Saturday night, we took our two older kids out to a show they would never forget - Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular at the Canadian Tire Centre here in Ottawa!

The kids waited for weeks with excitement for the day to finally arrive. Grandma came to babysit our youngest, (the show is recommended for ages 5+ due to some scary scenes) and we went on our way to enjoy a prehistoric evening!

Walking with Dinosaurs is a unique show, I have never seen one like it. It's not only entertaining but it's also educational and informative. The show follows a paleontologist on a journey through time discovering various prehistoric times like the Jurassic and late Jurassic periods, different species of dinosaurs like the stegosaurus, triceratops, brachiosaurus and more. We learned more about how they lived, fought for survival and what their environments could have been like. The biggest part of the show for everyone I believe is when T-Rex made an appearance with comedic antics from Baby T-Rex. 

My kids were engaged the whole time through moments of wonder and surprise. They listened and payed attention not only to the magnificently huge dinosaurs that roamed the beautiful stage but also the words spoken and the story being told. It's definitely an event they won't soon forget! 

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular is a fantastic, one of a kind show you definitely should check out when it comes to a city near you! For information about show times and tickets please visit the official website!

Posted on behalf of Evenko.ca. Complimentary tickets to this show were provided for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


We are already zipping through August, in a few short weeks our kids will be heading back onto the big yellow school bus to school for a brand new school year in a brand new grade.

For my oldest two, this year is all about looking their best for the first days of school and us parents are all about saving as much as we can on all things back to school. 

Go back to class with style, for less! Joe Fresh has just what our family needs to make the transition from lazy summer days to heading back to school, easier and stylish. Sneakers starting at $19, trendy moto jackets for $39, distressed denim for $14 and more including accessories starting from $12. With tons of great selection for every member of the family and great prices on quality apparel, you can find that perfect back to school ensemble at Joe Fresh. 

For the little guy:

A new hooded t-shirt that says "Dude" on it matched with a nice pair of pants. I like that Joe Fresh offers elastic waist pants with a draw string. Those are hard to find and Little guy has the smallest waist but he's tall so fitting pants can sometimes be tricky but we were able to get a great pair on our shopping trip! 

For our oldest: 

She wanted a dress since she doesn't like wearing jeans, I recommended a longer dress-like top with stretchy pants. When she saw the styles they had at Joe Fresh, she compromised and went with the latter. We picked out a really nice pink short sleeve top and although they had a nice selection of different patterns, she chose black stretchy pants as she said she could pair them with other tops she has.

We couldn't forget about our youngest, who is now almost 20 months old. She has grown a lot this summer and she was due for a couple of fall items herself. We picked out a cute black, long sleeve onesie with a cat face on it along with matching grey wooly pants. I liked the stretchy pant styles so we also got her a pair of grey stretchy pants that look like jeans. Finshed her outfits off with pink running shoes and a pair of pink slippers with elephants on them. 

We went to the bigger Joe Fresh store at St. Laurent Shopping Center, they had a lot of selection of clothes for the school season and lots of summer stuff on sale too. The kids were happy with their outfiits and are more than excited to show them off proudly when they are back at school! 

For more Joe Fresh fashion and style ideas, visit www.JoeFresh.com or your local Joe Fresh store! Don't forget to show some love - follow @JoeFresh on Twitter and Like the Joe Fresh Facebook fanpage

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Kids love playing on the floor, especially my two youngest who are often playing with cars, blocks or other games. They use the living room floor for their entertainment more than anything else in the room! Needless to say I am always making sure the area is clean, no pets allowed etc. A good play mat is what they needed and PlaSmart had just the thing! 

The Smart Mat by PlaSmart takes floor play to a new level! At 78"X46", the Smart Mat is a giant, durable play area great for indoor use or outdoor use. It's coated with EVA foam to ensure easy to clean quality. If kids spill something on it, wipe it off. If you get dirt on it outside, you can hose it off and not worry about a soaking wet carpet or foam mat. Simply roll out the Smart Mat for play time and when your kids are done, roll it back up for easy storage. We kept the cylinder container it came in to store it.

The Smart Mat by PlaSmart comes in two options, Castle Town or new Happyville. It's brightly coloured with different city structures like a fire station, ice cream stands, hospital and more! The pictures almost stand out when you add in cars and trucks!  

It is small enough to fit in a living room and big enough to enjoy using outside. With its washable material, the Smart Mat not only gives my kids a clean surface to play on but it also allows them to use their imaginations while playing with cars, trucks, action figures or whatever else their minds think up on the giant surface!

You can learn more about the Smart Mat by visiting the PlaSmart website! Don't forget to show some love and follow @PlaSmart on twitter and like the PlaSmart Facebook fan page! 

