We have been working with Miss M on potty training for a while. She understands the concept, she asks to go to the bathroom and all of that but she still relies on training pants just in case we have any messes as she may still forget from time to time, especially at night. We are hoping to have her in big girl underwear before too long.

Sometimes all they need is a little boost, Pampers sent us a cute surprise to encourage Miss M to keep on the right path to potty training featuring new Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear.  

We had fun creating an unboxing video just for the special event. Miss M's expression is priceless. You even get to hear my "video voice" as my oldest calls it. Watch the fun below! 

We have used Pampers in the past and we think these new and improved Easy Ups are much better. They look and feel like real underwear which makes your little one feel less like a baby and more like a "big kid". They'll think "underwear" and you'll know its "Pampers". 

Unlike other styles of training pants for little kids, Pampers Easy Ups fit like real underwear and less like a typical diaper with a cotton feel on the outside and a 360 degree elastic that stretches all the way around and not just on the sides. Easy Ups is the only training underwear with Extra Absorb Channels™, helping to keep toddlers dry during the day AND night. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ around the legs prevent the leaks that can happen when they are on the move.

Pampers Easy Ups come in two fun themes - Dora the Explorer or Thomas and friends to help get them excited about potty training.

You can find Pampers Easy Ups where diapers are sold nationwide in sizes 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T. 

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies' happy, healthy development. Pampers offers a variety of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort at every stage. 

You can learn more about Pampers products by visiting www.pampers.com. Join the Pampers Rewards program, and find ideas and information to help you and your baby get the most out of love, sleep, and play. 

Connect with Pampers on social media - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube #PampersEasyUps

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Do you know exactly what you are putting into your grocery cart and what you could be avoiding?  

Do you know how to get the right Nutritional Facts by reading the Nutrition Facts table (NFt) on your food packages? 

You may remember my post here about the Nutritional Facts table (NFt). The NFt can help you make educated choices when choosing the food you serve to your family by starting with the Serving Size and then looking at the percent daily value (% DV). By using the Serving Size and % DV in the NFt, you can choose foods that have more of the nutrients you need like fibre and calcium, and less of what you don’t want , like saturated and trans fats and sodium.

It really makes a difference when you take a minute to check these things out when you are shopping for your family meals.

We were invited to attend the Carp Fair and visit the Nutrition Facts Education booth and play a little game to see how well we understand the Nutrition Facts table (NFt) by playing  “Nutrition FACT-O” game. This was not your typical carnival game! Kind of like PLINKO but with nutritional facts!

The host asked us specific questions about items using info on the NFt. It may sound easy but this was timed and we had a whole 30 seconds to answer the questions. If we got it right we got a “Nutrition FACT-O” chip to send down the down the Nutrition FACT-O board for a chance to win branded prizes and ballots for a chance to win a grocery gift card. The faster you answer, the faster you win.

I think the kids did pretty good with answering the questions, I even found myself stumped on one or two. I blame the lack of coffee that day. We had a nice day  the Carp Fair and learning more about Nutrition Facts! 

If you #FocusOnTheFacts you could win a $300 Grocery Gift Card from Nutrition Facts Education! Test your skills and take the quiz, for your chance to win.

Visit http://FocusOnTheFacts.ca for full details and official contest rules!

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Fall is officially upon us and October is almost here! That means we have been thinking about all things spooky and spectacular for the past few weeks. The kids are still trying to decide what they want to be for this year's Halloween trick-or-treating festivities. 

In the meantime, while they contemplate being a witch or a zombie, I am digging out my ever growing box of Halloween goodies. No, I didn't save a bunch of candy from last year but we do have some great decorations to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. 

I have always loved decorating, even if it's as simple as adding themed decorations around a typically ordinary room. It sets the mood for the occasion and it's always fun to dig out the box and the memories it holds year after year. The kids won't be young forever, I like to enjoy these moments now! 

Hallmark Canada has some fun Halloween and fall themed items to get us in the spooky spirit. From Pumpkins, ghosts and talking books, oh my! The house is going to look howlingly good!  

Canvas Trick or Treat bag $6.99 - Premium Felt Totes Assortment $19.95 - Vampire Door Decor $16.95 - Medium glass candle holder/vase $19.95 to $39.95.

Spooky Metal House $24.95, Halloween ornaments $5.95 each - Tea towels $16.95, Oven mitt $12.95 - Spook-tastic dancing ghost $39.5 on special $24.95 - Large fabric pumpkin $19.95 - Candy skull salt and pepper set $12.95 - Flameless candles $12.95. 

