I just found out that today is International Friendship Day! What better way to celebrate than with My Little Pony, they are all about friends! 

"July 30th is International Friendship Day! Let Everypony know you are this day of friendship in Equestria and everywhere! - Twilight Sparkle"

Good friends are hard to come by and I am grateful for the ones who are in my life today. To anyone who has listened to me vent, laugh, cry, ramble on etc. Thank you for being that friend. 

Let your friends know you care today and everyday. Happy International Day of Friendship! :) 

Check out fun games, videos and more on the official My Little Pony page!

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Taking care of the yard is all part of the nicer summer weather. Doing so, like every other family, we use a typical garden hose with a spray nozzle. Ever notice you get as wet if not wetter than your garden or lawn when you're outside taking care of things? Leaky garden hoses are the worst and one of the biggest water wasters during the summer months. 

LeakFree by Nelson watering system is designed to save people time and money while keeping them dry while they garden. What's so special about this watering system compared to others? LeakFree distinguishes itself from other with its patented triple seal technology that prevents leaks at all connection points: faucet to hose to watering tool. In addition, an automatic shut off valve stops the flow of water to keep you dry while changing watering tool such as nozzle to sprinkler.

The LeakFree starter kit includes everything you need to get started: a LeakFree adjustable spray nozzle, 50 foot LeakFree heavy duty hose and LeakFree faucet to hose connector. LeakFree products have a 7 year limited guarantee.

The LeakFree watering system couldn't have come at a better time for us. Not only do we take care of the grass and plant life in the yard but our kids also like getting soaked and having a little water fun. Our older nozzle and hose from two summers ago had taken quite the beating. The nozzle in particular was quite runny and your feet would get soaked in seconds before you even started what you were doing. The "soak" setting on it only soaked one thing: us when we used it. Sad, I know. Hubby was quite happy when our LeakFree watering system starter kit arrived. 

It's quite easy to assemble the LeakFree system, just push it in, turn it and lock the LeakFree components in place to ensure a watertight seal. The nozzle pressure is great and you have two settings on it, spray or mist. I like the fact that the nozzle handle is smaller, it's easier for smaller hands to hold onto. You can also buy add ons like additional heavy duty nozzles and other sprayers for your LeakFree watering system.

LeakFree by Nelson can be found and home and garden centers such as Lowes or Home Depot stores across Canada. The starter kit goes for about $49.99. 

To learn more about the LeakFree watering system and other useful gardening tools available please visit the Home Depot website!

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Since the summer began it feels as if time is just flying right by! There are so many things I want or need to do and there seems to never be enough hours in a day to get it all done. Thus, my ever growing to-do list never really gets completed. 

The weather has been overall nice so we don't want to keep the kids cooped up in the house all day but we still have work to do. Without daycare or even a tiny break this summer, we made an agreement with the kids that we go to the pool as long as things are done around here. Spending an entire day there is impossible with the youngest who still naps so a couple of hours is good enough. She enjoys the wading pool and the older ones usually meet up with local friends in the big kid pool. We have made it a ritual all summer that after swimming at the pool we head off to the park (which is right next to the pool area) for some swinging and climbing.

I started sorting and purging areas of the house that have been ignored. There was just too much stuff, it was overwhelming. I finally got tired of having to jam my daughter's closet door closed. We went through everything except the shelf of old VHS movies, that needs its own box and its own afternoon of sorting. I am surprised I only ended up with one bag of garbage. Two bags of "unwanted" toys and one small bag of clothes that didn't fit and couldn't be used by her sister (eventually). The donation bin is going to get a delivery at the end of the week! 

My birthday is next Thursday, I have nothing planned as usual. I bought myself an early gift, a new set of utensils with a wooden tray. Let me explain; Somehow during the school year, along with the reusable plastic ones we had bought specifically to bring on lunches, the kids made most of the tea spoons, forks and butter knives disapear. I'm tired of searching for a clean one and having everything mixed matched all over the place. I came across a really nice set on Amazon PLUS I got free shipping. You know you're a mom when you are excited about new forks and spoons.

We have some fun (surprise) events lined up in August. The kids will be very excited once they find out. You already know one of them! I'll be sharing more about that as it happens here on the blog.

