The Terminator series has literally been around since I can remember. I was quite young when the first movie was in theatres in the early 1980's - obviously not a movie collection meant for a family movie night but by the time T2 came out, I was old enough to watch it.  Hubby is also a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan so it's needless to say, I've seen the originals a few times. I was happy to see them continue the series over recent years and give the movies a chance to be enjoyed by the next generation of action movie buffs. 

The most recent instalment of the series is 
Terminator Genisys, which hit theaters in the summer. It is a great movie if you are a Terminator fan. The story continues in the fight against the machines with an eerie, end-of-the-world feel and lots of action. I won't tell you exactly what happens but there are some references to the older movies that were amusing to those of us who have seen them. It's a good, fast-paced action movie. I would recommend adding this to the action movie fans collection. More about the movie below! 

In the war of man against machine, Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) is sent back to 1984 by resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke) to protect his young mother, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke). However, this time unexpected events have altered the past and threaten the future for all mankind.  Now Reese must join forces with Sarah and her “Guardian” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to save the world and stop the next evolution of Terminators.
You can find Terminator Genisys on DVD, Blu-ray/DVD combo or Blu Ray/3D Blu ray/DVD combo on November 10th where home entertainment is sold. 

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If you are a child of the 80's like me, you'll remember the Popples! 

For those in the younger generation who happen to be reading this, Popples was a tv show/toy franchise by American Greetings back in the 80's. Popples were fictional, bear-like characters who had pouches on their backs allowing them to either fold up into a colourful ball or they would also carry things in the pouch and go on adventures. 

I had just about every toy from plushies that folded up into a ball to clip on Popples for my school bag, stickers, colouring books and more. I loved the show as a little kid, I remember them being one of my favourites! 

Lately there have been a lot of revamps of our favourite retro cartoons allowing the next generation and beyond to enjoy them. Plus, we get to experience a little nostalgia watching them. 

Netflix brings the Popples back to life in an all-new, revamped cartoon series available as of October 30th! 

These new Popples look a lot different than the ones we grew up with but the show looks as fun and entertaining! Check out the trailer below!

Don't have Netflix? Get a 30 day trial and be hooked on watching what you want, when you want, where you want with Netflix. 

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On November 7th, Shoppers Drug Mart stores across the country will be hosting Holiday Beauty Galas in support of Beauty Gives Back and Look Good Feel Better, which are two amazing organizations that help women who may be struggling with the emotional side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. 

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These special galas are being held in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Talk to your local Shoppers Drug Mart beauty expert to find out if your store is hosting a gala and get your tickets! 

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Throughout life, we will all face the challenge of giving someone a second chance. While it's sometimes a hard thing to do, it's an important lesson for our little ones to learn firsthand, just like the girls at Ever After High in Way Too Wonderland had to learn to embrace Courtly Jester. Courtly is the student body president at Wonderland High, which by Wonderland rules also makes her the school's vice principal and principal. While Courtly can sometimes have an aggressive exterior, she has a very insecure interior which the other girls learn to have compassion for. 

There are lots of ways to teach our kids about giving second chances. Take a page out of Way Too Wonderland's book, here are a few tips to get everyone started:

Learn by Example.

There will be many times as a parent where the right thing to do is offer our kids a second chance. Forgetting to do a chore, a small homework task or being a little late home for dinner are all small mistakes a child will make. Instead of serving up a punishment right off the bat, try offering a second chance. this way your child can see the benefits of giving second chances for themselves.

Things Aren't Always as They Appear.

Just like Courtly, sometimes other children can act out because they are insecure or have something upsetting or stressful happening in their lives. Jumping to conclusions about somebody can be easy but instead, encourage your child to consider the other child's feelings and what they may be going through. Encourage them to be tolerant, offer a second chance and maybe even check-in with the other person to see what might be happening to make them be acting out. It may not always work but it never hurts to try.

Encourage Compassion.

The golden rule says that we should all treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves, I know thats one rule I try to live by, myself. Encourage your child to think about giving second chances through this point of view just like the girls in Way Too Wonderland did who realised that if they were Courtly, they too would want a chance to make things right. Teaching your kids this kind of compassion is an important skill they will use again and again through life. 

Ban Name Calling. 