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"Vroom, vroom! Beep, beep!" are the sounds my kids make while playing with toy cars and trucks. My two youngest just love them, Little guy collects all kinds of cars and has been quite the influence on his little sister now that shes getting older! 

New to our toy collection, Wonky Wheels are more than just your average toy car. They don't just drive straight, they wiggle and wobble all over with new moves every time you play! These cars are kid-controlled and great for helping with fine motor skills. Great for kids aged 3+, although a younger toddler could play with it supervised. 

Wonky Wheels cars are big enough for little hands to hold and have a good weight to them but are not heavy enough that a toddler can't carry them around. They come in different colours like red and blue.

It's easy to start having fun with Wonky Wheels. Kids place a finger in the hole at the top of the car and simply push it around. It doesn't just go back and forth though. With it's wobbly wheels, Wonky Wheels moves all over the place. Kids have fun trying to keep control of the craziness! 

For a simple toy, I think this is great for younger kids. Both my youngest daughter (who is 20 months old) and her older 6 year old brother enjoy playing with the Wonky Wheels car. Although older brother has a bit more control than his sister, she still enjoys pushing it around and laughing at the wiggly movements. 

Wonky Wheels go for $9.99 and make a great addition to any car toy collection! You can find these and other great toys on the Plasmart website! Follow @PlaSmart on Twitter and Like PlaSmart on Facebook for the latest updates on all their great toys!

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There are still a few weeks left to enjoy the summer season and I don't know about you but my mind keeps thinking about preparing the kids and myself for back to school which is happening sooner than we think!

There are new backpacks, lunch bags + accessories, supplies like pencils and paper, books and of course the most important part - new back to school clothes for the kids. This is the time of year we look forward to but some also dread because with the school list can come a hefty price tag, especially for larger families. Giant Tiger is Canada's Low Price Back to School Giant. 

GT helps families across the country get ready for back to school with everything they need from new school clothes to supplies and school bags at low prices, saving families money. 

Not only does Giant Tiger carry everything you and the kids need to head back to school but they also offer a variety of products from home decor to food and living essentials at prices families can afford. They have a commitment to price matching, no time limit return policy and help Canadians save money every day. For families like mine, the more we can save - the better. 

Let's celebrate the savings with Giant Tiger! Join us Tuesday, August 26th from 8-9pm (EST)! You could win a Grand Prize of a Roots backpack filled with stationary must-haves and a $150 GT gift card or one of SIX secondary prizes of $50 GT gift cards!  

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By RSVPing you agree that you are 18 years of age or older. Anyone can participate in the Twitter Party; however to win a prize you must be a Canadian resident. 

For official twitter party rules click here. To learn how to participate in twitter parties click here

More BTS fun with Giant Tiger's Back to School Haul video contest! Make a video of your GT Boutique Back To School Haul and submit it for your chance to win some great prizes! Click here for more info and to enter today!

For more information about Giant Tiger visit www.GiantTiger.com! Don't forget to show some love by following Giant Tiger on social media outlets Instagram Pinterest Facebook and Twitter! Also, check out the Giant Tiger Youtube channel! 

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Jane Lynch on behalf of Febreze!

Noseblind [Nohnz-blind], noun; 

The gradual acclimation to the smells of ones home, car, or belongings in which the affected does not notice (although guests do!). Example: "We can't go to that place anymore because it smells like fish".
Acting as a viel of ignorance, this nasal condition affects unknowing Canadians, leaving them blind to the fact that their house smells like dogs, cats or sweaty gym gear. Everyday, millions of people suffer from noseblindness including their guests who most of the time wouldn't tell them in fear of hurt feelings.

As a mom and owner of multiple dogs, I know smells happen. Everyday smells from an every day family. We are probably noseblind ourselves and don't even notice what others might. 

According to a recent survey by Febreze, 42% of Canadians admited they have been told their houses smell but hadn't been able to smell it themselves. If you own pets, have kids or have a work out routine, you could be noseblind too!

Febreze surveyed Canadians and here's the smelly truth:

- 93% of Canadians would like to know if their homes smelled bad. Wouldn't you? 

- Only 63% of us would tell our friends/family if their homes smelled. 

- 48% of Canadians feel a smelly home is the result of a dirty/lazy homeowner. Ouch.

- Garbage, pets and smoke are among the top worst smells

- For 61% of Canadians, a smelly home is a deal breaker when it comes to a date. 28% would make a quick exit if their date's home smelled. 

- 37% of us panic when guests arrive unexpectedly. I am one of this percent. 

- 45% of us dread visiting a home with pets because of the smell. That explains a lot! 

- 58% of us have wanted to get out of someones car because of the smell. Roll down those windows! 

Check out this Jane Lynch Noseblind PSA from Funny or Die if you don't believe all this! She explains it all plus gives some great tips on how to beat being Noseblind!