We are celebrating our oldest daughter's 10th birthday at the end of the summer. That is a huge milestone - 10 years since I gave birth to my first baby.  I ordered some special Monster High party supplies. They had bigger kits than the one I went with but I know we aren't having a huge party. I do want to make it extra special for her though.  She wants the Catty Noir doll. It's rare and expensive when you can find her so I may have to pick her brain to find out which other dolls she would like if that one isn't doable. I know she will be happy either way, she's already told me her summer has been a great one so far. 

For now we will continue to enjoy what time we do have on the nice days. We may wish for the first day of school but when it comes we want summer and its fun memories back all over again. 

Posted by AME. Opinions and comments are my own. 


Parenting is rewarding but it can be demanding and it can get expensive, especially with younger children who require items like diapers and other baby supplies. 

Back in June, you may remember me posting about Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, geared to help people save time and money on their every day house hold and family needs. Now there is a new program offered called Amazon Family which is geared to help parents and care givers save time and money on the things their little ones need most.

With Amazon Family, members can take advantage of benefits such as: 

- 20% off diapers with a subscribe and save subscription
- Ulimited Free two-day shipping on millions of items with Amazon Prime including strollers, high chairs, car seats and more! 
- Access to Amazon Family exclusive discounts and offers on key necessities, including items for the nursery, toys, newborn accessories, children's books and much more!

Amazon Family is open to anyone who takes care of a child from moms and dads to grandparents and caregivers. With a variety of free shipping options for Amazon customers, families don't have to worry about finding the time to get out to the stores or lugging larger, bulkier items back home.

You can sign up today and start your *FREE 30 day trial to Amazon family and start saving where it matters most! 

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Last week you may have seen me tweeting and facebooking about my exciting news: I was invited (along with a guest) to see Katy Perry in concert at the Canadian Tire Centre plus a meet and greet after the show! 

As you may know, Katy Perry is a COVERGIRL for the new #InstaGLAM "Ready, Set Gorgeous" line of makeup. I for one love Katy Perry. Her music is uplifting and inspiring, shes such a great performer and shes absolutely gorgeous! She is an advocate for everything beautiful and fun, inside and out. 

I brought a good friend of mine, Melanie. We were so excited for the whole girls night out experience, seeing Katy Perry was the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, my birthday is in a couple of weeks so it was great timing.

We headed off to the Canadian Tire Center the evening of July 16th to have the time of our lives. The drive there was a bit long, it was traffic hour and it was jammed at some places but we made it in good time! 

We were a bit early which was fine because it gave us a chance to check out (and take pics of) all the things set up around, check out the merchandise kiosks, find the section we needed to be in and scope out the closest washrooms!

CoverGirl made it all about #InstaGLAM with a big birthday cake photo booth where you could have your picture taken. The line ups were a little crazy so we didn't get around to getting a picture but we did take #InstaGLAM pics of our own! 

Before getting our seats we met up with the person who was in charge of the meet and greet for some information and our meet and greet stickers. We went on our way to our seats. We sat down in time to see the first acts Ferras and Capital Cities, who got the crowd pumped and ready an incredibly energetic night!

The place was sold out and I don't think many people were sitting in their seats once Katy took the stage. 

The show began with a giant prism opening up to reveal Katy in an outfit with neon glow lights all around singing her hit ROAR. Throughout her two hour set, Katy made several costume changes to accommodate the stage setting from Egyptian theme to cats, bright neon smiley faces to flowers and a giant dress. 

Many of her hits were preformed like "Dark Horse", "I Kissed a Girl", "Birthday" and "Unconditionally" to name a few. Katy seemed to be magician-like, popping up in different areas of the stage throughout the show. She walked on air and flew with balloons! The set was very well put together and allowed her to get up close and personal with some of the fans in the "Reflection Section". 

There were surprises throughout the show like a pizza which Katy gave to a young fan, as long as he promised to share. Another fan got to be sung to by Katy while she sat on a birthday throne and wore a birthday hat! Not to mention the funny floating CoverGirl lipstick among other interesting props. 

We missed the last couple of songs because as she began Firework, we were whisked away to the floor area to watch the rest of the song and then off to the back stage area for our anticipated meet and greet! There was a small group of us.

We were lead to a very shiny "Prismatic Lounge" where tables and seats were set up. Very pretty and so Katy Perry. We were asked to put away our phones as no cell phone pictures were allowed and we all stood (most likely nervously) in line to wait for Katy to appear. 

