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We have been talking a lot about healthier habits for the humans in our family but what about our pets? Our dogs are very much part of our family and as their owners it is our responsibility to take care of them. They need a safe, warm place to sleep, fresh water to drink, toys and walks to exercise and entertain. They also need nutritional food to eat, everyday. 

My Chihuahuas, including Ruffy, have to work on the healthier eating and exercising. We will be changing their habits thanks to PC® Nutrition First

PC® Nutrition First dog food has all the goodness your pet needs without all the useless bad stuff. No corn, wheat or soy. No by-products and no artificial preservatives. It's made with probiotics and probiotics, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It's enriched with antioxidants (including lutein) to enhance the immune system. The small, crunchy kibbles help promote dental hygiene. There is a variety of PC® Nutrition First dog foods and treats even for toy/small breeds like Ruffy. 

To help Canadians celebrate their beloved fur babies and educate them about making nutritious choices on their behalf, the President’s Choice® Nutrition First® team has partnered with celebrity dog trainer Harrison Forbes.  Whether you are a new or seasoned dog owner, check out Harrison’s tips for dogs of all ages!

Enjoy First-Class Fuel
The number one contributor to a healthy lifestyle for pets and humans is diet. Like you, your pet should eat nutritious ingredients from all the essential food groups. Brands like President’s Choice® Nutrition First® make it easy for your pet to enjoy the same nutrient-rich foods you do by incorporating high-quality proteins as the main ingredient, along with wholesome grains, fruits and vegetables, pre and probiotics, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to nourish your pet’s body.  

Get Physical
Most pet behaviour problems are rooted in frustration. Like people, dogs get bored and anxious when they are under-exercised. Being a good pet parent means finding time to play with your dog. Whether focused on mental stimulation (for example, using “smart toys”) or physical exercise (like a walk in the park), interactive activities are crucial for a healthy, well-behaved pup.

Educate Early
When it comes to pet parenting, education is essential – for both of you. To effectively train your dog, you need to invest time in understanding his genetic history so you can design a program that takes advantage of his natural instincts. As your pup learns good conduct, don’t forget to recognize and reward his progress. Treats like President’s Choice® Nutrition First® Grain-Free Biscuits are a nutritious way to reinforce and reward behaviour, help him enjoy the training experience and fuel his body.

Seek Out Puppy Pals
Taking your dog out on the town is key to teaching him how to interact with other people and animals. Just like human babies, dogs needs time to learn what they can and cannot do around others, and exposing them to other pets is a great way to help them establish relationships and learn to enjoy spending time with furry friends. Plus, having a dog on your arm is a great way to meet like-minded friends!

For more information about President’s Choice® Nutrition First® pet food and treats visit www.pc.ca


When it comes to anything around the home, you can call us a family of DIYers, especially Hubby although I'm not afraid to use a hammer from time to time. 

From fixing small appliances that break down to fixing the kids toys and the family car, he will fix it himself before hiring someone to do it on most things. 

It's rewarding to fix it yourself, there's this sense of pride once the job is done knowing you did. Plus, you're saving yourself time and money not having to hire someone to do a simple task you can totally do yourself or spending the money to replace something that you can fix yourself. Besides, you have the best back-up on any DIY project. 

#YouGotThis with a little help from Canadian Tire

Right now until October 6th, Canadian Tire is having a really cool contest where you can share a DIY or How-To video for a chance at some amazing prizes! 

Your video doesn't have to be long and there are different categories such as Home, Oudoor, Sports & Rec, Tools & Hardware and Auto to choose from. Whatever your talent, tip or trick - #YouGotThis with Canadian Tire! 

There are weekly prizes of $500 Canadian Tire gift cards and the grand prize of $3000 Canadian Tire gift card to be won by submitting your how-to video! 

Enter today and show the world #YouGotThis!

If you need some inspiration, check out the video below! My little how-to tip if you happen to run out of cleaning solution and need some in a hurry! 

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As you may know, I do have a YouTube channel for AME and some people actually subscribe (thank you!). My videos are usually fun little reviews or family videos. In my six years blogging however, I have very few videos where I am actually in front of the camera. You know, saying stuff! I've always been a writer, not a speaker but times are changing.

I've been talking about it for a long time and finally took the jump to make my first real vlog. It's not long and it's kind of silly but it's me! :-) 

The theme? Motherhood of course, one thing mom enjoys once the kids are in bed. You have to watch the video to get the answer! ;-)

If you have a question you'd like me to answer in a future vlog, leave a comment below this post or comment below the video on YouTube! 

