BitStrips Me is eagerly awaiting Spring!
Good bye March, Hello April!  It's been a long, cold and grey winter that felt never ending even with teasing by the whole "groundhog day" announcement in February and the official "first day of spring" in mid-March. It feels as if we have been waiting forever for Spring to arrive.

We made the best of the nicer winter days by going out and doing things as a family. On the not so nice days it's books, games and settling down with a good movie. Keeping everyone entertained and keeping mom and dad sane.

Spring has been showing somewhat of an appearance as of late (can we say "finally"?). I hear birds chirping in the early mornings, the squirrels are out and about, annoying the dogs at every chance they get. Sure signs of a new season. 

One big thing I missed about nice weather is getting out more often. Yes I go out because something needs to be done but I'm talking about going outside because we actually want to. It's difficult to take a leisurely walk when you can't even push the stroller further than the driveway because the sidewalks are just too messy. Plus, the kids are tired of having to bundle up every time they go out, marshmallow kids. 

I am looking forward to our park visits and more walks. It'll be fun this year with Baby M entering the toddler stage, she's full of curiosity and wonder. The park is going to amaze her, I'm sure she doesn't remember swinging on the swings last summer. It will be as if it's all new to her. 

Spring means the back yard is going to need a good clean up in a few weeks. It's a real mess, not just with mud but we have three dogs so need I say more? It usually takes us a day to a couple of days just to clean it up, after that we will see what we want to do with flowers and stuff this year. 

I can't wait to get it all looking nice with flowers blooming and all. I hope our table and chair set survived the harsh winter and don't look too beat up for the nicer weather. One of my favourite things is going out on a warm morning and having my coffee on the deck. Hubby was talking about getting a new tale set though, we spent enough on the set we currently have but it's also been about eight years. Maybe we will be able to find a nice set on sale.

For the kids, once the snow leaves the back yard and everything is raked and tidy, their trampoline will be installed for another year of fun. We left the frame up but took down the material parts and stored them for the winter. Kids use that trampoline year round otherwise. 

I think I speak for everyone when I say we've had enough grey days. Spring time is one of my favourite times of year, after months of clouds we need our sunshiny days back. This weeks forecast is looking promising, sunny/cloudy days and possible rain. I'll take that over -30*C any day.

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You may remember back in December I mentioned how much my family likes Gain laundry detergent. During the summer months, I love hanging out laundry on the clothesline. Gain helps us get that same kind of fresh from the dryer in the winter months. 

A new product I am excited to share news with you about are new Gain Flings which were recently added in 2014 to the ever growing P&G family of laundry products. With new Gain Flings, laundry is simplified once again. One little fling into the washing machine does the job of three products with again detergent + Oxi boost + Febreze.

I was impressed by Tide Pods when they first came out. A great idea and a real space saver for families with smaller laundry rooms not having big boxes or bottles of detergent to have to store. I had a feeling Gain Flings wouldn't disappoint. Gain Flings give you 50% more scent than regular Gain detergents so, even with just a small fling you get clean and fresh smelling clothes the first time. 

If you want to maximize your laundry scent, try pairing new Gain Flings with Gain Fireworks scent boosters! It's music to your nose! I fell for scent boosters when we were introduced to them last year. They have become part of my laundry routine, especially for things like linens or clothes we want smelling their best!  I am happy to see it available from Gain 

Gain Flings are available in Original and Moonlight Breeze scents and can be found where laundry detergents are sold. 

Have you tried Gain Flings? Why not let the again team know by heading over to https://m.ilovegain.com/flings and submitting your two-scents! Your review could be "songified" by Gains YouTube artist for the world to hear!

Show some love and follow @Gain on Twitter with hashtag #MusicToYourNose to "smelebrate" all things Gain! :) 

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Can you believe it's almost Spring time? With the amount of snow and cold some of us have been experiencing lately you might say no but with Spring time comes conference time and that means less than a month until BConnected Conference graces our presence at the NAC here in Ottawa!

To kick off the BConnected Conference celebration there will be a special #BConnectedConf Tweetup on March 24th at the Cafe Mezzaluna (located in the Cartier Place Suite Hotel - 180 Cooper Street). Come out, show some love and mingle with fellow bloggers, light appetizers will be served! Cash bar and menu will also be available! RSVP today, those who attend have a chance to win a 2 day conference pass!