Once she entered the room it was kind of surreal and went really quickly. Everyone had their moment to say hi and have their picture taken. I told myself to play it breezy but what happens in my mind and what comes out of my mouth are two different things sometimes. I ended up shaking her hand, saying nice to meet you and that she put on an amazing show. Big dumbfounded, starstruck, teenaged-adult moment at its finest but I don't care! It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! :-) 

Katy Perry's #PrismaticWorldTour is one I am so happy I had the opportunity to see! Huge thank you to COVERGIRL for sending my friend Mel and I for an evening we won't soon forget! 

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Water is an essential source of life for everyone. People, plants and animals all rely on it to replenish, refresh and nourish lives. Water is also one thing we all take for granted here in North America. 

Being summer water seems all the plenty for us. Everyone is swimming, boating, playing water games or jumping through sprinklers. People wash their cars and water their gardens. Water is the go-to beverage after coming in from outdoor play or working out. It seems like we have an unlimited supply yet we take it for granted every day. 

Did you know approximately one billion people in the developing world do not enjoy the same luxery as we do. Diseases from contaminated water kill more children everyday than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. 

You may have heard about the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water program which helps provide clean drinking water to people in need through a water purifying technology developed by P&G. One small P&G purification packate turns quickly turns 10L of dirty water into clean, fresh, drinkable water. 

For every participating P&G product purchased at Walmart from May May 1 2014 to March 31 2014, P&G will donate a day of clean drinking water for those in need. 

To help remind Canadians just how lucky we are to have access to clean water and to help educate them on how they can help provide clean water to those in need P&G has created the #CleanWater photo challenge! From July 18 to 31st, P&G and Walmart want you to share photos of how clean water makes a difference in your life! 

How it works:

Using your preferred social photo sharing platform (I'll be using Instagram), follow the #cleanwater calendar (above) and post a photo inspired by the word of the day (ie: Hydrate). The photo can include clean water itself, ways you are using water in your daily lives etc, get creative! Don't forget to use the daily hashtag and tweet out your picture! 

One lucky participant across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc will win a $250 Walmart gift card and an awesome bundle of P&G goodies as a thank you for sharing! 

You can also check out the #cleanwater Pinterest board to see everyone's pictures throughout the two weeks. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and I wish all my winners the best of luck for the grand prize! :)

Happy Photographing! 

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Summer time is meant for fun. I, like many mothers out there, enjoy taking my kids to the pool for some water fun. One thing I have been reading more and more as each summer passes is how self concious we women can be when it comes to wearing a swim suit. 

It doesn't matter what body type you have either, the average woman doesn't feel great in a bathing suit. A recent survey revealed that Canadian women are most uncomfortable when wearing a bathing suit. I can vouch for being one of those women. 

To help women like you and I feel great about ourselves, Toronto based stylist Alexis Honce has partnered with Special K to share some great tips and advice on how to pick the perfect bathing suit for you. 

Alexis Honce
Top 5 bathingsuit shopping tips from Alexis Honce:

- Get in the mood! Bathing suit shopping can be stressful and you will want to feel and look your best when you head out to shop. Shave your legs, do your hair & makeup, as this will give you a boost when checking out yourself in the mirror. 

- Think about what looks good on your body shape. Do halter-tops flatter your figure or does a wider neckline? The clothes you wear can give you tips to what style of bathing suit you should buy. Find out your body shape first and what cut of suit will flatter it and then head out to the stores to find the perfect one! 

-  Pat attention to the trends. Every season there are new colours and patterns that are in fashion and it helps give a modern and fashionable spin to your beach look. 

- Don't forget to accessorize. A beautiful cover up, sunglasses , and a sun protecting hat can add flare to your beachwear and also show a little personality. Love big hats - now is your chance to show them how to wear it! Cover-ups are always best in bright colours and prints. Make a statement!

- Have fun in the sun! 

I like the final tip from Alexis - Have fun in the sun! She's right, don't worry so much about what everybody else thinks and love your body as beautiful as you are! :) 

For more information about Special K products and more healthy living tips and tricks please visit the Special K website


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Why yes, this is a picture of my Katy Perry tickets for tonight's show at the Canadian Tire Centre...

I couldn't be more excited! Not only do I get to see Katy Perry in concert (AND meet her) but I also get to bring a good friend of mine! She will probably agree that we are long overdue for a girls night together!

You can follow along for all the fun via social media on Twitter @AMotherhoodblog and also Instagram! I'll be using hashtags #InstaGLAM & #PrismaticWorldTour!

A huge thank you goes out to @COVERGIRL for the invitation to this once-in-a-lifetime evening, one I have a feeling we won't soon forget! 

