Oh the holidays were such a busy, busy time for our family. I didn't even see the days go by, it seemed as if it was one big flash and then it was all over. Christmas is officially over for one more year, we have yet to take down the tree and as much as we all love celebrating and as much of a fun time we had, I think it's safe to say we are all exhausted and could use a little R&R. 

We celebrated Christmas Eve here at home, it was Baby M's first Christmas celebration (and also her 1st birthday the weekend before) so I was happy most of the family was able to make it. We had a nice turkey dinner, way too much food. We exchanged gifts, we celebrated good times and caught up with loved ones we hadn't seen in a while.

The kids let us sleep a little bit on Christmas morning, despite being super excited to see what Santa brought for everyone. They each got almost everything they asked for including each a Furby Boom - those were a hit even with the hubby! Hubby ended up with a tool set, some PJs and other manly gifts. I didn't score too badly either with nice new adidas suit and a comfy grey pull over from hubby, some other tops and socks to match the Adidas suit too. I also got some requested beauty products from my dad (those will be showcased on Simple Beauty Sense), chocolates from my sister in law and a Glade Waxs Melts warmer from my parents in law with some comfy holiday PJs! 

Unfortunately my side of the family couldn't be here on Christmas Eve. My mother was out of town for the holidays, spending some time with my older brother and his family but my father did make it over for an early Christmas day dinner and more gift exchanging! I am grateful I got to see everyone I did this Christmas, that I think was the best gift besides the smiles on everyones faces.

The worst gift was on boxing day, my coffee maker broke. I should rephrase that, Christmas broke my coffee maker. We usually kill a coffee maker a year but the timing was just all wrong. I guess it being a small, cheaper machine, it couldn't take all the coffee making we were doing as holiday hosts. Boxing Day morning, coffee could not be brewed and you would think I'd have a jar of instant or something, nope. We were caffeine free for most of the day. 

Luckily it was Boxing Day and almost everything was on sale that day and the following week. As nice as a single cup coffee maker is, we needed something of both quality and quantity as we always have coffee on the brew whether it be for us or guests who happen to come by, it's a very much used appliance in our kitchen. 

Hubby bought a nice 12-cup T-Fal brewer. I know T-Fal is a reliable brand when it comes to small appliances and so far we are not disappointed. Life can now go back to normal, one cup at a time! ;-)


Santa Claus has come and gone, leaving us gifts and goodies for being on the nice list this year (well, most of us.). As we celebrate with family and friends, enjoy our gifts and make new memories we take a moment to think of those who aren't here with us, those who we wish could be. We are grateful for the people we have, the things given to us and above all being able to celebrate Christmas for another year together. 

Thank you to all who make AME what it is. For tuning in and reading my thoughts, feelings and outlook on everything life. From our family to yours, may you have the Merriest of Christmases and nothing but health, wealth and happiness in the new year! 

God Bless - Enjoy your holiday season! xo


Happy Birthday Baby M! 

Time goes by too fast, I still remember her birth like it was yesterday. 

It has been a year of change to say the least like adapting to life with three kids and having a little baby in the house again. I think we did pretty good.

Baby M has learned so much in her first year. She is a quiet baby, sensitive and very much a "Daddy's Girl". She loves attention (as most babies do) but when she's had enough from her brother and sister she lets them know, shes very vocal but that runs in the family. She is always smiling and laughing, rarely in a bad mood. 

She started crawling not long before fall, soon pulling herself up and shifting along furniture. She recently started letting go of the furniture while shes shifting around, testing her walking skills. It won't be long before she's running away from us, toddler style. 

Baby M's birthday was celebrated here at home, just the five of us (and the dogs). The weather yesterday was terrible, causing so much snow it took hubby a long time just to dig the driveway out, impossible to host guests already having so much to do so close to Christmas. Nana and Pepere did manage to stop by to wish their youngest grandbaby a happy birthday. As for everyone else, no big deal, the entire family is coming over in two days and I know everyone has a special gift just for this special birthday girl! 

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, we love you more than you'll ever know! :) XOX


In participation with the PGMom program. Complimentary product was received. Opinions and comments are honest and my own.

When it comes to our children's health and well being, parents want to overload their brains with information. We want to know every trick we can learn about taking care of our kids. We aren't experts but there are ways of coming close with great resources found in books shared by the experts. 

