food and the Heinz Staging system by visiting www.Heinz.com and don't forget to Like Heinz Baby on Facebook!

*You can always find helpful advice online but always make sure to consult your baby's doctor if you have any nutritional or dietary concerns.*

Sponsored post on behalf of Heinz Baby Canada. Opinions and comments are those of the author.


The holiday season is fast approaching and as every year our holiday shopping begins mostly in November. The kids have had their lists ready since last year, I am not joking. Aside from the hustle and bustle that is the holiday season, celebrating is not only about getting together with family and friends but also making lasting childhood memories with your children. 

It's going to be happy holidays seeing those kids faces light up with delight upon opening a gift containing just the toy they wanted all year long. Many of this years most wanted toys like Furby Boom by Hasbro (which is on my kids list) require batteries to operate. I have forgotten batteries in the past, remember always to check the toy packaging for those three little words "batteries not included"!

Give the gift of power along with those toys. Duracell has a brand new battery in town for the holiday season.

Power up with new Duracell Quantum, the worlds most advanced alkaline battery. With a revolutionary Hi-Density core and propriorty PowerCheck power indicator, Duracell Quantum has been engineered to deliver the outstanding preformance customers demand. Duracell DuraLock technology locks in power for up to 10 years in storage offering long-lasting power when it's needed the most.

From powering up your holiday toys and gadgets to the more serious emergency responders raidos, emergency flash lights and more people can count on Duracell's most powerful premium-tier battery when it needs to work.

To learn more about Duracell Quantum visit Duracell.ca!

Posted by AME in participation with the #PGMom program. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


Dolls are so many things to little girls. They are doorways to a whole new world of imagination and adventure. They are a best friend, a confident and someone to hug when they are scared or can't sleep. Dolls can be so much more than just a toy.

I have two daughters which make dolls the perfect toy - there are so many to choose from in stores! My oldest daughter is into fashion dolls and dolls that are more the collectible kind. She has so many but continues to enjoy collecting them, insisting they each have a unique quality she admires. 

My youngest daughter is at the exploring age, she is aware of her surroundings and loves to learn by getting her hands on anything she can, especially soft toys.

13" Mooshka Doll
Mooshka Dolls are a great idea for a first doll. Mooshka dolls are cuddly dolls made with super soft material. The story behind Mooshka Dolls is a cute one: They were once paper dolls until one day they joined hands and through the power of friendship became huggable girls! They have sweet faces, no button eyes or any removable parts.

There are 13 dolls in the Mooshka Dolls collection including Sing Around the Rosie and Tots! Each doll has a unique name and their own story. Mooshka Doll comes with her own paper doll, finger puppet and access to an interactive e-book and Mooshka Doll apps for i-devices!
9.5" Mooshka Tot

Mooshka Dolls are recommended for ages 2+ but I could see it being enjoyed by younger girls minus the paper and finger puppet dolls. Mooshka Dolls come in two sizes, 9.5" ($14.99) and 13" ($19.99). You can find Mooshka Dolls at most major retailers in the toy department. 

For more Mooshka Doll fun Like the Facebook Fan Page

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During the summer months one of my favourite ways to dry my laundry is hanging it on the line outside on a breezy, sunny day. Not only do we save energy and money but the clothes always comes in smelling fresher than fresh. I don't know about yours but my family always appreciate soft, fresh smelling laundry - it's the little things.

We are now in November and it's cooler outside so our use of the clothesline has been put to rest for the fall and winter months but our clothes and linens still smell fresh and feel super soft thanks to Downy! I love new Downy Unstopables and now new Infusions for my linens, especially things we use frequently like towels and bedding.

With so many scentsational choices between Downy Infusions and Unstopables like Orchid Allure, Lavender Serenity, Lush & Shimmer my only problem is choosing which ones to use each load!

Find your perfect laundry scent with the help of "Amy the Fortune Smeller"! Mix fresh Infusions with vibrant Unstopables and this fab duo can keep clothes and linens smelling scentsational for up to 12 weeks!

Meet funny and interactive "Amy the Fortune Smeller". Pick your favourite scented softness (Downy Infusions) and your favourite scented scentyness (Downy Unstopables) to reveal your scently personality!

Amy will scan the scentosphere to tell you when your scent says about you. You can share your scentsy self with communities via Facebook and Twitter! Also, once she makes her reveal, you get a coupon for Downy!

As you can see she gave me "Viva La Pop Star" after choosing two of my favourite scents in Infusions Cashmier Glow and Unstopables Shimmer! Fun and entertaining, you can visit Amy the Fortune Smeller and see what she says about you and your scently personality on the official Downy website!