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Summer fun is about to begin, days spent at the pool or park, just being outside enjoying the beautiful sun.

There's nothing like being all ready for a day of fun when you have an "Oh no!" hair moment. You took your shower and got all ready but notice you missed an entire strip on your leg. Oops! You can fix it in minutes without jumping back into the shower with Gillette!  

Gillette brings Canadian women a new way to keep those legs smooth in a jiffy with the new Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace. It's the smallest and most compact razor available in Canada! It comes ready to go in a convenient travel case and has an easy-grip mini handle that fits any Venus razor blades! You can choose from your favourites like new Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges. Great to throw in your travel bag, gym bag or purse. No need for shave gel, just a splash of water lathers the cartridge to give you a close, smooth shave on the go. 

A common "Oh no!" hair moment for me is frizzy, frazzled "summer humidity" hair, as I call it. It's when you can do absolutely nothing with your hair without it turning frizzy and frazzled looking by the time you are finished doing your hair! 

Ladies, there is a solution to keeping our tresses under control with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Wave Enhancer Spray and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Cream Pomade. The 7-in-1 wave enhancing spray allows for maximum styling so you can achieve that beach hair look with ease. After a quick spray, apply the cream pomade for genius curl and wave control. It leaves your hair soft, touchable and beautifully defined for up to 24 hours!

Have you ever had an "Oh No!" hair moment? We'd love to hear a time when you could have used these time saving products! Share your story with @Gillette using hashtag #InASnap for shaving mishaps and @VidalSassoon using hashtag #GoodByeFlyAways with your frizzy fumbles!

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This kit includes:
  • Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace
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Bam, Pow! It's BATMAN to the rescue! Well, at least a mini version anyway! 

So many times my son has worn his old Batman costume, running around pretending he is the caped crusader! He even makes the "I'm Batman" voice and doesn't respond to anything but "Batman", totally in character. He would be great at cosplay. 

We usually get our costumes closer to the actual Halloween season, the kids enjoy wearing them for the actual day and then keep them as fun dress up costumes for the off season. Grey Batman had a good run, over time the costume has had some wear but unfortunately like all good things kids enjoy most, our boy outgrew the one he had.  

Shopping online once again brings out its brilliance by bringing us great costumes year-round from online shops like FrightCatalogue.com! Shops like this are excellent for finding just about any kind of costume you want, any time you want. The only thing you need to do is place an order and wait for your new costume to arrive! 

We found our boy a really cool retro Batman costume, "the Blue Batman" as he calls him. There are different ones to choose from, they even have ones for adults. They also had the one he had previously worn but we decided to change it up. 

Little guy couldn't wait to model his new costume! 

The Brave and Bold Deluxe Boy's Muscle Batman costume has everything our little guy needs to dress up as his favourite caped crusader! It features a muscle chest jump suit that has the Batman logo on it, really getting into gear! It has attached boot tops, so no need to worry about finding matching boots! It also comes with a yellow Batman belt, mask and cape.

What I like about this costume is that it's an officially licensed costume that doesn't cost any more than those you'd find in store around Halloween time.

This Batman costume costs $34.97 at and comes in sizes from toddler to 12-14, great for Batman fans of all ages! You can find this an other great super hero themed costumes at FrightCatalogue.com! Oh and you can take an extra 20% off your order over $40 with code FRIGHT20! 

Posted in participation with Costume Reviewers. Complimentary costume provided for review purposes. Comments and opinions are my own. 


Having a new baby is an exciting time. It can also be an overwhelming time when new parents can feel as if there are a gazillion things to do but they can't be in two places at once.

Baby monitors have become a very popular choice on new parents or parents to be baby registry and wish lists. Baby monitors allow you to of course hear and now see your baby, making sure everything is good.

Best Buy has a variety of different baby monitors for the home including one of our favourite brands, D-Link.  The D-Link DCS-825L HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera in particular turns your smartphone or tablet into a live monitor with a simple app. This camera connects to your iOS or Android device to turn it into a video baby monitor for checking on your infant wherever you are. With the free myDLink app (which only works with D-Link cameras) you can monitor your baby 24/7 remotely through the internet whether you are at home or somewhere else. 

Other features on this camera include night vision, remote lullabies, two-way communication, mini SD card slot, HD quality picture and alerts for loud sounds such as crying, motion, and temperature.