"Spells and Potions" treat presenter $24.95 special value $14.95

Add these inspirational Fall and Halloween themed items to your decor and get the house looking spooktacular for October. You can find these and other amazing items by visiting your local Hallmark Canada store or on the Hallmark Canada website


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Good Luck! 

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Summer brought us days of sunshine, swimsuits and skirts. Now that fall is in the air, it doesn't mean we should be neglecting our legs! We can still look and feel beautiful, even if we have to put on a couple of extra layers. 

We always look for the smoothest, closest shave when it comes to our legs. 

One of my favourite razors is the Schick Intuition

It's got a 4 blade, pivoting head and a protectant moisture bar surrounding so you don't have to worry about nicks and cuts plus, no need for shaving gel with the lathering moisture bar. The moisture bar/blades come in different scents and the handles in different colours available at most drug stores.

It's the first "all-in-one" razor system I would recommend for both efficiency and cost. Also great for first-time shavers. 

This was one of the first razors my oldest daughter tried when she started worrying about her own feminine care. It made things less tricky and she loved the results of the built-in moisture bar. Having used these in the past, I can agree Schick Intuition is a great razor if you're looking for something simple. 


You can learn more about Schick Intuition at Schick.ca.

Readers, rate & review Schick Intuition!

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Good luck!

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With everyone having such busy schedules, so many new things to get done, getting outside can be easily pushed aside as bedtimes come earlier and let's face it, there is never enough time in one day. 

When we do have the chance to go out and about, we like to take the kids somewhere they haven't seen before. Being in Ottawa, we have lots of parks and trails to enjoy. Fall time is especially beautiful with the trees changing colour, the kids could find some fun hidden treasures along the way. 

EnviroKidz, who are known for their delicious and nutritious snacks for kids, launched "Ecokeepers", a free nature discovery program for schools to help get kids outside and benefit from lifelong health and social benefits of discovering the wonders of nature.

You can learn more about how your school or camp can get started here!

Envirokidz have two awesome solutions for parents who want to reconnect their kids with nature:

1) Try geocaching* with your kids and use free Ecokeepers nature discovery guides as a way to make it more educational and fun. Make the adventure more fun by bringing healthy snacks like new, yummy EnviroKidz Peanut Free Granola Bars!

2) Ecokeepers is a free program you can bring into your child’s classrooms, schools, afterschool program or club. Learn more about the program by visiting the ecokeepers website or watching the video above.

Ecokeepers is part of EnviroKidz’ vision to foster lifelong learning for kids – EnvrioKidz also has a contest to win $10,000 towards your child’s education.
(Note: All the materials for kids are totally unbranded so it’s all about learning and discovering!)

Envirokidz sent us our very own Ecokeepers kit to get us outside and introduce us to Geocaching. Our kit came with everything we need for our next adventure including log books and an official Geocache, a GPS trackable travelling ladybug, an official Envirokidz lunch kit and of course some nutritious and delicious new EnviroKidz nut free snacks! 

We plan to head out once things calm down around here with back to school and other family obligations. We can't wait to go on our Ecokeepers adventure and hide our travel bug! 

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @AMotherhoodBlog in the coming weeks to check out our Ecokeepers findings! 

Win it!

One lucky #AMEblog reader has the chance to win their very own Envirokidz Ecokeepers kit!

EnviroKidz Ecokeepers Back-to-School Prize Pack - $75 value!

  • Ecokeepers program materials: activity books for kids, parent’s guide
  • GPS trackable ladybug to hide for others to discover
  • 6 boxes of new EnviroKidz Organic, Peanut Free Snack Bars, including Chocolate Chip and Strawberry. Over 80% of Canadian schools are peanut-free so these bars are perfect fun snack for lunchboxes!
  • 7 x Product Vouchers
  • EnviroKidz  reusable lunchbox 
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As my kids are getting older, they are getting more and more into tech-toys. They like things that do things. They like creating things that do things. This includes our three and a half year old. She has no idea about the power a real iPad can do in smaller hands, we also don't have $1000 to replace the ones we have so we lean toward getting her electronics more suitable for her age. Ones she can control with ease and won't make us cry if she happens to drop them. 

Vtech has been a household name since the kids knew what electronics were. From alphabet and number toddler games to handheld tablets for kids - they have always been a reliable brand when it comes to inexpensive electronics for little kids. 

DigiArt Creative Easel brings together technology and art in this new creative device. It can be transformed from a light-up dry-erase board to a chalkboard and drawing table for three fun ways to play! With it, children can learn:
  • To draw more than 100 objects and shapes step-by-step
  • Letter and number stroke order for uppercase letters A-Z and numbers 1-20 stroke-by-stroke
  • Ten classic songs 

Kidizoom Smart Watch DX lets them feel like a big kid! It's got an internal memory that stores 1,600 images and 23 minutes of video, it makes it so much more than just a watch! Also includes 50+ digital and analog watch displays, three fun activities, five games, three action challenges, a motion sensor, a pedometer, a time-telling app, and more!