Often for little ones, giving a second chance to someone doesn't involve any wrongdoing. Sometimes, it can be that friend or classmate has done something embarrassing in front of others. Tell your kids that jumping on the bandwagon to laugh or make fun of another kid in that position is not acceptable. Remind them about how they would feel if the tables were turned. 

Praise Kindness. 

If your kids offer someone a second chance, give them praise. It can take a lot to say your sorry and turn the other cheek, let them know you're proud of them for doing the right thing. In the future, they will be more motivated to do the right thing as they know the outcome will be positive. 

No matter how hard giving a second chance can be, forgiveness is an important skill for your kids to learn. Luckily, you can always turn to the girls at Ever After High to set a great example, especially in Way Too Wonderland now on Netflix! 


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Cooler temperatures and heaters being turned on means a change in the air and a change to my skin. Every year I usually look for solutions to my already dried out pre-winter skin (as I like to call it). I am excited to try out new products from one of my favourite skincare brands - Skinfix! You may have read about them in a previous post here on AME.

If you aren't familiar with Skinfix, here's a little background info:

Skinfix Inc has an award-winning line of products that were founded from a powerful, natural healing balm with over a century of healing skin irritations. Skinfix isn't your typical skin cream, it is both naturally and clinically proven to heal skin irritations. Every product uses premium, natural ingredient blends to treat skin. Nothing is too red, too itchy, too ouchy, too difficult, too delicate, too young, too old or too private for Skinfix! 

Not only do I love Skinfix because they are a Canadian brand but also because their products actually work. They are made with natural ingredients and even the packaging is BPA free. Read on to see why I recommend Skinfix for you and your family.

We were sent over a fantastic variety of new Skinfix products including some of my all-time favourites to tell you about! 

Cleansing Oil Wash.

Soaps and body washes can leave your skin dry and stripped of its natural oils with chemicals and irritate with too much fragrance. Skinfix new Cleansing Oil Wash is safe to use daily for those with dry skin. It's a gentle foaming cleanser that rinses off clean and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple - never thirsty, stripped or irritated. Made with natural ingredients, it is steroid, fragrance, parabens, phthalates and sulfate free. 12.5oz bottle for $19.99

Ultra Rich Body Butter.
Ultra Rich Body Butter for dry, parched skin is the ultimate quencher for skin that's extremely dry. The richly textured formula melts into skin to instantly relieve tightness and flaking while it deeply penetrates to lock in essential moisture that leaves skin soft and supple all day. Natural shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil soothe and nourish depleted skin and antioxidants sooth and protect. This can be used daily all over the body. It's dermatologist tested and recommended, made with natural ingredients and free of fragrance, soy, gluten, parabens and phthalates. 8oz bottle for $17.99

Ultra Rich Hand Cream
This rich, yet quick absorbing hand cream is loaded with naturals oils of coconut and sunflower to relieve dry and cracking skin. Aloe leaf juice, chamomile and calendula soothe dryness and provide long-lasting protection throughout your day. Made with natural ingredients, it is steroid, soy, fragrance, parabens and phthalates free. 3oz tube for $15.50

Gentle hair and body wash.
Although meant for dry, eczema prone babies, this PTPA winning tear-free, gentle hair and body wash can be used for the whole family. It's pediatrician tested and dermatologist recommended. Made with natural ingredients, it is nut, fragrance, soy, parabens, phthalates and sulfate free. 12.5oz bottle for $19.99

Gentle body lotion
This lotion is specifically formulated for dry, sensitive and eczema prone baby skin. It's fragrance and irritant free, this lotion is silky and soothing with natural moisturizers, vitamins and botanicals. It absorbs quickly and isn't oily or greasy to the touch. It's a great addition to their bath time routine to keep baby's skin healthy and supple after bathing. Made with natural ingredients, it is nut, fragrance, soy, parabens, phthalates and sulfate free. 12.5oz bottle for $19.99

Diaper Rash Balm
For those of you with little babies, you'll want to read up. We all know how constant exposure to wetness in the diaper causes horrible and painful red diaper rash. Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm (which now comes in tube form) is amazing. I have used it on my kids in the past and noticed a huge difference within a couple of diaper changes. It's clinically proven to heal diaper rash in just one use. It works fast to soothe redness with zinc oxide and healing botanicals while replenishing essential moisture with emollient protective oils. Made with natural ingredients, it is nut, fragrance, soy, parabens, phthalates and sulfate free. 2oz tube for $8.50.