Pampers wants to arm parents with the knowledge and resources to promote baby's happy, healthy development. The A to Z of Children's Health book is sure to become parent's go-to health and wellness guide. Its an indispensable reference that will solve every parents health queries. 

This is a great book for every parent or caregiver to have on hand for the day to day issues they may encounter raising their little ones from birth to 10 years old.

A to Z is a comprehensive, up-to-date, evidence based book written by trusted experts at SickKids (SickKids Hospital in Toronto), Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Natasha Saunders with Dr. Norman Saunders. Inside you will find an amazing mix of practical advice, tips, strategies and more focusing on what parents can look out for, what they can do and when they need to seek medical attention. There are real case/examples and answers to FAQ, full colour photos and detailed illustrations throughout. 

Information about every health concern you can think of from how to deal with allergies, common colds, cough & congestion, how to recognize and treat various skin rashes as well as when you need to be concerned about tummy pains, headaches, how to handle learning disabilities, bullying and so much more.

There are so many subjects in this book that I wished I had known more about when we had our first baby back in 2004 like how to deal with teething, temper tantrums and potty training. 

There is a good section about bullying and cyberbullying too that gives some great advice to parents on pages 102-103 of the book. Tips like opening the lines of communication with your child and the school about the issue, noticing signs like mood, behaviour, or academic performance and asking your child about bullying, to name a few. 

You can learn more about The A to Z of Children's Health book by visiting www.robertrose.ca. Show some love by Liking the Robert Rose Facebook Page and following @RobertRoseBooks on Twitter!


Laundry is an essential everyday task around our house. If I was to wait until once a week to do the laundry, our laundry room would be taken over with dirty clothes by the end of the first day. I kid you not, my kids go through clothes like laundry is magic and I know half of it is not on purpose. They spill, they fall, they wipe hands on etc. Dirt, stains and smells can happen but with the right detergent, they don't have to. 

With the help of Gain laundry detergent, not only do I get out the dirt and stains but my family's laundry smells oh-so-good. We have been huge fans of Gain, long before I ever wore the P&GMom badge.

When we buy our laundry detergent we will usually buy Gain in powder form, it's great for taking out the tough stains but we have also had the opportunity to try Gain liquid and Gain Fireworks (like the Downy Unstoppables but by Gain!) also new Gain fabric softener and dryer sheets, too! 

I have some special insider news for all of you. I know how much everyone loves laundry singles like Tide Pods, who doesn't? They are a simple and effective way to get laundry done with just one simple product. The makers of Gain know how much you love the simplicity of singles and they also know how much you love the fresh scent of Gain so they have been busy creating new Gain Flings to be released in 2014! Gain detergent + Oxi boost + Febreze in one little pod! For all you Gain fans out there, this should be "music to your nose"! Exciting news for sure, now we will enjoy one of our favourite laundry detergents in its simplest of forms in new Gain Flings! 

You can learn more about Gain Flings by visiting www.ilovegain.com/flings! Show some love, like the Gain Facebook Page and follow @Gain on Twitter using hashtag #musictoyournose for all the Gain Fling fun!


In "smellibration" of new Gain Flings, you can enter to win a Gain bundle that ought to bring the gainiac out of you!

Gain prize bundle valued at $80 includes: Gain Fireworks scent booster original, Gain dryer sheets, Gain with Oxy Boost Icy Fresh, Gain Original with clean boost, Gain Fabric Softener Original.

Open to Canadian residents 18+ (excluding Quebec, sorry!). Please enter using the entry form below. Mandatory entry must be done for extras to count. This giveaway may be offered on multiple P&GMom blogs but you can only win the prize once. By entering this giveaway you acknowledge your information may be shared with representatives of P&G for prizing purposes only. 

Good Luck!

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There are tons of great gift ideas when it comes to monthly gift boxes for women and children that you can order and have delivered to their doorsteps (or yours!). These types of gift boxes usually contain useful goodies like beauty or home products, books, toys and crafts. It's always fun to both send and receive a special gift like that!  

Dollar Shave Club is a monthly box just for men. Everything he needs for shaving and saving, right at his doorstep! 
Send the man in your life a monthly gift of a clean shave with Dollar Shave Club! It's a simple way for him to get that smooth shave without having to trek out to the drugstore to buy blades.

