Taking selfies has become a big trend with smart phones leading the way allowing people to take pictures of what they are doing, who they are with and where they are - posting to social media anytime, anywhere. 

The problem with the selfie is that most of them are up-close shots and it can be awkward to get the distance you need for a good picture. Phones can go flying and pictures are ruined.

Monopods are nothing new, you can find them virtually anywhere on the Internet and I have even seen several of my blogger friends using them. Most of them require either a separate shutter or setting a timer on your phone to take a picture. For me, I wanted to find something one-handed. Something simple. 

Have you heard of the SelfieStick? It's the answer to all selfie wishes! It's a bluetooth monopod with the shutter button right on the stick, making taking selfies a breeze. 

The SelfieStick is the photo enthusiasts best friend and can easily be packed in your bag for travel. The SelfieStick is 9.5" long when compact, 40.75" fully extended and weighs less than 1lb. You can choose between pink or black for colours. I like my black one so hubby can use it too if he wants. 

SelfieStick comes fully charged right out of the box and you can get up to 500 pictures with one charge. It's easy to charge by using the included usb cable and your smartphone power block. It only takes an hour to charge and you're good to go again.

To attach your phone to the SelfieStick you just pull the bracket away from the stick, place your phone and gently release the bracket. If you have your phone in a case like a shock case or gel skin type case it should fit fine without having to take it off which is great because nobody likes a case-less phone.

If you've paired bluetooth devices to your phone before then you know how to pair up SelfieStick. Turn on your phones bluetooth, turn on the SelfieStick (button is at the bottom of  the handle) and you'll see a blue indicator light which will tell you it's connected. 

Adjust the SelfieStick how close or far you want the arm to reach and click the shutter button to take your picture. The further you go, the more background or people you can get in your photo which I find really handy. 

Overall I am really enjoying the SelfieStick, I can see it becoming one of my favourite gadgets. It not only allows you to capture a wider background but also stability when holding and the shutter button is instant response. It's not only great for selfies but also videos, too. I would definitely recommend the SelfieStick to smartphone photography enthusiasts and my fellow bloggers! 

Pictures taken with selfiestick extended (top) and not extended (bottom)

You can get your own SelfieStick right through their website! Show some love and follow SelfieStick on Facebook and Twitter

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One thing that never ceases to exist in a typical house like ours is stains. With three kids and two adults plus dogs, we have more than our fair share of them. The dogs enjoy rampaging through the house after being outside, especially on the wet days and their paws leave mud and dirt everywhere. The kids spill just about everything on just about anything and don’t get me going about the bottoms of their socks!
Tough stains are always a pain. I used to pre-treat them and wash them a couple of times to try and get as much stain out as I could with sometimes good results but I have yet to find the one method to get rid of tough stains around the house and especially in the laundry.  

We’ve heard about OxiClean before, we’ve seen the commercials on TV demonstrating how amazing it is at getting the toughest stains out of your most prized articles while keeping things looking good. I’ve always wondered if it worked but had yet to try it out. I was happy to have the opportunity to finally put OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover to our family stain test.

OxiClean is a stain fighter in powdered form that activates when mixed with water *warm or hot works best*. Oxygen is released that targets the stain instead of the fabric, removing tough stains on water-washable clothing, carpets, and hard surfaces both inside and outside the home. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover works to remove tough stains like juice, wine, makeup, coffee, food, pet messes and so  much more.

I decided to start our test with laundry because it’s unavoidable with kids. Clothing is expensive and it seems to be a big magnet for stains. Let’s see how well OxiClean works at making our clothes whiter, brighter and cleaner.

I began by going through the laundry and getting some of the most stained items and running them through a regular load with our favourite detergent and the help of OxiClean. Using OxiClean in the laundry is simple. Fill your washing machine; add your detergent and OxiClean (one scoop for small/medium loads and 2 or more for larger/more soiled loads). Once it’s filled with water, add in your clothes and close the lid. Let your machine (and OxiClean) work their magic.

In addition to my favourite detergent, OxiClean did what it claims and gave my family brighter, whiter and less stained garments. If I had soaked these items in OxiClean and warm water, the stains would have come out even better but for a first attempt I can say I am quite impressed.

That white t-shirt in the top right corner was stained from pasta sauce and it’s pretty much gone. My son’s hockey shirt came out more vibrant and those washcloths look almost new again. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

We also tried OxiClean on my day to day stain cleaning like food on the wall (thanks to my toddler) which cleaned up easily with some warm water and a scoop of OxiClean. It truly lives to its name OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover – you can use it on just about any dirty situation!