Do you seek noseblind treatment? Don't waste your time (or favourite fragrance) any longer trying to mask the smells that may lurk in your home. Eliminate bad smells forever with Febreze. Febreze has four special odour killers that devour and defuse, neutrilize, surround and capture and trap perfume odours (aka chemical compounds) in the air. 

Destale the air with Febreze Air Effects. Refresh small spaces with Febreze Set & Refresh. Make it sniffable with Febreze Fabric Refresher. Rev up the freshness with Febreze Car Vent Clips. Unplug the noses with Febreze NOTICEables Duel Scented Oil Warmers. Sniff it real good with Febreze Stick & Refresh.

With Febreze on hand, you are guaranteed to be cured of noseblindness! As "Lane Jynch" said, visit www.noseblind.ca for more information!

Win it!

Make sure you and your family don't suffer from being Noseblind! One lucky AME reader has the chance to win a Febreze Noseblind Kit ($50 value) which includes:

- Febreze Air Effects Meadows & Rain
- Febreze Set and Refresh starter Kit
- Febreze Fabric Refresher Meadows & Rain
- Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Oil Warmer 
- Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Oil Refill Meadows & Rain
- Febreze Stick & Refresh Fresh Meadows Air Freshener Starter Kit - Febreze Car Vent Clip

Must be Canadian 18+ (excluding Quebec) with a valid email address to enter. Please fill out the entry ballot below, one mandatory entry per household. By entering this giveaway you understand your info may be shared with representatives of P&G for prizing purposes only.  Good luck!

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We had a super fun time out on Friday night, The Shrine Circus was in town over the weekend! The kids hadn't been to the circus since they were much younger, they didn't really know what to expect beyond the big top.

We arrived, received our passes and went on a VIP behind-the-scenes tour where we learned a bit more background about the circus, performers, trainers and animals who make the show what it is. It was really interesting to learn about the family of clowns and acrobatics that live the circus life! The kids got to meet (and make silly faces with) some of the clowns, too. We also met the two biggest stars of the show, the elephants!

Before entering the big top we were wowed by a death defying stunt to kick things off, daredevil Saturn Garcia was shot out of a cannon! What a way to get the crowd pumped for the evening! 

Inside the big top was buzzing with excitement between the popcorn and cotton candy, face painting and souvenirs. We got some treats and took our seats, the kids couldn't wait for the show to begin!

The Shrine Circus brought plenty of fun for the whole family with Ringmaster Richard keeping the crowd going all night. There were musical moments, comedic clowns, juggling acts and horseback flips. Amazing things like the Trapeze and Aerial acts, the dangerous Wheel of Destiny, the beautiful Zerbini Liberty horses and the show stealing elephants had the audience (including us) enchanted throughout. 

The kids had smiles on their faces the whole time. My daughter said her favourite part was the trapeze while my son loved the horses and elephants! It was a really wonderful evening, everybody had a great time!

Shout out to fellow bloggers @CanBlogHouse, @reesespeaksblog, @20YS and @lifeofk! It was great to see everyone! :) 

You can find out when The Shrine Circus is coming to a city near you by visiting the Shrine Circus website

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Join us Wednesday, August 13th at 8:00pm for Orange Naturals very FIRST #ONatural Twitter Party! Our party will be filled with healthy living tips featuring @OrangeNaturals homeopathics, tinctures and ND shakes. In addition, there are some fabulous prizes up for grabs including:

2X ND Shakes for the family ($150 value each)
2X ND Shakes for the family and a Hamilton Beach Orange personal blender (colour depends on availability - $175 value each)
1X ND Shakes for the family, Hamilton Beach Orange personal blender (colour depends on availability) and $50 Visa GC ($225 value).
1 GRAND PRIZE ND Shakes for the family and a Blendtec ($550 value).

RSVP below to participate in the fun! See you then!

Posted on behalf of Orange Naturals. I am an Orange Naturals Mombassador. Compensation and special perks are part of this program. Opinions and comments are honest and my own! 

My kids have been having a blast with water throughout the summer and we are about to take traditional water fun to a whole new level with Gelli Baff! Sprinkle, play, dissolve! 

Gelli Baff is a really cool product that turns plain water to goo and back again! My kids of course love anything cool and kinda gross so they were all over our new Gelli Baff Rainbow pack which comes with six different Gelli Baff colours to turn bath time into Gelli Baff time!

How it works:

- Fill your bath with water about 1/4 of the way. The less water, the thicker your Gelli Baff will be! 

- Take the Step 1 crystals (coloured) and slowly add it to the bath, make sure to add it evenly. 

After that the kids can get right in and start playing. The more they play the muckier the gel gets and the more laughter to be had! My son brought some old action figures in and pretended they were being "slimed". Imagination at its best.