How does Dollar Shave work? 

Choose from three different blade types; The Humble Twin which includes 5 cartridges at $3.50/month, The 4X includes 4 cartridges at $6.50/month and The Executive includes 4 cartridges at $9.50/month with free shipping. All new members receive a free handle and Dollar Shave Club has a NQA (no questions asked) return policy. You don't like it, you don't pay*.

You can also add on Dr. Carver's Shave Butter and One Wipe Charlies (mens flushable personal wipes) to their monthly delivery. Although Dollar Shave Club is available for the US, Canada and Australia, these two products are available for U.S. residents only.

The box is totally geared just for men, everything they need for a month of close shaves! 

It's easy to get started and recruit your man to this special kind of club by visiting the website www.DollarShaveClub.com.

Sign up for free with an email address and you are on your way to easy gift giving that will last all year long! 

Speaking of all year long, you can also win free blades for life by inviting your friends and family to sign up for Dollar Shave Club too! Earn a free month for every friend you recruit, 1000 friends gets you 83 years of free shaving! 

Show some love by following @DollarShaveClub on Twitter and Liking the Dollar Shave Club Facebook page!

Dollar Shave Club - Shave Time, Shave Money. 

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Do you have a creative little one on your gift giving list this year? If you are looking for something to get the imagination going, won't make a mess and lasts more than a few minutes, you might want to take a look at SKWOOSHI!

SKWOOSHI is a new action compound that stretches, moulds and shapes into whatever young imaginations come up with and the best part is that it's not messy and won't dry out. 

It's not a dough, clay or foam - it's Skwooshi! 

SKWOOSHI is a neat idea for someone like my son who can make a mess with just about anything and I know he is just going to love getting his new playset, makes a great stocking stuffer too. 

There are two different sets to choose from, the Car and Rocket set or the Ship and Train set. Each set comes with 2 storage containers, 4oz Skwooshi compound, 2 unique Skwooshi moulds, 2 translucent Skwooshi action figures and vehicle capsules, and 1 instructions sheet. Skwooshi comes in 10 fablous colours to choose from. 

There are also larger sets available as well as accessories, you can learn more by visiting www.skwooshi.com. You can find Skwooshi at a toy store near you like Mastermind Toys

Show some Skwooshi love by following @Skwooshi on Twitter and Liking the Skwooshi Facebook page!

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I love baking and the holidays are a great excuse to get back into it, especially when family and friends come together to enjoy it. It's fun for everyone, the kids always love being my special little kitchen helpers. 

I tried a recipe for Holiday Sugar Cookies, they came out perfect and taste heavenly. Not my first time making sugar cookies but my first time with a new recipe. I chose this particular recipe out of the millions available online because it doesn't call for a whole lot of ingredients, easy to make and the reviews below the recipe raved. They were so good I lost a batch between my kids who wanted to send them in as Christmas gifts for the teachers! Why not, they are homemade and nut-free! I hope they enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them.

The original recipe does say it makes 60 cookies and that would have been way too much for the first try of it so I used the websites measuring tool and cut it down to make only 48 instead. Enough to send to school and enough to enjoy before the holidays. I'll most likely make more before Christmas Eve sometime for guests who happen to pop by over the holidays for coffee and gifts.

The recipe is simple, it takes minutes to throw together and chills well in the fridge. You could also make the 60 batch and freeze or chill half for later use. The dough is easy to work with and cut out well. They bake fairly quickly, the type of cookies you have to watch and I am happy to say not a single one was burned or as my mom would have said "scorched".

The great thing about sugar cookies is they can be used for more than just Christmas cookies. I couldn't find all of my cookie cutters for the life of me except for a stocking and a little man. My oldest daughter calls them "Sugar Cookie Men". Kind of like the Gingerbread mans cousin. 

Christmas cookie baking would not be complete without decorating the cookies. Although the ones pictured on the original website are pretty fancy, I kept it simple with white frosting and some festive sprinkles.

Over all, I give this recipe (and these cookies) two big thumbs up and suggest if you are looking for the perfect sugar cookie recipe to give this one a try!

Happy holiday baking! 