What would you use OxiClean for the most?
You can purchase OxiClean products nationwide at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart locations.
For more information about this and other great OxiClean products, please visit the official website. Like the OxiClean Facebook page for the latest news and updates!

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Special occassions require special gifts for the ones you love and Hallmark has just what you need to show someone you care this Valentine's Day! 

I am proud to announce I am part of the Hallmark Canada blogger panel. Which means I get exclusive access to whats new at Hallmark Canada and share it with all of you! 

Hallmark cards inc is the world's largest manufacturer of greeting cards and other personal expression products and is dedicated to helping people connect in meaningful ways - whether with a card, a special keepsake or a recordable storybook. You can now connect with the important people in your life in ways that are more memorable than ever before. Hallmark wants Canadians to take the time to recognize and celebrate the moments that make our lives special.

I like going into our local Hallmark store at the St. Laurent mall and checking out all the gorgeous things they have available for every occasion. This Valentine's Day, Hallmark has a wonderful assortment of gifts to give those closest to you and show how much you care! 

Send a love message on Valentine's Day morning with the Love Cup with Marker. Love notes take a whole new dimension when displayed on this ceramic cup. Just love, write and pour. Erase and repeat day after day to make sharing your love part of your heart-healthy routine.

Speaking of notes, the heart shaped Marjolein Bastin Die-Cut Heart Memo Pad features the classic artistic style of Dutch artist, Marjolein Bastin. This delicate nature design is sure to enhance even the simplest of notes.  

Disney's Lady and the Tramp is a classic family favourite in our house. To celebrate it's 65th anniversary you can gift the Doggone Sweet Lady and the Tramp plush set - a love for all time! Also available is the Lady and the Tramp hardcover book. Introduce your kids to one of the greatest love stories of all time!

Have a giggle with the Hug-Lovin' Hippo Techno Plush! This hug hungry hippo dances and sings, telling the world how much she loves hugs. Give her a squeeze if you please and listen to her sing a clever parody of hit 90's song "Baby Got Back". So cute and so funny, this makes a great gift for kids and those kids at heart. 

One day an artist named Terry Runyan drew a little doodle. She gazed at the little girl she sketched and began to noodle. Isn't she cute? Who could she be? She's "Penny Paperheart", who gives away her paper hearts. That's what makes Penny so nice. Give the Penny Paperheart - Bakeshop mini playset. This playset includes Penny and her friend Patti, story card, paper outfits and enough material to make over 30 Hearts of Kindness cards and 12 small hearts to share.

Wrap up your gift of love in a ready to go gift bag. These bags make it easy for you to wrap up anything from treats and sweets to apparel. A range of sizes is available and each one comes with tissue, just add your gift. 

Your kids can give Valentine's to their classmates with Kids Valentine's Day cards. From Frozeb and Star Wars to Avengers, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse Club and more, Hallmark has all the hottest Valentine's Cards this season. Each pack includes 32 cards, 1 teachers card and stickers. 

However you may celebrate this Valentine's Day and whoever you may want to spoil, Hallmark has what you're looking for. Check out the full collection by visiting www.Hallmark.ca. Show some social media love by following Hallmark Canada on Twitter and Liking the Hallmark Canada Facebook Page!


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Caring, sharing and friendship - that is what most programming is geared toward teaching our little ones on TreeHouse TV. That's why I don't mind when our youngest tunes in. There is always an uplifting and entertaining program with characters my kids have grown up watching and loving. 

New to Treehouse TV comes Little Charmers - a fantastic new preschool series that celebrates the magic of friendship. I knew right away from the colourful, magical characters that this could be a family favourite from the start. 

Little Charmers takes place in Charmville, and stars Hazel, a fearless and spirited go-getter, who is on her way to becoming a full-fledged Charmer. Hazel can often be seen with her two best friends, Lavender, a sweet and musical "Spellerina" who can come up with spells for any occassion and Posie, a bright and feisty "Potionista" who knows how to stir up potions and put together hip fashions. 

These "Charmers-In-Training" embark on spellbinding adventures that always stir up funny situations, like turning the entire town into mushrooms or accidentally setting loose a herd of unicorns. Together, this inseparable trip use their imaginations and teamwork to fix magical mishaps and, along the way, learn the value of friendship.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Little Charmers first few episodes and a cool craft kit to build their own wands. Although it is geared toward preschoolers all three of our kids aged 2, 6 and 10 enjoyed watching the show. They can't wait to check out the official television premiere!