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
Homeopathic remedies are nothing new to me, I have always believed in alternate as well as traditional medicine since I can remember. Let's just say I'll never say "never". There are many benefits to the different types of homeopathic remedies to help you through. 

For more than 80 years, Boiron Group, a French pharmaceutical company has been inviting health care practitioners to discover homeopathy. Today, Boiron team includes 3700 people through 5 production facilities, subsidiaries in 18 countries, and distribution in 59 countries. Boiron Canada is proud to provide families with simple and effective health solutions for more than 25 years. 

Try Boiron Canada products today with these great coupons

Boiron Canada Twitter Party!

Get back to school and back to healthy with the #Boironfamily Twitter party happening October 6th! Chat healthy living with @BoironCanada and have a chance at some great prizes! 

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For more information and official party rules, click here. RSVP below and participate at the party with hashtag #boironfamily to be eligible to win!

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Being a mom is a job I wouldn't trade in for anything but sometimes the tasks we have like say making sure our babies have the nutrition they need, can be trying.  When they are newborn it's fairly simple, breast or bottle, we know what they need and when. The question arises as they get older - when do you start your baby on solids while making sure they're getting proper nutrition? 

Each and every baby is different, trust this from a mom of 3. There is so much information out there when it comes to babies from the Internet to "parenting experts" and even your well-meaning family and friends. It can be quite overwhelming and confusing to a new mom. 

As you may or may not already know, your Loblaws dietitian is a great place to start. They are there to help you answer your questions and concerns. Located at Loblaws stores across Ontario, dietitians can answer your specific questions and give you professional advice you can trust! 

For now, here are some dietitian approved tips to help you and baby get off on the right foot! 

Know the Signs
It is recommended to wait until 6 months to introduce solid food.  You’ll see several signs when your baby is ready to begin eating solid foods. Some of the signs your child is ready for the transition to begin include; holding their heads up and sitting upright in their high chair or seat, opening their mouths proactively for food when it is offered and turning away when they don’t care for it, and closing their lips over a spoon when its offered, keeping food in their mouth and swallowing

Take Baby Steps
While it’s exciting to show your baby all of the amazing foods the world has to offer, it’s best to take a slow and steady approach to introducing new foods. Always introduce new foods when your baby is happy and hungry to ensure a great first impression.  Also, offer single foods first before offering blends of flavours. If your little one doesn’t like something, try it again another day.

Lead by Example
Your baby learns to eat by watching you. While your entire family is eating together, ensure your baby is served the same foods in a form they can eat. From healthy dinner favourites like chicken and sweet potatoes, to sweet treats like juicy summer peaches, eating the same foods will help your baby learn healthy eating habits with the rest of the family. With baby food like PC® Organics Strained Peachesyour baby can easily enjoy the same nutritious food your family does. Lastly, never turn your nose up at a new food in front of your child since they may notice and mimic the behaviour. 

Unplug During Meal Times
It can be challenging to unwind and disconnect from our favourite electronic devices during meal time. The evening news, tablets and cell phones are all competing for your attention. Rather than give into temptation, limit distractions. Focusing on your meal will teach your baby that meal time is important. Remember, families that eat together, eat healthier.

Introduce Iron-Rich Foods First
At around six months of age, the iron stores that babies are born with begin to decline and they need iron-rich foods to meet the nutrient needs of their fast growing bodies. Try boiled or well cooked meats and fish, iron-fortified infant cereals like PC®Organics Mixed Grains baby cereal, tofu, beans and legumes and cooked egg yolks. To help your little one absorb the iron, serve iron-rich foods with fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C.

Spice Things Up
Plain veggies can get a little boring. You can start to introduce extra flavour to your little ones foods through herbs and spicesthat are still mild enough for a baby’s palette. While additions like salt add unhealthy sodium to baby’s diet, fresh or dried herbs and spices will introduce them to flavours in new and interesting ways. Try spicing up PC® Organics Strained Sweet Potato & Chicken with a small pinch of cinnamon for an interesting twist.

Stay Hydrated
At approximately six months, your baby can learn to drink small amounts of water. Water helps ease digestion, reduce tooth decay and prevents dehydration. During meal time, try allowing your baby to use a lidless cup. With a little patience and practice, they’ll be drinking from a cup alone in no time.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with your local dietitian please click here!

Follow @LoblawsON on Twitter for the latest! 