The camera is also mobile, if you happen to be travelling and want to keep an eye on baby you can connect your mobile to the cameras wireless network for local monitoring. Perfect for when you are on vacation or visiting someone else's home! 

The D-Link DCS-825L HD Wifi Baby Camera comes with everything you need to get set up, QJG, Power adapter, wall mount kit and desktop base as well as two accent rings in pink and blue to go with the nursery decor. Check it out in store or online at BestBuy.ca!

Giveaway is now over, Congrats to the winner who won themselves a D-link DSC-825L HD Wifi Baby Camera. 

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"You throw like a girl", "Stop acting like a girl" and so many similar phrases are thrown around daily as a way of insulting someone, especially within our youths - why is being like a girl a bad thing? When I hear these phrases or similar, I don't see a weak or  helpless girl who can't do it because she is a girl. I see a strong, confident, young lady going above and beyond, because she is a girl. A strong girl. 

My oldest daughter is who I see, she is a Tween now at almost 10 years old. She is at the age where she is finding out who she is, growing confidence and I am proud to see it shining through, everyday. That to me is important as a woman and as a mom of two girls. Not only do I want to empower my daughters but also my son, showing him that there is nothing either a boy or a girl can't accomplish. 

Did you know only about 19% of young girls feel empowerment from the phrase "like a girl" and most who use it won't think twice about its overall effect on self confidence. We are talking about girls between the ages of 10 and 13, like my own daughter, the age when girls are changing, growing and discovering who they are. They don't need to be belittled and made feel as if girls can't do anything because we are "weak" in any area.  

Girls should stand tall and proud, being "like a girl" has a whole new meaning now. Always has been an advocate for empowering girls globally for over 30 years and continue to do so every single day. They recently asked a group of youths and young adults to display their version of what "Like a girl" looks like, the video had me tearing up when they all realize how wrong that phrase is to use as an insult. You can check out the video below! 

Always invites you to take a stand and share what you do #LikeAGirl (using the hashtag!) via your favourite social media outlets by making a video, taking a picture or even sending out a message! Let's revolutionize the meaning of being #LikeAGirl for our next generation and break the stereotype! 

Win it!
Think #LikeAGirl
Do you do things #LikeaGirl and are darn proud of it? Tweet me @AMotherhoodBlog and let me know for your chance to win a #LikeAGirl t-shirt (similar to the one I'm sporting above). Leave a comment below this post with your tweet link! Easy, peasy! :) 

Enter using the entry ballot below! :) 

Open to Canadians 18+ (excluding Quebec) with a valid Twitter account. Must be following @AMotherhoodblog, Tweet and leave a comment to be eligible to win. 
Good Luck! 

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Summer is here, it's time to roll down the windows and let fido enjoy the warm breeze as you drive to your summer destination. Or maybe you just take a day and go to the local dog park to let him socialize. 

However you spend your summer with your furry friend always remember, even with pets, safety first.

Keep your pet on a leash unless you're in a fenced yard or designated dog park when you're out this summer. Not all everyone will appreciate a visit from your dog. 

If you plan to camp, make sure your camping grounds allow dogs and find out policies to be safe when camping. 

Always make sure to have enough food and especially water on hand for your pet. It's easy for them to become dehydrated in the hotter weather. 

Please don't ever leave your pets in a parked vehicle. Like the above, they will become hot and dehydrated in the extreme heat of summer. Worst case, get what you need before stopping, take them out with you at pit stops and have someone to tend to them if you do have to leave them for a minute. 

Don't forget the clean-up bags! Nobody likes a messy pet owner! Bring along plastic shopping bags or "doggie bags" you can buy with a dispenser for long trips and dispose of it in a designated garbage can. 

Bring appropriate toys for your pets on outings. Frizbees, throw-and-catch or tug rope type toys are always fun for dogs of all sizes. You can find some great ones big or small at your local pet supply store. 

Above all be safe - make sure your dog is up to date with vaccines and also treated for prevention of ticks and fleas! It is starting out to be a bad summer for ticks, especially here in the Ottawa area. K9 Advantix II can help, ask your vet! Dogs can be curious creatures at any age and ticks can catch on at any time, the last thing you need with your vacation is an extra vet bill. 

Have a happy and safe summer with your four legged friend! For more info about tick and flea prevention visit the official K9 Advantix Website

Posted on behalf of Bayer Animal Health and K9 Advantix II. Complimentary pet products received for participation. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author! 