We are excited about the holiday season, gift giving and celebrating with friends and family is always wonderful but this year it is extra special. Our youngest one, Baby M is turning one year old just before Christmas! That means not only does she get Christmas presents but also a birthday party, cake and even more celebrations for her milestone birthday. 

We wanted to get her something fun and exciting for her first birthday like her very first Trike! I know, a trike at 12 months old? Actually you can get trikes for babies as young as six months with SmarTrike

When we were asked to take a look at the SmarTrike Zoo 3 in 1 Tricycle with touch steering we instantly thought this could make an excellent first trike for our littlest one. The perfect first birthday gift for her and it came in red, matching her stroller. 

The SmarTrike Zoo is a grow-with-me trike for young children aged 10 months to 3 years old! The Zoo converts into four different stages as babies develop and learn to be independent drivers.

Parent controlled trike - At 10 months old baby sits supported by the high padded back rest, seat belts and footrest. While baby can hold onto the handles and such, parents have full control over the trike with new touch steering technology. If you happen to be out on an extra sunny day baby is protected by the stylish UV sun protective canopy. There is a tipping basket on the back to put some light items with a cup holder and toy phone in the front for baby. Plus, we get a place to put our grown up things like keys, phone, sunglasses etc in the special parent bag. 

Parent guided Training Trike - At 15 months+ the seat back and canopy can be removed but baby is still protected by the safety bar while mom or dad can still steer and control the trike. The foot rest can be folded up, the pedals folded out and the handlebar clutch pushed in for little one to begin practicing for herself. The parent foot break comes in handy for this stage to help slow the little tyke down, they'll be eager to get riding!

Classic trike - At 24 months+ remove the parent handle and you have an independent trike your little one can ride all by themselves.

The SmarTrike Zoo has a full metal construction, the super swivel front wheel has built in suspension and shock absorbing rubber. Put it together in a snap, this ride-on does not require tools to be assembled either. We all know there's nothing worse than being excited about a new gift and have to fiddle with parts to get it together. SmarTrike has every area covered with the Zoo Tricycle. 

Although there is snow on the ground right now, I am certain Baby M is going to enjoy this so much come Spring. The SmarTrike Zoo tricycle is going to make our family outings even better with something stylish and fun for Baby M to ride besides her big red stroller. Now she has her very own first tricycle! 

Learn more about SmartTrike on the official website! Show some love by following @SmartTrike on Twitter and liking SmarTrike on Facebook!

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The Christmas tree is by far one of the most important elements of Christmas celebrations. So many memories are brought back year after year as we go through our boxes of decorations. We have ones saved from before our oldest was even born. Decorations that we bought or were given to us as a gift and the best kind, homemade ones the kids have created. 

We finally got our annual Christmas tree up and decorated. Thanks to my dad for bringing over his 6 1/2 foot tall Prelit Noma tree. I've never had a Prelit tree before so it was interesting. The wires were pretty tangled up at the back from being stored, it was almost discouraging but I managed to get it all untangled and we got it up. 

We kept it simple with decorations, I realized I may have not had enough garland to go around but we made it work and filled in the missing spots with bulbs and other cute decorations. 

Why is it so special to me? For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you may remember the somber Christmas we had last year. Baby M was born and had to spend the holidays in the hospital due to jaundice. This is officially her first Christmas in my eyes. Not to mention her first birthday falls just two days before. 

I can't wait to see underneath our tree filled with all those wonderful presents Santa and his helpers will lovingly wrap up for all of our family this year! For now, we will enjoy the pretty lights!

Happy holiday decorating! 


I have never been very good at DIY around the home, I can barely hang a picture frame. Although I have tried in the past, I usually leave it up to my better half to fix what needs fixing around here. DIY should be my mans middle name, he can build and repair just about anything. In 10 years I haven't had to touch a power tool except for maybe holding a drill or screw driver, call me the assistant if you will. 

It is really great having a handyman around the house and they always say the tools make the project. Although he has had great tools and accessories over the years, new quality power tools have been something he has been eyeballing for the longest time. He makes due with what he's got - despite it taking almost twice as long to get a project done.