Can't make the Tweetup? You're in luck because there will also be a special BConnected Conference Twitter party on March 27th, 8-9pm! Join in using the #BConnectedConf hashtag! 

Have you seen all the updates happening lately on the website? More great sponsors have been added to the line up - Future Shop will be there as Exhibitor hall sponsor offering up attendees a $500 door prize which includes a Wii U, remote, games and more. We will have the pleasure of listening to speaker Lauren Moir on behalf of Giant Tiger and enjoying what sponsors such as Terra20, Oasis, Hostyle Conditioning, PM Events services and Captivision Photography have to bring us. Check out full details about the BConnected Conference Sponsors here

During BConnected Conference, attendees can look forward to hot buffet breakfast (sponsored by Oasis), lunch plus snacks both days. Plus, with a BConnected Conference pass you get perks like 50 free Moo Cards (you only pay shipping!), One free month of Picmonkey Royale, free professional headshots by Captivision Photography, experiencing the Game Center by Future Shop, getting fit with Hostyle Conditioning and Jess Howland. Not to mention attending the Social Networking Party with DJ which will include entertainment with Ian Quick plus light appetizers, door prizes, swag bags and so much more!

Have you got your ticket yet? You'll want to get on that as the clock is ticking! Different options for tickets include: 2 Day special pass for $199 or 1 day passes for Saturday and Sunday, register today!

Don't forget to follow @BConnectedConf on Twitter and like the BConnected Conference Facebook page for the latest news and updates! 

I cannot wait to see you in April!

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March break has come & gone here which means we can officially say Spring is on the way, despite the cold snap we recently experienced! One thing I think about each season is updating the family's wardrobe. I'm not saying replace everything but kids do grow fast. The kids are always due every few months for new duds and I could use a few new things to add after ridding everyone's closets of what we didn't use or didn't wear anymore during the winter months. 

Joe Fresh is a great destination for all your family clothing needs. We are lucky and have two Joe Fresh locations close to us - one at the shopping center, which is a BIG Joe Fresh store and the smaller Joe Fresh location at our big 24 hour Loblaws superstore.

I have always liked Joe Fresh as a family-friendly Brand. It offers a great selection of quality clothing at reasonable prices for everyone in the family. 

Whether you are heading out on one last Winter getaway destination with the family or like me, updating wardrobes,  Joe Fresh has some great deals to offer. Your family looks great and you can save a little money at the same time. 

Special Joe Fresh offers like 2 for $20 on Children's select style shorts, under $16 for all kid and toddler swimwear not to mention girls flip flops and hats starting at $5, will have your family ready for warmer weather and your next family vacation. These great offers end April 2nd so you might want to get shopping. 

Joe Fresh makes shopping easy in-store and online with free shipping on purchases over $50 and Free in-store returns. You can find full details and shop your next wardrobe on www.JoeFresh.com

Chat Joe Fresh with hashtag #FreshBreak and follow @JoeFresh on Twitter for the latest updates! 

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We all like our homes to look great from the paint we use on our walls to the area rugs we may place on our floors. Accessories can really make your house a home, welcoming for both those who live here and people who may visit. 

I for one love accessorizing the rooms in our home with little decorative pieces, usually things that give us that "ah ha" moment when we see it. Something we know we just need to add to our interior decor. 

If you are looking for inspiration for your next room project or a gift for someone who loves interior decor you may want to take a look at Ingelnuk Design which is an online shop offering gorgeous, unique home decoration for every room from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and beyond.

Founded in 2012, Vancouver based Inglenuk Design sources exclusive creations from Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. After living overseas for nearly a decade, founders Leandro and Danielia Ang decided to settle in the beautiful city of Vancouver and start a company that embraces all the stories and experiences they had overseas. Their goal is to share those experiences through design and art.

I am always adding new little decorations to the kitchen. Hubby calls me a "nick-knack" collector but really, its not that bad. I like a little variety to switch the look up once in a while, at least its just the kitchen!