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As we roll through September, the weather is getting a bit cooler and out days playing outside are getting a bit shorter. It's that time of year to start thinking about indoor activities for our little ones that are playing inside on those cooler, rainy fall days. Just because we bring things inside doesn't mean that creativity and interactive fun needs to end!

There are plenty of ways to build, create and have fun with your little ones inside this fall, read on for some great tips from Hot Wheels to help you make this fall fun no matter what the weather:

Clear some space.
Your little ones will be used to having lots of space to run around and play. The move inside may be a little bit of a shock to the system! Make sure you have a little play area for them, even if it's just reorganizing their room so there's a bit more floor space. We made use of our oldest daughters  bunk style bed which she outgrew and replaced our sons bed with it, giving him double the space in his already small room, to play with his cars and tracks, getting his imaginative engines going!

Get Creative.
Without the great outdoors to rely on, you  may need to get a bit creative when it comes to activities. Arts and crafts can be a fun activity along with building toys or forts. Help them create their own indoor castle or hideout with cardboard boxes and decorate it! It will provide hours of fun and its a great way to engage their imagination. My kids like making forts from pillows and blankets, they always come up with a fun scenario like they are camping in the wilderness or hiding from monsters!

Get Involved.
Your little ones will naturally be more interested in activities that you also get involved with, so as they move inside, be prepared to get a bit more hands-on with play time. They'll love it if you play the evil dragon to their cardboard castle or in our case the bear who chases them out of their camping tent! 

Take it Online.
Playing the online or computer version of their favourite game can be a fun way for your little ones to explore a whole new universe of possibilities when it comes to their favourite toys. With Hot Wheels Epic Race, your little ones will be able to take track building to heights - let their imaginations run wild! 

No matter what activity you decide to engage your little ones in, you're bound to have endless hours of fun together. But to help take the initial sting of indoor play away, Hot Wheels has you covered with the new Epic Race game.

Daring drops and hairpin turns, this game has it all and your little ones can create tracks they never imagined could be possible! Created alone, or in groups the new Epic Race game provides your little ones with plenty of exciting activity. 

Stay tuned for an Epic Race contest from Hot Wheels™!

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It's safe to say that summer time is officially over. The weather is getting cooler which means it's the perfect time to think about or start updating some things inside the house. 

We are always looking for new inspiration to give our family home something new and something fresh whether it be a new piece of furniture, new artwork or new colours, change is always welcome.

Monika Hibbs in her CANVAS inspired livingroom!
When it comes to home decor, Canadian Tire offers inspiration with the new CANVAS Home and Dining collection!

Add style to your family home with Canvas. Check out how the Canvas design bloggers put their own spin on the CANVAS collections and find inspiration that suits your perfect vision!

The CANVAS Camden multi-purpose Storage Cabinet is perfect for just about any room in the home. 

The CANVAS beverage cabinet is the perfect addition for anyone who loves to entertain! I love the wine bottle slots for easy storage! 

CANVAS also has beautiful pieces for those family breakfasts and brunches. Make them extra special, make them yours with the CANVAS collection! 

The CANVAS collection has so many beautiful pieces, it's hard to decide where to start! Which is your favourite? 

For more information about the new CANVAS Home and Dining Collection available at Canadian Tire please visit www.CanadianTire.ca

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With school already a week in, my kids have been talking about the new kids that started this year at school. My oldest is the type of kid who will try to take new kids under her wing and befriend them, let them know they aren't alone because she was once there herself. It's not easy being new.

Just like for Gooliope Jellington, Monster High's newest ghoul, it can be hard in a new environment, new teachers, new peers - it can be so hard to try and make new friends especially when kids can feel different, like they don't fit in with the crowd. Towering over the other ghouls at nearly 15 feet tall, Gooliope first-hand the importance of welcoming and accepting others just the way they are. 

Gooliope Jellington is the newest cast member of Monster High Freak Du Chic and her past is a bit of a sad one with a warm story. She was created as part of a science experiment gone wrong. When the scientist who created her realized she was just a baby, he left her on the steps of the Scarnival where the ringmaster and his wife welcomed her with open arms into their home as their own. There was something different about Gooliope as she quickly grew over 15 feet tall. Because Gooliope is different from her peers, she understands what it is to accept others, even if they are different and she reminds her friends at Monster High just that! 

Whether you are joining a new school, sport, club or even making a new friend, it can be daunting and things won't always go their way. Just remind your kids at the end of the day that no matter what happens, you will always have their backs.