Finishing off is quite simple, you add in the Step 2 dissolvent and the kids can just play until the Gelli turns back to water which safely goes down the drain. We did get a bit of guck on the floor and tub walls but it easily cleaned up and rinsed away with water. It also cleans easily off of clothing, the kids got me with some as well as wore bathing suits to play together in the tub! 

The kids had a blast, they hadn't ever seen anything like Gelli Baff before. They thought it was neat when the water changed colour, gelled and turned back to water at the end! Gelli Baff is recommended for kids aged 5+ as you shouldn't eat Gelli Baff. 

Gelli Baff comes in different kits including a pool party kit with an inflatable pool for outdoor use! You can learn more about this and other toys available on the PlaSmart website! Follow @PlaSmart on Twitter and Like the PlaSmart Facebook page for the latest on all their greatest! 

Posted on behalf of PlaSmart. We received complimentary product for our review. Opinions and comments are always those of the author. 


July has come to an end and we enter the last month of summer vacation - I know you probably don't want to hear that.  August is a time to start thinking about the coming weeks - preparing our kids (and ourselves) for back to school routine. Preparing ourselves for the back to school season goes beyond the new bags, books and clothes; It also includes getting our internal clocks readjusted. 

I find the first couple of weeks back to school crucial times. Every year since my kids have started school they catch something be it a cold or virus of some kind, within the first couple of weeks of school. I get peace of mind sending the kids off to school with a well-balanced breakfast and a good lunch with snacks to go in their bags for the day but that isn't always enough.

Orange Naturals can help families get the nutrition they need to help boost their systems in times like cold and flu season or in our case, back to school time. Orange Naturals has a new Homeopathic line to sooth everything from bumps and bruises to headaches and colds/flu's for both adults and kids. Being an Orange Naturals Mombassador, we had the opportunity to try out the kids tinctures for ourselves and we noticed a big difference between the last couple of cold/flu seasons. I definitely want to have some Orange Naturals Cough + Cold for kids on hand this fall, it has worked great before for our family when they kids were sick! Many of the Orange Naturals Kids products are PTPA approved, too! 

Do you have questions about homeopathic remedies or Orange Naturals? Cecelia is on board this month for Orange Naturals "Ask an Expert" feature on Facebook! Feel free to submit your questions and let your friends know they can too!  

Have you signed up for the Naturally at Home newsletter? It's filled with health tips, tricks, recipes and of course real people, just like you! It just takes a minute to sign up and it's free! 

Join us for an Orange Naturals Twitter party! Wednesday August 13 @ 8pm (EST), follow host @Listen2Lena using the party hashtag #ONatural to chat everything Orange Naturals and the chance to win some great prizes like Orange Naturals product, Visa gift cards and a Blendtec!

For more information about Orange Naturals and the products offered for your family, please visit www.orangenaturals.com

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Being strong is beautiful. The strength it takes to reach for our dreams, to speak a little louder, to stand up for what we believe in and stop apologizing for it. That's what we want to recognize and celebrate being women, everyday. 

Beauty goes beyond looking good on the outside, beauty is feeling good on the inside too. Being strong is beautiful - never giving up and believing in yourself - no matter what. We want to teach our daughters to #ShineStrong, everyday. 

#ShineStrong is an exciting movement by @Pantene, designed to empower women around the world to be strong and shine, inside and out. It celebrates women like you and me - who are confidently and courageously bringing this essence to life and inspiring other women every day to do the same.

As part of the movement, @Pantene started the #ShineStrong Tag to encourage women everywhere to give a shout out to the people, events and products that help them #ShineStrong. 

You can participate in the #ShineStrong tag too! Tweet/Instagram/Facebook your #ShineStrong tags. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that finishes the sentence "Strong is...". Post the picture to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or blog it with hashtag #ShineStrong and tag your friends! Get them to participate too! 

I tag my fellow Moms to tell the world what makes us #ShineStrong. 

@Pantene asked #PGMoms to tell them either via video or picture what makes us #ShineStrong. Check out my video below!

The link for the $2 off Pantene coupon at the end of the video isnt working (sadface) but you can click here to get it in the meantime! 

Find #ShineStrong on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the latest! 


We want our Canadian readers to share the #ShineStrong experience too! Three lucky AME readers have the chance to win their very own #ShineStrong kit which includes:

- A Variety of Pantene Pro-V products
- A "Strong Is..." whiteboard
- #ShineStrong video details

Enter using the giveaway ballot below! Must be Canadian 18+ (excluding Quebec) with a valid email address. One mandatory entry per household. 

Please note by entering this giveaway you agree your information may be shared with representatives of P&G for prizing purposes. Privacy is important. 

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