One of my favourite sets from Inglenuk Design is the Dylan Kendall Ceramic coffee set with feet!  I am known to like anything with faces or limbs, I don't know why but I just find them amusing. 

This set is super cute, great for a morning chuckle or afternoon smile. This set includes a white ceramic sugar bowl, sugar pack caddy, salt & pepper shakers and creamer, with feet! My set is in white but they do come in other fun colours like purple or orange! Pretty much anything to suit any decor! 

Inglenuk Design also offers coffee mugs and bowls with feet, to finish off your collection. Pieces range from $16.99 and up with entire sets also available.

Right now you can save 40% off site wide using my special code: #inglefeet

Visit www.inglenuk.com and start your collection today! You can find Inglenuk Design across the web on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Houzz

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Our little man turned six years old today! For weeks he had been asking me when his big day was. We finished off the March break with a birthday celebration. Although a small celebration, he was still very excited just to have a day to call his. 

We spent a quiet day doing pretty much whatever he wanted to do from playing outside to coming in to enjoy a movie and board games. He actually beat us at Monopoly Junior with a whopping $17 final total! Pretty good considering it was the first time he's played that particular game. He was gifted for his birthday along with Mouse Trap and other things like new colouring tools and a cool Nike suit for Spring. 

Birthday boy with Daddy and big sister K! 
Seeing the simple excitement in his face opening up his birthday gifts no matter what they are, is priceless. He was thanking us for each and every thing on his special day, even if it was just the five of us. 

We finished off the day with a pizza dinner, birthday boy chose what the family would enjoy this Friday evening. For dessert, I figured a huge cake was just too much for just us so I whipped up some chocolate goodies to enjoy instead. As long as he got to blow out a candle, the birthday boy was a happy one. 

I looked online for some inspiration and came up with these Batman themed chocolate cupcakes. They'd look better with coloured powdered sugar but I was using what I had on hand and this is the result. 

I traced a Batman symbol on wax paper, cut it out, placed it on the cupcake and sprinkled some icing sugar on them. You could use other types of icing and sprinkles too. It's a fun and easy way to create some last minute cupcake designs for special occasions. 

I also made him a mini cake. My word for bigger than a cupcake but smaller than a cake. My mom gave me some bigger cupcake sleeves and it gave me an idea to make him his own mini birthday cake. I kind of messed up the icing, let's say #nailedit!

Happy 6th birthday little guy! Here's to another year of being the best son a parent could ask for and more! xox

Post and images by AME.


Living through a bitter winter this year has left us trapped inside most days. Between bad weather and chilling temperatures, winter has been better behind a window. Being inside we have heard the words "I'm bored" more than once or twice. With a room full of toys, games and so much more, we wonder how on earth the kids could possibly be bored! 

You can find some ways to keep everyone entertained by using their imaginations and ideas from Caroline Fernandez brand new book called "Boredom Busters"!

Let's get crafty! Never be bored again with the brilliant things to make and do in Boredom Busters! The book is divided into five themed chapters: Art, Craft, Science, Food and Travel. Art activities teach you how to create pretty pictures using homemade paint, recycled crayons, and even coffee filter paper and shaving cream! In Craft Activities, reuse milk cartons for your very own bowling game, turn baby food jars into snow globes, and create cinnamon clay decorations. Your little scientist will love the experiements in the Science section - from growing your own crystals to setting off plastic bottle tornados and creating lava in a cup! Cook up a storm with great recipes found in Food Activities: cool ice cream cone cupcakes, delicious chocolate mug cake, and colourful pizza faces. Finally, discover ways to keep them busy during journeys and holidays with Travel Activities, such as making a T-shirt pillow, wooden spoon puppets and homemade travel journal. 

I am one of the least crafty moms I know. I should hang my head in shame but with great books like "Boredom Busters" I can find cool ideas everyone will be happy with!

About the author:

Caroline Fernandez is a freelance writer and blogger specializing in family activities, and has shared her activity expertise appearances on TV, radio, and live events. Creator and owner of parentclub.ca, she has an extensive social media presence and has held ambassadorship roles for leading family brands such as Fisher-Price and General Mills. Caroline lives with her husband and three crafty children in Toronto, Ontario.

Follow Caroline on Twitter @ParentClub and Like the Parent Club Facebook page for the latest updates! 