What better gift to get "Mr. Fix-it-all" than a his own set of brand new power tools! Taking the frustration out of home projects with great tools for every DIYer like the Ryobi 18 Volt 6pc Lithium + Ultimate Combo Kit from HomeDepot.ca

This tool kit comes with everything you need to complete your home project and includes drill with screwdriver bit, circular saw with blade and blade wrench, dual chemistry charger, 2X 18V ONE+ Compact Lithium+ Lithium-ion batteries, reciprocating saw with 2 blades, hex key and impact driver. You can buy extra batteries, other accessories and parts to go with the kit too.

These tools have power but are lightweight and durable. They all fit neatly into the included tool bag which pops out into a square shape with a solid bottom, this comes in handy when you want to keep your tools organized and within reach in one place plus makes for easy storage too. 

My handyman was lucky and received an early gift (the joys of being a review blogger!) and he was over the moon. Learning from his father who worked his life in construction and renovations, he knows his tools and he is proud to welcome his new RYOBI kit into his power tool family. Now if only he could teach me how to use them! ;-)

You can find this kit and other great gift ideas for the handyman (or woman) in your life by visiting www.homedepot.ca!

Posted on behalf of RYOBI and The Home Depot. Complimentary product was obtained for review purposes however comments and opinions are those of the author. 


Feeding our families the right kinds of healthy foods is important, food label reading has become somewhat of an art from household to household with parents wanting less and less artificial and more of the natural when it comes to food for their family.

For those who want to shop natural and organic or for those who already do, The Healthy Shopper makes shopping for natural products simple plus helps you save at the same time!

What is the Healthy Shopper?

The Healthy Shopper began in 1999 and is the #1 coupon book for natural and organic products in Canada! The Healthy Shopper coupon book was created to encourage Canadians to pursue or keep a more healthy lifestyle while saving money.

Natural products can be expensive but with the Healthy Shopper coupon book and convenient ecoupons, anyone can buy high-quality, natural products in Canada at more affordable prices. 

How does the Healthy Shopper work? 

Twice a year, a selection of natural and organic products are hand picked to be part of The Healthy Shopper's picks for that season. For example this seasons list contains organic juice boxes, organic ketchup and mustard, gluten-free baking and cake mixes, and many flavours of the creamiest Greek style yogurt! Not only do they focus on healthy eating but The Healthy Shopper also gives a thumbs-up to natural cough and cold remedies for little ones, among other great things! 

Coupons in your FREE Healthy Shopper coupon book can be used at any store selling items on the coupon. Simply present your coupon at the time of purchase and save! The Healthy Shopper isn't just your average coupon book, each coupon is exclusive to the season. 

We had a look at some samples of the Healthy Shopper Winter Season 2013-2014 picks which included a coupon for Olympic Greek Yogurt, Pamela's Baking Mixes and Flour, Hylands Cough N Cold 4 kids, Oreganol and Kiju Organic Juice to name a few. We also got our own Healthy Shopper coupon book if we decided we want to purchase some of the great products featured this season. 

The coupon book is filled with great savings on these and other organic/natural products for the family. From food to personal care, The Healthy Shopper has some great picks this season. 

We tried a few of the products sent along like the Hylands Cough N Cold and the Kiju Organic Juice, no complaints and I like that these are organic/natural products. Our holiday sandwiches will be healthier with Simply Organic Ketchup and Mustard. I have tried organic condiments in the past, I'm sure these are just as good if not better (and better for us!). Our holiday baking will also be healthier with Pamela's baking mixes (which are gluten free). Having heard good things about these mixes, I can't wait to try out the chocolate cake mix. You can find some yummy recipes by visiting www.pamelasproducts.com!

Thank you to The Healthy Shopper for introducing us to alternative, healthy food choices for our families and a way to save at the same time!

Visit www.thehealthyshopper.ca and find out where you can pick up your FREE Healthy Shopper coupon book OR you can order your FREE Healthy Shopper coupon book online through the website (you just pay shipping and handling under $5!).

Posted on behalf of TheHealthyShopper.ca. Samples were obtained for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


Monday, we had a Tim Hortons Extreme Italian experience like no other! Two lovely ladies visited our home with gifts and entertainment, a special taste of Italy in celebration of the EXTREME ITALIAN sandwich on the Tim Hortons sandwich menu!