For those of you with older kids who have a love of building things, you should check out HEXBUG's VEX Robotics Teaching older kids about the science behind the fun through hands-on learning with their STEM-based robotics construction kits. 

Open construction with snap-together pieces in the VEX Robotics Snap Shot allows for a glimpse at the planetary gears and real working shock absorber style springs. Learn how simple gear ratios and spring energy send projectiles flying over ten feet for long-range attacks.  

The HEXBUG VEX Robotics Zip Flyer is capable of shooting propellers over 30 feet in the air! Pull the zip-cord stick to release - the faster you pull, the higher they'll go. 

Although VEX Robotics are geared for older kids, they are also great for a parent to build with their child. Our eight year old son always enjoying doing projects like these with either myself, his dad or even his older sister. Not only does everyone learn but it's time well spent when it's time spent together. 

For the youngest techy to the teen mechanic, these are just a few ideas to consider for any upcoming gifts you may be wanting to give! You can find all of these toys at stores like Toys R Us or Walmart!

Product received in exchange for feature purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 


We have had several warmer days in September but we all know that Fall is just around the corner. Soon it'll be time to pack away the summer attire and bring out the sweaters.

Our wardrobe isn't the only thing we like to change up. We also like to change up the interior of our house, fall cleanup and maybe freshen up. I am excited to add my new Lampe Berger Lamp to my home office. It adds a touch of elegance and I always love how the fragrance doesn't just mask odors but changes the entire atmosphere of the room. 

This fall, be taken away on an inspirational journey across the world ending this voyage in South America. Gorgeous new lamps and fragrances that are made of the finest raw materials to help you discover a new continent. 

The Curve lamp is larger than the lamp I currently have, an excellent addition to our dining room. Inspired by the seaside universe of Scandinavian trends, and designed by Jean Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc, it brings light and serenity. A pure invitation to softness and cocooning. $49

Other new lamps include the Diamant lamp  and Pampille Lamps. Give the gift of Lampe Berger for any occasion with a Comete Pack, Elegance, and glitter for a fairytale Christmas $69 or Satin Pack, softly decorated in traditional holiday colours $49. Gift sets include lamp and bottle of home fragrance. 

Limited Edition 3 fragrance packs available this fall include new Wild Berries fragrance. $24

You can find Lampe Berger at specialty shops right here in Ottawa or online on the Lampe Berger official website! 

Follow Lampe Berger Canada on social media @Twitter Facebook


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The new school year is finally settling down. Things were buzzing with busy for a while with getting ready for school and getting everyone back into the regular scheduled daily routine.

What I like about the routine is that Monday to Friday is work/school days and nights which allows us all to look forward to our weekends once again.

During the summer time, the family tends to stay up a bit later and it was always great to wind things down after a full day of activities with a snack and a movie or show. Now that the routine is falling back into place, we get so busy that we don't watch much tv and if we do we are usually watching something on different devices at different times. 

It's rare that during the day I will sit down and watch something. Unless I'm recovering from an illness or one of my favourite shows just appeared on my list, I keep it for my free evenings. During the day while I'm home with the youngest she keeps the tv glued to her preschooler shows during her allowed "tv time". The older kids will watch a couple of episodes of their new favourite shows after school on the tablet and maybe, if they have time, before bed. Hubby and I wait until they are asleep to catch up on our grown-up shows.

Weekends are seriously for Netflix. Unless we have something important to do that weekend, I don't mind if the kids stay up and hour or two past their weekday bedtimes to watch a movie either together or as a family. 

Friday nights are more or less a wind-down evening. The kids take over the living room and pick a movie to watch together, we often join them and make it a family thing. Hubby and I will watch something more grown-up together once they're asleep. 

The key to a successful family Netflixing night is knowing what's streaming, and of course your snacks! 

This month, Netflix brings some great shows and movies for everyone. Even if your family can never agree on something, you can agree on what to watch on Netflix!

Netflix Original series for the whole family:

Kazoops! New Series 09/02
Kulipari Army of frogs New Series 09/02
Veggie Tales in the house SE4 

Movies the whole family will love: 

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 09/01
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 09/01
Maleficent 09/18
Zootopia 09/20

Put these next ones on your "Must-watch when the kids are sleeping" list!