You can find "Boredom Busters" at Indigo and Amazon! Its also available at Mastermind Toys! 

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It has been a busy winter not to mention cold. Many a day spent indoors keeping warm and finding endless activities to help keep the kids from driving themselves (and us) up the walls. March break is coming up soon and for those of you with little ones at home, Hasbro has some great indoor activity ideas for the whole family!

KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons Fortress Defense Set: When I was growing up, my brother was a huge gamer and one of his favourites was Dungeons & Dragons. I am happy to see this game living on through a new generation from Hasbro! Collect the world and conquer the battles with KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons sets! There are 297 pieces in the Fortress Defense set to build a castle three different ways and defend it from hordes of Orcs! Knight KRE-O guard the wall up top, armed with bows and spears. Bring your favourite characters to life with this fun and entertaining medieval style set! Recommended ages 7+. 

My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash Pony Figure: There are literally hundreds of different My Little Pony figures, dolls and playsets to choose from brought to our little girls by Hasbro. New to the collection is My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash! She isn't just your everyday pony, she can do tricks to show you! Sit her down and she will amaze you with a cool flip, always landing on her feet! You can decorate her with included designs making her stand out special from the other ponies. Recommended ages 5+ and requires 1 AAA battery (included).

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster: Backyard battles are about to get a whole lot bigger with Nerf! Although this is an outdoor toy, Springtime is just around the corner and what fun can be had playing with Nerf in the back yard. Like the other N-Strike series, it brings all the power Nerf is known for but features bigger darts engineered to fly farther than ever. Make a game and see who can launch darts the farthest, who can hit that target 85 feet away. The built-in one handed clip makes reloading easy and it comes with three Mega Whistler darts that scream as they fly. How cool is that! Recommended for ages 8+ with adult supervision.

Mousetrap Game: A game that has been around since we were kids and now our kids can enjoy too, Mouse Trap! Run through the maze as Sneakers mouse, Nacho mouse or Pepper mouse spins on the cheesy spinner. When one of your friends mouse is in the cheesy trap area and you land on the right space you have a chance to trap them in a trap made of Hungry Hippo and Girafalaff contraptions. Keep scurrying and scampering along until someone gets caught! The first to trap a mouse wins! Contains small parts, not meant for children under the age of 3.

Monopoly Junior Game: Monopoly is one of my all-time favourite Hasbro board games. Monopoly Junior is the first Monopoly game just for kids, where they earn money in a fun way! Its like the classic game but designed for younger players: Fast, simple and full of surprises. Kids will learn how to pass GO, buy fun properties like an icecream parlour, and collect rent while single bank notes keep the transactions fast and easy. When one player runs out of money, everyone counts up their tally and the one with the most collected wins! This fast trading property game will be hours of fun for your future entrepreneur! Ages 5 and up!

These are just a few examples of fun toys and games from Hasbro Canada. Visit the Hasbro Canada website and take a look around, there is something for kids of all ages this March break!

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For many people, mid-winter months are a glorious opportunity to take advantage of kids being off school for winter break and take a much needed family getaway vacation. Preferably somewhere warmer than here in Canada with our crazy -30 degree winters.

Oh to be able to relax in the sun and just vacate our minds from the everyday for just a little. The perfect world would allow us all to be there but unfortunately many of us may have to sacrifice and make our March break a Staycation on the home front, for one reason or another. Maybe a job which only allows a couple of days off or finances in mid-winter are hit hard and it's just not affordable.

We are spending our March break here in our home city. There are birthday celebrations to be had between my hubby and son, plus we are lucky enough to be taking the kids on some in-city adventures like a trip downtown for an early dinner and a Disney Live show. We plan to spend the rest of the week doing activities both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. Let's hope our minus-crazy weather is done with and we can start seeing sunnier days! 

Whatever you are planning on doing for your family break, whether you vacate to a remote destination or simply stay put like us with a staycation, keep everyone healthy during your time off with Orange Naturals. 

Boost those nutrients by starting the day off with Orange Naturals ND shakes. I have expressed my satisfaction over the ND shakes before and I will say it again - one of the easiest ways to help your body get the nutrients it needs to stay active and healthy during your day. They come in formulas made for women, men and children for each of our needs. There are some great health food recipes across the web like smoothies and bars you can add ND shake mix to and make it even better.