To find out more about these and other products available from Skinfix Inc, please visit the official website! Show some love and follow @SkinFixInc on Twitter and like the SkinFix Inc Facebook page


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Thanksgiving has come and gone, what a busy weekend for everyone! How was yours? Did you have a quiet weekend or did the whole family gather round? 

While we had a quiet family time at home, we still cooked, ate and we made messes. Of course cleaning is nobody's favourite job, I'm always happy to have Mr. Clean to help get things back to normal!

We don't have a dishwasher so everything is done by hand. My favourite dish soap Dawn comes in handy to get rid of those greasy dinner dishes in a snap! Even cooked on food is gone with a quick 5 minute soak. 

Hand prints on the appliances, door frames and sometimes walls are unavoidable when you have guests, especially when you have kids and the guests have kids. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can quickly get rid of any unwanted marks and fingerprints in the kitchen.

So the bathroom doesn't look as shiny as it did before the guests arrived, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also does bathrooms. Need I say more? 

With fall comes yucky weather and dirt can easily get dragged in across the floor during visits. The ins and outs of people and pets can really give the floor a good go-over. A couple of drops of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in some hot water brings the floors back to life. 

No scrubbing required and I'm serious when I say "A couple of drops", it's concentrated and a little goes a long way. A small bottle actually lasts me longer than a big bottle of other liquid floor detergent. Plus, it smells nice! 

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Be sure to mark your calendar and join us for the #makeitCDNbeef International Chef Edition Twitter Party!! 

If you love cooking and love beef in particular, this is the party for you! Learn new tips and tricks plus share your favourite recipes with special guest Chef Clinton Zhu! Plus, catch a chance to win some really awesome prizes! 

Canadian Beef is world class! Enjoy beef at home or while you're out and make it Canadian Beef!

Party details:

Date: Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET
Host: @LoveCDNbeef
Guest: Chef Clinton Zhu from China
Hashtag: #makeitCDNbeef

About the special guest:
International Chef Clinton Zhu will be joining us all the way from Shanghai to answer our culinary questions. Chef Zhu graduated from Shanghai Tourism Culinary School, Chef Zhu began his career at a Shanhai French fine dining restaurant nearly 20 years ago. Our International Chef participates as a judge at culinary competitions in Asia and holds a chair on numerous culinary committees and associations.

For complete party rules and more information please visit the Canadian Beef website! See you there!

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When my kids were still babies, one of my favourite times with them was often play time. Play time is also learning time for young babies, their senses like sight, touch, sound and smell play key roles in the way they learn. 

Fisher-Price has created a brand new way to help engage many of those senses at the same tie with the Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo toy

Who loves to move? BeatBo does! Get the dance party started by pressing BeatBo's tummy or any of the other buttons on his feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves. This futuristic friend even allows mommy or baby to record a phrase, and he'll remix it into his favourite song! 

BeatBo has three modes - Dance n' Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along. BeatBo also "grows" with your baby, making him a friends for years to come. Toys like BeatBo are awesome because they are so interactive and fun, your little one doesn't even realize they are learning while they're laughing. 

Taking a few lessons from BeatBo, here are a few ways to engage your little one's senses for maximized learning at playtime:

One of your little one's first senses to develop is hearing. Encourage this through singing and speaking to your baby as much as possible. While it can be easy to revert to a "baby voice", speak to your baby as if they are a more developed child. Sing nursery rhymes or narrate what you're doing to your baby so they can learn all the different sounds they will one day be learning to speak. 

We would always make up our own songs and add in familiar names and things. Now that she is almost three, our youngest loves singing and saying rhymes with us. 

Sight is another great way to engage  your baby, even before they learn to speak. Show your baby a variety of different toys. Stimulating your baby's sight teaches them to recognize patterns, objects and even develop their memory. Try holding up different shaped and coloured blocks and state to them what each one is - before you know it, they'll be able to call it out before you can! 