You can catch episodes of Little Charmers on Treehouse TV, Saturday's at 6:30pm EDT starting January 31st!! 

In the next few weeks you will be able to visit www.LittleCharmers.com to see clips of upcoming episodes as well as access themed printables, downloadables and information about the shows main characters and their pets! The website will also be rolling out brand new games and a Little Charmers app for everyone to enjoy!

Follow along the fun on twitter with @TreehouseTV using hashtag #LittleCharmers

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Winter has hit Canada hard as of the beginning January. Snow blankets the yard,  the temperatures have dropped and everyone is bundling up. Thank goodness for warm socks and slippers! I don't know about you but I always feel like a marshmallow woman when I'm all bundled up, although it does keep me warm.

Despite the layers, I do have a couple of favourite "go-to" outfits I wear during the winter months that don't include my pyjama pants or outerwear. Please excuse the poor selfies but you get the idea. 

This shirt is long, flowy and super soft. One of my favourites to pair with jeans or even get away with black dressy pants.

If I am having one of those days where I want to be wrapped up in a warm sweater, this is one of my favourites. It's long so it can be worn with stretchy pants, dressy pants or jeans. It can be worn casually loose or wrapped around for a more dressy look. 

This is your typical everyday grey sweater. I tend to grab it when I'm at home and feeling a bit chilly. It's soft and warm paired with my favourite grey jeans. 

No matter what the outfit, I want my them to look good. I also want them to be soft and nice smelling. That's why I wash my clothes using Downy, there are so many different (and amazing) products available to make you want to #RipYourClothesOn!

This winter, Downy is challenging Canadians to share their favourite fashion looks that make you want to rip your clothes on. I always like using Downy fabric softener but I also like to mix things up and add some wow to my clothes with Downy Unstopables and Downy Infusions in the  mix.

You can find Downy products available at Real Canadian Superstores and Loblaw banner stores across Canada! While you're there, why not stop in at Joe Fresh and get yourself something new that will make you want to #RipYourClothesON

Learn more about Downy by visiting the official website


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We all have them somewhere in our homes. Old family photos we once had the idea to organize in neat and tidy photo albums but unfortunately over time may have been forgotten about with the new digital age of family photo taking. 

I know we have a collection of photos or should I say collections. Different photos from different eras of our lives, stored away. Honestly, I don't have time to go through the process of scanning each photo we have and saving them to digital disk or drives. It's a lot of work when you have a million other things already to do. 

I was happy when I was contacted to try out BLACKS Shoebox Direct service. What this is, is a service where  you take all your "shoebox stored" photos and have Blacks take care of digitalizing them for you. 

You can gather all of your old photos and bring them into a BLACKS store, choose which package is good for you and let them do the rest OR you can order a BLACKS Shoebox Direct kit online and send in your photos yourself. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the complete process, depending what you are having digitalized.

The cardboard box to send pictures in is included.
We were sent a nice Platinum Shoebox Direct kit which allowed us to send in up to 300 of our favourite prints to BLACKS and have them take care of the rest. The kit included several different sized envelopes and labels to organize in as well as full instructions. If you want your pictures in a certain order they recommend you number each one and such because with the kit that is returned you get a proof book of what is scanned. We didn't have any particular way we wanted this done and just put the pictures in the envelopes in the order we thought would work best.

Sending your Shoe Box kit away is as simple as calling the number on the provided form and arranging pick up! When everything is all ready, you will be sent back a box containing your original photos, a USB with the digital (colour enhanced if you choose) copies, a proof book and a photo book (if you order the Platinum package!). 

I am looking forward to see what BLACKS is going to do with our old photos and it will be nice to be able to share old memories with everyone instead of hiding them in a box for "one day". 

You can learn more about this and other great photo services by visiting one of the new BLACKS Playground for Photography stores or online at www.BLACKS.ca!


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With the GOLD service you get:

  • Up to 300 prints (2.5"x3.5" to 8"x10"), or 300 negatives (35mm only, must be in strips of 3 minimum), or 300 slides (35mm only, must be mounted)
  • USB flash drive of all your scanned photos
  • Your original prints, slides, or negatives
  • Images are scanned in the order you package them
  • Colour correction and enhancement on every image (optional)
  • 12”x12” softcover proof book of your images

Open to Canadian residents 18+ (excluding Quebec). Entrants must complete the mandatory. Winners are notified via valid email address and have 48 hours to complete a winners form + skill testing question to qualify. Prize sponsored by BLACKS. 