If you have anxious kids like I do the Calm for Kids tincture is a remarkable mixture of Chamomile and Linden used to relieve upset stomachs and calm minds. Simple excitement of going somewhere can have kids stomachs in knots but a couple of drops of Orange Naturals Calm for Kids and everything can go much smoother for everyone. We have used it on occasion with the kids, it works wonders to help ease anxieties. 

Those are just a couple of a my favourites and I am having a great time learning all about the benefits of Orange Naturals through great articles on the official Orange Naturals Blog

See what the other Orange Naturals Ambassadors are saying by following @OrangeNaturals on Twitter and using hashtag #NaturallyAtHome. Do you facebook? Become an Orange Naturals facebook fan, too!

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We kicked off the beginning of March break over the weekend with an evening out on Sunday! We took the kids downtown and attended Disney Live Mickey's Rockin Road show at the NAC!

We had never been to a Disney Live show although we have attended a couple of Disney On Ice shows. We knew we would have a magical evening of fun but we didn't know exactly what to expect! 

The show is entertaining from start to finish and great for kids of all ages. The story begins with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy heading off on an adventure to find talent for their talent show! Mishaps like a flat tire and other fun surprises happen along the way but Mickey and the gang meet up with special friends like Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Cinderella and Tigger who each help them get back on the road and also be part of Mickey's special talent show!

The entire show is packed with excitement from familiar characters to fun new friends, songs we all know and surprises we weren't expecting. The room was jumping and dancing with audience interaction, animated costumes, backdrops, props and more! 

I won't totally spoil the show for those who haven't seen it but I can say Disney Live Mickey's Rockin Road show is one not to miss with your family!

Disney Live is currently on your across Canada so you may want to check out the Official Website to find out when a show will be in a city near you! 

Follow @DisneyLive on Twitter and like the Disney Live facebook page for the latest show updates! 

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Things have been so busy, I almost forgot to update everyone about the #SavingMadeSimple Family Financial Challenge we participated in with P&G!

It was a month-long learning experience with a weekly theme. Week 1 taught us the basics about our money and how to budget it according to weekly money jars, similar to what Gail uses for her show. I admit it was difficult to stay within budget, often finding ourselves not going for that extra take out dinner or coffee in place putting the money somewhere more important like toward groceries or emergency (never know when a kids school trip or fundraiser will pop up!). Making lists of things we need to be spending on can help avoiud unneccesary purchases (spontaneous at-cash purchases like candy bars, magazines etc) and keep things on track. 

Week 2 had us saving on food. This one was fun as it allowed us to use our imagination and create meals out of whatever we already had in cupboards and In the fridge that fed us for the week and some. Soup anyone? It also reminded me to get back to the days when only Friday night was a special treat take out night. I know I enjoyed the home cooked meals, even if they were simple ones. 

Week 3 was all about family, spending time doing things together while spending less. We spent time outside together for a community winter carnival and we were lucky enough to have tickets to a special event (Disney on Ice), that week. Making memories with the kids and reminding ourselves what it's like to get down and have some real fun as a family without breaking the budget.

The final week 4 of the challenge was focused on clothing. I had recently done a clothing purge close at Christmas and donated to a local charity that accepts gently used clothes and small kitchen appliances. I did some organizing and began collecting items to prepare boxes for our spring run. We don't quite have enough yet for a donation but I guarantee by the end of spring time the kids will have plenty to donate of from the winter that won't fit next year! For now we keep our clothes looking good by using Tide detergent.

This whole challenge was a great learning experience! If you already haven't, you can sign up and take the challenge yourself! While you're there, check out Gail Vaz-Oxlade's latest books for even more in depth advice to start #SavingMadeSimple. 

Posted in participation with P&GMom. Opinions and comments on this blog are my own. 


Even though the weather outside has been far from Spring-like, I have my mind on upcoming spring cleaning season. A time for us to wash away the dust of the winter and get ready for a new, fresh season of spring time!