Taste and smell.
After about six months of age, babies are usually ready to start eating solids. When they reach that age and you've made the decision with your baby's doctor to start introducing solids slowly. When you offer new foods to your little one - try allowing them to smell it first so they can learn what different smells go with what. Once you actually begin feeding them the food, try reinforcing what the item is by saying phrases like "yummy, broccoli" or "Mmm, Apples!". Eventually they'll be able to recognize the smells of their favourite (or least favourite) foods during meal times.

Touch is an essential element that helps your child learn. From the texture of the clothes we dress them in to the variety of textures in their toys, there is so much for your little one to learn. If your little one is interested in a particular toy, try repeating the texture to them. For example, "BeatBo's feet are shiny and his ears are soft". You could also comment on opposite textures like "your shirt is soft but the floor is hard". 

Just like with Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo, your baby will learn so much more if all their senses are engaged!


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The topic of ghosts, spirits and so forth has always had my attention. It's as fascinating as it is scary to me. Whether you believe in it or not, you have to admit sometimes things can happen that we just can't explain. Things that make you think. 

We have been living in our house for six and a half years. Throughout the years small but strange things have happened. Not often but enough that we've noticed. Usually I think nothing of it or find a reason (oh it must have been one of the kids or dogs) but the most recent one really freaked me out. It actually happened twice within a couple of weeks. 

The first time was around 10pm, I was up late as I usually am. I forgot to mop the stairs and the kids had spilled something (of course they wouldn't tell me, I have to find it right before bed). I was mopping and went into my sons room. the door was open and the light was off. I thought to myself "I'll do the kids rooms tomorrow" and went to do the stairs. 

Hubby got home late that night so I went outside after to see him. He looks up at the house and asks me why our sons bedroom light was on. I was confused, why was the light on? 

I went inside and up to the room to investigate. His door was closed, light on. I opened the door and say his name, he's snoring. I closed the light and left his door open. I checked on his sisters, also snoring. 

The second time was about the same time of night. I had just checked on all the kids and about half an hour later went upstairs for something else and there it was again. The door was closed and the light was on, all the kids snoring. 

When asked about it the next day on both occasions, my son had no idea about the light or door. He was sleeping.

My son is afraid of the door being closed at any time, especially at night. He wouldn't have gotten up within a few minutes of me being upstairs to shut his own door and turn on the light!  I'm not sure about the history of this house but either someone in my house is playing a joke or... 

Have you ever had something unexplainable happen? 

Story based on actual events. Opinions and comments are those of the author. Image free from MorgueFile.com.


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With only a few weeks left until October 31st, our kids are starting to get excited about Halloween! Besides the fun of trick or treating, it's also a time when the kids can let their imaginations run free, and let their uniqueness shine through the costumes and characters they choose.

Why not make the most of this anticipation by planning a special kind of Halloween party where your daughter and her friends can get caught up with their favourite monsters! Monster High has your party entertainment covered with the recent launch of Monster High's first ever musical, Boo York, Boo York!

In the 12th special in the Monster High series, the ghouls head to the fight lights, big city in their first ever musical. All of your favourite ghouls are there, taking in the sights from Times Scare to the Monster of Liberty! They'll also be attending a ball to celebrate the rare Crystal Comet, which has rumoured magical powers! The whole city is buzzing with comet fever and it's sure to be stellar!

Here are some great tips to help kick off your Monster High screening party and make this Halloween the best-ever!

Dress the Part.
The best way to get excited about a party theme is to look the part! Monster High is now offering a wide range of costumes from Spectra Vondergeist to Frankie Stein, you can bring all your favourite characters to life with your friends!

Know all the words.
While the best part of a screening party is seeing the movie for the first time with all of your best friends, you can also get excited in advance and learn the lyrics to the songs. After all, isn't belting out your favourite tunes badly with your besties all part of the fun? Prepare in advance and watch the Boo York, Boo York lyric videos here!

Help bring the theme to life even more by transforming your livingroom into Monster High or Boo York! From creating your own Monsters of Liberty out of paper, to hanging cobwebs and oher spooky decorations, you can recreate the Monster High world right at home.

Create your own Creepateria with delicious Monster High themed snacks (like the cupcakes we made or maybe some graveyard taco dip and dragons punch? You'll think you're in the real Mnster High world!