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Today is World Prematurity Day, a day to spread awareness and honour babies born too early. Did you know 1 in 10 babies are born premature? Do you know a family who had a baby born premature? You're reading about one mom right now, I've had two preemie babies out of three pregnancies. 

My two youngest were each born premature - our son in 2008 at 27 weeks and our daughter in 2012 at 36 weeks. Both births have their own stories, you can see pictures and read about our son here and our youngest daughter here. I am grateful every day that our stories turned out with happy endings. 

The Canadian Premature Baby Foundation was launched last year by Katharina Staub, an Edmonton-based advocate and mother of preemie twins. It's the first national, Canadian-based organization for premature babies. The organization serves as a voice and source of information for families and their children. The foundation is advocating for heightened political awareness of prematurity and the health implications associated with it. I wish this foundation had been around when our son was born, just the same - we honour the day he and every preemie baby are born. 

Lighting up cities across the country:

The CPBF will be lighting up cities across the country with support from the March of Dimes - Niagara Falls, The Langevin Bridge and Riverwalk lighting in Calgary, the heritage building in OTTAWA, the Muttart Conservatory Pyramids in Edmonton and the CN Tower in Toronto in honour of all prematurely born babies and to help raise awareness that prematurity is a public health concern.

We wear our purple today in support of World Prematurity Day.

To learn more about Premature birth and ways you can help spread the word or make a donation please visit the Candian Premature Baby Foundation Website for more information! 


Today's technology brings us every source of entertainment at our finger tips on devices like smartphones and tablets. Apps that make our lives more productive, games, videos and movies among other various digital libraries to entertain. Now bring it all home to your livingroom with Apple TV, a simple looking, yet powerful device that allows you access to just about everything entertainment in up to 1080p HD quality.

Apple TV is quiet and energy efficient (using less power than a night light on standby) and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. A great addition to our home entertainment. It fits virtually anywhere and being black, matches any home decor, no big eye-sores on the shelf. It comes with Apple remote, which is also pretty compact and for even more convenience you can download the remote app which turns any iOS device into a remote control too!

It's easy to set up and begin enjoying all that Apple TV has to offer. Simply plug the power cord into the wall and the Apple TV to your HDTV using an HDMI cable (sold separately) . Once its turned on, get started by holding your iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth on near Apple TV and it will learn all about your home network and gather all your account settings automatically. Everything streams wirelessly to Apple TV via WiFi so, it's basic plug and play fun!

Apple TV demonstrated on our TV!

With Apple TV you can rent from one of the largest selections of HD movies, purchase commercial-free HD TV shows, stream from the ever popular NetFlix catalog of movies and shows among other great online content too! Just click and watch!

Show off those vacation videos and photos with family and friends on your iPhone or iPad on your HDTV with AirPlay! Not only can you show off photos and videos with AirPlay but you can also show off games and other AirPlay enabled content! The limits are almost endless with the next generation in streaming TV entertainment and Apple TV brings it all right to your living room.

Catch your favourite shows (as demonstrated on our tv)

Staples.ca makes shopping easy and offers Canadians tons of options when it comes to home office and home entertainment, in store and online! Learn more about Apple TV and purchase it for the gadget buff on your holiday list at www.staples.ca!

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I have heard so much about rubber band looms being one of the hottest toys of 2013. Every craft kid wants a Rainbow Loom or the like, they selling like hotcakes and now with these two fantastic Rubber Band Jewlery books you'll have your little jewlery maker crafting necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more in no time!

Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewlery by Colleen Dorsey is the must-have how-to book for rubber band looms this holiday season. This book shows kids exactly how to use their new looms, with full colour photos and simple step-by-step instructions. There are 13 easy projects for all the cool popular accessories including bracelets, necklaces, body jewlery, hair accessories and more! Paperback $9.99

Have even more fun with Loom Magic by John McCann, a book with over 30 never before seen for an amazing rainbow of rubber band loom projects. You can learn how to make bracelets, sports themed charms, keyrings, pendants and even a working slingshot! Fans of Rainbow Loom etc new and old will love creating a wide variety of projects with the collection of ideas in this book. Hardcover $15.95!

You can find both these books just in time for your holiday shopping online at amazon.ca and chapters.ca!

Win it!

Do you have a rubber band loom fanatic on your holiday shopping list? Our friends at Thomas Allen & Son want to give one lucky reader the chance to win BOTH books here on AME!

It's easy to enter by using the entry form below! Prize (1 winner): 1 copy of Awesome Rubber Band Jewlery and 1 copy of Loom Magic! *NOTE: rainbow loom or other said toys are NOT included in this prize, sorry!*

Open to Canadian residents 18+ excluding Quebec. Mandatory entry must be done for extras to count. Valid email must be used for contact purposes should you win. Ends December 1st!


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