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It may only be January but many people are already thinking about this year's upcoming tax season. Recently, the government rolled out some new points and H&R Block would like to tell you about them:

New tax credits for families could mean more money in your pockets

There are so many wonderful experiences that come with having children but there are also expenses. From childcare to extra-curricular activities to shoes that they quickly outgrow, the costs can quickly add up. Fortunately, our little ones also provide opportunities for many tax benefits and credits and this year, there are new tax credits that could result in greater tax savings for families.
Caroline Battista from H&R Block Canada walks us through the new tax credits:

  • Children’s Fitness Tax Credit Doubled: If your children are registered in activities such as swimming or martial arts, hang onto your receipts. The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit has doubled allowing you to claim up to $1,000 in expenses. You claim the receipts in the year you paid – not the year the activity takes place. The tax credit applies to children under 16 at the beginning of the year, or under 18 if they're eligible for the disability amount.
  • New Family Tax Cut: The Family Tax Cut is a limited form of income splitting that allows families with children under 18 to save when one spouse earns considerably more than the other. Eligible families can claim a non-refundable tax credit equal to the amount of tax savings that would be realized by transferring up to $50,000 worth of income from the higher-earning to the lower-earning spouse or common-law partner. Here’s how it would work assuming you are a double income family with two children: If you earned $60,000 per year and your spouse earned $12,000 per year, you would get a family tax cut of $1,260 based on what your taxes would have been if you each had income of $36,000. Families with only one spouse earning income will benefit the most from this credit. The maximum credit that you can claim is $2,000.

  • Increased Universal Child Care Benefit: There are some welcome changes to the UCCB. First, for parents with children under six, the monthly amount will increase to $160 (up from $100). Secondly, parents with children between six and 18 will now receive $60 a month – up to $720 for the year. The increase for January to June will be paid in a lump sum in July 2015 and the adjusted payments will arrive monthly after that. If you have not been applying for the CTTB, you must reapply for the UCCB using form RC66.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility for these new credits or need more information, an H&R Block tax professional can walk you through what’s new for your tax return this year. For more information please visit www.hrblock.ca.


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Good Luck!

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Winter time can leave me feeling dull some days. Maybe it is the lack of sunshine, maybe it is the cold. Either way, when I am not feeling exactly like myself, I like to get out of my funk and back to normal by doing something nice for myself. 

I would love to indulge and spend an afternoon at a salon having my hair dyed and styled to its prettiest but in reality, I prefer to save some money and turn to at-home hair colour kits. I've been doing them on and off for years, with practice it doesn't take much time at all. Plus, doing it at home means I don't need a babysitter.

The results of some at-home dye kits haven't always been what I've wanted each time. I've made my fair share of mistakes, choosing the wrong colour or brand (I once accidentally turned my hair pumpkin orange) but with my recent adventures in hair dye, I can't complain! 

I decided before the holidays that I needed to change my look. I went from blond to a darker colour with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series in medium chocolate brown.

My biggest issue with most hair dyes I have tried is the colour not lasting. After a few washes it turns brassy and dull. The Vidal Sassoon Pro Series at home dye gave me excellent all-over colour that after a few weeks worth of washes (pictured below), has not faded or dulled to that yucky brassy colour. 

Before Vidal Sasson (left) After Vidal Sassoon (right)
I will definitely be sticking to Vidal Sassoon for my next at-home hair pampering. I can't wait to try out the new Vidal Sassoon Salonist colour.

Vidal Sassoon Salonist brings you the brilliance of salon colour by treating roots and tips separately with the simplicity of a two-step at-home dye kit. Unlike your usual at-home kit, Salonist is designed for the perfect consistency to use a bowl and brush - just like at the salon. It allows us to channel our inner hairdresser and get precise application at the roots at the right balance of depth and tone. 

Vidal Sassoon Salonist is available in 24 different shades and can be found at mass retailers everywhere. As tempting as it would be to change up my colour again, it's too soon but I am going to need to touch it up in a few more weeks so make sure to look for an update to come!

Visit the Vidal Sassoon website to learn more about this and other great products! Show some love by following Vidal Sassoon on twitter

Have you tried new Vidal Sassoon Salonist? What is your go-to hair colour when it comes to at-home kits? Share your thoughts! 

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Throughout life, we all go through different ages and stages that have us thinking. One thought in particular that is on anyone's mind is safety. I'm not just talking about making sure your little ones wear a helmet at the park or look both ways before crossing the street. We are always thinking of new and better ways to keep our families, our homes and our belongings safer.