We had a special Monster High screening party ourselves last year, you can find some yummy ideas in my post too! No matter how you decide to celebrate with your screening party, the most important part is to relax, have fun and celebrate your inner freaky selves with your best friends! 

Win it!

This month, we’re offering you readers the opportunity to win 1 of 3 Monster High™ prize packs including a Boo York, Boo York DVD, a Monster High™ costume and a doll valued at $66.93! 

Doll prize may not be as pictured
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Last week I mentioned the NBA Canada Series Raptors vs Timberwolves game we were invited to attend thanks to Marriott International! This quite an exciting evening for us - it was a rare occasion we got to go out without the kids and also it was both of our first live basketball game. 

The traffic was maddening on the way to the game, we thought we were going to be late but arrived just in time for the game to start. The Canadian Tire Centre was packed with NBA fans who came to cheer on their team. 

I have to say Marriot did an amazing job spoiling us with VIP treatment! We thought we were going to get great seats but we really got amazing seats in a vip suite along with some of my fellow Ottawa bloggers. 

The atmosphere in the suite was energetic and we were greeted with welcomes. There was a fabulous food spread and bar for everyone to enjoy. 

Our seats were literally right on top of the action! I've never been so high up in the Canadian Tire Centre, it was amazing! On each seat there was a special Ottawa, Marriott Rewards jersey, #AroundtheWorld hat and foam fingers to really get us into the spirit of the game! 

Mid-way through our evening we had the opportunity to meet and greet basketball legend Chauncey Billups in person! Everyone had the chance to take a photo with him and also get an autographed basketball card! 

You might recognize a blogger or two in my Periscope! Sorry about the abrupt cut-off, I was being pulled over for a group shot! :) 

The rest of the game went fast with the Timberwolves taking it home and it was time for us to say our goodbyes. We did have tickets to the reception after the game too but unfortunately it was getting late and we were simply too tired to stay and celebrate. Plus, we really couldn't keep our babysitter waiting, it's not every day we can manage to find one! We still had an amazing night either way! 

We shared our excitement by snapping photos and taking videos! Thank you to those who tuned in on Periscope! If you weren't lucky enough catch it live last night, you can watch the replays here and some fun game highlights on YouTube! You can also find pics on my Instagram

It was such a great night, we enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you Marriott Rewards for hosting us for the evening! If you are a Marriott Rewards member, you should really take advantage of member perks like this and if you're not a member, sign up! You could have the chance to win a trip and tickets to an upcoming NBA Global event, #NowThatsRewarding! 

Show some love and follow @MarriottRewards and the newest member to the Marriott family, @DeltaHotelsLtd on Twitter! 

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Gadgets have always interested me and my family. Hubby and I are a couple of geeks who get excited at the newest advances in technology both for business, home and even today's toys. 

If you have a need for speed, forget remote control cars - go beyond the remote control with Darkside. 

Darkside is like the evil brother to Ollie, the app controlled robot. Darkside is devious, defiant, diabolical and dangerous! An electrical beast that draws its energy from unrestrained competition and reckless abandonment. Command Darkside with these forces to unleash its unrivaled power. But beware - the Darkside will overpower anything standing in the way of victory - including it's master. 

Darkside comes with 2 Nubby Tires, 2 Turbo Tires, 2 Prime Hubs, 2 Flux Hubs, USB charging cable and the quickstart guide.

Setting up Darkside is simple, plug it in via USB plug (My iphone power block works with the cord to plug it into an outlet to charge) and let it charge. While you wait you can download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. The app allows you to control Darkside by driving, doing tricks and also control the speed if it goes to fast for you. 

Once Darkside is charged, turn on your smartphone or tablet's bluetooth and open the app. Follow the instructions to easily connect Darkside to the app. Good luck naming it, it wasn't liking any of the awesome names we gave it so it ended up being called "Darkside". Once you get past that, practice and test your ability to control Darkside.

Small in size, Darkside makes up for it in speed and durability. Don't worry if it bumps into a few obstacles while you practice your tricks. Ollie Darkside is made for ages 8+ or those like us who are still kids at heart! :) 

For more information about Ollie Darkside by Sphero and to check out accessories available, visit www.Sphero.com. Show some love and follow @Sphero on Twitter and Like the official Sphero Facebook page for the latest and greatest robotic toys!