Netflix Originals:
Easy (New Series) 
Marvel's Luke Cage (New Series)
Narcos SE2 09/02
From Dusk Til Dawn SE3 weekly 09/07
Longmire SE5
The Walking Dead SE6 
Schitt's Creek SE2

Movies for grown-ups:
Bad Neighbours 09/01
Daddy's Home 09/09
Eat Pray Love 09/09
Definitely, Maybe 09/14
Dirty Grandpa 09/22
Red 2 09/26
Zoolander 2 09/30

With these and literally hundreds of more titles to choose from, you shouldn't have any trouble finding entertainment for your next movie night and probably several to come. Enjoy!

Need some tips on throwing an awesome movie night with your family? Read this post

Whatever way you choose to enjoy your movie night and whatever you watch, have fun and Netflix

Connect with @Netflix_CA on Twitter and see what the other #StreamTeam members are up to! 

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Walking, running, jumping and climbing - our kids are active and always on the go. 

When it comes to footwear three things are important - comfort, quality, and cost. We want shoes that can withstand what the kids can put them through while being comfortable and not costing us too much. With three growing kids to clothe, they can go through shoes like crazy.

Skechers Canada brings durable,  comfortable and stylish shoes for the whole family, right in time for back to school! 

My oldest needed a shoe that is semi-dressy. The shoes have to be comfortable because she wears a school uniform and these shoes would be on her feet the majority of the time. Running shoes are only for the gym. Rather than getting her uncomfortable fancy, dressy shoes Skechers Performance on the go are her perfect school shoes. They are lightweight, soft sole and have an elegant but casual look. They give her school outfits that finishing touch without looking overly fancy.

My son loves his new Skechers Invincible Mega-Flex shoes! These aren't your typical running shoe. Not only are they comfortable and give great foot support but the blade soles give them that bad-boy look! He says he feels like he's on springs when he runs and jumps with these babies on!

The youngest may not be in school just yet but new running shoes are a given for the fall. SKECH-Air by Skechers is the perfect shoe for little feet! They are lightweight and not chunky. They have cushioned memory foam inside and a grip sole on the outside. They come in different colours and styles too. 

You can find all of these styles and more for back to school by checking out the Skechers Canada website. 

Be social and follow Skechers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


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Our youngest isn't quite a baby anymore but often I still think back to the days of sleepless nights and tiny toes. When I was a first-time mom I wasn't entirely prepared for what our first baby girl was about to bring into our world but with the help of recommended products from family and friends (think big baby shower with lots of useful gifts), we managed to make time's just a wee bit easier. 

If you are looking for great baby products this fall either for yourself or maybe as a baby shower gift for someone special, check out the list of really cute (and useful) products you can gift new parents and their little bundles of joy. 

Hi little One onesies are cute and customizable outfits for baby! Founded by two sisters, Hi Little One offers modern designs for personalized newborn gifts, onesies, kid’s t-shirts, gift sets and totes.  Cute (not cutesy), Hi Little One’s hip collections, combined with your personalized “touch” allow you to create one-of a kind, 100% custom gifts that represent your style and make gift giving fun! You can never have too many new outfits for a new baby! 

Marcus & Marcus
Placemat, Bib, Collapsible Bowl and Spoon sets are great for when it comes to learning about food. We all know things can get messy during mealtime! The bib is made soft and flexible, perfect for newborns up to toddler years. The placemat, the spoon and collapsible bowl are great for older babies up to preschoolers for easy snacking on the go or at home. Made with BPA-free silicon, safe and easy to clean up! They also come in different colours and cute characters to choose from! I love the bright yellow with the giraffe, personally. Each piece is sold seperately.

You can find Marcus & Marcus products here!

SoapSox characters
A plushie that doubles as a bathtime friend, these are wonderful for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers who love bathtime. You can find SoapSox characters at your local Wal-mart! You can learn more about SoapSox here!

Miracle Blanket
Newborn babies love comfort. I know my kids loved being swaddled when they were that little. Wrapping baby the right way brings warmth and comfort, plus you both might get a little-needed sleep. The Miracle Blanket® makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark! The fabric is a super soft but stretchy 100% cotton knit that is breathable so that it can be used in warm climates while still being luxurious enough to keep your baby warm in cooler places. Also, it is durable and stands up to constant use and washing. Most importantly, it is a safe and secure alternative to traditional swaddling, helping babies sleep better on their backs through 14 weeks, and allowing freedom of movement from the hips down. Learn more about Miracle Blanket and where to buy, here!

These are just a simple few ideas you can add to your next baby shower gift basket. Whatever you do, make sure you also get something for the mom-to-be! 

Happy gifting! 

Product obtained for review purposes. Comments and opinions expressed are those of the blogger. Photos are copyright AME 2016.