Makeup is something created to enhance our natural beauty. It makes us feel good and it can make you look good. I have my favourites when it comes to make up brands. I am picky. I like light makeup that doesn't cake or make my face look fake. I'm just trying to hide the crows feet and dark circles, not overdo a make over. 

Recently I saw some pictures via Facebook, my friend (and cousin) Stephanie was showing off her new business adventure and the products she has to offer as an independent presenter - Younique makeup products!

Younique offers a variety of beauty products to help women feel beautiful, look beautiful, be beautiful inside and out.  You can't buy Younique in a drug store but you can order it through a presenter. Presenters know everything about Younique products and can even help you start your own small business from the comfort of your own home or throw a virtual party and earn some makeup!

Stephanie was kind enough to give me some fantastic unique products to try out for myself. After seeing the results she and clients of hers got just in pictures posted on her Younique Facebook page, I was very excited to try out this new makeup! 

Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes:

No, they aren't false lashes. 3D Fiber lashes are a 3-step process that helps create thickness and volume to your existing lashes. An extra something to give your eyes that extra something. 

First you put on a layer of your favourite mascara. Then the transplanting gel and add the 3D fibres next. Lastly, top it with another layer of transplanting gel and you're lashes are instantly transformed. 

The first time I used the 3D Fibre lashes I was wowed. I could see my lashes plumping up and looking fuller with each step. You can play with as much or as little fibres as you want for different looks. Less dramatic for the day and more lashie for that special occassion. 

Moodstruck minerals pigment shimmer (Angelic & Confident). Beautiful, shiny earth tones to bring out my brown eyes! These pigment powders are easy to apply and you don't need much to get a great look. Again, you can use as much or as little as you need for your look. You can also add some eye liner and brow liner to give your eyes extra pop. 

Moodstruck minerals Lucrative lip gloss is a very nice, light and non-greasy lip gloss. It goes on smooth and has a nice feel to it. Although I prefer longer-lasting type lip glosses and lip sticks, the Luxe lip gloss is a great choice to have as well. 

I know this particular line of cosmetics are a little bit into the higher price range but for special ocassions like a graduation, a birthday, holidays or a wedding, Younique 3D Fibre lashes make a great addition to your makeup routine. Plus, Younique makeup is mineral based and lasts a long time. They always say, you get what you pay for. It would be well worth the purchase in the longrun, just ask anyone else who's use Younique products! 

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Our little guy loves cars and has quite the collection. Different models, colours and designs. I for one don't know very much about each car but he can tell you a thing or two. In his collection he has many Hot Wheels cars and those are his favourites. 

Not only does he love cars but he also he also loves building things for his cars. He will build his version of a race track, bridge or even a small "city" for his cars to travel through with play sets he has. 

We are proud to be part of the Hot Wheels Connector Club, a group of 30 parents across the country who are passionate about parenting, family and education. A Hot Wheels Connector Club Ambassador is a parent who blogs (or has an online magazine etc) like me about family, kids etc. We have a strong passion for finding fun, creative, educational ways to play for our own children and yours! 

Little Guy was over the moon when we received our first Hot Wheels package which had everything we needed to start building tracks and racing cars! He finally got the big track he wanted and now his chance to build the ultimate race track for his cars! 

The sets are not very difficult to put together and come with everything you need (including a vehicle to test it out!). We put together the Moto Track Stars Super Flip Speedway in under 30 minutes but I admit I tend to be a bit thorough when it comes to instructions. They are as easy to take apart as they are to put together which makes it even better to get creative! 

With or without instructions, I love that Hot Wheels encourages creativity and allows kids to let their imaginations soar and build whatever kind of race track comes to mind with all the different sets to choose from. Little Guys big sister even joined in on the fun. Hot Wheels had them laughing and playing for hours. Plus, Little Guy has a whole bunch of cars so everyone gets a turn to try out the tracks they build! I can`t wait to see what else they come up with! 

Have you heard of the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge? 

From now until August 30th, build THE coolest Hot Wheels track and submit your photo to the Hot Wheels Track Builder Contest for your chance to win the ULTIMATE Hot Wheels party! Hot Wheels will go to your house and set up an awesome track for your child and friends! They are also giving away Hot Wheels prize packs worth $100 each plus you can enter a photo every day until the contest closes to up your chances! 

Visit the official Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge website to enter today! 

Follow along the fun and show off your track on Twitter using hashtag #HWTrackBuilder!

Giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to our winner who won themselves a $50 HotWheels prize pack! 

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I love shoes, but I don't like actual shoe shopping. I don't like going to the store with an idea of what I'm looking for in mind and finding nothing that suits my taste or if I do find something chances are it doesn't come in my size or my size happens to be sold out. 

Instead of going through the pain of shoe shopping in store, I prefer doing it in the comfort of my own home. Yes, online shoe shopping. I have a few shops I enjoy buying from when they have sales or something I want. 

Recently I was introduced to ShoeMe.ca, a Canadian online shoe store that specializes in brand name shoes for the whole family at reasonable prices. The hardest part about reviewing shoes is picking out pair, so many to choose from. It took me several visits to choose, I bookmarked and picked a few to choose from before narrowing it down to the final pair. 

I'm naturally tall and don't wear heels, ever. I have worn heels in the past but it was once and I regretted it, my feet hated me afterward. I love flats or barely any height to them style chunky shoes, they come in as many nice colours and styles as heels. 

Being the conventional type person I am, I chose Clarks Women's Wave Cruise flats. They are not only gorgeous but they are also practical as I could wear them in spring, summer and even fall seasons with the right outfit. Black leather and mesh Mary Janes style, these shoes reinvent walking. They have an innovative rocker sole that conserves energy, absorbs shock and cushions the joints. A removable OrthoLite footbed allows for extra comfort.

After making my final decision, I checked out and played the waiting game. It says on the website that Clarks shoes take 15 business days to come, but that's okay. They were worth the wait!

What I like about these shoes aside from looking great dressy or casual is that they are comfortable and they suit my needs! They have a bit of a lift to them but not so much that I feel too tall when I wear them. They are great for mid-summer or early fall. You can wear them with or without socks or nylons. If you are looking for a chunky style, check out the Clark's available on Shoeme.ca! 

Not only can you get great kicks for the whole family at reasonable prices but ShoeMe.ca also has free shipping and free returns on ALL orders. 

Right now through September 30th, 2014 save $25 on your order over $100 with special coupon code: JustForYou25

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Ever wonder how to really eat a cookie? Here is a demonstration according to an adorable 18 month old!

First, get really excited when you're given a cookie. They ARE awesome! 

Then press the cookie up against your forehead and nose. Make sure to press enough to leave marks of chocolate chips on your face! 

How to eat a cookie! 

Examine the cookie, did we get enough cookie on our face? Yep! Finally, dive in for the bite! Yummy! 

I would recommend adding in a cold glass of milk with that cookie, just saying. 


Posted by AME. Cookie eating demonstrated by Baby M, 18 months. Opinions, comments and images are those of the author. Please excuse the blind in the background, our rather large dog got excited one day. 


Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian AME readers! Today is the day we celebrate our country from coast to coast. Everyone has their own version of celebrating but we call have one thing in common - we are Canadian and proud of it! :) 

Growing up we used to spend our Canada Day watching a local town parade followed by family BBQ and ending the day with fireworks. As a young adult, before children I used to head downtown with friends, of course we would drink and have a grand old time. When we only had our first baby we had BBQ with friends, good times and good laughs. 

Now that we have a bigger family and are a little older (and less energetic) we keep things quiet by spending a nice Canada Day with the kids during the day. We dress in Canadian attire like t-shirts, tanks and hats. We get our hands on some new Canadian flags and sparklers. We spend the afternoon at the local pool, sometimes the community center has a summer party.We have bbq hotdogs, hamburgers and potatoe chips. Even if there isn't an official party, we make our own Canada Day. 

After the kids are all tuckered out and we can sit down for a minute, we have a grown-up toast to our country, to our Canada. 

Our downtown core is usually packed on Canada Day if you are looking for some adventure! Parlaiment Hill, Major's Hill Park and Jacques Cartier Park always have day-long Canadian birthday festivities happening from the 9am flag raising ceremony to the evening fireworks finale, those are usually spectacular. 

If the weather is not in as much of a mood to celebrate as you are and decides to bless us with a down pour, always make sure to have a plan b with indoor type activities to keep everyone occupied.

Watch a Canadian flick on Netflix, play a Canadian trivia game (make one up with what you know!) or even have an indoor friends and family dinner. Some people will still BBQ if its only a little rain, use your imagination! :) 

Whatever you do and however you celebrate, have a Happy (and safe) Canada Day and watch some fireworks in the name of our country! :) 

Posted by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.