Italian music was played live in our front entrance by an accordion player (she was good!) and we were given a lovely Extreme Italian gift basket! Our gift basket included a gift card to Tim Hortons, an Italian card game, an Italian/English language book and of course an EXTREME ITALIAN sandwhich to try out for ourselves! 

About the Tim Hortons Extreme Italian Sandwich:

The Tim Hortons EXTREME ITALIAN sandwich is full of flavour with pepperoni, salami and capicola topped with cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion and sun dried tomato mayonnaise to give it a kick, on a herb and parmesan roll. 

The whole experience put a huge smile on my face (as well as my girls!) and the sandwich was delicious. Very fresh and full of flavour especially with the parmesan bread giving it the extra zing! If you're looking for a delicious sandwich next time you visit Tim Hortons, try the Extreme Italian! 

Thank you to Tim Hortons and the lovely ladies who made this extra special delivery for us!

Visit www.TimHortons.ca for more information about this and other great offerings from Tim Hortons! 

Show some love and follow @TimHortons on Twitter and Like the Tim Hortons Canada Facebook page! 

Posted on behalf of Tim Hortons. Complimentary Tim Hortons products provided however AME is under no obligations. Opinions and comments are honest and those of the author. 


We will really be getting into the celebrations soon with Christmas in a few short weeks, we are getting more and more excited as the days pass! The house is decorated, tree trimmed and gifts are ready to be wrapped up for Christmas eve at our house. I have even decided what I am wearing for the holidays and now, thanks to two of my favourite beauty lines, Pantene and COVERGIRL, I can perfect a new look and so can you!

Pantene Pro-V has always been one of my favourite shampoo's, I love how soft and silky my hair feels after a wash. Not to mention how much easier it is to style using Pantene Pro-V products! 

Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield collection
The new Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield collection was created to help protect hair against harsh effects of styling with heat from flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. The new collection includes Heat Potion Serum, shampoo and conditioner to give you awesome style without the damage. Even more reason for Pantene to be one of my faves! 

Looking for a new hair do for the holiday season? Actress Zooey Deschanel's hair stylist, Shelley Brien gives tips for a sleek ponytail using the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield collection for your next party:

To create a sleek pony tail with lots of bounce and shine: 

- Apply Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Heat Potion Serum to damp hair followed by a couple of pumps of Pantene Pro-V Everlasting Ends Split Fix Creme on the ends.

- Once hair is dry, set with a large curling iron. Curl the hair into sections, pinning it back as you allow it to cool. 

- After your hair has set, remove the pins and smooth it out with a soft bristle brush. Comb back the hair at the crown to add extra volume. 

- Use a regular hair tie to wrap the pony tail. 

- To perfect the look, use a little more Pantene Pro-V Everlasting Ends to finish off. 

COVERGIRL Flamed Out Collection 
Now that hair is covered, finish off this look with new makeup! COVERGIRL Ink It eyeliner by Perfect Point gives you expert precision that lasts with brighter, bolder shades. It is one of the easiest eyeliners I have used in a long time and when they say it lasts, it really does!

Fire up the volume with new COVERGIRL Flamed Out eye makeup collection - Flamed Out Max Volume Mascara combined with new Flamed Out Shade Pots and eye pencils in colours that will make your eyes pop!

Keep your lips soft and kissable with COVERGIRL Smoochies lip balm/lip stick! I have Luv Bug, it's a softer shade which I like! I love how soft my lips feel when wearing Smoochies, the colour is a bonus. Unfortunately my Smoochies isn't in the above pic because it was in my purse at the time of the photo taking, sorry!

Great beauty products designed to help you achieve the hottest looks, you'll be ready for anything! 

Visit the Pantene Pro-V website for more information about the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Collection and the COVERGIRL website for more information about the COVERGIRL Flamed out makeup collection. 

Find out what other P&GMoms are saying about this and other great products by following along on Twitter using hashtag #PGMom!

One lucky AME reader won this fabulous Pantene/COVERGIRL prize pack courtesy of P&G! You're welcome, enjoy! 

Congrats to AME reader Nicol!

Posted on behalf of P&G in participation with the P&GMom ambassador program. Products were received for review purposes however comments and opinions on this blog are always honest and my own.