Master Lock has been there to help keep things safe from offering locks for the home, garage, outdoors, travel and personal storage. We like the quality of Master Lock and knowing that locks and other security devices they offer are guaranteed to last.

Master Lock Portable Key Safe can provide you peace of mind in any situation by allowing you to safely store extra house keys, car keys etc inside and the only people who can get them are those with the combination. If someone forgets their keys and locks themselves out or someone needs to get in your house in an emergency, you can trust Master Lock. 

Master Lock SafeSpace sets your worries at ease while out and about. It's a personal safe big enough to fit important items like your smartphone (although it does not fit phones as big as the iphone 6 or 6 Plus), watch, camera, keys and other items but is small enough to store in a drawer or locker. This is great if you're going places like at the office or where you have to use a rented locker or even when you're staying at a hotel. The lock works like a standard set-your-own combination lock, you need the combo to get the contents and you know you can rely on the quality and durability of Master Lock.

TSA Accepted Luggage Lock can help you relax when you travel. This is a lock that you can set your own combination for. It allows TSA screeners to inspect luggage and relock without damaging you lock or luggage.

To help keep people safe through whatever and wherever life brings them, Master Lock is kicking off a special initiative that you can participate in! 

From January 19th through January 31st tweet @MasterLockUS answering the question "When in your life has safety been most top of mind" with hashtag #MasterLockProtects and Master Lock will donate $1 to American Red Cross and you have an entry for sweepstakes prizes!

From your home and beyond, #MasterLockProtects!

For more information on Master Lock products and mentioned contest please visit the official website! You can also catch the latest updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages! 

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Here we are half way through January with many of us having had made our New Year's resolutions. Healthier eating, losing weight, going the gym more often and making time for ourselves are big ones. The question is though, are we keeping our resolutions, the promises we make ourselves? 

According to Kellogg's, statistics say only 23% of Canadians will actually accomplish the resolutions they set for themselves while a whopping 87% say they can't achieve them for one reason or another. Take a look at the infograph below. It's quite the eye opener regarding the promises we make ourselves and how we don't keep them although we all know we really should. 

Rather than making resolutions, its time to try something different. It's time to make a #2015Revolution! This revolution is a big, bold, and positive goal. It's the kind of goal that many people say they have always wanted to achieve but have never tried to.

I don't make resolutions as I've mentioned before but I do set goals and I have a couple of them for 2015. Getting and trying my  best to stay organized in different areas like around my house, taking care of myself better (which I began last year and am continuing into this year) and of course, eating better which I am constantly working on. 

Special K has teamed up with Nia Vardalos (Golden Globe nominee and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding), to help Canada begin the New Year with a promise to be positive! Whatever your goals are, big or small, keep at them and don't give up.

To also help spark the revolution you should try, NEW Special K products including Kellogg's Special K Protein Bars in Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Super yummy and if your goal was healthier eating, don't worry. Special K has your back.  

Viva La #2015Revolution! From now to January 30th, 2015 whenever you share your revolutionary goal on Twitter using the special hashtag #2015Revolution or on the Kellogg Canada Facebook Page, you will be entered to win one of three $1000 prizes to help you achieve your goal! 

Get inspired and check out the revolutionary goals others have shared on www.specialk.ca and via Twitter @SpecialK_CA

Posted on behalf of Special K. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Comments and opinions are those of the author. 


These are true words to live by. Daily reminders, hanging right in the one room everyone ends up in at one point during the day, on the livingroom walls. The top two are close to the door and the white one hangs above the tv. You can't miss them and I often find myself reading them, just because.  

Posted by AME. Photo copyright AMotherhoodExperience.com 2015. 


Half way into January, the holiday season seems so far behind us. It's time to kick it into gear and get onto those goals we promised ourselves at the beginning of the year. I am still working on becoming more organized and getting rid of unnecessary clutter in our house. It will take time but I am determined to be junk free before the spring time at least.

On top of organizing the home front, I made a personal promise to myself to continue on my path to healthy choices for myself and my family - which includes Orange Naturals. Ever since introducing ON products into our lives, we have experienced the many benefits different tinctures and the ND shakes give you. I know if we happen to fall off the "eating healthier" wagon, Orange Naturals is there to help get us back on the right track. 

Orange Naturals has so many great supplements to help your family's health goals in 2015. January can be a stressful month, there is a tincture to help you manage. If you're having trouble adjusting your sleep schedule back to routine, this might be the right sleep support for you. 