This month Monster High is gearing up for the launch of their new DVD and first ever musical, Boo York! All of your favourite ghouls will be there, taking in the sights from Times Scare to The Monster of liberty. To celebrate the launch of Monster High Boo York, why not learn the words to the musical numbers in advance with these great Monster High sing-a-long videos

My daughters love Monster High so much that my oldest K wanted to share this fun Monster High Gooliope Jellington unboxing video review! Check it out and don't forget to leave a thumbs up or comment! :) 

For more information and to check out some great games and other activities visit www.monsterhigh.com

Follow @MonsterHigh on Twitter and like the Monster High Facebook page! 


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What is #OrganicWeek? I'm glad you asked! Organic Week,September 19-27th, is a week dedicated to paying homage to everything organic from our favourite foods and snacks to the farms and farmers who bring them to our tables across the country! 

Natures Path teamed up with some amazing organic brands to bring us a special #OrganicWeek surprise packed with goodness to help me and my family celebrate! Inside our box we found:

@NaturesPath granolas including Pumpkin Flax granola, Coconut Chai granola and Flax plus Flakes cereal. @Envirokidz Peanut butter Panda Puffs cereal. @QuePasaFoods premium Oraganic Salsa in medium flavour. Perfect to pair with Que Pasa baked bean chips! @AmysKitchen Lentil Vegetable Soup - Filled with veggies like green beans, tomatoes and spinach in a favourful lentil base, vegan, dairy and gluten free. 

@Caminolala Simply Dark hot chocolate, rich and creamy indulgence. @CroftersOrganic Blueberry Jam - the blueberries are Canadian grown and harvested in Quebec! @EthicalBean the best Fair trade certified, organic coffee on the planet. @ManitobaHarvest Organic Hemp Hearts - Organic hemp hearts taste great, are easy to use and are healthy for you too. Packed with 10g of protein and 10g of omegas per 30g serving, they're great to add to salads, cereal, yogurt and even baking. They are also paleo-friendly, vegan and Non-GMO. 

@PranaBio Kilimanjaro Organic Deluxe Chocolate Trail Mix is a delicious mix of vega chocolate chunks, crunchy nuts and dried fruits that give you a perfect snack for all occasions. @PacificFoods Organic Mushroom Broth - perfect for homemade falls soups with savory mushrooms, garlic and sea salt combination to make a fragrant, rich broth for your favourite soups, pastas or any dish you want! 

@Silver_Hills - Free product voucher for any Silver Hills Bakery product including new Big Red's Bread - in big taste and packed with 21 ancient grains and seeds. @EarthboundFarm voucher for any Earthbound Farm product. @TeamHappyPlanet voucher for any Happy Planet soup including new single serve Organic Portuguese Kale & White Bean. Happy Planet soups draw inspiration from around the globe but made in small kettle batches in BC and Ontario. They have lots of delicious organic, vegan and dairy free products to choose from! 

Join in and show your love for our Canadian Organic farms and farmers for Canadian Organic week, follow the above twitter handles and use hashtag #OrganicWeek!  


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It's that time of year again, the Leon's Customer Appreciation event is in from today until Sunday September 20th! This is the one time of year Leon's really shows how much they appreciate their customers. They are giving away FREE furniture plus it's the biggest furniture sale of the year!

There are different ways to participate and win like:

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2) On Twitter: You can win FREE furniture on Twitter on Wednesday September 16th, 2015! Make sure to follow @leonsfurniture on Twitter hashtag #Leonscae 

3) In store: Visit your local Leon's store on Saturday and Sunday for a chance to win FREE furniture all day! Click here to find a location nearest you!

4) FREE HOTDOGS & Drinks: Bring the whole family so you can shop while they eat!

Could you imagine walking out of Leon's with a brand new sofa or maybe a new microwave? Will you be shopping #Leonscae? Good luck! 

Sponsored post in participation with Leon's Customer Appreciation Event and ShesInfluential. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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Our youngest child (who I still call "the baby") is now at the stage where she is pretty much done with the diaper days and has graduated on to training pants. With that said, having three kids means we have been through a lot of diapers in our day. We always tried to stick with one brand but often no matter what kind or how often we changed the baby, we experienced our own "saggy diaper" days during the baby years, these can make for some great stories to tell when your kids are older! 

Saggy diapers may make a cute photo or funny story but really it's serious business! As babies grow, develop and explore the world around them, they need a reliable diaper that will do its job - keep them dry and keep them comfortable while still being able to move and play freely. 

Pampers has always been a first choice when it came to diapers for our babies. New and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers have extra absorb channels to help keep your baby even drier plus, they don't sag like an ordinary diaper. 