When it comes to grabbing a quick bite to eat on a busy day, SUBWAY is always a nice choice for good and quick food. The bread is baked daily in store and toppings are plenty, I have yet to visit a SUBWAY that did not live up to their motto, "Eat Fresh". 

From pizza subs on white to grilled chicken on whole grain, there is something everyone can enjoy on the SUBWAY menu! Plus it's a healthier and inexpensive option from your typical fast food place. With money saving deals happening often ($5 foot-long!), it's always a great choice for our family to enjoy a good lunch.

Give this, get that! 

Why not think SUBWAY this holiday season and give the gift of a SUBWAY holiday cash card this Christmas! Right now for a limited time, if you purchase or reload any SUBWAY Holiday Cash Card of $25 or more you will receive a FREE 6 inch sandwich to enjoy immediately! 

All of that holiday shopping can leave a mom hungry, right? So, cross someone off your holiday shopping list, have a bite and don't forget to get some awesome soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies too while you're there!

SUBWAY - Eat Fresh! To learn more about this and other great SUBWAY promotions and deals please visit www.SUBWAY.ca! Show some love to @SUBWAYCanada on Twitter and Like the SUBWAY Canada facebook page too!

Posted on behalf of SUBWAY Canada. Complimentary cash card was received however opinions and comments on this blog are honest and my own.


‘Tis the season, with less than a month left until Santa comes down the chimney, we have all of our “under the tree” items covered, for the most part. Santa did not forget one of the most important elements to a child’s Christmas morning, stocking stuffers! 

Last year, Hasbro Canada had some brilliant (and simple) ideas to brighten any stocking-stuffing lull. This year, with new toys, games and more, Hasbro has stocking stuffing covered - all Santa has to do is provide the chocolates, the candy canes and of course the stockings! 

Angry Birds Go Kart - Race your Angry Birds against others and download your Kart into the Angry Birds Go app (available December 11th) for Angry Birds fun on the go!

Despicable Me 2 Battle Pods Minion and Pod - Have a Despicable Me fan in the house? Collect over 50 minions and battle pods to build your own Despicable Me army and battle it out in minion style!

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Minicon figure 2 pack - Big fun for little hands with these action figure 2 packs! One transformer and one human for your little ones adventures! These go with the Rescue Bots play sets like the Rescue Bots garage little guy has! 

Marvel Universe Movie Series 2" Action figure - Blast off on an adventure with Iron Man 2" action figures! They come with a stand and are detailed to look just like the Iron Man movie character!

Littlest Pet Shop Singles assortment - Adorable, wide-eyed pets come to play for hours and hours of pet lovin' fun! There are hundreds of different ones to collect including some limited edition ones! Our oldest has been collecting these things forever, she still likes getting them on occasion to add to her collection. 

My Little Pony figure - Get Rarity (and other Pony's) ready for the Pony Party! Put on her cute mask and do her hair with included barrette, she'll be the prettiest pony at the celebration!

Play Doh Grab'n Go Pack - This ought to keep them occupied this Christmas! Six bright and fun colours in one convenient pack of Play Doh. Great for throwing in the bag while traveling for holiday festivities! 

Sesame Street Playskool Mini Plush assortment - I love Sesame Street and so do all three of my kids (well, maybe not so much the nine year old but she will watch it with her sister and brother) and I love these little Mini Plush dolls. Grover is super soft, perfect for little hands to play with. 

These are just some of the great stocking stuffer ideas Hasbro Canada has to offer! Find out where you can buy Hasbro toys and browse around to find your favourites on the Hasbro Canada website

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If you're a traveler and own a smartphone or mobile device like tablet etc (or know someone who does) you may want to take a look at the Nomad ChargeCard; No, it's not a portable charger but a compact, credit card-sized cable to charge your phone, transfer files etc, on the go. 

A little smaller than a credit card, these nifty little charge cables fit neatly into your wallet, side pocket of your purse or suitcase. A room saver as well! The Nomad ChargeCard is built strong even though you wouldn't tell just by looking at it. It's built to bend and won't break if you're charging your phone with your laptop and have the device hanging for example. 

One end fits snugly into the port of the iPhone5 (they also have a universal one too for other phone models and other gadgets like tablets) but the only thing we had a problem with was that it didn't fit with a case on the phone. The other end (which folds out the front of the card) fits snugly into your adapter port or laptop port etc to power up your device, simple! 