Is a healthier lifestyle a new resolution for you? Orange Naturals offers an optimal health starter kit for adults and also one made for kids to keep everyone in tip top shape.

If you're looking for great health tips and tricks don't forget to sign up for the #ONatural newsletter - it's free! 

For more information about Orange Naturals homeopathic remedies please visit the official Orange Naturals website! You'll find everything you need plus great advice and the latest blog posts from the informative and always friendly O Natural blog!

If you're on social media, make sure to like the Orange Naturals Facebook fan page and also follow @OrangeNaturals on Twitter! 


Our friends at Orange Naturals want to start you off on the right foot this year! One lucky AME reader has the chance to win an Orange Naturals prize pack which includes:

- A one year print subscription to Ecoparent Magazine
- A copy of the New York Times bestseller - 100 days of real food, how we did it, what we learned and 100 easy wholesome recipes your family will love by Lisa Leake
- $100 worth of assorted Orange Naturals products of your choice! 

Open to Canadian residents 18+ (excluding Quebec). Mandatory entry required to qualify and for extra entries to count. Winning depends on number of qualified entrants. Winners will be required to answer a skill testing question. Winner will be drawn and contacted by email, January 29th after 9pm EDT.

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Good LUCK!

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Kids today are all about the game. They seem to be wired knowing how to control technology. Ours have been raised with gadgets like ipods and tablets. Touch screens were just much easier for them. They've had access to learning games and fun games, videos and more but they never had a gaming console before. No Wii, No PlayStation but Daddy has always had an Xbox. In fact hubby and I used to game together once upon a time, we each had a console but three kids later and my Xbox 360 was sitting on a shelf in my room collecting dust. 

Now that the kids are a bit older they are asking about different games. Games that are only available on gaming consoles, the mobile versions aren't the same. They both started asking for new ipods for Christmas. That's around $500 for two kids and we do not have that kind of money to spend anyway. 

Instead of new iPods we decided to make use of what we had and regift the old xbox360 to the kids. The only thing we bought was an extra controller, a new HDMI cable and a couple of kids games. Honestly the kids games aren't that expensive for 360 anymore with the new consoles out now and you can get previously played ones from places like GameStop (EBgames) for next to nothing. 

Our toddler isn't of age to play video games obviously, and we have rules for the older two that go with it. They have parent controlled accounts and no Xbox live.  They have to have all chores and/or homework done and ask before they are allowed to play. Even then, they aren't allowed to play every single day. Also, no fighting during gaming. That will result in losing game time for that day. We can deny play for any reason including having had too much screen time already. It's a privilege, not an obligation. 

We aren't trying to raise zombies but they were asking and hinting, I think it's time we gave them something different to do on "too cold to play outside" days like we had this week! 

The kids agreed with the rules we talked about and found them fair game. So far they've played several times and each time there was little to no fighting which is always nice. 

They don't have many games yet but they have Skylanders Giants, Mickey Mouse Epic Adventure and Lego Marvel Super Heroes to start. 

What do you think about kids and console gaming? Would you set rules like us or let the kids figure it out? Do your kids enjoy gaming? What games would you recommend for kids aged 6-10? Let's chat in the comments below! 

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It is beyond cold this year in Canada with temperatures dropping below the -30 mark. Wind chill and frosty air, winter is not a friend to me. My hair is dryer in winter, my skin is dryer and lips chapped from the elements. 

SkinFix is here to help us save winter's delicate skin with natural products that work. You may or may not remember this SkinFix feature but I have always loved their products and was thrilled to try out the ones I hadn't tried yet.

If you are unfamiliar with SkinFix, let me give you a little refresher on this great Canadian brand. SkinFix Inc is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and the producer of clinically tested, natural skin care products. SkinFix products are designed to treat conditions such as eczema, diaper rash, and dry skin. SkinFix products are free of nut ingredients, fragrance, soy, parabens, phthalates and sulfates. 

Skinfix offers the same great products they always have but with a whole new look with new pump and squeezable bottles instead of jars which in all honesty makes it a lot easier to use. The packaging is also recyclable and BPA free. 

We received a variety of products to try out including Baby Gentle Hair and Body Wash, Gentle Lotion, Gentle Eczema Balm and Diaper Rash Balm. These products are pediatrician tested and dermatologist recommended. They have all won the PTPA seal for obvious reasons, too. 

Having previously tried the balms, I like SkinFix products because you get quality for the quantity. The formula of the wash, balms and lotions is thicker than your average skin products therefore you don't need much to cover an affected area and above all, it works. 

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