Posted on behalf of Sphero. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


We've talked about the importance of taking proper care of your pet and how a happy pet is a happy owner. Just like humans, the health of our furry friends depends on finding balance. 

We need to take care of their minds and their bodies, through diet, exercise, socialization and education. My experience with President's Choice® Nutrition First® has really reinforced this for me.

Taking your pet to a groomer or dog spa is a great way to show you love them and give them some extra TLC, making sure they get the proper care they need. 

Groomers and spas can offer services pet owners are unsure how to do themselves (such as nail clipping or brushing matted fur) or an all-out makeover. Know your pet and find the groomer that suits both your needs. 

We have always bathed our own dogs, they have short hair so there isn't much grooming to be done except a good bath, comb out, teeth brushing and nail clipping. We give them a special "doggie spa day" at home. 

Having short hair dogs we have a comb specific for their hair, flea + tick dog shampoo and of course after bath spray and maybe some treats to reward them afterwards. 

Setting up for bath time is pretty easy, we've had a routine for quite a while. They are small dogs so they can be easily bathed right in a tub with warm water. It's never a good idea to bathe a dog with a cold hose. I know I wouldn't want to wash that way either! 

Towels are essential, as soon as the dogs are washed and rinsed, get them into a towel or they will shake everywhere as dogs are known to do! The smaller dogs can also become cold quicker, they love to be kept warm in a towel after a fresh bath!  

Everyone always comes out fresh smelling and happy! Running everywhere, tails wagging - you know they enjoyed it after all. 

My little guy had a great time being pampered at home, and came out looking better than ever. Combine this with the delicious, nutritious President's Choice® Nutrition First® dog food and treats he's been enjoying, and my Ruffy is definitely one happy, healthy pup!

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The crispness of fall often brings the need to feel warm, inside and out. We wear our comfy, warm wool sweaters and enjoy our favourite hot beverge. Indoors we want our atmosphere to reflect how we want to feel.

Lampe Berger has a new way of changing the air in your home this fall with new Scented Bouquet collection

The cube scented bouquet is an elegant glass cube, topped by a ring and its bouquet of black sticks. The sticks emphasize its contemporary design and are created in engineered polymer, guaranteed optimal diffusion of the fragrance without discolouration in the solution. It's ready to use right out of the box filled with 125ml of the fragrance of your choice. Various fragrances available including Ocean Breeze, Vanilla Gourmet, Soap Memories and Amber Powder. 

An alternative to the sticks, the rose scented bouquet has a more delicate but just as continuous scent. It's a very fine-worked ceramic rose, which absorbs the fragrance through capillary action and gradually diffuses its delicious scent. Arrange in an elegant grey lacquered glass, it rests on a silver coloured ring for perfect stability and guaranteed elegance. A new refined way of perfuming your home. The flower must be replaced in the event of using a different fragrance. You can purchase 200ml refills and new flowers for your set. Various fragrances available such as Zest of Verbena, Orange Cinnamon, Paris Chic, Soap Memories and Provence Treats. 

Lastly, Lampe Berger has a collection of items to be fragranced like the rose on a tray. For a more delicate and concentrated fragrance, a collection of items for perfuming exactly as you wish. Thanks to the 30ml spray that comes with each item, you can choose the intensity that you want and really start to perfume at the time you wish. The delicate ceramic rose and it's built-in cup, enables you to place it where you choose without the fragrance damaging surfaces. Various fragrances available such as Zest of Verbena, Orange Cinnamon, Provence Treats, Paris Chic and Soap Memories. 

Always within reach, the 90ml spray gives you instant diffusion within complete simplicity. It also enables you to refill your items for more diffusing fragrance. In a luxurious glass bottle topped with an elegant lid, you will want to have it out on display! Various fragrances available such as Ocean Breeze, Vanilla Gourmet, Zest of Verbena, Orange Cinnamon, Soap Memories, Amber Powder, Virginia Cedarwood, Paris Chic, Provence Treats and Precious Jasmine.

I absolutely love my original Lampe Berger lamp, I have actually given a couple as gifts too. I am excited about this new collection! They make a great addition to your home decor, they are beautiful and they also help purify the air with a gorgeous aroma.  

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