While a poor-fitting diaper may result in an uncomfortable baby or toddler, Pampers Cruisers have three absorbent channels in the core of the diaper that distributes wetness evenly and so babies can go from #SagtoSwag, moving to their own beat without restriction!

About new Pampers Cruisers:

- New Pampers Cruisers have three seperate channels, unlike ordinary diapers, which have one structured core. 

- The unique channel structure helps evenly distribute wetness from front to back. 

- The new design gives a noticbly better fit and doesn't sag like ordinary diapers*.

- A thin core to lock away wetness and gives up to 12 hours of protection.

- Pampers best fit and designed with fun Sesame Street characters! 

It's time for babies to show their one-of-a-kind swag in new Pampers Cruisers! You can pick up new and improved Pampers Cruisers at Walmart.ca, Canada's one stop shop for baby needs. Visit Walmart.ca to learn more about the new technology and watch the video demo below!


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The kids have been back in school just a week and already we can feel fall in the air. The trees outside are already beginning to lose their leaves and we feel that fall crispness in the morning air. 

I love the change in season, this means I can dig out my comfy sweaters and pants, maybe even go shop for a new look this fall. Speaking of looks, new COVERGIRL Outlast collection is here to make sure my look stays all day.

COVERGIRL has some great tips to help your makeup outlast your day:

Step 1: Use COVERGIRL Outlast All-day primer to prep your skin. Its formulation not only extends the wear of any foundation but also covers up blemishes and uneven skin tone giving you a smooth canvas. 

Step 2: Use COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous foundation for fresh, glowing skin. It's innovative formulation with unique light reflecting particles and over 40% skin conditioning agents hydrates the skin to help keep it looking healthy and lit from within. It's lightweight feel and medium coverage leaves skin with a natural luminosity that lasts all day.

Step 3: Add a pop of colour to your lips with COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear lipstick, available in 12 gorgeous shades. It has a waterproof, all-day colour formula jam packed with a rich blend of nourishing oils and lip conditioners. So your colour stays put and won't flake or crumble. 

Step 4: Finish off your look with briliant nails. COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant nail gloss will go strong for seven days long! 

For more tips, tricks and product information visit www.covergirl.ca! Show some love and follow @COVERGIRL on Twitter! 


We want to make sure you are ready for fall and that's why we are offering ONE lucky AME reader the chance to win a $60 COVERGIRL Outlast long-wear prize pack which includes:

COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Primer – $14.99
COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear Lipstick – $11.99 (x 2)
COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss – $7.99
COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation – $14.99

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Over the course of the summer we have been learning about shopping and eating better with the help of Loblaws PC Guiding Stars program available exclusively to PC Plus members. Not only have we learned a vast amount of information about the foods we buy but we have been able to rack up some PC Plus points along the way!

Guiding Stars is a system that rates food from 0 to 3 stars based on vitamins, minerals, fibre, whole grain, and added sugar. You can find these little stars on shelf labels of some of your favourite foods in participating grocery stores across Canada! 

It's simple to earn points on food your family eats everyday! For example, vegetables like tomatoes and salads punch a good 3 star rating onto your Guiding Stars profile! 

Guiding Stars 3 Star Rated!
You'll want to check out the Guiding Stars program soon because the #EatMoreStars event is happening now until September 17th, 2015! This means you can earn PC points just for following the stars on exclusive offers! 

How do you access these special offers?

Step 1: Visit www.GuidingStars.ca on your computer to check your Guiding Stars profile.

Step 2: Select your banner store. Ours is Loblaws! 

Step 3: Login to your profile and load your Guiding Stars profile.

Step 4: Load your Guiding Stars Offer

We missed out on the first offer which was collect up to 6000 PC Plus points when we purchase $20 of produce by September 3rd! Our second offer is earn 3000 points when I spend 10$ on cereal by September 10th! I can't wait to see what next weeks offer is! 

Extra bonus I can also earn:

10 pts for each 1 star choice
30 pts for each 2 star choice
60 pts for each 3 star choice

Step 5: Load your regular weekly offers! Don't forget, you still get regular offers that'll have you collecting even more points when you shop! 

Loblaws is really encouraging me to #eatmorestars! Have you been following the Guiding Stars? How many are in your shopping basket? Check out your own personal Guiding Star profile on www.guidingstars.ca!

Follow along other bloggers healthy eating journey's on social media using hashtags #GuidingStarsCA and #PCStars! 

Sponsored post on behalf of Loblaws PC Guiding Stars blogger program. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.