When it comes to cleaning my home, products that work to get the job done quickly and efficiently are the key to successful cleaning. If you aren't familiar. Scrubbing Bubbles is a line of bathroom and kitchen cleaning products from SC Johnson. Scrubbing Bubbles has been taking care of household cleaning needs for families for years and now they are on a mission with a goal to clean up communities across the country. Random acts of cleaning kindness!

Launching the unoffical start to spring cleaning season, Scrubbing Bubbles "Let's Bubble" program kicked off February 22nd with a nationwide call for Canadians to nominate indoor places in their communities that deserve a good clean up powered by Scrubbing Bubbles clean-up team. 

Canadians have until April  28, 2014to submit nominations through the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page

There are 45 daily prizes to be won worth $20 that includes a PC gift card, Scrubby Brush and a Windex cleaning cloth.

The 9 Weekly prizes will be randomly awarded to win a $45 gift basket that includes Scrubbing Bubbles and other SC Johnson products. 

10 finalist locations will be chosen by a panel of judges and will each receive a $45 gift basket that includes Scrubbing Bubbles and other SC Johnson products. Make your cause a worthy one!

Three grand prize winners will be chosen from the finalists after an online voting period May 11th to June 6. Each grand prize winner will win a free Scrubbing Bubbles clean-up, a $500 donation to the charity of their choice or $500 toward cleaning services in the form of a gift certificate and a large Scrubbing Bubbles gift basket worth $120!

Grand Prize Scrubbing Bubbles Basket!
If that's not enough to get you in the mood for spring cleaning, I don't know what is! :) To learn more about Scrubbing Bubbles, please visit the Official Facebook Page!

Posted on behalf of SC Johnson. Complimentary product was provided. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


Our youngest is growing so fast, she is all over the place. Welcome to the toddler years, almost. She can't quite walk yet but we are getting there, and fast! She is all over the place by crawling or scaling across furniture with small attempts of letting go like a big girl. She is always delighted by the sights before her, exploring her surroundings and touching just about everything she can. 

Ah the toddler years also mean the germ years with tons of exploring and don't forget potty training. Healthy habits start from a young age and its never too early to teach an older toddler how to keep clean in the bathroom. Even my older kids sometimes need some reminders to wash their hands or brush their teeth. 

P&G and Walmart are here to help us make the experience easy and fun with cleaning and personal care Bathroom Buddies from Pampers, Charmin and Bounty that are designed specifically for your little ones! 

Together with Today's Parent, P&G has created a handy chart to celebrate your child's bathroom successes and get them excited. Simply post it in your bathroom and use a dry-erase marker to use the chart over again each week! 

This helpful tool also comes with some great tips to get you and your little one started on keeping clean in the bathroom:

  • Get kids in the habit of good brushing. Let them brush on their own and just review after to make sure they didn't miss a spot! Using the right toothbrush is always a big help, little mouths don't need big bristles. Oral-B Stages are made for their stage and make brushing fun with their favourite Bathroom Buddies characters by their side. For little ones 3 and up try Oral-B Pro Health Stages Disney My Friends Tigger and Pooh Power brush or Oral-B Pro Health Stages Disney Pixar Monsters inc. powered tooth brush to help them keep a healthy smile!
  • Teach your kids about the importance of cleaning up after using the washroom. Proper wiping techniques are especially important for little girls. Use quality, soft bathroom tissue like Charmin Ultra Soft and teach them how much (or little) to use.
  • Setting a solid potty training routine is the key to success. Make the bathroom the first place you both visit when you wake up in the morning and keep consistant with bathroom breaks throughout the day as reminders. Visit the washroom together after meals, snacks, drinks and of course before going to bed at night. When you and your little one are ready, training can begin with the help of Dora and Diego on their Pampers Easy Ups, designed for all day training. 
For more great bathroom routine tips visit www.Walmart.ca/Bathroombuddies!

Are you a tech-savvy mom like me? You may be interested in checking out a new tool thanks to Charmin, Pampers, Oral-B and Canada's favourite parenting magazine - Today's Parent Milestone App - helping moms track their children's progress on their smartphones and tablets. A special Bathroom Buddy helps kids learn bathroom routines through fun games on potty training and brushing their teeth! Learn more about this and other great apps here (available only for Apple devices).

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