ChargeCards may not replace your existing power cable but they are handy to have if you happen to be without your cable, you could even use them with mobile battery packs too! 

Guaranteed for life or 100% money-back guarantee, Nomad ChargeCards would make a great addition to a gadget gift or stocking stuffer! 

Check out Nomad and their cool ChargeCards by visiting www.hellonomad.com! Show some love to @Nomadgoods on Twitter and like the Nomad Goods Facebook Page for the latest updates! 

Save $5 when you buy a Nomad ChargeCard or ChargeKey (they aren't out get but you can preorder if you want) with promo code: AMHB

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Technology never ceases to amaze me, even though nowadays when you walk into any electronics store you get an overwhelming amount of options and choices in every area of home and personal entertainment. Everybody has a cell phone these days, a smart phone - a way to communicate with the outside world, keep in touch with family, friends and a new way to do business on the go.

If you are someone who likes simplicity but want to have the latest in today's technology, an Android phone could be what you are looking for. TELUS has a variety of smart phones to choose from including the Samsung Galaxy S4 which we have been testing out, a great new addition to our mobile phone family. 

It's a sleek, sophisticated piece of device that gives other smartphones a run for their money, so to speak. It's a larger phone than what we are used to with a five-inch screen but slimmer and very light weight. It's built tough with Corning's Gorilla Glass 3, capable of withstanding the everyday ups and downs. They say, never judge a book by its cover. In this case, the shell. 

It has (the world's first ever) Full HD Super AMOLED display, showcasing special moments in stunning resolution. It's got Dual-camera mode with a 13 megapixel rear camera, capture every moment at every angle.

Plugging in and getting started couldn't be easier. It's as easy as charge and go with a surprisingly quick charge time, it took about an hour or so to fully charge from 0%. Easily restart or power down this phone by pressing or holding down the button on the top right of the phone. Volume on the top left and the home button, front bottom. You also have the menu and back buttons that light up when you swipe into the phone. If you've used an Android tablet before, the functions can feel quite familiar.

You can customize your screen to have it look the way you want with different backgrounds, you can even stream your photos right on the home screen. Navigation is simple swipe and although it took some getting used to, the keyboard is simple to use and learns as you type by saving often used words and such for autocorrect. Handy for quick thumb typers! 

Being an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is great for all things google. There's a G+ app, a google analytics app and of course a blogger app for everything I need - on the go. Best of all, my favourite apps happen to be free apps too! POLARIS Office 5 makes creating documents on the go easy, it even has step by step instructions about the apps features, for us first time users. 

There are hundreds of other great (free or paid) apps, books and games from Google Play and also from the Samsung hub. Be prepared to spend some time searching your favourites! 

Connect and share everything from your favourite music, apps, pictures and more without the use of Wifi through Group Play and mirror whats on your phone screen to other devices too.

Effortless innovation is built right in to this phone with cool features like SmartPause, Air View, Air Gesture and Optical Reader which detects motion, face and voice to enable screen control without touch! No need for those special "touch screen" gloves this winter!

With every great phone, a service is needed and what better mobile phone service provider than TELUS.

TELUS offers its customers great service, more value for less commitment. The SharePlus plan is a great choice for families - enabling customers to share data on one plan across multiple devices.

SharePlus plans feature unlimited nationwide talk and text, talk to family and friends across the country without having to worry about the long distance bill. Best of all, smart phone and tablets can be added on without extra data plans. Just like the name suggests, simply share the data! The more devices a family adds, the more savings and more time spent enjoying the good stuff. 

First time customer and smart phone owner? No problem, visit one of the 200 TELUS Learning Centers in store for a learning session all about your new device and services! You can book your 15-20 minute complimentary one-on-one or group session at your local Telus location or if you can't make it out you can also check it out online!

Worried about your kids online? Check out TELUS WISE, a free program to help Canadians develop safer online habits and TELUS WISE Footprint for children and youth aged 8 to 18! Just one more thing TELUS is doing to make our world a better place. 

Learn more about TELUS services and smartphones by visiting your local store or online at www.telus.com!  

Posted on behalf of TELUS. Product was received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and my own.